Weekend VentureWeekend Venture


It was a Saturday evening around 5 p.m. My husband Satya was out of town for an inspection and he was unlikely to return before Monday afternoon. He often had to make outstation visits over the weekend. I hated the void especially over the weekends.

I was half asleep. Suddenly the door bell rang. I got up quickly and checked the CCTV screen. Our neighbor Mithun was standing outside the door. I opened the door and welcomed him.

Mithun and my husband has been long time friend. It was usual for him or his wife to drop in without notice. Now that she was visiting her parents, Mithun was a forced bachelor. Satya and I liked the couple and often invited them over.

“I hope I have not disturbed you Kavitha,” said Mithun

“Not at all. I was dozing with nothing to do,” I replied. “Satya had to go for an inspection at a short notice.”

“Do come in,” I invited him in.

“I should be heading back. I just wanted to say hello to Satya and was wondering if you had the latest issue of Readers Digest. I was following the serialized story,” said Mithun.

“Let me look for it, I don’t know whether my husband has left it here or he has taken it with him. Do take a seat, while I check.” I went in and searched but was unable to find it.

“I am sorry my husband has taken it with him may be you can have it next week,” I said, expressing my apology.

“No harm done. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you” Mithun was even more apologetic. He was a polite person always ready to help. “I should be heading back.”

“No nothing like that. I am going to prepare coffee for me. Would you mind having a cup of coffee at our home?” I invited.

“I did not want to be a trouble for you.” The usual polite Mithun responded.

“Of course not. I am sure you must be missing good coffee since Kavitha is away to her parents. I was planning to invite you over for dinner but Satya had to take this inspection outstation.”

“I would love the coffee, but I think I have disturbed you,” Mithun said.

“Do not worry. Please make yourself comfortable and get seated at the sofa.” I wanted him to stay.

We lived in an open plan apartment where the kitchen was in the far end of the living room. Mithun was still unsettled alone with me in the house. He was sitting at the edge of the sofa and his eyes following me around as I moved.

I went to the kitchen and prepared coffee and while bending to place the coffee cup at the sofa side table accidentally my sari slipped from my shoulder and gave him chance to see my broad chest with cleavage. He was staring at me and I pretended as if I have not noticed. I adjusted my sari quickly. I took everything casually.

He loved the coffee. We talked about her wife visit to her parents and about his bachelor life. What he was doing in his free time. He told me about a cultural program that was being organized by his office cultural association.

“Thanks for the wonderful coffee. We have a folk music dance program organized by our office cultural association. In case you are bored and you can come and watch the program. I assure you the program will be good,” He through an invitation my way.

“How many hours program” I asked him.

“It will be about two hours. We can start from here by 6 and return positively by 9.”

There was no way I would have gone to the program without my husband. Neither would have I gone without his consent. But the little incidence earlier and our bonding over the coffee wanted me to share more moments with this man.

I took a pause, and then blurted out. “O.K. then I will come.” Within me, I was unsure. But a part of me kept urging.

He seemed happy like a teenager getting his dream bike. Said his profuse thanks and told me that he would pick me up around 6.

Mithun indeed is a handsome gentleman and I felt a strange attraction towards him. This is the first time that I ventured to go out with a man other than my husband. I thought about calling my husband and telling him. But I kept postponing the call and finally never did.

Around 5 I took a shower and put up a light make-up, sprayed perfume and put up bright red colored sari with a matching sleeveless blouse. I knew this sari went well with me. Not sure why I took the time select the lacy bra-panties that I liked.

At 6 sharp Mithun rang the bell. With beating heart, I opened the door. The butterflies in the stomach were making it impossible for me to think clearly.

“You are looking beautiful. I am glad that you could come with me,” Said Mithun.

“Thanks for the compliment.” I replied to him with a smile.

Mithun brought his car and he drove straight to the community center.

Most people had come with their family and many greeted Mithun. He then introduced me to his colleagues as a family friend.

I found him to be a fun companion and I started enjoying his company. We talked about what each of us liked and disliked. He told me about his college days, about his work. He was curious about me too. I was surprisingly open and talked about me.

