Subject: What I Saw 27.2 What I Saw 27.2 Here is part two-hope folks are still enjoying the series… My heart was racing and my hands were shaking as I clutched the steering wheel, driving at breakneck speed to get to the porno theater. I had stayed in hiding while Lane cleaned himself up. He had brought jeans and a pale tight blue t-shirt in his back pack and also another jock strap. As he went to slip off the wet semen stained jock he was wearing, Dad put a hand on his arm, “Leave it on…think how fucking hot it will make them when they strip your pants off and see big cum shots all over the strap…they’ll know what a whore you are” Lane’s breathing seemed to speed up and he struggled into the jeans and super snug shirt. He was still sweaty and the shirt clung to his chest and arms. Dad stripped the bed and threw the linens in the wash. It was after ten o’clock and Lane kept looking at the clock. Dad caught him at one point and said, “Don’t worry slut…the place doesn’t really fill up until about 11 or so…I told Ryan to be there at 10:45 and on the cruising message board I said eleven…so all those hung studs have probably been sitting there watching porn… their huge cocks getting harder and harder…big dicks leaking…thinking about the things they’re going to do to you…” Lane groaned involuntarily and Dad looked down at his swollen crotch. “Fuck kid you really are something…you’re still rock hard and desperate for more cock…aren’t you?” Lane looked embarrassed and stared down at his feet in the old flip flops, but answered in a thick voice, “Yes…I can’t help it…it’s been awhile since…last time…and…” He muttered something under his breath. “What was that Faggot…I didn’t hear?” Dad said. Lane looked up; his face flushed with shame, but met Dad’s eyes and said, “Three isn’t nearly enough.” Dad laughed, “Good…I want you motivated…it makes for a good film…You just do what Ryan says and this one could sell better than the last.” As they walked out the door I heard Dad tell Lane he was going to drop him off and Ryan would bring him back to our house when it was all over…”I’ve gotta do a hazmat on this place before my wife and kid get home…” I heard dad laughingly say as he closed and locked the door. I knew that Dad had a bit of head start on me, but I still almost jumped out of my skin when I drove past the theater to park and saw his car pulled over and Lane hop out looking anxious as he scooted through the doors into the theater. I made sure Dad was gone as I cautiously walked from my parking spot to the glass blacked out double doors of the theater. I paid the admission and pushed through another set of doors into a seedy filthy little lobby. I stopped short…there was the camera guy, Ryan and Lane having an intense conversation. Lane had his back to me and Ryan wouldn’t recognize me…so I carefully moved closer trying to listen in. Ryan was keeping his voice low but I could hear the excitement, “Listen kid…there’s quite a few guys in there already…there’s a lot of jerking off going on, they seem incredibly horny…that message Jim put up on the board was filthy…this is gonna be intense.” I heard Lane exhale a big pent up breath before asking, “What do you want me to do?” Ryan smiled, “Well I’m going to have to cut this footage into the stuff I shot the other day…so I was thinking we’d start off a bit slower this time…maybe just do a few blow jobs…hold off on the real heavy stuff…but don’t’ worry… I’ll give you some directions once we get started…but Kid…once things really get going I won’t be able to interrupt what’s happening…you’ll be on your own.” Lane groaned, “Shit…kid let’s get in there.” Ryan laughed, “You’re so fucking eager and your dick looks like it’s ready to snap off…” They pushed through the swinging double doors into the theater proper and I waited a few minutes and then followed. It was really dim in the small concrete floored room. The only light was the faint glow coming off the big screen which currently showed an extreme close up of a thick hard dick plunging over and over again into a woman’s wet hairless vagina. There was about ten or so men in the theater staring up at the screen, many had their hands in their laps and I noticed some even had their hands wrist deep down their pants. Every single head turned and was now staring at the young kid and the tall thin punk guy who were standing in the aisle against the wall. No one moved but you could tell they all knew why the kid was here. Ryan walked past Lane and took an end seat further back in the theater. I slipped into a seat in the front row and sank down low and turned to watch. Lane just stood there staring at the men in the audience. His lips were slightly parted and his chest was rising and falling rapidly, every muscle standing out in the tight light t-shirt. It was clear to all the men that the kid was fully erect and barely dressed…definitely looking for action, but no one moved. I sat watching…waiting. Lane leaned against the wall a bit and seemed to fix his eyes on one particular guy. He was sitting in the aisle directly in front of him and was a few seats in. He was wearing a plaid shirt and had sandy hair and a handsome craggy face. He had totally stopped pretending to look at the woman writhing on the screen and was now staring directly at the obviously aroused kid loitering in the aisle. He had on jeans and I could see a prominent tented bulge standing straight up from his lap. His cock was clearly large and obviously extremely erect. He let one big hand, dusted with light blond hair, casually hang off the armrest and making sure Lane was watching… he cupped his mounded jeans and let the heel of his hand stroke down the straining shaft as he shuddered. Lane groaned and…I almost swooned…fell to his knees in the aisle. All the men in the theater seemed to lean towards the kid, but the big blond, needing no further encouragement acted first. He stood up; he was really tall, well over six feet and had a lean frame with broad shoulders and narrow waist and hips. He eased out of the aisle, his hard cock bulging out from the front of his jeans obscenely. He went and leaned against the wall right next to the kneeling kid. “You want to play…..you the whore that board said would be here?” he whispered. Lane tore his eyes off the man’s straining crotch and looked up at him and simply nodded his head. I saw movement behind the pair in the theater and Ryan was flipping open the small hand held movie camera and focusing it on the two in the aisle. “Well…go ahead…” The man said gesturing with his head at the huge tube of hard dick straining against the placard on the front of the denim. Lane swallowed hard…and reached up and slowly undid the man’s thick brown leather belt. The clinking of the buckle sounded magnified in the theater. Every man had their eyes glued to the aisle and the screen could have been projecting a Disney movie for all they knew or cared. Lane had to exert some force to undo the button because the man’s cock was so large it had caused the pants to pull super tight putting incredible tension on the button. The zipper hissed loudly and seemed to take forever to be fully lowered. Once the pressure from the fasteners was released a thick underwear clad erection literally sprang out. The man was wearing white briefs and there was clear wet stain at the apex of the huge tented bulge. Lane moaned, the man’s cock was enormous, it had to be well over ten inches long, it shook slightly in the stretched out cotton and seemed to expand, now no longer confined in the tight pants. “See how fucking hard I am…sitting here watching this shit…thinking about some little faggot whore showing up to get gang banged…and I’m the first…” He whispered. Ryan eased out of his seat and knelt down in the aisle panning the camera in as Lane used a shaking hand to cup and heft the man’s huge cloth covered balls. They totally filled out the pouch of the briefs and each round orb could clearly be seen in the glowing white cotton. They barely fit in Lane’s palm and he moaned low and licked his lips as he caressed them and felt their size and weight. `Oh fuck Kid…that feels good…they’re so fucking full…I haven’t had sex or jerked off in a week…not since I read about you…I was saving it up…mmmm” he broke off