Two Sides to Every StoryTwo Sides to Every Story


I wrote this story in two parts. It’s the same event. The husbands version of events and the wife’s version. Hope it’s not confusing.


I stared at my gorgeous wife over the restaurant table. I have taken my beautiful wife out for early Saturday night dinner. I am Tom, twenty six, not being modest but I’m a very good looking man with a great body. My penis is a very impressive seven or eight inches. Enough about me lets tell you about my twenty six old wife Samantha, everybody calls her Sam. A mane of dark brown hair falls each side of beautiful round face, Hazel green eyes, a fit firm 5 feet 6 inch body with her firm round buttocks being the jewel in the crown and her dazzling 34D breasts. What made me love her even more is her job. Sam is a A

Dear Tommy

I will never forgive myself for giving in to temptation with Sammy. I hope she never finds out I would hate for her to hate me. I just rang my friends sons who is picking me up at 8. I will never be able to forgive myself for what I did to you Tommy. I hope one day you will forgive me.

Love Grandpa.

My grandpa died ten days later of heart failure (not Sam’s fault), just years of not looking after himself, we went to see him everyday. Sam and grandpa were their old selves laughing and joking. We both there at the end.

4th of July the street as a barbecue for independence day. I see Sam talking to some of the older guys on the street. My mind starts to ponder, thinking those older men groping and fucking my stunning wife. I know she wouldn’t cheat on me, but what if she thought it was me fucking her.


Another Saturday night and another early bird dinner. I’m twenty six, young and fit, my job is stressful. I crave excitement at the weekend. My husband Tom Is a good man who treats me well. His idea of a good sex life is four or five times a week, bloody hell in college I was having sex three times a day, if I couldn’t find anyone I’d fuck the janitor. My husband thinks I’m whiter than white. We live on a street with a older community, I love flirting with them and more.

Back to the story. Kim my friend calls me over to say that there is a dirty old man in the cubicle, keeps groping her. I go in to see its Tom’s grandpa Fred.

“Sammy! Look at you in your sexy scrubs.”

He always could me Sammy and I hated it, Sam or Samantha. He groped my ass while I check him over. Tom thought I loved his grandpa, he was a dirty old letch who groped me and told dirty jokes which I fake laughed too. I rang Tom to tell him is grandpa was here, we agreed to have him stop with us.

Tom and I cleared our spare room for him.

“We haven’t got a bed. I will go round and the neighbours.” Tom said.

“No I’ll go.”

I agreed Ankara escort to go to the neighbours I loved playing with the old guys. I had old grey sweat pants, a baggy jumper and trainers, my hair was up with bits of dust in it. I go to old Ted’s first, he was always nervous around me. He was quite good looking, early 60s, full head of grey hair and little moustache. I start stroking his arm.

“Oh Ted do you have a bed we could borrow for Tom’s grandpa, I would be ever so grateful.”

“Oh well, um, yes I think um, yes. Come in.”

I had him flustered. His wife Jean was in the kitchen cooking.

“Who was at the door?” She enquired.

“Oh it’s Samantha, they need a spare bed for Tom’s grandpa.”

“Oh ok give them the old double pine one. Hi Samantha.”

“Hi Jean, smells nice. What you cooking?”

“Just a tagine, Moroccan lamb.”

The bed was in their garage. Ted went to fetch it while I spoke to Jean. He came back and dropped it on the floor in pieces.

“Oh could you please put it for me Ted, I will give you one oops sorry owe you one.”

“um yes, Okay yes um.”

Ted, Tom and I were in our spare room putting the bed together. It was all up and Ted said he had a mattress for it. Tom and Ted collected the mattress and bought it back putting it on the bed. I hugged Ted and thanked him, his face went bright red, no wonder I could feel Ted’s erection through my sweats.

“Get Ted a beer babe.”

“Oh yeah how rude of me Ted. Be right back.”

With Tom getting beers, I had a bit of time to thank Ted properly.

“Ted your a naughty boy, do I make you hard Ted.”

“um yes, um.”

I pull his thick cock out of his start wanking it, I spit on it to lube it up, my hand twisting from the base to tip. My husband still clacking bottles in the kitchen. I speed up my motion trying to finish Ted before Tom gets back in.

“I really appreciate your help Ted. Are you enjoying your thank you. Tell me you enjoy my young hand on your old cock.”

“Tom, um might um walk in.”

“Better speed it up then. Lift my jumper up Ted, suck my tits.”

Ted plays with my tits while I finish him off, his balls and cock pressed against my stomach.

“Tom’s um coming.”

I speed up almost yanking his cock off. My hand is cramping.

” Come on Ted cum on me, shoot on my stomach, my husband is right outside the door.”

“Have it you bitch.” Ted snaps as shoots all over my stomach and tits.”

I pull my jumper down over my cum covered stomach.

“Ted your cock, put it away.”

Ted just readjusts himself as Tom walks in. He gives Ted his beer who drinks it right down.

“Tom I’ve got to go.” Said Ted awkwardly.

“Cheers for your help Ted, grandpa will love it.”

“Yeah ankara olgun escort thanks for coming Ted.” I say staring into his eyes.