While Balıkesir Escort watching the program I observed almost all the guests put their arms around the shoulders of their spouses. I wanted Mithun to put his arms around me too. There was no way I could tell him to. Over time I leaned toward him and my bare shoulders were touching his sides. I wanted more touch as other around were doing. He moved his elbows a little and now the sides of my breasts were touch his arm. I did not move away. I felt a strange feeling clouding my mind.

The program was good, but my mind was elsewhere. I wanted this not to end.

“How was the program,” Mithun inquired as we were getting up.

“Wow, it’s wonderful and the music is too good and enjoyable.” I replied. I was still dazed.

“I am glad you liked it.” He said. A happy look on his face made me joyous too.

“Let us have dinner on the way. I am sure you have not had a chance to prepare anything.”

“OK.” I replied briefly. I did not know where this was heading. But I knew that I did not want this to get over.

Mithun offered his hand and smilingly wrapped my arm around his. This first close touch sent a shiver down my body. It was first time I was this close to a man not my husband.

He took me to a nice vegetarian restaurant that served simple dinner. We sat next to each other and ate in silence. A lot was going through my mind and I could sense that he was thinking hard too.

A short drive brought us to our apartment complex. He walked me to my apartment door. As turned my apartment key and pushed the door in.

“Thank you very much for the company,” Mithun said.

“No pleasure is mine, I have to thank you” I said with a muted voice. My heart was thumping hard. He was standing close to me.

“You have treated me so well tonight,” I said, “I should get some hot chocolate for you before you leave.”

I moved inside the door, turned and stood on the side, inviting him to enter.

He nodded his okay and walked inside to the living room.

“Please get seated and I will come within few minutes.” I offered.

I went inside and washed my face with warm water. It felt refreshing. I moved to the kitchen and prepared milk chocolate for both of us. When I brought milk chocolate Mithun was indeed staring at me.

“You have a beautiful figure,” he said.

“The way you are staring at me shows that you haven’t touched a woman’s body’ I joked. I was now free enough him to make jokes.

“Yes. Not lately. “He joked back.

“Well don’t get disappointed, if you want I can give you a chance this evening” I told him blushingly with a smile, but continued the banter.

“Really!! What chance can I get,” He exclaimed.

“You tell me what you want to get at?”

“Hold your hands.”

“Just holding hands, nothing more!” I played with him.

“Okay.” He jumped from his sofa chair and sat next to me on the sofa. He sat close with our knees touching. He reached out and took my hands in his own. The touch was electric. My heart was beating loud. I was sure he was hearing it beat.

We were facing each other and looking deep inside each other. Our face was flush and the desire in the eyes was evident. Mithun was slowly massaging my hand in his and one of his fingers was slowing caressing the palm of hand. I knew he was looking for more cues.

“You know that we are married.” I threw out as we were venturing into the unknown. A sliver of guilt was creeping up. Was I doing the right thing?

“I know. I am too” He said. This was neither here nor there.

“Is that all you wanted?”

He did not answer but moved his body towards me. His face was close to mine. I could hear him breathing hard. I closed my eyes.

I felt his lips gently caress mine. The electric shock traveled from the tip of my lips through my body to all my limbs. I stayed put as he pressed his lips to mine. The lips of another person who was not my husband gave me shivers. It also gave me the opportunity to explore the unknown that I had never known.

I wanted more of this, so I pressed back.

I felt his arms wrap me around my neck and pulled me closer. He started to move them. But I stayed put not responding. Just feeling his lips caress mine. Feeling his breath on my face.

He then placed his left hand on my right breast enveloping them. I felt his index finger search my nipple that was now poking through my lace bra and the satin blouse. That is the moment I kissed him back.

We were now dueling with our lips rubbing them against the other. A little saliva had trickled out giving us the necessary traction. The heat generated was intense.

I was the first to push my tongue between his lips. I wanted to explore him more. I wanted to taste him. I wanted to suck his tongue. A second duel ensued. He started to suck my tongue deep inside and then push his own. The saliva was intermingled dripping down as our desires left all boundaries.

Finally I pushed him back to come back and get air. Both of us were Balıkesir Escort Bayan breathing heavily. He was still holding me close. His one hand pressed my breast and the other hand was on my lap.

“Is that all you wanted?” I asked heaving. I knew there was more.

“Is that all that I can get” He counter questioned.

