Two Conventioneers Ch. 04Two Conventioneers Ch. 04


Suddenly she arched her back and said “oh FUCK I’m going to come, I’m going to come…” I kept at it and Gail slowly slipped her thumb into her pussy and Kim groaned as she came. Her pussy flooded with her juices and I lapped them off Gail’s hand.

I had an idea; I moved alongside Kim and rolled her up on her side. She got it quickly and spooned into me, my erection pressed between her butt cheeks.

I reached down and opened her legs and then slipped my cock between her legs. She was soaking and slippery, and I found the opening easily and slowly slid into her. Pussies are unique and each ‘feels’ different around you. Gail’s fits me exactly, but is soft and pulses gently and randomly when she comes. Debbie’s was soft; I never felt like I filled her, but she embraced me gently regardless. Kim’s was taut, the internal landscape firm. It felt almost like a hand was wrapped around me. Gail and Debbie moved to get close to Kim’s crotch and our junction. Gail leaned in and started licking Kim’s clit and the shaft of my cock as I stroked in and out.

Kim hadn’t recovered from her orgasm, so I could feel her body squirm with pleasure as I pushed into her and Gail licked her. Debbie moved onto the bed as well and leaned in and kissed her.

Kim was fully trapped between us. Her back was against my chest, her upper leg draped over my legs; Gail was holding her thigh as she kept licking Kim’s clit and pussy lips as they wrapped around my cock. Debbie held her shoulder as she kissed her and fondled her breasts. Kim squirmed between us, but our bodies pressed into her front and back and gave her no room. I watched her grab Debbie’s head and pull it to her as they fiercely kissed and then suddenly her hips were rocking back and forth and her pussy grabbed my cock so hard I stopped moving in her, and her whole body locked in tension as she came, moaning into Debbie’s mouth.

I felt her pussy clench and relax, and then suddenly felt a flood of juices drip over my cock and balls.

Gail choked for a moment and then lifted her head “She squirted!! Ohmygod, she squirted all over me!” and started laughing. “Awesome!”

Kim lay limply in my arms coming down Kağıthane Escort the path from Mt. Pleasure.

Debbie lay in front of her, relaxed, and Kim softly played with one of Debbie’s breasts. I was still in her, and wondered what to do. Gail leaned down and gently licked my balls and I pushed into Kim just a little. She pushed back, and so I guessed she was recovered.

I moved Gail out of the way and lifted Kim onto her knees so I was behind her. Her pussy and crotch were soaked, and I slid easily in and out of her.

She rested on her forearms, head down, and moaned with pleasure each time I entered her.

Gail moved to her head and began caressing her face as Debbie moved back behind me and began gently handling my balls as I fucked Kim. She leaned over me and gently brushed her breasts over my back, letting me feel the hard dot of her nipples slide over my skin. Kim was shaking, so I stopped and asked if she was OK and wanted a rest.

Someone would do something with my erection, I assumed.

Kim reacted by jamming herself back, pushing me deeper into her. Debbie moved her hand so she could both caress my balls and rub Kim’s clit, and suddenly Kim was saying “oh FUCK oh FUCK oh FUUUUUUUCK!!” and her muscular pussy was grabbing my cock and drenching me at the same time. I reacted by slamming myself into her and pressed as deep as I could go and then I was coming as hard in her as she was still coming around me.

We finally stopped, and both collapsed onto the bed. I was covered in sweat and from the hips down she had drenched me.

My cock collapsed and slid out of her with a wet sound and I moved up and kissed the side of her neck. Kim snuggled back into me and sighed.

“Best. Sex. Ever,” she declared.

“Oh yeah,” I agreed. “And I’m thinking we’re not done yet.”

Alongside us, Gail was lying next to Debbie kissing her; the contrast between them was striking and – to me, at least – sexy as hell.

Gail’s pale honey-colored skin and slender physique was pressed against Debbie’s pale skin, and soft curves. They both had short dark hair. Gail was massaging Debbie’s breast, and Escort Kağıthane slowly working her way to the nipple and rolling it between her fingers as she kissed her.