in a soft moan as Lane closed his fingers around the firm round testicles and gently pulled on them. The man’s cock jerked in the underwear and his head seeped more precum, causing the wet spot to spread and cling showing the outline of a truly gigantic glans with a deep wide piss slit. “Fuck kid…you got me wet and leaking already…play with my cock…let all these fuckers watch.” He took a big breath and leaned against the greasy wall for support. Lane’s face was incredible; the look of pure hunger and need was unmistakable. His brown eyes were wide and the whites shone bright in the dim light. Beads of sweat clung to the tip of his straight nose and one hung off the cleft in his chin. His thick lower lip was slick with spit as he was almost drooling at the sight of the tall man’s huge cock. Ryan moved in closer and whispered, “Tease him…make this last…this is fucking hot.” The tall man opened his half-closed eyes and noted the man filming and turned his attention back to the kid kneeling in front of him. Lane was almost panting in excitement and his body looked amazing in the soft glow of the screen, his arms bugling with soft rounded muscles in the tiny t-shirt. The hem of the shirt barely met the top of his jeans and a stripe of tan back and then startling white skin beneath showed. The thick strap of the jock strap was half exposed and his ass swelled out, each round perfect cheek pressing insistently against the back of the jeans. Lane released the bloated balls letting them drop back into the soft pouch and moved his trembling hand to cup and gauge the thickness of the shaft. The man gasped and watched his dick jerk back violently against his body in the confines of the underwear. A huge gob of precum absorbed into the cotton. Almost the entire cock head was now saturated and the underwear was practically translucent at the shaking, bobbing top of the tented cock. Lane bit his lip and let his hand continue up the long heavy erection, he stopped when he reached the clearly defined coronal ridge and gently wrapped his fingers around the super thick tube and pumped them gently a couple times right behind the engorged glans. Precum literally poured out of the slit and soaked the underwear further. “Holy Fuck!” Ryan hissed, moving in closer with the camera to catch the cock pulse and tremble still completely covered. d…fuck…I’m so hard…take my cock out…c’mon…I’m hurtin.” The man said through clenched teeth as Lane lightly grasped the cloth covered dick and gently pulled it away from his body and then let it go. It was so hard it barely moved, just standing up even straighter along his abdomen. “Ohh…ohhh…fuck…” he moaned. Lane shifted on his knees and everyone in the theater could see that he was also incredibly aroused. His cock was throbbing and straining at the front of his jeans and whether it was precum or semen from when he had cum in the jock earlier, the front of the jeans were decidedly damp. The kid sat up higher on his knees and leaned in close, letting his face graze the man’s hip. His parted lips were inches away from the dripping head and the man gasped and the cock jerked in the underwear. Lane let one hand lightly trace the thick outline of the straining shaft and trailed the other up the man’s stomach and chest. He fumbled and I realized he was unbuttoning the man’s plaid shirt. He worked each button slowly while he stared at the towering shaft and let his panting hot breath blow directly on the sopping engorged glans. The man was oozing so much precum that more than half the shaft was now wet, with the underwear clinging to every ridge and vein. The cock was thick with a clearly defined tube along the underside. The ridge where that big blunt head connected to the shaft was widely flared and the man’s dick was vibrating in excitement. Lane popped the last button and the man’s sculpted furry chest and long torso with six pack abs was exposed. Lane moaned and ran a hand up the man’s body his mouth hanging open in lust. Ryan was whispering encouragement to the kid as he stared at him through the camera screen, “Yeah…that’s it…touch him…tease him…look at how much he’s fucking leaking, Kid…hot little faggot has the guy all worked up.” Lane repositioned himself so he was directly facing the massive tented underwear. The kid half closed his eyes and moaning opened his mouth and ducked down catching one heavy cotton covered ball in his mouth. He stretched his lips wider and trapped the other testicle and began to mouth and suck on the swollen egg sized balls. The man groaned and his cock jerked and swayed throbbing in excitement. The guy was amazing, precum seemed to leak in a constant stream from his cock; he was so incredibly aroused. Lane ran shuddering hands up the man’s jean clad calves and as he continued to tease and pull on the balls with his mouth, getting the pouch of the briefs all wet he hooked his hands into the waist of the undone jeans and slowly pulled them down off the narrow hips and then roughly shoved them down in a bunch at the man’s feet. Lane’s sweaty face was buried deep in the wet cotton and he was panting and moaning as he gloriously sucked on those huge testicles. He let one hand trail up the trembling shaft and he moaned louder when his fingers came in contact with the precum soaked head. He let he palm graze the tip of the glans and the man shuddered so hard he almost slid down the wall. If he wasn’t leaning against it, he most likely would have fallen to the floor. Lane pulled his hand back as the man’s cock jerked violently in the underwear. Lane knew he was dangerously close to shooting. Ryan panned in for a close up on the enormous head as it visibly swelled and a blossom of fluid spread out further saturating the cotton. Lane pulled his head back and leaned back on his heels staring up at the man. The guy’s gorgeous chest was heaving and a light sheen of sweat covered his exposed skin. Lane knew he couldn’t directly stimulate the man’s cock, even through the underwear, as he was so close to cumming. Instead he bent down and undid the laces on the guys Timberland’s and slipped off the man’s shoes. Once those were off he eased the man’s jeans over the sock clad feet leaving the guy standing there in his obscenely tented briefs and wide open shirt. Lane moaned at having the guy so close to being naked and Ryan must have seen some of his control slip because as Lane leaned up, Ryan put a steadying hand on the kid’s shoulder, “W…Wait…tease him some more…this is making for great film…and think how hot it will be when you finally get him off.” Lane groaned in frustration and the man almost cried out. “I want to feel that big cock shoot in my mouth so fucking bad” Lane said, breathless. Men began to shift in their seats and two got up and came to stand in the aisle to get a closer look at the show. One man was about 5’10 or so and thick with a dark crew cut. He had pulled his t-shirt bottom back over his head, exposing a sweaty muscled chest littered with tattoos. He had undone his pants and had his nine inch erection in his hand, lightly stroking it watching the kid play. The other guy was black and had close cropped hair and a mustache. He was wearing a baseball cap and a blue sleeveless shirt. His arms were heavily muscled. He had undone his jeans and his cock was beautiful. Almost ten inches long with s super oversized purple head and big round balls. His dick was light brown with a darker shaft. He stood watching, jerking his fingers right behind the swollen glans. Lane flicked his eyes to the two men but managed to pull himself together and took a deep breath he was so cock crazed I didn’t know if he could hold off , but he gritted his teeth and gently cupped the tall man’s huge balls and lightly ran his palm over the top of the head again. The guy groaned and trembled and Lane kept up this light teasing contact until the dick began to wildly jerk and slap back against the guys stomach. Precum positively drenched the underwear and his magnificent cock was clearly visible through the soaking fabric. The black guy moaned, “Shit…he’s fucking close Kid.” Lane took his hands off the guy and just stared at his extreme state of arousal and bit his lip, holding bursa escort himself back. I noticed a hot looking Spanish guy