“Remember we are married, we should not be doing this,” I took a tangent.

“We are married. Are we not?” He tried to blunt my tangent.

“I know still it is better to be frank and honest”. I told him.

“I appreciate. You want to be close to you. Just for one night” He whispered. Not sure, if his wish will be granted.

“You are asking for too much.” I responded back.

My voice betrayed me. The woman in me wanted more. The heat between my legs was killing me. My panties were soaked. With my petticoat around my lower body, I was afraid that some of the juices may trickle down my legs.

He brought his lips back to mine again. Kissed me one more time and implored. The other hand clamped my thigh and pressed me hard.

“Please,” he implored, barely leaving my lips.

“Uh huh”, I replied. As I kissed him back.

“Kavitha,” he exclaimed sealing the pact. I said nothing. I just kissed him harder.

We sat on the sofa for what was an eternity. A heavenly eternity. He was now touching me every way he could. I had my hand behind his head and gently caressing his hair.

He held me in his arms as if to guide me to the bedroom.

“Mithun my body is bit allergic and would you mind taking a warm shower before we move further.” I told him.

“Sure I will obey your majesty’s order” said Mithun smilingly. His desire still was showing. I knew he was trying desperately to take care of a particular hardness inside his pants.

I gave him a pocket of shampoo and a towel and showed him the way to bath room. He tried to pull me with him. I shook my head.

Mithun went in the bathroom and took a warm shower. He applied shampoo in his hair and washed them clean. He shaved armpits looked very sexy. He applied shampoo to make sure that it was clean. He shaved his cock also and spent a little time rubbing it. I am sure that he was fantasizing all the time what he should do and how to please his host. He came out of the bathroom wearing just a towel around his waist.

“Wow you are looking hot Mithun” I said as he came close to me.

He came very close to me and hugged me. I grabbed his arm and pulled him towards me. Our lips met again. As if they knew what was to happen next. The tent inside the towel was making it a moot point.

I broke the kiss for a moment, took his hand in mine and guided him to my bedroom. The bedroom that I and my husband shared. I had debated in my mind whether to take him to the guest room. But the taboo of being with this loving man on my marriage bed was too much to pass.

We both sat on the bed. I removed the hair clip from my hair and ran my hands through my open hair.

As I did so, my breasts were raised high and my naked arms looked shown in little light. Mithun could not resist his temptation from planting a kiss on my arms and pull me closer. I did not resist him and happily went into his arm. He removed his arms from me and slowly caressed my face with palm. I loved the caress and closed my eyes.

“You look absolutely hot when you keep your hair down.” He grabbed my hair and slowly moved it across my shoulder. He moved his hand from my face and slowly traced his finger across my shoulder. Then he moved his hand on my breasts and slowly squeezed my right breast. My nipples that were firm so far, now hardened under his touch.

“Please don’t do this.” I squirmed. But Mithun placed his hand around me and pulled me forcefully into him.

Mithun’s hands slowly removed my sari from my shoulder exposing my boobs covered with the red sleeveless blouse. My breasts were heaving with desire. He pulled my up to stand up and tried to unwrap the sari, but with little success. I pulled the bunch of sari tucked inside my petticoat and helped myself out of it. I was now only in my blouse and petticoat.

Mithun unbuttoned my blouse. I did not resist as he pulled it off my arms leaving me in my bra. Mithun was almost hypnotized at the lovely skin of my chest. My nipples were showing through the translucent bra.

My chest was heaving slowly as my breasts rose and fell slowly. My cleavage was clearly visible. With every breath I took, my breasts rose and fell. My jet black hair was spread on my chest. Mithun grabbed my hair and pushed it behind my back again. He quickly released the hook of my bra and removed it at one instant. I shivered as his hand caressed my breasts. He caressed the nipples with the palm of his hand making them hard as a rock.

“Ma..” I sighed.

He was now kissing me and both his hands were squeezing each of my girls. I slowly slid closer to him.

“Oh no” I moaned again.

At that point I put my hand over his head and pushed him down.

Taking my signal he Escort Balıkesir started to move down. Kissed my chin, gave a lick on my neck until he landed on my left nipple. Like a hungry infant he gobbled the hard nipple and starting to suck.

The sensation was something that I had never felt before. I was now leaking profusely. Moaning loudly now.