I lay spooned with Kim as Gail worked her hand down Debbie’s body. In a moment Debbie began to moan and lay back and opened her legs as Gail’s fingers worked over her clit.

Debbie moved her hand between Gail’s legs as well, and she and Gail moved apart. I could see each of them rubbing the other’s pussy. Gail spread her legs and offered her pussy to Debbie.

Debbie rubbed Gail’s pussy, and then sat up and leaned over her. Her breasts hung down as she moved her face between Gail’s legs, they collapsed against Gail’s belly. Gail grabbed her waist and pulled Debbie over her into a sixty-nine. Debbie was taller than Gail, but not by much, so by scootching down just a little bit she kept Gail’s pussy in her mouth and offered hers to Gail’s. Gail pulled Debbie’s hips down as she opened her legs and Gail’s mouth met her pussy.

I got a good look at Debbie’s pussy as Gail licked her clit; big, soft outer lips and small bright pink inner ones. Gail lapped at her clit and ran her tongue over the opening, her hands pressed into the soft flesh of Debbie’s ass.

The next few minutes were filled with liquid sounds and soft moans, and then Debbie lifted herself on her arms and pressed her pussy onto Gail’s face and we say the muscles in her legs and ass work as she approached her orgasm. She froze and began to say “aaaah…aaaah…oh, ohhhhh, OH! OH! OH!…ohhhhhhhhhhh” and her voice trailed off as she collapsed onto Gail.

Kim got up and I followed her, and we walked to Debbie’s head (and Gail’s pussy) and knelt down and began kissing Debbie who lay with her eyes closed, sweating.

She opened her eyes and lifted her head, and Kim and I leaned in and began kissing Gail’s pussy. Her lips were engorged purple and strings of juice ran from her opening to her thighs. We lapped them up, and then leaned in together and each licked one side of her pussy, ending up with both of our tongues competing to run over the hard nub of her clit. Debbie reached down Kağıthane Escort Bayan and pushed Gail’s legs wider as we lapped at her pussy.

Suddenly Gail’s hips were rocking and she was moaning into Debbie as she came yet again.

She relaxed, and Debbie rolled off her.

I leaned down and kissed her, and then kissed Gail who looked up at me with happy eyes.

Gail sat up. “So … I think that’s three for me, three for Van, and three for Kim. But only two for Debbie. Debbie, get those amazing tits over here.”

I weighed in. “Hey, they’re all amazing. These are all the most perfect examples of breasts I could imagine.”

Gail looked at me and snarked “What about whatshername with the ‘perfect breasts’ who you dated?”

Kim grinned. “Perfect breasts? What kind of an idiot tells a woman about another woman’s perfect breasts??”

“The kind of idiot,” I defended myself, “whose woman frigs herself senseless being told about the physical details of other women.”

Kim looked at Gail. “What?”

“Hey, I like women’s bodies,” she said. “And this asshole has seen more than his share of them, and has a memory that allows him to describe them in excruciatingly perfect detail.”

Debbie looked at me. “Really?”

She walked over to me and put her hand on my eyes.

“Describe Kim”

“Medium height, 5′-4″ or 5′-5″, medium weight, maybe one-twenty-five or one-thirty. She has a really high ass, dimples on both sides of her tailbone, and firm breasts that are a little bigger than hand size (Gail’s are a little smaller than hand size). She has a flat stomach that just pooches out under her navel, and has a scar from an appendectomy (I assume).”

“Keep going.”

“She has a small mole on her chin, just under the left corner of her mouth, and her nose is sharp but crooked. I didn’t see a scar, so probably not broken. She does have a small scar under her right eye.”

“She has really large nipples, and a really big clit; when she was aroused, it stuck out from the hood quite a bit, and it was very sensitive given how fast she came. Her areoles are really large, and over almost half of her breast. She has a bikini tan, triangles over each breast and over her pubes, which are clippered and trimmed into a triangle.”

“She has soft lips, and a very muscular tongue and can deepthroat my cock.”

I grinned and asked “Keep going?”

“No, enough,” Debbie said. “So will you tell Gail all about us when we’re gone?”

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