move his seat to sit in the row directly next to Lane. He was younger…maybe thirties and had a shiny black hair cut really short on the back and sides and sort of brushed forward on the top. He had a sharply defined mustache and goatee and big stainless steel industrial looking hoops through both ear lobes. His dark eyes were on fire watching the kid and I could see his big rounded chest muscles heave under the tight yellow t-shirt he was wearing. His faded jeans were undone and I could see a hefty erection rising up covered in bright red underwear. He was so hot looking Ryan took note and let the camera swing away from Lane and pan across the guy’s enraptured face. Ryan put the camera back on Lane and said, “take his cock out…play with it some more.” The men watching moaned in assent. Lane sat up and using his fingertips gently pulled the tight elastic waist band of the briefs away from the man’s tight ridged stomach. He carefully eased them over the throbbing erection and slid them from the man’s lean hips. The man’s huge cock swayed as he allowed the kid to pull them entirely off over his feet. He stood there, the shirt swinging loosely open, otherwise totally naked. His cock was incredible. It was flushed a deep red and the veins were bulging in thick pale blue lines all around the granite-like shaft. The head was bulbous and soaked with clear shiny fluid. The shaft arched up a bit straighter now free of the underwear and his balls hung heavy and low. A neat crop of light brown pubic hair surrounded the thick base of the cock and deep cuts of his hip flexor muscles were exposed. “Holy Shit…” Ryan breathed. Lane moaned and reached out and lightly cupped the heavy balls glorying in finally feeling skin on skin. The guys cock jerked and a long thin strand of shiny fluid dripped from the deep cleft in the head and hung suspended, glittering in the silver light of the screen. Lane squeezed the swollen testicles a bit harder and the cock swayed causing the strand of fluid to swing and drip onto his forearm. Lane moaned and leaned over and extended his thick pink tongue and licked the precum from his arm. He let his fingers play over the engorged shaft and more precum oozed from the wide slit in the head. Lane moaned and opened his mouth taking the overheated, massively swollen balls into his wet mouth. His twisted his head as he sucked powerfully on them letting the string of precum drip in slow motion onto his sweaty cheek. The guy threw his head back and said, “Fuck Kid…I’ve never been this excited…suck my cock…god…please.” Lane moaned and let his lips tease the wide base of the man’s dick as Ryan said, “Tease him more…fucking A this is so hot…I’ve never seen so much precum.” Lane continued to just suck, tongue and mouth the man’s swollen testicles and the wide base of his erection. His cock was jerking and vibrating and precum was literally pouring out of the bloated head. Thin strands of it hung from the cock and Lane’s cheek, chin and lips were glistening with it. The two men standing were in awe and their own dicks were leaking as they panted watching the kid. Lane would lean up and extend his quivering cupped tongue and catch a heavy string and flick it and play with it before closing his lips and tasting the fluid. The visible signs of the man’s extreme arousal and the salty taste of the precum were making Lane crazy, several times Ryan had to forcibly hold him back with one hand as the boy tried to lean up and capture the soaked and dripping engorged glans. Ryan knew the minute the kid gave the guy any direct stimulation to his cock head he would explode…and he wanted to keep this going a little bit longer. The tall man was clearly in agony. He was almost panting and his legs were shaking. His cock was so engorged it was deep, deep red and it looked impossibly hard. As he stared wide eyed as the kid caught another heavy drop of precum dangling from his trembling glans on his tongue, he moaned and reached out. Desperate to finally cum, he wrapped his thick fingers in Lane’s hair and his forearms bulged as he tried to force the kid’s hot mouth onto his dick. Lane strained to pull away, when suddenly the hot Spanish guy got out of his seat and his jeans sliding low…fuck he was wearing a red jock! I caught a flash of smooth caramel skin and hint of cleavage at the top of his ass before he got right behind the guy. He reached around with thick hairy wrist and blunt hands and grabbed the guy’s arms, pinning them behind his back. “Fucking keep going little boy…tease his cock.” The tall guy groaned and Ryan said, “FUCK YEAH” making sure to capture both men’s faces as they watched the kid run his hand lightly up the shaft causing a heavy watery wave of fluid to overspill the gaping slit and pool in Lane’s out stretched left hand. As he squeezed and toyed with the guys’ balls he brought his cupped palm to his mouth slurped the precum off his hand and fingers. The whole theater groaned at this. The Spanish guy decide to take a more active role and I heard saw him press his thick lips to the man’s ear and whisper, “Feels fucking incredible doesn’t it…fucking little slut playing with your cock…keeping you on the edge…teasing your huge hard dick…you want more?…want to be totally naked…huh?” he leaned away and slid the plaid shirt from the guys heavily muscled arms. Ryan scanned the camera up the guys taut vibrating body, he stood in the middle of the aisle, men watching, totally naked, his legs shaking, spread wide as the fully clothed kid kneelt at his feet. The Spanish guy stripped off his own t-shirt, exposing a hairless muscular torso with heavy black tribal tattoos all over one shoulder and down a veined bicep. “Nice” Ryan moaned. Lane was caressing and cupping the balls and watching as more and more precum spilled from the head. He would lean in and catch it on his tongue, letting his chin and cheeks get smeared and coated with the clear fluid. The Spanish guy said, “Let’s see if we can get more. ” He transferred the man’s thick wrists to one of his hands and then sank down to his knees behind the guy, his jeans puling low in the back exposing the thick red strap of his jock and beginning swell of his ass. He used one hand to gently pull one of the man’s hard clenched ass cheeks apart and leaned in and began to lick the man’s sweaty ass crack. The guy jumped and moaned and an almost opaque blob of fluid oozed form the head. Lane leaned up and let his trembling tongue lightly scoop it from the slit. He held his tongue out so all the men could see the thick heavy drop before moaning and swallowing it. Lane was shaking now and I could see his control slipping. He was staring mesmerized at the huge long stalk of the man’s erection and the massively bloated head, precum coated his face and lips and he could barely catch his breath. Ryan knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. His hand shaking holding the camera he looked up at the two men standing watching, “The kid is desperate to feel a cock shoot in his mouth…I want to tease this big stud longer…one of you close?