Too Hot to Study?Too Hot to Study?


The soft breeze that swept barely cool air across the swimming pool and over Leah’s white cotton dress, did nothing to cool her in the late August heat of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as she read her textbook.

“God, Information Technology for Professionals has to be the most boring book ever written.” She thought.


Jared, Leah’s boyfriend of five years walked onto the patio carrying the last bag of trash from this afternoon’s bar-be-que. He glanced to make sure that Leah was alright as she studied in the chaise lounge beside the pool and nearly tripped over his own feet. He slowly turned and watched her; she was so very beautiful. As he watched, a bead of sweat grew large enough to trickle down from her brow. He watched the droplet meander across her features, it tracked along the side of her eye, down her soft cheek, turned toward her full lips – lips that he could spend hours kissing, past half-open mouth to her perfectly shaped chin – well she hated her chin, but to him it just like everything else about her – perfect. The bead of sweat hung for just a moment on her chin before throwing itself onto her breast below, the drop landed and he breathed again. When had he started holding his breath? He watched the droplet land and ever so slowly caress her breast as it disappeared into her cleavage.


“…the purpose of identifying machinery by actual hardware address is…” she read.

“I know you are watching me, Jared,” she thought. “I can feel your eyes on me.”

“…the purpose of identifying machinery by actual hardware address is…” she read again.

“He is so beautiful, I’m sure he standing there in those torn nylon shorts and sandals, with that stupid lusty look on his face. I wonder if I can steal a quick look at him without him noticing? Of course I can’t,” she continued to muse.

Sighing she tried again, “…the purpose of identifying machinery by actual hardware address is…”


Even though he couldn’t really see them he knew that the only movement that belied that she was not a beautiful statue carved by one of the great masters were her eyes, those sparkling green eyes that he could lose his entire soul in. Eyes that always snapped back and forth as she read, eyes the color of newly grown grass, vivid, beautiful. Whenever Leah’s eyes fell upon Jared, he could feel his knees weaken. He continued to watch her, the setting sun casting its glow onto her and causing a reflection that formed a halo…a shimmering ring that only served to soften her already beautiful features. her hair to become a halo, a glowing halo that only served to soften her already beautiful features. As he continued to stare he saw her move. Just a hint of movement as she rubbed her knees together. She knew he was there, and his gaze was affecting her.


Leah could feel the arousal starting to build in her. “…the purpose of identifying machinery by actual hardware address is…” she tried again.

“God, I hate when he looks at me like this. I can feel his eyes. I know that soft look. It’s like he reaches out and touches my soul with his eyes. God, I love it when he does this.”


Returning Ankara Travesti to his chore, Jared, dropped the bag in the trashcan and replaced the lid. Wanting any excuse to step closer to her he walked around the long way around the pool the long way to the chaise where she lounged. “Let me refill this for you.” (He said as) H(h)e took her still full glass of lemonade and returned to the house.


“What a shit!” she growled to herself. “…the purpose of identifying machinery by actual hardware address is…”

“Was that just an excuse or is he playing tonight.”

“…the purpose of identifying machinery by actual hardware address is…” she tried again.

“To hell with it, I’m getting nowhere.” She spoke out loud as the patio door opened.


After washing his hands and making a fresh glass of lemonade for Leah, Jared opened the patio door just as Leah threw the book to the deck beside her chair. “Too hot to study?” he asked as he closed the door behind him.

“Yes.” she sighed as her head dropped back to stare at the darkening Louisiana sky.

Jared stepped up behind her and looked mischievously into her sparkling eyes. “Hi, beautiful. Maybe this will help you cool off.” She scoffed at him and took the offered glass. “May I sit?”

“Go ahead.” she replied as she sipped the drink and placed the cool glass against her cleavage. The cold against her hot skin stole her breath for a minute and she let out a relieved sigh.

“You know how beautiful you are?”

“Shut up. I’m hot, sweaty and stressed.”

“Never bothered me.” He said as he gently dragged the back of his hand over her smooth legs.


Continuing the caresses, he asked, “You going to get finished?”

“Don’t I always.”

Placing her legs in his lap he slid closer to her. “Yep.” was his only reply as he slowly slid his hands under the hem of the damp cotton of her dress.


“Oh thank God,” Leah thought as Jared’s hands touched her. “But if this becomes just a tease, I will kill him.”

Jared’s hand traced a line along Leah’s thigh to her smoothly shaved wet slit. There was no way she was going to wear where underwear in this heat; she needed every part of her body as comfortable as possible comfortable.


Jared was only slightly surprised that Leah did not have any underwear on. The late August heat was unbearable and besides, she loved the feel of a cool breeze across her bare skin.

He watched as he gently massaged her already swollen lips. “I really should let her study, but if I stop now she’ll be furious.” With a smirk he mused, “oh well, what’s a boyfriend to do.”


Already Leah could feel the lust building. Just by being near her, Jared could turn her on. But when he touched her, she just lost herself.

Her skin flushed, the sweat on her brow thickening to a nearly complete layer. Perspiration seeping from every pore, the drone of the pool pump and the song of the night birds turning into a meaningless buzz.


“Damn, she is beautiful.’ Jared thought Ankara Ucuz Escort as he gently massaged her hardening clit. Leaning forward he could smell the musky-ness of Leah’s sweat as he took her lower lip between his teeth and softly bit down.


