Wild Child Ch. 09Wild Child Ch. 09


I left the bathroom light on and the door open a crack as Rita and I went to bed. Mary was curled up on her side, snoring softly.

“We’ll wake her up,” Rita whispered as she climbed on the king sized bed.

I chuckled and shook my head. “We couldn’t wake her up with a brass band.” I told her in a loud voice. Mary didn’t move. Rita laughed and lay back.

“Oh no, I want you the other way. Roll over,” I said with a big grin.

She cocked her head to the side, looked at me for a second, and then rolled over.

“Up on your knees.” I directed her.

She came up on her hands and knees. I folded up the big pillow and put it under her hips. “Now, lay down.”

When she did, her ass was high in the air. She giggled and whispered, “This is an interesting position, kinky even.” She wiggled her ass and then spread her legs. “All kind of interesting things are going through my mind,” she added with a giggle.

“Mine to,” I said as I climbed on the bed behind her. I kissed her right ass cheek. “Oh yeah, mine to,” I whispered again as I took in the beautiful view in front of me.

Her sex and small puckered asshole were displayed to perfection, framed by her pale thighs and the twin mounds of her perfect ass. After a moment or two, I added, “I’m glad that I came just a few minutes ago or you’d be in a world of trouble.”

She giggled and whispered, “I’m glad you came to or is that, we came?”

When I licked one ass cheek and then the other, she moaned softly and added, “I think I’m going to be coming again very soon.”

My next lick was from her clit to her tailbone and she did come with a long moaning groan and a fast flexing of her hips. After that, I concentrated on cleaning up all of her sweet juices that I could find and there was plenty to find, believe me. All down her inner thighs and even up in the crack of her ass. As my tongue tickled and played with her asshole she moaned loudly again and pushed back against it.

If I had been hard right then, I would have fucked her silly in both places. As it was, I moved up to rub my semi hard shaft between her satiny ass cheeks and then along her slit.

I didn’t even realize it but I whispered, “Yes, you’d be in a world of trouble.”

With a deep sigh, I moved away from her and softly said, “I think we need to join Mary, before we get into big trouble.”

Rita nodded her head quickly and whispered, “I want you to do it to me, but then again I don’t.” She gave a fast shuddery shiver and rolled over off the pillow. She looked up at me and smiled shyly. “Come cuddle me, I like it when you do, I feel safe and warm.”

I moved to lie down between her and the edge of the bed but she grinned and said, “No, here between me and Mary.” Then she giggled and went on, “That way, if she wakes up horny, she’ll get you first.” She giggled again and added wistfully, “Although, it might not be too bad if she got me first, I sure enjoyed getting her off.”

I laughed and lay down on my side between the girls. Rita scooted over next to me and then wiggled back to press her ass against me. I was a lot firmer than I had been just a little earlier, but I tried to push that thought away as my shaft slipped between the warm cheeks of her ass. I pulled the covers over us and wrapped my arms around her. She sighed deeply and snuggled back tighter. I fought to keep my hips still as I hugged her to me. Sleep was slow coming but it did finally.


I awoke to soft whispering and giggling from the direction of the bathroom. I lay there listening for a moment but couldn’t make out what they were whispering about. I eased off the bed and moved closer to the door. I could tell that it was Rita whispering but I still couldn’t make out what she was saying.

Suddenly, I heard Mary say loudly, “The hell you say? I don’t remember none of that and I don’t know if I believe you or not.”

I opened the door and asked, “Believe her about what?”

Both girls jumped and then Rita grinned and said, “Good morning to you too.”

“Good morning,” I said and looked at Mary sitting on the toilet. “What don’t you remember or believe?” I asked her.

When she just sat there with her mouth open, I asked, “Do you want another spanking?”

Her eyes got very big and she shook her head sharply. “No sir.”

She rocked a little on the seat and winched before she added with a giggle, “Well, yes but my ass is still a little tender from last night. That part, I remember and coming my brains out when you did it, I remember. I remember you sticking your finger in my ass. Oh God, do I. I thought the top of my head was kayseri escort going to blow off. After that, it gets a little hazy but I do know that you were licking my ass, not her.”