…want to feed the cunt? Help him hold off longer?” his voice was thick with lust. Lane had his eyes half closed and I could see he had leaked so much himself that the front of his jeans was stained dark. The black guy said, “Shit…shit…I’m gonna cum kid…take it.” Lane turned on his knees and moved his mouth close to that big brown head, a heavy bead of clear fluid shaking in the slit. The man’s huge hard cock was curved and the heads was impossibly bloated. The black guy cupped the back of Lane’s head in one hand and jerked his cock with the other. Ryan moved the camera in for close up as the guy moaned, “Here it comes Kid.” and jerked his hips forward. Lane opened his mouth and the man let his massive, slick cock head rest on the boy’s lower lip. The first heavy shot of semen came out in a slow arch and hit the roof of Lane’s mouth dropping heavily onto his tongue. The black guy shuddered as several thick shots of cum filled the kid’s mouth. Lane moaned and swallowed the sperm, he angled his head and a jet of semen lashed his cheek. He sat up and closed his lips around the head and deep throated the cock, holding it steady by the tight hard balls, letting the cum splash down the back of his throat, his cheek streaked with a heavy shot of sperm. The tall man’s mouth was open, whimpering helplessly watching the kid eat the other guys’ load. His cock jerked wildly about as the Spanish guy was now penetrating him with the full length of his tongue deep into his ass. “Fuck kid…I…I’m gonna shoot…I…”he gasped. His mouth hung open in ecstasy. The Spanish guy quickly stood up and leaned in close, pressing his chest to the guys heaving back. He watched the guy’s cock vibrate and the head swell. The guy was teetering so close to orgasm with no real stimulation. Lane was kneeling right in front of the towering jerking cock; he turned, his mouth open, tongue quivering. The Spanish man reached around and used two blunt fingers to flick and twist the big man’s nipples. The guy almost screamed and Ryan said, “Lick the head…that’s all it will take…do it kid…oh fuck.” The guys’ eyes popped wide, “FUCK…do it…please…ahhhh” Lane leaned up and extended his tongue, he formed the tip into a cup and let it lightly swirl around the deep dripping slit and flutter against the circumcision scar. The man’s whole body tensed and he screamed as his dick spasmed as a spray of cum rocketed out of the head, raining down on Lane’s face, hair and the floor behind him. Heavy ropes of semen jerked out of the cock, arching up into the air almost two feet. The cum landed on the bridge of the kid’s nose, his forehead and into his hair. A thick string bisected his lips and heavy droplets spattered his tight t-shirt. “Eat some…GOD…swallow some cum you fucking whore!” the guy with the crew cut said. Lane reached up and used just three fingers and his thumb to angel the still shooting cock down and he closed his spermy lips over the massive wet head. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed the rest of the huge load. As he pulled his mouth off the huge cock, strings of cum hung in his open mouth. The Spanish guy let go of the tall guy and came around leaning over the boy. He grabbed his chin in a shaking hand and extended his fat pink tongue…it was shaking in excitement, and began to lick the heavy stripes of sperm from the kid’s sweaty face. He would look and find a streak of semen and start at the spot where it first hit the kid’s face and collect the entire shot on his tongue. Lane moaned and let the guy clean his face. The Spanish guys’ tongue and mouth were coated with cum when he leaned over and closed his panting, semen coated lips over Lane’s. As he deeply kissed the kid he forced his cum covered tongue in the kid’s mouth. Lane sucked on the thick mobile member, sucking the sperm off it and moaning. This was too much for the guy in the crew cut, He was trembling like mad jerking his slick cock furiously, d..e here…ohhhh…fuck…I’m gonna shoot…eat my load you filthy pig…ohhh.” The Spanish guy pulled his mouth off Lane’s and cast his dark eyes at the shaking head of crew cut’s dick. He crouched down next to Lane and grabbed the sides of his head, “Take his cum…eat it you Fucker!” Lane opened his mouth and the man rammed his cock in balls deep, his hips shuddering. Lane’s neck bulged around the shooting head and he choked a bit as cum splashed down the back of his throat. “Oh yeah…he’s fucking feeding you…oh you whore…!” The guy holding his head said and pulled his mouth off the cock violently. The wet dick pulsed and jerked out a jet of semen onto Lane’s forehead and into his hairline. The man aimed his sopping head and penetrated the kid’s mouth again letting his shooting cock fuck in and out of the kid’s lips, groaning loudly the whole time. Sperm sluiced out around the head and clung to Lane’s lips as the guy’s cock jerked and shuddered sliding deeply in and out of the kid’s mouth. The Spanish guy leaned over, letting go of the boy’s head and began to lick the cum off Lanes lips as they were still stretched around the thick shaft. The man mouthed and tongued the guy’s shaft and it weakly pumped in and out of the kid’s mouth. He licked up the heavy gobs of semen on Lane’s chin and as the man pulled his spent cock out of the boy’s mouth the Spanish guy closed his cummy lips over Lane’s again, forcing semen and spit into his mouth in a deep kiss. Ryan had the camera locked in close, “Who the fuck are you man…you wanna stay and play through this whole thing…the kid will be taking on all comers all night you want in?” he breathed. The Spanish guy broke off the kiss and stood up. His cock was sticking out rock hard in the front of the bright red pouch of the jock. A dark stain of precum dotted where his round cock head pulsed against the fabric. He nodded his head at Ryan and shucked down his jeans stepping out of them. He was covered in sweat and his thick muscular body was beautiful. He ass was full and round and his thighs heavy with muscle. “Let’s get this boy more cock.” Ryan said looking into the dim theater. Lane shifted on his knees his cock painfully erect in his pants. “Fuck…I’m so horny…I need more.” He moaned. A tall older man got out of his seat. He looked like he was in his fifties and had grey short- cropped hair, a handsome face and wire rimmed glasses. He was lean and had on blue dress pants. It looked like he had a steel pipe in the front of his pants. He came over and stood before Lane. “Suck my cock, Boy” he said. He let his arms hang at his side and thrust his hips out giving the kid access to the huge bulge tenting out the front of his pants. Lane sat up on his knees and shakily unzipped the older man’s pants. He reached his hand in and maneuvered out a long thick almost eleven inch cock. It was thick around as the kid’s wrist and uncircumcised. The thick foreskin had retracted exposing a pale purplish head already wet with precum. “I’ve been here for hours watching this shit on the screen…thinking about what I read on the message board and then seeing the little fucking whore show up… eat cum…I need to get off”. He said. Lane reached up with one hand and shucked the guys pants down a bit and gripped the massively thick base of the cock, the man’s huge testicles swung between his spread legs. The kid steadied the shaft and began to use his entire tongue to run around the head and over and over the slick gaping slit. I could still see thin streaks of semen on the surface of his tongue as he lapped at the older guys cock. The man threw his head back and groaned, “Ohhh you fucking little faggot…ahhh…you fucking love dick…don’t you?” He looked down in amazement as the kid continued to tongue his overly sensitive engorged cock head, while Ryan swung the camera in close. The guy rocked back on his heels, hands laced behind his head, legs spread and let the kid play with the huge cock jutting out from his hairy groin. Lane moaned in overdrive now as he moved his hand from the base to cup the massive balls swinging below the stalk. He fondled them and gently squeezed them as he mercilessly flicked the tip of his tongue over the underside of the dripping cock head bobbing in front of him. He gripped those huge testicles tighter and used them to guide the enormous head to his mouth. His eyes closed in lust as the hot wet head filled his mouth and he slid his lips lower down the veiny shaft. Another man had now left his seat. He was in his forties or so, and as he stepped over the Spanish guy who was kneeling down blocking the aisle watching Lane give an expert blow job. I saw the guy was massively erect in a pair of expensive looking suite pants. He had an almost shaved head and a goatee and mustache. He was very lean and muscular looking and sweat had already stained his dress shirt between his pectoral muscles. He slowly began to unbuckle his belt. The bulge in his suite pants was truly incredible; it coursed all the way along his right hip and was jumping and jerking as he struggled to unfasten his pants. Lane pulled off the older guy’s cock long enough to stare as the guy slowly lowered his zipper and parted the front of the pants. The white boxer briefs he was wearing could not contain the full length of his cock. It snaked off to the side and the rounded engorged head protruded over the tight elastic waistband. The kid moaned low in bursa escort bayan his throat. The guy roughly shucked down both pants and underwear and his ten inch long cock