Welcome Home ShowerWelcome Home Shower


This is more a completion of “welcome home” than anything else.

I release you from my arms and look at you. I see a beautiful woman with such a fine and lovely smile on her face. I see the passion and fire in your eyes and I know that your are still in want. I smile back. I lean into the shower to turn the water on and adjust the temperature. I step into the shower and take your hand. I help you in and we both just smile at each other. I direct the water spray onto you and watch as the water caresses your skin. You face the showerhead and let the warm water flow over you. The water beads up and just rolls down the lovely curves of your body. I take a wash cloth in my hands and put some soap on it and place it on your back. I start at your neck and shoulders and rub the soapy cloth over your soft skin. The washcloth just sliding down your neck and over you shoulder. It continues down your arm to your hand. The cloth leaves a bubbling trail of soap where it has already been. You close your eyes as the cloth travels back up your arm and begins to stroke your back. You feel the cloth making the wide circles over your back. The cloth travels lower and lower with each spiraling motion and finally comes to a rest on one ass cheek.

You feel the cloth just pause for just one moment before it begins to go lower. You feel the warm material travel up and down one cheek from the outside of one cheek Antalya Escort to the outside of the other leaving no spot untouched. You feel the cloth begin to travel down your leg. I t moves slowly over your thigh. Then the cloth travels slowly down past your knee. I t gently forms around your calf as it travels ever so slow down to you ankle. You feel the material leave your skin for but a moment and feel it come back on your other ankle. The cloth travels a winding road up the curves of your calf. You legs tremble as it goes up your inner thigh and then up between your ass cheeks. You hear my voice in your ear as I tell you to turn around.

You turn around and I press my lips hard to yours. I crush my lips to yours as you part your lips. You feel my tongue quickly slide past your lips. Your tongue begins a sensual dance in your mouth with my tongue. Our lips are fused together as our tongues swirl around each other. Our tongues never retreating. Our tongues passionately intertwining as my hand travels down your neck. You feel our lips melt into each other as my hand travels down to one breast. My hand cups your breast firmly as my mouth presses to yours. You feel my wet hand just slide up and over hard as it travels over your nipple. Our tongues continue their dance as my hand travels back down over your breast and down over your smooth and supple belly.

You Antalya Escort Bayan feel my hand slowly caress its way down the smooth skin of your belly till it reaches the nub of your desire. You moan gently into my mouth as my finger barely touches your clit. I rub my fingertip slowly over your clit pressing against it as my finger continues its route down. I push my fingertip past your cunt lips and continue to push in more and more of my finger. I curl my finger some and begin to pull it out. Once my finger is out I use your lovely juice to rub your clit and I keep kissing you hard my mouth still firmly embraced with yours. Our tongues just dancing away as my finger begins to circle around and around on your clit.

Your hand reaches to my hard member and you firmly grasp it in your wet palm. My finger begins to rub that clit faster and faster and harder and harder. Your hand grabbing my cock, your hand matching my speed and intensity as you stroke its entire length. My hand stops and my mouth releases yours.

I tell you to turn around and you smile because you know what I want to do. You turn your back to me and you bend over. You shake your ass back and forth knowing what you do me. You feel my hand reach between your legs and slowly caress the length of your pussy with one long movement and you let out another moan. Your moans excite me as they always do Escort Antalya and my cock twitches in response to it. I grab hold firmly to your ass cheeks and place my cock between your legs. I push in rubbing the top of my cock against your clit. I pull it back just as slow then push in once more caressing your clit with my cock.

You feel me pull back once more only this time you feel me take my cock and place it against your cunt lips. I push it slow parting your pussy lips with my cock. You just hum in satisfaction as I push in by inch. I pull you to me as I push into you till my cock can travel no further. You feel my cock deep in your pussy. I pull my cock out just as slow till just the head in parting your pussy lips.

The next thing you feel is my cock driving into you hard and fast. You feel my balls slap against you. You feel my hands grab your ass even more firmly as I begin to pound my member into you. You hear our bodies meet and you feel each hard thrust deep in you. You feel my cock just drive in and out of your pussy as the shower keeps spraying you with water. You can’t handle this assault for long. You reach one hand between your legs and begin to furiously stroke you clit. You know I am near since I am pounding you with such animal intensity. You feel each of my thrust get harder and harder. You hear my breathing getting uneven. You let yourself go and you scream as you orgasm. You scream puts me over the top and I too let loose. You feel each of my explosions amongst your own spasms.

You feel my hand gently rub your ass cheek s and one hand caress you back. I bend down and whisper in your ear…

…(let me know what you think of the stories)

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