“Now, just how was I doing that? You were stretched out over my thighs. I’m old and fat; I can’t bend far enough to lick your ass from bottom to top, now can I?” I asked and then grinned.

Her eyes got narrow for a second and then wide as she looked from me to Rita and then back again. “Oh shit! I hadn’t thought of that.” She looked at Rita and her mouth worked a couple of times but nothing came out.

“I told you,” Rita said with a big grin.

“Did you tell her the rest?” I asked softly and then grinned as Rita’s head snapped around toward me, a look of near panic on her face. I laughed and said, “I take that to mean, no.”

“Rest of what?” Mary asked slowly, looking at Rita.

“You don’t remember?” I asked back. When she shook her head with a confused look, I grinned at Rita and asked, “Do you want to tell her, or do you want me to?”

The look of panic returned for a split second and then she sighed and whispered, “You tell her, I wouldn’t know how to say it right and I’m already embarrassed enough as it is.”

“If she doesn’t remember then it won’t do any good to tell her about it,” I said as though I was thinking aloud.

I saw relief flash across Rita’s face and Mary said loudly, “Uncle Rick, that’s not fair. You mess my mind up and knock me out, and then you won’t even tell me what I missed. That’s totally unfair.”

I chuckled and said, “Yeah, we did overload you a little, didn’t we.”

I looked at Rita for a moment, and then asked, “Well, should we or shouldn’t we? It’s up to you; you’re the one that did it.” Indecision was written on her face, so I asked, “Are you ashamed of it or just embarrassed?”

She looked thoughtful for a moment and then replied, “Embarrassed.” After another moment, she added, “If I got the chance, I’d probably do it again.”

“We could always show her,” I said thoughtfully. “That is, if she ever gets off the pot.” Mary actually blushed. “What, you don’t want to wipe your twat in front of us? Last night, you were coming your brains out and peed all over my leg but now you’re embarrassed around us this morning. I find that hard to believe.”

Mary looked at me sharply and said, “What? I didn’t pee on you.”

“Oh yes, you did,” Rita and I both said at the same time.

Mary’s mouth dropped open and I chuckled as I said, “Don’t worry about it. It happens to a lot of women when they get overloaded with a big orgasm. It’s natural; they lose control and squirt a little or a lot, as the case may be.”

Mary closed her mouth, looked from me to Rita, and then back again. She took a deep breath and turned slightly to unroll some paper and then she wiped herself and dropped the paper between her legs. “There, now are you satisfied.” She said as she stood up and flushed the toilet. Rita and I both laughed at her girlish tone.

She giggled and whispered, “I knew we were going to do new things but this is ridicules. Potty training 101, all over again.”

We all laughed and Rita stepped over to hug Mary. “I love you, girlfriend,” she said softly.

Mary grinned and hugged her back. “I love you to but I still want to know what I missed.”

Rita glanced over at me for a second and then whispered, “Sit down Uncle Rick,” She moved out of my way taking Mary with her. Once, I was seated, she said to Mary, “Lay down across his thighs like you were last night.”

“Whoa, I couldn’t take another spanking this soon,” Mary said hastily.

Rita laughed and I chuckled. “No, he’s not going to spank you. I’m going to show you what you missed last night and maybe a little more.”

Mary looked at her friend sharply but didn’t ask any of the questions that had to be flying around in her head. She turned and draped herself over my lap with a soft giggle. “I’ll remember this position for the rest of my life and then some,” she whispered and then wiggled her ass from side to side.

I rubbed her ass and she gave a big shiver and pressed her ass up against my hand. “Oh yes, I remember that to; it made my ass feel like it was on fire. Only there was an electric wire sticking in my asshole and pussy, or at least that’s what it felt like.”

“You remember getting your ass licked right?” When she nodded, I asked, “Do you remember me rubbing you like this?” I dipped my right hand down, cupped her sex, and then rubbed up and down. “It’s a lot dryer today than it was last night,” I said with a chuckle.