bobbed and swayed with the motion. It was fucking incredible. It stood up straight and tall, the tip reaching well past his navel. It was flushed red with blood and the shaft was thick and ridged with veins. The head was big and deeper in color and was shining with a slick of precum. He had large, swollen looking balls that were shaved and seemed to churn in their sack. The dick looked so hard it was arching back towards his body and pulsing in time to his heartbeat as he stood there displaying it for the kid. He had lifted the tails of his dress shirt and the flat hard muscles of his lower abdomen were showing, he was so lean that you could see veins traced along his groin. “See how hot you’ve got me…it fucking aches it’s so hard…watching you make a fucking pig of yourself” He looked over at Ryan as Lane went back to licking up and down the older man’s massive erection, “I read this kid loves cock up his ass too.” Ryan simply nodded his head. The man looked at the Spanish guy in the jock watching every move the kid made. “You…get him naked.” He ordered. Lane moaned and looked back over his shoulder as he lightly, playfully, bounced the bloated balls of the older guy in one palm while fluttering the other hand all over the head, which by now had swelled to almost twice it’s normal size, he whispered…” …I fucking need to feel that huge cock in my mouth…down my throat…I…I…want you to cum in my mouth…let me swallow your sperm?? Please??” he moaned. The older guy spat out, “Fucking pig” and moaned The Spanish guy stood behind Lane, his legs on either side of the kid’s knees, the guy in the suite pants a bit to the side watching. The Latino leaned forward pulling lane’s face around and opened his mouth wide and covered the boy’s sticky lips with his. He gripped the back of Lane’s head in one big hand and ground his mouth down hard. He pulled away and as he forcefully pulled the boy’s t-shirt over his head baring that smooth heaving chest. “I’m gonna get you naked for this man to use you…show him that gorgeous fucking ass you’ve got in those pants”. He leaned down and thrust his tongue down Lane’s throat again choking the kid with its length. The guy in the suite gripped the short crop of hair on the Spanish guy’s head and pulled, breaking him from the deep kiss, leaving Lane’s lips swollen and red, ready for his cock. The boy’s eyes were half closed and glazed over. The guy standing behind the trio’s eyes dropped low as he drank in the sight of Lane’s ass, the pants riding low as he knelt on the dirty floor, and the bright white band of jock clinging to the muscles of his lower back. The deep groove created by his latisimus muscles and the two shadowed indentations just above the twin globe hinted at the dramatic flair of his ass cheeks and it looked incredible. The man leaned forward roughly shoving the Spanish guy aside and whispered into the boy’s flushed pink ear. “Fucking cock tease…sucking dick in a porno theater…I know you need a big hard cock up that ass…but before I fuck you… this man here,” he jerked his head at the Spanish guy, “is going to fucking eat that ass-pussy out until you ready to shoot…get you sopping wet and ready for my dick…I might let him get you off with just his filthy tongue, or maybe not…keep you on the edge…begging to cum. That’ll teach you to be a fucking slut” The man’s low growl caused Lane to visibly shiver. The Spanish guy shuddered and leaned over and whispered in Lane’s ear “I’ve been fucking dying to get my tongue in you…taste that sweet hole…since I saw you walk in, that bubble ass… fucking straining at those jeans…I’m going to take my time, touch it…stare at it and get my tongue deep up into every inch of you…” The Spanish guy was gliding the flat of his palm up and down the deep sweaty muscles of the kid’s back as he kept up his filthy litany of whispers, putting on a show for the guy in the suit and the other men in the theater. “Get to it” the guy in the suite ordered. Lane moaned and adjusted so his back was to the men. His sculpted muscles and the tight trim waist caused his ass to protrude almost obscenely as he bent a bit at the waist and thrust that perfect ass out, still fully covered in the now pulled low denim. The Spanish guy was almost overcome, he rocked back on his heels, kneeling behind the kid and let his hand lightly glide down the boy’s sweaty back. His cock jumped and throbbed in the dripping pouch of the strap as he reached both hands up and firmly cupped the two perfectly rounded mounds. Lane jumped at the contact and his breathing quickened. He had been sucking cock for a while and was dying for more. The older guy’s cock still throbbed, huge at his face but he was content to watch the ass play unfold. Ryan edged closer with the camera saying, “This is fucking gold…” As the Latino began to gently squeeze and knead the firm flesh. Lane began to moan almost continually as the guy began to thoroughly explore every inch of the kid’s ass. He paid special attention to the deep cleft and ran two thick fingers roughly into the kid’s cloth covered asshole. The guy in the suite pants began to talk as the other guy worked the kid’s ass over “You fucking whore…look at this hot ass…oh God… what I’m going to do to this…after the tongue fuck, I might just let you feel my cock head inside that tight asshole. Let that tight ring clamp down on it…feel its size…maybe I’ll even pump a hot load of cum up there…huh…would you like that?” The dirty talk was driving the Spanish guy crazy and he seemed to be unable to contain himself any longer and with a groan he hooked his fingers into the waist band of Lane’s pants and slowly lowered them. I thought the men watching were going to shoot right then as his hands shook as the pants slid lower and lower over the shining white perfect skin, Lane leaned up, one hand wrapped around the massively thick base of the older guy’s cock, his thigh muscles shaking and craned his neck to look over his shoulder at the Spanish guy’s mouth hanging open in pure unadulterated lust at the sight of his ass. The jeans were tucked down under the round cheeks and his cock was bound up tight in the still damp and sperm crusty pouch of the white jock at his crotch. I could see it jump and pulse at being that much closer to being naked before the group of men. I stared in amazement; the two cheeks were so round and tight that they pressed together creating that perfect Y of cleavage at the top swell of his ass. Sweat from his back had trickled down causing the deep crack to glisten. There were shadowed dents of just the hint of muscle under the soft flesh and he had two deep dimples in his lower back right over each cheek. The guy in the suite gasped, staring wide-eyed at the now almost naked kid, kneeling on the floor in the dim theater, his cock twitched once…twice…and a thin stream of precum oozed out and splattered to the ground. “Wearing a fucking jock strap…fucking slut…shit… look…there’s cum stains on it…fucking WHORE.” He spat out, “Ohh… God kid you’re too much” The Spanish man groaned and leaned forward, bending fully over. He roughly gripped the tender flesh of the two globes and pulled them apart. Lane’s hole was perfect, hairless and pink. A stray bead of semen still clung to the perfect ass lips. The guy in the suite almost exploded, “Is that fucking jizz…you’ve been bred already slut?” He said, leaning over and pulling Lane’s head back by the hair. The kid looked up at him and the other men now standing around watching, “Yes…I got fucked by three men before I came here.” He whispered. The Spanish guy groaned at this admission and bent over, gasping as he moved his head forward, the big steel hoops in his ears swinging and glinting in the glow of the screen. Lane screamed as just the tip of his tongue made flitting contact with that pink hole and his entire body began to tremble. The man’s tongue quivered, the bead of sperm siding down the tip. Lane looked back over his shoulder and gasped “Christ …Shove you’re tongue in…lick my hole…I…I……ahhh” he broke off into a low moan. The Latino pulled back and just stared and lightly stroked the kid’s overheated flesh, letting him calm down. The guy in the suite roughly rubbed the Spanish guy’s head like a dog, “that’s good…slow it down…we don’t want this little Bitch cumming yet.’ He craned his neck over looking at Lane’s straining face, “You back in control…ready for a little more Faggot?” He asked. Just then the Spanish guy turned a soft stroke into a stinging slap, causing Lane’s ass to shake. He leaned forward again and parted the cheeks. He had to exert pressure to separate them, exposing that hole again. He smiled, the dark trim goatee framing his heavy lips, as he leaned in and began to just brush the tip of his tongue against all the sensitive nerve endings. Lane was trembling, desperately in need and his entire body was covered in sweat. The man pushed just the tip in to the tight ring, this slightest penetration caused Lane to groan so loud the guy in the suite gripped his tattooed shoulder and pulled him back. Lane turned, “C’mon.” he huffed, “…shove your tongue up into me…ohhh GOD!” The Spanish guy moaned at this torture and brushed the full flat length of his tongue across the kid’s asshole. He then formed his tongue into a spear and began to force the tip and the first few inches into the tight wet hole. He had just gotten in almost to the root and was groaning himself uncontrollably now at the silky feel and taste of this perfect ass. As his tongue reached full penetration he let out a deep groan as a wave of cum oozed around his thrust in tongue. He slurped it down and gasped. He braced his hands on the clenched muscles and thrust in further, harder. Lane jumped and shook even more, his thighs quaking, spread to the limit of what the bunch of fabric around his knees would allow. “Get those pants off” the standing man said. The kid groaned loudly and let the Spanish guy pull the jeans over his feet. Lane now knelt there naked except for the jock. The guy in the suite had undone his shirt and let it fall to the floor and stepped out of his pants and underwear. He now watched, naked as the Spanish guy ground his chin into the kid’s wet ass crack. The Latino was now viciously tongue fucking the kid. He had his ass spread wide and was moving his whole head back and forth in strong thrusts, jamming several inches of his tongue deep into the pink wet hole. Lane was in overdrive. In frenzy, he had turned back to the older guy’s huge erection as he was thrusting back against the hot mouth at his open ass and using every inch of his extended tongue began to torture the throbbing wet cock head in front of him. “I can’t take it anymore; I have to be inside this slut.” Said the guy in the suite abruptly, pushing the Latino away from the kid’s ass. The kid looked back over his shoulder, “Ohhh god…please fuck me…!” he groaned. As he spoke he was running his clenched fist up and down the long thick shaft of the older man’s cock which was slick with precum. “Fuck kid-watch it-I’m getting close.” The older guy said attempting to pull away. The guy in the suite pulled Lane up onto his feet, bent over. Ryan moved back to catch the full scene. The man stood poised behind the kid. Lane’s ass was inches from his cock, which was iron hard and jerking in time to his pulse. The head had swelled to almost twice its original size and was soaked in precum. He stared down at the hole presented before him; his eyes have closed in a fog of lust. He gripped the kid’s narrow hips in both hands and said. “You ready for this you little fucker?” “GOD…yess..ahhh!” moaned the kid. He had to remove one hand from Lane’s hip to push his erection down to line it up with the sopping wet hole. He inched forward, resting the slick tip against the kid’s ass lips. “Ohhh…fuck…it’s so hot…it feels so big…so hard…fuck…shove it in…I need to get fucked!” he begged. The guy slowly inched his hips forward and the tip gently parted the tight ass lips. As just that little bit slid in he moaned and a thick bead of almost white precum oozed out of the head and coated the opening, already slick with saliva. The kid’s cock pulsed…once…twice and I saw a heavy glob of precum fill the still damp webbing of the jock. “Hey Pal, don’t make him cum yet…” said Ryan panting. Lane was oblivious and had now turned back to the older guy’s throbbing cock and was once again flicking his tongue at the piss slit tasting his precum. “I don’t fucking care.” Said the guy in the suite”…whore like this can take dick all night and cum till his balls fall off.” He moved his hands back to the kid’s slim waist, wrapping his fingers in the thick band of the jock strap and pushed his hips forward. The kid groaned and his ass clamped around the thick flange of the cock head now firmly imbedded in him. “Ohhh fuck…it’s so fucking tight…ahhhh…!’ huffed the guy. …and he’s soaking wet…whore.” the guy said through gritted teeth as he looked down and watched as he fed more and more of his thick rock hard cock into the kid’s body. The kid would shake and jump as each ridge and vein passed over the nerve ending rich lips of his ass. The guy threw his head back and groaned as he felt the last few inches push deep in and his balls brushed up against the thin leg straps of the jock. He moaned and lurched forward grinding his balls hard against the kid’s sweaty taint. “Fuck him!’ said the Spanish guy looking on in awe. He needed no further encouragement. He held on to the waist band of the strap and drew back his hips slowly letting the kid feel every thick hard inch as is exited his super tight asshole. When just the head remained, he jerked back and it popped free and snapped up straight against his body. The kid cried out and more precum oozed out his tortured dick. The guy bent his knees, crouched and lined the bloated head up again and pushed steadily forward. Inch after inch slid effortlessly into the kid until the he was once again buried to the hilt. “Holy fuck-I’ve never felt anything this good…ohh!” He groaned. The kid was moaning now around the enormous cock head he had trapped in his mouth and was sucking hard on just that round hot piece of wet flesh. He used one hand to steady the shaking cock and the other to squeeze and tug at the full tender balls. His cheeks hollowed at the tight suction he was applying and he began to twist his mouth around the thick round head. He never went further down just continued to suck and swirl his hot mouth around the oversized glans. The guy in the suite had meanwhile had established a hypnotic rhythm. He would force himself in as far as he could, almost standing on his toes to get his head in as far as possible making sure the kid felt it deep in him and then slowly, agonizingly, draw the full length of his cock out until the head popped free and trembled at the dripping entrance. Every time he re-penetrated the kid, Lane would jump and jerk and precum would force itself out of his railroad spike dick and soak the pouch. The guy continued this rhythm for several more strokes and then he seemed to lose control. He swore and tossed his head, flinging beads of sweat around the theater and began to use short deep strokes to hammer deep in the kid’s ass and pound his prostate gland. This was too much for Lane, he was too horny having sucked off three men already and so desperate for a cock up his ass, he gasped and driven by pleasure and lust steadied the trembling dick in his hand impaled his mouth on the 11 inch cock. I could see his neck swell as the plum sized head passed the back of his tongue and lodged itself deep in his throat. The older guy screamed, “I’m going to shoot you little fucker…ahhh” The kid paused, groaning then pulled back letting the now shooting cock slide up his throat, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed the thick load pumping out of the cock head as it trailed up to his tongue. The guy was moaning so loud…”Ohh you little cum whore…fuck yeah…eat my load!” I heard a sound like a sharp gasp come from the kid’s open mouth when one particularly vicious thrust from the guy fucking him hit his prostate and his cock just exploded, jerking violently in the tight webbing of the strap. The pouch filled and dripped with his hot heavy load. The escort bursa kid groaned and opened his mouth letting the older man’s still shooting head rest on his flattened tongue. It blurted our thick heavy streaks of semen directly onto the cum drenched surface of his tongue. The older guy was string wide-eyed at his shooting