Mithun was pressing my boobs all the time and was absolutely mauling them between his hands and his mouth. I was moaning and sighing softly as Mithun assaulted my senses with his tongue and lips.

I ran my hands on his back lightly and then tried to reach inside the towel. I wanted more. I did something that I do not usually do with my husband. I voluntarily place my hand over the towel where his cock was supposedly located. The moment I touched his cock from outside the towel, he gave an involuntary jerk. He groaned with a mouthful of breast. I caressed him some more and found the shape of his hardness and then held his cock with my hand. He gave me a gentle bite on the nipple in reward.

He moved his spare hand caressing my stomach as he searched for the petticoat strings. He did find them soon and pulled on them hard. Unfortunately he had pulled on the wrong one and now there was no way the string would give way with ease.

He pulled harder without any luck. I tried to intervene, but he did not want to interrupt what we were doing at that moment. I continue to hold his cock while he continues to suckle. The sexual frustration was so intense that he put his hand inside the top of the petticoat and pulled it hard. I felt a sting around my waist as the string bit inside and then the petticoat was loose.

He pushed it down and gestured me by poking my butt to give space. I lifted my butt and then I was naked in front of this man.

Even while getting up I did not let go of the towel. As Mithun moved the towel came in my hand and now both of us were naked, except me with my panties on.

I moved my hand again to the same place, but was replaced with a touch of hot hard cock that seemed larger then anything that I had held in my hand. It twitched with my touch.

“Kavitha!” once again he cried out my name.

Mithun felt her hot breath on his shoulder.

My breasts were bobbing with every move I made. I placed my hands behind his neck and pulled his mouth towards my breasts. He sucked my boobs loudly and licked it. Mithun gobbled my tits in his mouth. He licked my boobs with his tongue and making it wet with his saliva. His tongue licked all over my breast. While licking the left breast his right hand was rubbing my left breast fiercely. It pained me some times but I loved it.

He bit my breast every now and then. I cried out when he did but I did not want him to stop.

Mithun pulled me towards him and started stroking my thighs. He placed his hand on my soaked panties and clasped them in. The heat of his hand and the wetness all over made moan aloud.

“Yes.” I cried.

He continued to rub me from the panties until I was moving my pelvis that I could not take anymore. He pulled on the band of the flimsy wet panties and removed them in one stroke. The fresh air over the wet pussy felt cool for a moment until his warm hand enveloped it again.

He started brushing my bush and inserted his hand inside my slit and wet his fingers with the leaking emanations.

I grabbed his lengthy rod and start to move finger on the tip. I could feel that he was oozing the slippery precum.

“You are big!” I exclaimed in whispers.

“Bigger then your husband?” He enquired. The mention of my husband at this intimate moment Paused for a moment. Then I pressed his cock hard in my hand. “Yes”.

Now it was his turn to push my head downwards. I resisted for a moment.

“Your mouth,” is all he uttered.


“Please.” He pleaded for a second time today. He pushed a finger deeper inside me as he pleaded. He pushed me down one more time. I had never taken my husband in my mouth. This was to be another first for me.

I moved down gingerly. On the way down kissed his neck and caressed his hairy chest. Put my lips on his tiny nipples and sucked on them. He could not take this at all and pushed me down further towards his pelvis.

I moved bit downwards and started rubbing my cheek against his cock. Somehow I did not like to suck his cock for hygienic reasons. Mithun squeezed my tits and between his fingers. I cried and I loved it. Mithun moved my hand behind my neck and slowly pulled towards his cock. When he had aligned the tip of his cock with my lips he pressed my face down. The erotic smell of coming from the secretions gave me a heady lift. In the faint light I could see the swollen head with the slit oozing out colorless fluid. My lips touched the cock but for the moment I kept my mouth closed.

He signaled again by gently shaking my head.

I opened my mouth and ran my tongue and licked the tip and felt a salty liquid oozing from his cock.

He pushed my head some more and now I had the head inside my mouth. Where a cock had never entered before.

I involuntarily started to move my head up and down with my lips keeping a tight suction. My lips were stretched to their limits. He seems to be growing in my mouth. I was unable to take him deeper even though I wanted to. I seem to gag every time I tried.

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