“I have a got an old television if you want it. Perhaps you can collect it later about seven, Jean will be at bingo.” Ted whispered to me as Tom adjusted the mattress.

“Oh yes of course I will.” I whispered back.

Seven o’clock came I made my way to Ted’s to pick up the telly for grandpa’s room. I knew I was going to get fucked by Ted. I decided on a short A-line skirt, t-shirt and pumps to wear, oh no panties.

“Hi Ted I’ve come for the telly.”

“Come in I’ll fetch it.”

Ted bought the telly in, it was a 32″ modern slim line one.

“Oh Ted that’s too much.”

“Well um, you could um pay me back um in kind.”

“Okay I suppose I’ll have to let you fuck me.”

He pushed me to the sofa, his cock was already rock hard, not the longest but very thick. I lay back on the sofa. He climbs on me, I grab his cock and guide him to my pussy. His cock is too dry.

“It won’t go in its too dry.”

“No worries Ted let me suck it get it wet.”

He moves up my body so he sat on my chest, I start sucking him getting his cock wet, taking it all my mouth trying to cover it my saliva, the thickness hurts my mouth. Try again, he positions himself between my legs, I wrap them round him, my white pumps on his ass cheeks. I feel his penis enter me, the thickness makes me gasp and eyes widen.

“Come on Ted, fuck me fast come on.”

He puts his arms either side of me like he is a press up position, his head down and starts banging his cock into me. The speed startles me at first. His cock is stretching my pussy, painful and fucking so hot at the same time. His cock feels so good in my pussy, it grips it, my pussy juices lubricating his thick cock as he pushes it in and out of me. The thickness of his penis is getting me hot. I stretch my legs towards my shoulders, his dick pushes in deeper.

“Woo hoo Ted. Your cock is so thick, fucking hell fuck my pussy.”

But just as I get going I felt him coat my insides with hot sticky love goo. He collapsed on me, his sweat all over me. I push him off, pull my skirt down.

” Oh thanks for the telly Ted, oh and the fuck.”

I pick up the telly and leave him breathless on the sofa. I walk home I can still feel Ted’s cum in my pussy and I loved it.

Now to the day in question. I left for work at Eight in the morning, my shift didn’t start until ten, I like to meet my friend Kim for coffee first. We told each other everything about our sex lives, she was a bigger tart than me.

About four o’clock while on my break with Kim, I check my phone, six new voicemails from Tom. I play one, ankara ucuz escort Kim and I listen to it:

“Hi honey it’s me, I just wanted to tell you that I have put grandpa in our bed tonight because of his back. We will have to squeeze in to the spare bed. Love you bye.”

“Bloody hell Kim, he’s given that old letch my bed.”

Kim then looked at me with that look which meant she had thought of something dirty.

“Why don’t you fuck the dirty old pervert. Have a bit of fun, see how far you can take it.”

“fucking what?”

“Here’s what you do. 1. You delete the voicemail that have just played, so it looks like you don’t know about the bed swap. 2. You go straight in and avoid Tom, if he sees you before he will stop you, and 3. The most important thing, oh yeah, You fuck his grandpa hard.”

“Your crazy Kim, I do like old dick though.”

“The one rule is that grandpa mustn’t know. It must appear to him that you think it’s Tom your fucking. Don’t look at him, don’t touch him.”

“I know exactly what to do Kim. That old bastard always telling me what he’d like to do to me. What if Tom catches us.”

“He won’t say anything, he thinks you love his grandpa so he won’t want to upset you. He thinks your an angel, Tom will blame grandpa Fred. If you don’t fuck him, I will Sam, I saw his cock when he was in A&E the other day, WOW!” Kim makes a gesture with her hands, like a fisherman would when they describe catching a large fish.

I delete the voicemail, the plan begins. I got home about ten and head straight upstairs. I stripped off and quickly shower. The light from bathroom lights up the room as I parade my naked body for grandpa who as the quilt over his face, just his eyes peering over. ‘come on Sam this is it’ I thought as I turned out the bathroom light and made my way round to the other side of the bed, switching on the reading light. Suddenly I saw something that shocked me, I could see Tom’s outline on the dark landing. ‘So he wants to watch does he’.

“I’m going to read for a bit Tom.” I said giving the Impression that I think it’s Tom in the bed. I placed myself on the bed in a way that my perfect ass up in the middle, I knew grandpa Fred wouldn’t resist. He didn’t bite though, then I heard him move in the bed and pushed the quilt off himself.

I need to do something. I asked if Tom was restless and should I snuggle up to him, as I put my cheeks on him, his cock slips on to my cheek. I can feel a damp pre cum patch on my butt cheek. Fucking hell his dick felt so big, bigger than Tom’s. It felt like a ton weight on my butt, I don’t why I started slapping my butt cheek with it, I couldn’t stop it was getting spanked by a gentle baseball bat. I needed to look at it, I try to turn but Fred stops me. I will have to feel then. I lube my hand up and start twisting my hand around it. ‘All my fucking god it’s huge’ I thought to myself. I could feel myself getting wet from the feel of it, I squeezed his balls every time my hand is at the base of his cock. I guide it back into my butt cheeks locking it in my with my firm butt cheeks and start twerking.

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