dick, he clenched some inner muscles and a shot of semen came out with such force that even though Lane’s mouth was straining wide the cum still shot over his top lip and splashed against his cheek and the bridge of his nose. The kid leaned up and trapped the jerking head in his closed lips and swallowed. The other guy watched this entire scene as he continued to fuck his huge dick into the kid, literally fucking the cum out of him. With each pounding stroke more cum would pulse out and fill the jock strap. The guy was losing it, seeing the kid close his eyes in ecstasy as he got another full shot across his tongue and moan at the taste of the thick cum. His strokes became erratic and his legs were trembling uncontrollably. He pulled back almost exiting the tight fluttering ass lips, the bloated head stretching the kid’s anal ring and then I saw his balls pull up tight to his body and I could literally see the cum pulse up the thick tube on the underside of his cock. The kid groaned louder when he felt the first hot shot coat his insides. “Ohhh fuck you’re cumming in me…ahhh…!” groaned Lane. Ryan’s camera shook and he hissed, “Yeah fucking breed the little pig.” The man drew his dick back and let the shooting head pop free. A thick shot of cum lashed across the kid’s lower back. The man watched as his cock head swelled and another shot of cum arched and spattered on one sweaty trembling ass cheek and dappled the thick band of the jock. The man moaned as another pulse of hot semen splashed directly against Lane’s ass lips, before the man shoved the still firing cock back in, balls deep. He held onto the kid’s slick hips with shaking hands as he unloaded the rest of his hot cum directly onto the kid’s tender prostate gland deep, deep in Lane’s ass. “Ohh fuck you’re burning my insides…ohhh it feels so fucking good.” the kid cried as tears squeezed out of his eyes. The guy fell back spent, his half hard dick leaking drips of cum. The kid was covered in sweat and his back and face were sticky with semen, the guy in the suite pants roughly milked the last few drops of cum out of his still erect cock. He flicked his hand and let the cum splatter onto the small of the boy’s back. He looked over at the Spanish guy and said. “Clean this fucking pig up for the next customer.” All the men in the theater groaned as the Latino, his red jock straining, and soaked with precum from watching the kid get fucked, crawled over and knelt behind Lane. His hands shook as he reached up and gripped the top of the kid’s muscled thighs and extended his tremmoring tongue. He leaned forward and flexed it into a point and moaned loudly as he speared it deep into the kid’s cummy asshole. He pulled his tongue back covered in semen and groaned as he sucked his tongue back into his mouth and swallowed. He leaned up and curled his tongue, licking the heavy streak across one smooth milky white ass cheek. Moaning louder, the man sat up higher on his knees and opened his panting mouth to lick and suck the sperm off the kid’s sweaty back. He crawled on shaking legs over to the boy’s spattered face and began to lick the huge streaks of cum off his cheeks, and the bridge of his nose. He gripped the kid’s face in his hands and tilted his head back and scooped a heavy shot off the kid’s corded neck and then pulled the kid down into a deep cummy kiss, their breath panting through their smeared mashed together lips. Ryan was shaking uncontrollably trying his best to steady the camera, “Someone else fuck him…he needs another cock.” He said in a strained voice. A black man who had been watching the action from the back of the theater shuffled forward. His pants were open and a long wicked looking cock arched in front of his body. He was younger…maybe thirty and tall and thin with almond shaped eyes and very dark skin. He shucked a jacket off his lean shoulders and stood behind the bent over kid in a t-shirt, his hard-on throbbing arched over the kid’s ass. His dick was really long, maybe eleven inches and the head was round and bulbous. He looked down at the Spanish guy and said” Guide me into him.” He reached out and steadied himself with two hands on Lane’s hips and watched as the Latino crawled over and lovingly stroked up and down the length of his curved shiny brown erection. He groaned when the Spanish man let his palm graze the swollen head and smear precum all around the super sensitive surface. All the men in the theater watched as the Spanish man let his palm slide along the heavy underside of the erection and gently urge the man forward. Lane looked back over his shoulder, “Yeah…put that fucking huge cock in me…ohhh… god…fuck me!” he moaned. Just then another man stepped up. He was forty or so and balding with an unbuttoned dress shirt and pants riding low on his lean hips. His rampant nine inch cock was dripping wet. The head was mushroom shaped and the shaft thick. He gripped the kid’s sweaty curls in two fists, “Shut that fucking whore mouth.” He said and guided the kid’s lips onto his erection. Lane moaned and deep throated the cock in one stroke. The man wrapped his hands tighter in the kid’s hair and threw his head back in an extended groan, “Ahhhh…fucking cunt…work for my load…” His body jerked violently as Lane clenched his throat around the deeply embedded head and caught his swinging balls in his hand. Lane pulled back until just the crown stretched his lips then impaled himself again. That was it for the man and he groaned as he began to cum in the kid’s mouth. Semen spurted out of his jerking dick head, totally filling Lane’s throat. The black man was now shaking uncontrollably as his cock penetrated the kid’s dripping hole. He had at least half of the impressive length inside and his balls were jumping already. The Spanish guy knew the guy was so close to cumming. “Ram it in…shoot in his ass…fill him up for me.” He whispered caressing the man’s testicles his eyes glued to the dark brown shaft buried in the perfect pink asshole. Lane moaned around the shaft cumming in his throat as the black guy jammed his hips forward, the full length of his cock thrust into the kid in one violent stroke. He groaned and gripped the kid’s hips as his cock began to shoot deep inside the boy. The guy orgasaming down Lane’s throat stumbled back and his cock popped out of the kid’s mouth. A shot of cum slashed across Lane’s straining face before the man reinserted his still shooting head in the kid’s cummy mouth. The Spanish guy was licking and sucking on the black man’s balls as he unloaded up Lane’s ass. The Black guy looked down and slowly pulled his hips back letting his long black shaft slide out of the kid. The sperm smeared shaft and still dripping head throbbed, poised over the Spanish guy’s face. He groaned and leaned up and sucked the coated head into his mouth and slid his lips down the stalk, deep throating the filthy cock. The thin black man trembled as the Spanish guy finished cleaning off his penis and stepped away from the prone kid. The Latino turned on his knee and groaned as he began to deeply tongue fuck the kid, forcing huge globs of sperm out of the tight hole onto his extended tongue. He moaned and covered the boy’s asshole with his lips and literally sucked the cum from the kid. Ryan was sweating profusely as he panned the camera in close getting the tortured, cum smeared face of the Latino guy as he ate out Lane’s semen soaked asshole. Another man stepped over and roughly shoved the Latino out of the way. “I need to fuck this little whore.” He moaned. He was another forty-something year old white guy. He had on a baseball cap and sweatshirt. His cock jutted out of the open front of his jeans and was thick with a huge engorged glans. The shaft was deeply ridged and about ten inches long. He put a hand on the kid’s sweaty back and lined that big bloated head up. His body was shaking so violently from excitement that as he moved forward to penetrate the kid the head bumped and skidded along Lane’s ass cheek, leaving a trail of clear precum. Lane moaned and looked back at the man, “Fuck me…put it in…God…fuck me.” He urged. The guy groaned at the sluttish behavior and gripped his shaft tighter. As the huge head parted Lane’s tight dripping ass lips the kid jumped and arched his