Mary giggled kayseridekifirmalar.com and Rita whispered, “No shit, it looked like a lake last night or rather a river. Uncle Rick could actually rub it all over your ass.” She hesitated for a second, took a deep breath, and whispered, “Actually, I took a lick of it off his hand once and then licked your ass again after he made it all slick and shiny. I even stuck my finger in my own pussy and then sucked on it to see if we tasted the same.”

“Do we?” Mary asked breathily, her ass wiggling and flexing against my hand. She took a sharp breath as my middle finger slipped between the folds of her sex. She was wet and slippery there. When my finger brushed her clit, she gasped and another shiver ran up and down her body.

“Tell her or better yet, show her how you licked her ass,” I said softly.

“I remember that part,” Mary whispered quickly.

“I don’t think you remember all of it,” I whispered back and then chuckled. “Show her, Rita.”

Rita knelt behind her friend and placed a hand on each of her ass cheeks. She lightly stroked each one as my finger slid up and down Mary’s slit. I moved my hand up until the finger was right in front of Rita’s face. She could see the wet shine on it. She shivered slightly and leaned forward to lick it. When I moved the finger away, she leaned on over and slowly licked first one cheek and then the other.

Mary took a hissing breath and lifted her ass slightly. “Oh yes, I remember this. You’re tongue is so hot.”

Rita took a shuddery breath and used both hands to separate the cheeks. Her head dipped and she took a slow lick up the deep cleft. Mary jerked forward slightly and then pressed back against her friend’s face, a groan growing louder in her chest as Rita continued to lick her.

Rita was slowly working lower and lower in little increments. When Rita’s tongue brushed the puckered ring of her asshole, Mary jerked forward and gasped loudly.

“You didn’t remember that, did you?” I asked Mary softly. “You would have broken Rita’s nose, if she hadn’t moved as quickly as she did.”

Mary lifted her ass slowly and moaned softly as Rita’s tongue flicked back and forth over the tight ring of muscles. “Of course, she’s doing a much better job now, than she did last night. You were far too sensitive for her to do more than to give you a quick lick.”

Suddenly, Mary yelled, tilting and lifting her hips as she came. Rita as suddenly, found her tongue flicking back and forth in Mary’s very wet pulsing sex. Mary yelled even louder and ramming her ass back hard. Rita groaned loudly but didn’t move away, she just licked harder and faster.

I became aware of just how hard my dick was about then, as Mary’s side moved up and down, rubbing against it, as she hunched her sex against Rita’s face. I heard a groan escape my lips to mix with theirs. The difference was that they both were coming and I wasn’t.

After a moment or two, Rita rocked back to sit on her heels, her eyes were closed but there was a wild grin on her face. Her right hand was rubbing slowly down between her legs. I moved my right hand back to where it had been earlier and I caressed Mary’s sopping wet sex gently. She moaned loudly and pressed back against my hand.

“Now, that’s more like last night,” I whispered.

Rita opened her eyes and looked into mine for a second before she raised her hand and licked it. I grinned and lifted mine to hold it up next to hers. She licked it and then whispered, “Yeap, we’re about the same but I’m a little stronger.”

I licked both hands and nodded, “Yeah, you’re a little muskier. It’s probably from the cork being out of the bottle,” I said teasingly.

She giggled, licked my hand again, and then her own. “I like the taste of both.” She looked up at me thoughtfully for a second and then grinned, as she asked, “Why don’t you put her over a pillow like you did me last night and clean her up.” An evil element slipped into the grin as she added, “I’ll hold her head and keep her quiet.”

I laughed and replied, “I just bet you know the perfect way to do that to, don’t you.”

She giggled and nodded.

“What do you think of that idea, Mary?” I asked.

Mary mumbled for a moment and then groaned softly. I chuckled and said, “I thought you would feel that way.”

Rita giggled and moved back out of the way as I picked Mary up and carried her to the bedroom.


Rita folded the pillow and placed it under Mary’s hips as I put her on the bed, on her stomach. Mary had been giggling the whole time I had carried her. “This is twice in a row that you’ve carried me to bed,” she said as she wiggled her ass and spread her legs a little, to get more comfortable.

