Up a FenceUp a Fence


In a large dimly lit room, she sweats to booming music, intensively working out behind a high plastic-coated metal link fence…. clothed only in form fitting shorts and sports bra.

A tall, handsome man crosses the door’s threshold and pauses to watch. Seeing him out of the corner of her eye she turns, the high fencing between them. Slow and purposefully he walks towards her; gorgeous brown eyes locked on blue. He advances until there is nothing between them but the fence.

Blue eyes burning into brown, she begins to climb the fence, slowly dragging her body against the metal meshing. Loosing one hand she raises the bra on one side until a nipple pokes through the mesh…..at lip level. Raising his hands to the fencing, he locks his fingers over hers in the mesh, and while inhaling deeply her intoxicating scent, gently brushes his lips against the hardening nipple, then dances his tongue across it and blows cool air to harden it further. Sucking in her breath and arching her back, her torso flattens against the fence. His tongue now rasps against her nipple as his fingers release the other from the confines of her bra. Lowering her head, her tongue snakes between the links to tangle with his; neither have yet spoken.

Glancing at the edge of the fence, he drags his fingers across the mesh as he slowly walks around the barrier to the other side. Again their eyes lock as he advances towards her; she slowly climbs a few inches more. Now within reach of her, he grasps hold of her Artvin Escort hips to stop her and slowly runs his hands down the outside of her thighs, then back up to grab hold of those lovely tits that were made for his hands. He gently nibbles her waist and hooks a finger in each side of her shorts, yanking them down, baring her firm cheeks for his lips,hands and tongue.

Placing his hands on her shoulders, he gently guides her down a little ways. Reaching in his back pocket, he removes two black silk cords and ties first one hand to the fence above her head and then the other. Removing her shorts completely, he then pulls two more cords to tie her feet more than shoulder width apart. Standing close behind, he nuzzles her neck where it meets the shoulder and turning her head, kisses her…..oh so gently, their lips barely touching…..it’s more like sharing air. Then angling their heads, their lips meld into passion as they partake of the sweet wine of intense emotion.

Abruptly he pulls away from her. After tracing one finger from her shoulder to her ankle, he walks away. Leaving her tied, he moves around the fence until he is standing directly in front of her. Backing up just a bit…..he slowly begins to remove his clothing: first one shoe, then the other, and then his socks. Walking forward, he leans in for a gentle kiss, and then backs off again, removing his belt slowly. Eyes still locked on hers, he pulls his shirt over his head, and tossing it aside he advances Artvin Escort Bayan once more, this time for a lingering kiss.

He then lifts himself on the fence, his chest rubbing lightly against her fingertips. She groans because she can barely touch him save the very tips of her fingers, before he dances out of reach again, and teasingly undoes the button on his jeans. She watches him, breath held, fingers, locked on the fence meshing, aching to yank those jeans off as he did her shorts. But no, inch by tantalizing inch the zipper goes down, and sliding his hands inside, he adjusts his position slightly. She can now just see the tip peeking above his zipper, glistening in the dim flickering light. Her tongue darts out to moisten suddenly dry lips. Grinning, he slowly arches, stretching his arms above his head and to the sides, teasing her mercilessly. He can see the muscles in her arms as she grips the fence, aching to touch him everywhere, all at once.

Then, satisfied she is ready for him, he drops his drawers and kicks them aside. Striding around the fencing, placing an arm to either side of her, he rubs his chest against her back and whispers in her ear, “I am going to fuck you right here, right now.”

Dropping her forehead against the plastic covered metal she arches towards the fence thrusting her ass cheeks into him. With a deep chuckle, he glides one hand to her hip and holds her in place while he slowly sheaths himself deep within her. His Escort Artvin feet still on the ground, he dances his cock inside her soaked pussy. With his chest rubbing against her sweat slicked back, legs pressed snug against her calves, he nibbles her ears, neck and shoulders. His body is shoved snug between her wide-spread legs, and he pushes her against the fence with each forceful thrust. Hands entwined within the meshing, he hears her breath coming in gasps and pants. Pushing back against him, trying to pull him in deeper, she pleads with him not to stop; the first time she has spoken, her voice is husky with passion. Her nipples thrusting in desperation to be touched and her body shaking violently, she throws her head back and howls his name as her pussy clenches like a vise around his shaft.

Squatting slightly, as the bonds allow, dragging her ass against his stomach, she rides his cock; her pussy now dripping juices down his muscular thighs. Turning her head to kiss him, she begins moving in very short quick bursts along his shaft until she feels his hands grasping at hers; his breath coming quick and shallow. Pushing back against him as hard as she can, she drives his cock deep within the warm wet lips pulsing around him; then again, and yet one more time, until he pushes her forcefully against the fence, driving himself deep within her wet, welcoming snatch and releases his seed into the core of her being, spraying cum explosively, deeply inside her. Sweat slicked and panting, they remain locked together until their breathing comes easier and arms and legs shake with spent energy. Releasing her bonds, he helps her down, and holds her very close to him; then together they head to the bathroom to share a shower, perhaps beginning all over again.

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