back in pleasure. The man gripped the narrow hips and began to jerkily fuck his cock into the kid. The Latino knelt next to them watching intently. After a few minutes, the man’s strokes got choppy and his ass muscles trembled. The Spanish guy reached up and grabbed the back of the guy’s shucked down pants, pulling him back. His cock slid out… already shooting. Cum arched up high in the air in powerful shots and splashed down audibly on the kid’s heaving back. Lane moaned as the hot semen hit his skin. His own cock was pulsing and straining in the soaked pouch of the jock and he looked on the verge of another orgasm himself. Ryan panned in close as the Spanish guy leaned in and began to collect the heavy shots of semen on his tongue. He licked up and down the kid’s back before moving up to the boy’s head and trapping his mouth in another cum laden kiss. I could see their thick wet tongue coil around each other as their mouths skidded together, their breath coming out in huge gasps. Just then a group of three younger men entered the theater. They were young…mid to late twenties and most and were talking loudly and laughing. When their eyes adjusted to the dim light and saw the bent over kid, naked except for the white jock strap, his sweaty skin gleaming in the faint glow of the screen. Semen spattered on his back and heavy white droplets caught in his dark curls, sucking on the tongue of the nearly naked Latino guy, they froze. One of them, a tall guy, heavily muscled wearing a tight t-shirt and cargo pants said, “HOLY FUCKING SHIT…I can’t believe that board was true…FUCK!” They cautiously walked over to where Lane was still locked in a deep kiss moaning into the Spanish man’s mouth. Ryan was leaning back in his seat, His cock straining at his pants and a huge precum stain decorating his crotch. He was aiming the camera at the three newcomers and whispering words of encouragement, “Yeah…look at the little whore…he’s been sucking cocks and taking dick up his ass for almost an hour and half…he’s taken about eight loads already…fuck him…all three of you can have him…do him…he’s a filthy fucking whore…use him.” He said. The big guy looked down at his own rapidly swelling crotch in disbelief. The two men with him were already undoing their pants freeing their painfully hard cocks. The three men fell on Lane with abandon. The big guy stepped up behind Lane and gripped his hair in one fist. He jerked the kid’s head back on his neck, “You want more cock?” he said. Lane groaned and nodded as much as the tight grip would allow. The man got a disgusted look on his face and leaned down and spat in the kid’s face. Lane closed his eyes and groaned. His two companions were running their hands all over the kid’s overheated sweaty body. One of them was short and dark haired with a distinct beard scruff and deep blue eyes, was staring, mouth agape at the high round ass cheeks. His hand shook as he caressed and hefted their weight. The big guy Jerked Lane to a standing position. “Look at this fucking whore.” He said to his buddies. He gestured with his head at his dark haired friend. The man’s cock was throbbing out of the open flap of his pants and his cock was swaying with the weight of his bloated head on a thinner shaft. “Pull that fucking jock off him…I want him naked.” He said. The dark haired guy moved in and roughly pulled the sodden jock strap off Lane’s hips and over his feet. Lane stood there, naked. His cock stood up straight as an arrow tight along his abdomen, his crotch smeared and sticky with his own cum. His sweaty chest was heaving and he winced as the big man flexed his arm and pulled his hair harder. The man backed him up to one of the dirty cloth movie seats. “Lie down and spread those fucking legs, whore.” He said. Lane looked up at the man and lay back on the seat. His cock pulsed, seeping precum pooling in the ridges of his stomach. He gripped the arms of the seat and lifted his legs, baring his asshole. The big man stepped between his legs and undid his pants. He hauled out a huge thick erection. It was about eleven inches long and crowned with an enormous cock head. It was so hard it curved slightly back to his body. The gripped an ankle in each big hand and lined the head up. The Spanish guy scooted over on his knees to get a closer view and the man angled his hips and used that thick blunt head to penetrate the kid. Lane jumped and his cock jerked against his sweaty stomach as his ass lips strained to accommodate the width and girth of the huge head. As the man began to fuck the full length of his monstrous cock into the kid the Latino guy got low down on the filthy floor under the juncture where the man’s body met the kid’s. He began to flick his tongue teasingly against the man’s thick slick shaft as it slid rhythmically into the kid. Lane was moaning and writhing around on the seat. His cock was oozing a constant stream of precum and at a particularly hard, deep thrust the man’s huge rock hard head must have banged directly against the kid’s prostate…cum shot out of Lane’s dick in a heavy splash. The streak of semen skidded up his stomach and across his heaving chest. Beads of sperm hit the seat back as another shot followed. “Look at the little whore fucking shoot!” said the third man of the group. He was blond and lean with a rock hard blunt looking 9 inch cock. The big guy was angling his hips and spreading the boy’s legs further apart trying to penetrate him even deeper. The Latino was going back and forth between sucking on his bloated balls and licking the kid’s ass lips as the shaft slid in and out of him. It was too much the big guy moaned and sweat dripped off his head onto Lane’s naked chest. “I’m gonna shoot you little whore…right in you…ohhh…fuuuuckkk!!” he gasped and bottomed his dick out deep in the kid. His balls contracted as he fired huge blast of cum deep in the kid. The Spanish guy was licking and sucking furiously on those churning balls and the man let his cock slip form the tight asshole and a big shot of cum landed on the Latino’s sweaty face. The man stood there and watched as his cock fired several big milky shots of semen onto the kid’s asshole. He staggered back and huffed, “Next” IN a second the dark haired guy was between Lane’s legs and lining his erection up with the dripping hole. He punched his cock in deep and hard in the first thrust and Lane grunted as his cock flopped on his soaking wet abdomen. It was over in two or three more brutal thrusts. The man let out a scream and fell forward his hands gripping the back of the seat as he ejaculated deep inside Lane. He fell back and the blond stepped up. He looked down at the slick, cum drenched kid, “You ready for another dick?” he said in a low voice. Lane nodded,”Yeah… Fuck me…put your dick in me.” And wrapped his heels around the man’s narrow hip, trying to pull him forward. The man slowly let his cock sink into the dripping wet hole and began a slow deliberate fuck. He would watch as his cock drove into the kid almost in slow motion and then leisurely withdraw the entire length until just the big round head remained sheathed. He reached down and began to lightly caress the kid’s nipples with his thumbs as his hips picked up a bit of speed. “Cum for me little boy…shoot show these men how much you like getting fucked.” He whispered down to Lane. Lane groaned and his cock twitched and he began to cum again. Just then a couple more men entered the theater. One was strikingly handsome. He had dark curly hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He had on tortoiseshell glasses and the body under the tight dark polo shirt looked rock hard. He was probably in his late twenties. The guy with him looked about the same age with a short crew cut and light hair. They clearly knew what to expect walking in and approached the man fucking the kid on the seat. Light from the screen seemed to hit Lane’s straining face, still in the midst of his orgasm. The dark haired guy sucked in his breath and yelled, “Fucking…Lane…that you?” Ryan panned the camera up at the shocked look on that handsome face. “You know this whore?” he said throatily. The guy looked stunned and whispered, “He’s my little brother…” Continue????

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