“Only this time, I remember getting here. I remember you picking me up, hazily, and heading in here, but after that it’s all a blank.” Mary wiggled her ass and added in a whisper, “I feel like such a slut laying here like this, with everything hanging out, so to speak.”

Rita grinned at her and said, “I know, I did too, and it made me think about all kinds of kinky stuff.”

Mary giggled, spread her legs wider, and flexed her hips up and down slowly. “I know just what you mean about that.” After a second or two, she asked, “What happened to you after I went night, night?”

Rita giggled and said, “I was worried about waking you up but Uncle Rick almost yelled out “not to worry about it” and you never moved.”

“Why were you worried about waking me up?” Mary asked.

Rita giggled again and replied, “Because I ended up on that same pillow, the same way you are now, and it didn’t take very long at all for me to come my brains out again. Uncle Rick’s tongue felt so good and I was so turned on from sucking him off. I had one hell of an orgasm when he came in my mouth and a bunch of little ones before that.”

Mary had watched her friend with big eyes as she talked and her mouth dropped open at that last part. I had moved up onto the bed behind her by then and sat there admiring the view.

I heard Mary whisper in awe, “You didn’t!”

“She did,” I said as I bent and took a swipe of my tongue up along Mary’s sex.

She yelled at the first touch of my tongue on her large rubbery clit and hunched her hips rapidly as I tongued her wet open sex and tightly puckered asshole. By the time, I reached her tailbone; she was down to moaning loudly.

I sat back on my knees and looked at Rita, saying, “She’s entirely too noisy, why don’t you stick something in her mouth and keep her quiet?”

I heard Mary make a soft whimpering noise, as what I had said sunk in. Rita laughed and climbed on the bed, asking, “Who’s going to keep me quiet?”

“I’ll just have to find something to gag you with,” I said with a grin.

“I know just the thing,” Rita shot back with an evil grin, as she licked her lips.

I laughed and shook my head. “You sound just like your mother.”

She giggled and nodded as she sat down on the bed with her feet, one on each side of Mary and scooted forward until her sex was only inches from Mary’s face. Mary whimpered softly again and tried to move away but when my tongue zeroed in on her clit, she yelled and moved back forward.

I heard a gasp from Rita and grinned as I flicked my tongue very lightly against Mary’s fingertip sized clit. Mary gave a loud muffled groan, followed by a soft one from Rita. ‘We have contact.’ Flashed through my mind and I flicked her clit a little harder.

I couldn’t tell what was happening on the other end of Mary but from the sounds Rita was making, it had to be interesting. She groaned loudly and whispered, “Lick harder.” Followed shortly by, “Oh, yes.”

I slipped my tongue up along Mary’s wet slit and stabbed it into her flooding sex. She let out a muffled yell as her hips jerked up and down. Rita’s yell about the same time wasn’t muffled at all and from its intensity, I could tell that she was coming all over Mary’s face. Mary yelled again and I liked to have drowned from the gush of juices from her sex and the hot flood on my chin. She had squirted again as she came. I rode it out until her hips started trying to get away from my mouth and tongue.

I got up to my knees and looked down the length of her body to where Rita was laying back against the head board, a glazed look on her face. She had her right hand up caressing her left breast and the other was still locked in Mary’s hair. Mary had her head to the side and lying on the bed, her eyes were closed. I grinned as I saw Rita’s shiny wetness spread over most of the face that I could see.

I caressed Mary’s ass gently and said, “Looks like you two were having fun on that end. I know I was on this one.”

Rita nodded lazily and Mary just whimpered softly. I chuckled and bent to kiss first one satiny ass cheek and then the other.

When I tickled the darker brown circle of her asshole with the very tip of my tongue, Mary wiggled her ass and whispered, “No, please no. I have to rest.”

I sat back on my knees and grinned as I replied, “Well, in that case, it must be time for breakfast. Hey, wait a minute, I’ve already had mine and so have you Mary. That just leaves Rita and I know what she wants for breakfast. The same thing she had for a bedtime snack last night.”

Rita grinned and nodded her head but didn’t move. “I might just take you up on that, if I ever get the energy to move,” she whispered.

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