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I was at my favorite bar in Anchorage that particular night. I wasn’t there looking for anything, just there to drink, dance and listen to my favorite house band play. I always dress up when I go to the bar, and that night was no exception. I was looking cute with my skirt and snug top. Sitting off to the side of the main stage, I was sipping on my drink when I first spotted him. He was muscled, with great arms, and an intense gaze that showed over the din in the bar, from across the whole place. Taunt muscles rippled across his shoulders, down his back, and chiseled their way down to his pants. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up at the sight of him.

I sat back, watching him from across the room, when he all of sudden looked directly at me. If I hadn’t known better, I would have said that he was right up in my face, when he was really over 10 yards away from me. He walked past the area I was in, and disappeared from my sight for a little while. About 10 minutes later, he came back, and walked right up to me, took my drink out of my hand and set it on the table. Taking my now-empty hand, he pulled me to my feet and led me out onto the dance floor. People watching was officially over.

We started dancing, slow at first, just slightly swaying there together, his powerful arms wrapped firmly around my waist. Gradually we started grinding against each other, keeping our own pace, despite what rhythm the music had. His eyes rarely left mine, always with the same intense, almost animalistic gaze. I don’t know how long we danced, but the message in his gaze was clear — he wanted me. Not just to dance, much deeper, much more carnal, like a deep-seeded hunger. He wanted to possess me, plain and simple. And I was more than willing to let him.

Time passed, and we danced to our own music, and then, just as quickly as we’d gotten to the dance floor, we were off it. We returned to where my drink had been, and he sat down and settled me onto his lap. He looked rather relaxed, one hand on the table, keeping time with the music, and the other slipped up Antep Escort under my skirt. Drinks arrived, and he slipped a finger past my thong, and up into my pussy. I was already wet just from the dancing, the way he touched me, and how intense he was. The effects of the alcohol and the effects of his fingers in my pussy were intoxicating. I felt warmed from the inside, relaxed, and ready to let this guy do whatever he wanted to me. He kept sliding his finger in and out of me, making me wetter with every caress. My fire, in short, was lit. After bringing me to the brink of orgasm twice, my wet pussy soaking his jeans, suddenly he took my hand and led me towards the door of the bar.

Straight from the door, we got into a cab. As soon as the car pulled away from the bar, he had his arms around me, and started kissing me. He was aggressive, his tongue taking my breath away. He pulled me onto his lap, and I straddled him, grinding my pelvis into his. I wanted that aggression, more and more of it. It was waking up something deeply carnal in me, and I was enjoying it. He pulled me closer to him as I ground on him, growling that I was making him wet. I could feel his hard on through his jeans, long and full of promise of pleasure. Deciding to see for myself, I unbuttoned his jeans and out popped his cock. It was huge; I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I could see his precum at the tip, and felt the hunger of wanting to lick it off. I bent my head to do it, and heard him inhale sharply as my mouth touched his cock. Going deliberately slow, I trailed my tongue around the head of his cock. His head rolled back in ecstasy. I took that as encouragement, and did it again. His breathing started coming shallower, and I started using long lollipop licks with the flat of my tongue, starting at the base of his cock, and dragging it up towards the head. I felt fingers dig into my hair at the base of my skull, and the adrenaline started pumping through my veins. I went slow, deliberately taking my time, enjoying every inch of that cock, getting wetter at the thought of it Antep Escort Bayan splitting my pussy. I took the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head, and lightly sucking the tip. I wanted him to control me, and as though he knew what I was thinking, the hand at the base of my skull pulled my head farther down his cock, forcing me to take most of him into my mouth. He was clean shaven, and I could feel every ridge, every vein along that cock. It had to be 9 inches long, easily. I bounced my head up and down on his cock, letting my tongue swirl around the shaft with each stroke. He got harder with each stroke, precum leaked out of his cock, and suddenly the car stopped.

I bounded out of the car and half pulled him out behind me. I wanted that cock deep in my throat….and I wanted it soon. I pushed him up against the nearest vertical surface, freed his cock again, and hit my knees to suck him. I took one ball in my mouth and sucked it, hearing him moan in pleasure. I did the same to the other ball, and heard a ragged half-whisper, ‘Suck my cock.’ I looked up at him, taking in the site of his lust in his eyes and the hard cock at eye-level, and flashed him my best knowing smile. He ran a hand across my cheek and dug into the roots of my hair at the crown of my head.

‘God, yes, deep throat me.’ He said. And I did it, I took his cock deep, as far as I could into my throat, and then dropped my jaw and went further, till my lips were flat against his pelvis, and his cock was buried in my throat. I had to fight not to gag, tears came to my eyes, and I hummed on his cock. I could feel it get harder in reaction, and his hand started guiding my head back and forth. Each stroke got me wetter, and I felt my juices soak into my underwear. He fucked my mouth deep as I used one hand to play with his balls, and the other to tease one of my nipples. I began to rock back and forth in the rhythm of his stokes, until I was suddenly pulled to my feet, and taken into the door next to us.

His hands started tearing at my clothes, pulling Escort Antep them out of the way of his mouth as he tasted my skin. I pulled his pants down, and pushed him back onto the coffee table. His cock was straining for more, and I straddled him, grinding my wet pussy into his balls. I was moaning in anticipation when he grabbed my hips and pulled me back off him so his cock was poised at the opening to my pussy. A finger slipped into me, and I groaned at the pleasure of being entered. He fingered me for a minute, exploring my pussy, making me wetter by the second. ‘You’re so tight….you’ll stretch when I put my cock in there.’ He told me. Just what I wanted to hear!!

‘Stretch me out! I want that cock!’ I exclaimed. The tip of his cock slid into the opening of my pussy, and the stretch was immediate. He was bigger than I had anticipated. I wanted to take him inside me in one stroke, but I thought he’d tear me. His hands dug into my hips, and I grabbed them as he entered my pussy. He stretched me, went slowly, and my body shook at the pleasure his entering me. I almost came as he took me.

Suddenly he stopped, he was buried all the way into my pussy, and yet not all of him was inside me. He rocked in me, and that was all the encouragement my body needed. I rode him, as hard as I could without pain, but bordering pain turned me on even more. I felt my pussy get wetter and clamp down harder on his cock, and his cock started throbbing inside me. I rocked faster, pure carnal instinct took over, and I was soon bucking on him, moaning with lust.

‘You ready?’ he asked me. I couldn’t speak at that point, I just nodded, and nothing was coherent after that. The orgasm was immediate and mind blowing. I couldn’t think, just feel. Cum exploded from both of our bodies as we rocked together, holding onto each other to keep ourselves from falling to pieces. I don’t know how long it lasted, but I felt myself melt into oblivion as the cum gushed out of his cock and into me. He held me on top of him for a while, still straddling him, after it was over, and when he finally let go, I slid onto the floor next to the table, my whole body feeling like putty.

Sometime later, I felt a nip just above my pussy, and I opened my eyes to look at him… ‘Again?’ he asked.

Grinning, I grazed his cock with my hand, ‘Oh God, YES!’

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