Leah gasped as Jared nipped her lip. Her head shot forward and met his eyes. “Now,” she said, her voice husky with desire. Leah’s arms flew to the sides of Jared’s head as she pressed her lips to his, kissing deeply, her tongue exploring his mouth.

Leah was done with playing she wanted him and she was going to take what she wanted. Enough of Jared’s teasing.


If it weren’t for the grip Leah had on Jared’s head, he would have fallen to the patio. He pulled his hand from under her dress and embraced her as they fell backward, kissing her hard and letting his own passion build.

Jared’s hands dragged Leah’s dress up, exposing her body to the Louisiana heat so he could touch her without the hindrance of cloth.


As Leah felt her dress pulled across her form, she slid one hand past the elastic band of Jared’s shorts. *Grinning to herself* The only good thing about these shorts was that Jared never wore underwear with them.

She pressed the flat of her hand against his hard cock until her nails met his swollen balls. Teasing him, she lightly dragged her nails across his scrotum and listened to his gasp.


Knowing that it would not be any sort of punishment, Jared slapped Leah’s ass hard when she clawed his sac. Pulling away from their kiss he asked, “Getting rough tonight, huh?”

Leah just grinned evilly and started to kiss her way down to his shorts.


“No, but I’m going to have everything I want tonight” she thought as she kissed her way to Jared’s waistband.

She was tempted to simply tear the shorts in half to remove them, but instead Leah hooked her thumbs in the waistband and pushed them down. Jared lifted his ass to help her remove his shorts.

“Oh yes,” Leah thought evilly. “He is cooperating, that means he is extremely horny. I am so going to enjoy making him squirm.”


It was so hot that Jared felt no difference when Leah removed his shorts. But he still was relived to be free of the clothing. He knew that when Leah was in this mood the sex would certainly surpass their typically incredible sex.

Jared reached down to run his fingers through her hair. How he loved her hair, it frames her face like a halo, a veil of flirtation that she could tease endlessly with.

He watched his fingers disappear into her tresses. The curls swallowing his fingers like her mouth was about to swallow his hardness.


Leah grinned to herself. “He is playing with my hair. He thinks I am just going to suck him and fuck him. Not tonight, love.” She thought. “Well, yes, I will suck you, but I might just make you beg for the fucking.”

Leah placed her slightly parted lips to the head of Jared’s cock and licked the precum that was seeping from him. Jared arched his back and tried to push his cock Ankara Yabancı Escort into Leah’s mouth, but Leah was ready for his trick, she simply tightened her grip at the base of his member and pulled her head away.

Letting her hair fall over half of her face she looked at Jared and coyly asked, “Want something, honey?”


“Oh fuck,” Jared thought when Leah asked her question. “She is going to tease me to death.”

Jared groaned as Leah started to slowly slide her hand up and down his hard shaft while she waited for an answer to her question. “I want you, sweetie,” he panted.


Leah’s coy smile broadened at Jared’s response as she thought, “Just wait, dear. You will want me much more soon.”

Again, Leah placed parted lips against the head of Jared’s hard cock and licked the precum away. This time Jared responded with a shudder and slight jerk but did not try to thrust himself into her mouth.

Leah slid her hand up to her lips and wrapped her hand completely around his hardness. She opened her mouth a bit more and slowly followed her hand down his shaft as she (took him) swallowed him completely in one fluid motion.


The softness of Leah’s hand coupled with the slight scraping of her teeth along his shaft made his mind swim. Jared’s grasp of Leah’s hair went slack and he had to struggle to remain aware.

As Leah’s nose brushed his pubic hair, he felt her slide her hand down to caress his balls as she pulled her head back from him, sucking hard all the way up to his tip.


Leah lost herself to the moment, she allowed herself to stop focusing on being a woman in love with a man and just sucked, her tongue flattened and covered the bottom of Jared’s wide cock, her hand massaged swollen balls, and her teeth and lips caressed his shaft. Up and down she bobbed, unaware of the heat, mindless of the buzz of night bugs, and oblivious to the drone of the pool pump.

Leah was snapped from her reverie by her own orgasm. She had to focus to not snap her mouth shut completely on Jared’s cock, she realized that her clit was being massaged and she could feel two fingers in her clenching pussy. As her focus continued to return she realized that the fingers in her pussy were her own.

Still bobbing on Jared’s cock Leah looked up at his face. He was so beautiful; a light sheen of sweat glistened on his face, his grin disarmingly sexy. She loved him.


Jared couldn’t help but smile, Leah was giving the blowjob of a lifetime and had just made herself cum so hard that she had nearly bitten him in half. He just lay there, trusting her and loving every minute of it.

Suddenly he felt his own body jerk as his orgasm came, his balls tightened in their sac and his cum shot into Leah’s mouth. His eyes snapped open and he looked into her green eyes. Her eyes were cloudy with passion and he knew his own eyes were just as passion filled.


Leah stopped sliding up and down Jared’s cock when his orgasm began, she simply held him halfway in her mouth and swallowed his cum. She loved the taste of him. He met her gaze and she knew how much he enjoyed seeing her throat work as she swallowed his seed.

When the twitching of his cock finally slowed, Leah let his still hard cock slip from her mouth and then sat back on her heels.

“Hmmm, I think it is a bit cooler now. Maybe I’ll get back to studying,” she said with a grin as a she situated her naked form and reached for her book.

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