Three Way Love or Sex Pt. 03Three Way Love or Sex Pt. 03


“God, I have missed you two,” Nick said putting an arm round each of them and pulling them both to him on the Friday afternoon two days later.

He’d just arrived home from Heathrow by cab and they had rushed to meet him in the driveway. He hadn’t even paid the driver who was getting the luggage from the boot of the car as Nick kissed and cuddled both women, the driver looking on in curious amazement. They went inside and he kissed both of them again, this time each kiss being longer and more passionate.

“Good trip?” Jayne asked as Nick and Katrice broke their kiss and he moved his face towards hers, making her tremble with desire as she realised just how much she had missed him.

“Great businesswise, but terrible with missing the pair of you.”

“Well missing sex on the plate every night with two different women must be tough, darling,” Katrice chipped in.

“It certainly is,” he replied stroking each girl’s bum as they stood in a huddle in the square hallway. “I so want both of you.”

Looking across his chest the two girls caught each other’s eyes. They had chatted about who would have Nick first when he returned.

“After all,” Katrice had said, “He did have both of us the night before he left.”

“So,” Jayne smiled “Are you saying he should have us both on his first night back?”

“How about afternoon?” Katrice had replied stroking her friend’s bare arm

“I’m sure that can be arranged aren’t you, Jay?” Katrice said as they both looked at Nick.

“Absolutely, come on darling, come upstairs with both of us.”

In the bedroom they both kissed him again and as Katrice undid his belt and zip, Jayne unbuttoned his shirt. As they were stripping him completely, with them oooing and ahhing at his full erection he said. “What’s going on?”

“Just lie on the bed and watch,” Katrice said, pulling the thin, vee necked sweater over her head. As had become the norm now she was not wearing a bra, although that didn’t register with her husband.

Nick did as he was told. “Jesus Kat, you ok with this?” he asked glancing at Jayne who had slipped her jeans off and was standing there in her tee and thong.

“Oh yes Nick very ok,” she replied slipping the denim micro skirt down her long, tanned legs and stepping out of it.

They both watched as Jayne pulled the tee over her head, quickly reached behind her, unclasped her bra and bared her breasts. The girls moved towards either side of the bed in just their thongs.

Nick didn’t know where to look or what to do. Several times he had asked both of them separately if they would like to try a threesome, but neither had seemed willing or had shown any enthusiasm for it so he gave up. Two girls in different beds are so much better than just one in one he had reconciled as he watched his mistress and his wife remove their thongs and climb onto the bed either side of him.

They snuggled up to him and he alternated deep, tongue searching kisses with them as their hands roamed over his body. He lost the sense of who was doing what to him as, for most of the time his eyes were closed and he was kissing one or the other. But he felt his chest being stroked, his small manboobs being cupped, his nipples pinched and licked, chewed and bitten and his stomach caressed. He felt fingers flittering up and down his achingly hard erection, hands cupping his balls and palms wrapped around his cock pumping it.

The girls kept glancing at each other and smiling. Jayne couldn’t help thinking how different kissing Nick was to the last one she’d had which was with Kat, although they had not repeated the first one.

As the girls fondled him so their hands touched, they felt each other’s fingers and they softly caressed each other’s wrists. Looking up from kissing Nick or from sucking his nipples, their eyes locked and they smiled knowingly. Both of them thought of going down on him and sucking him, but were reticent to do so in front of the other.

Nick was, of course, loving what they were doing. He simply adored two women making love to him simultaneously, and just to remind him he’d had two hookers delivered to his hotel room in Beverly Hills.

But now he badly needed to cum, he had to have full sex, he needed to fuck one of them, but how could he disappoint the other, he wondered?

They solved it for him. Wordlessly, Katrice straddled him and reached down and taking his cock she placed it against the lips of her pussy.

“Come on Jay,” she whispered nodding towards Nick’s head. Jayne knew what she meant, as did Nick. With her legs wide open she knelt across Nick’s face, her warm, wet, throbbing pussy just a few centimetres from his mouth; it was something she and he had done frequently but, of course without Kat being present. He grabbed her hips and pulled her fulsome arse towards him just at the same time as Kat slid downwards filling her sexual innards with his full, rampant erection.

As both were being thoroughly ‘serviced’ by Nick they were staring at each other. Their slightly glazed eyes bored into the others and roamed up and down the naked, female body just a short distance away from their own. Katrice watched mesmerised as her friend’s Bolu Escort gorgeously shaped, full breasts bounced up and down as she moved and Jayne stared, as if transfixed by seeing Nick’s thick cock being devoured by Katrice’s vulva lips.

Unbeknown to Nick for his view was restricted by Jayne’s body, they reached out and held hands. Katrice wanted to hold Jayne’s breasts and both wanted to kiss, but it was not time for those actions – yet.

Then, as Kat fucked him and he tongue fucked Jayne, the three of them roared towards a mutual orgasm. And as that exploded both women fell forward into the other’s arms so they embraced naked.

“Yes, I rather think we should, don’t you Jay?” Katrice said as they three of them sat round the pool after an early, light dinner that evening.

Nick had asked if the ‘three in a bed thing’ was to become more frequent “Or,” he added looking from one to other “Perhaps permanent?”

Whilst both of them were at work the next day, Katrice with help from the guy that came in and did odd jobs, moved the furniture around. She turned Jayne’s room into a dressing room that both girls could share and brought the double bed from that room into hers and positioned it alongside the other one creating one huge, much larger than King sized bed.

“That will do nicely,” she said to Ted who she knew must have been wondering what the hell was going. She didn’t explain, but thought.’Until the new king size turns up next week.’

That night they were all in the same bed and Nick fucked both of them.


After Nick had collected Jayne from the station on the following Monday when he hadn’t gone into his office, but had been to see a customer in Watford all day, and they arrived home together, Katrice said she had a surprise.

“Come and see,” she said leading them upstairs her stunning bum swaying wonderfully in the bikini bottom she was wearing.

“Oh wow,” Nick smiled looking at the huge bed “Ok for you Jay?”

“Mmmmm, very nice,” Jayne agreed feeling a tad overdressed alongside Katrice and Nick who was just wearing chinos and an open neck shirt. She was wearing a mid- grey, thin wool suit, with a white low-cut tee and a pencil, just above the knee, skirt. The suit jacket had one oversized button that did up right under her boobs and had narrow flared lapels that cut across her breasts, dissecting her nipples. When she had first worn the suit, she had wondered to herself what it would be like with no blouse or bra under it. She’d tried it on like that and seeing the large expanses of her bare breasts and just the ‘hint of pink’ as the lapels slashed across her boobs she’d thought, ‘Just right for wearing at a swingers’ dinner party’.

“Enough room for all of us?” Katrice said throwing herself on the bed as she added “I’ve ordered a real king size so we’ll have a proper head board soon.”

“Great,” Nick smiled laying on the bed, “Hope it’ll be strong enough to restrain you when I tie you up,” he laughed, kissing Katrice. “I think you deserve a reward Kat,” he went on as he and Jayne looked at where the camisole top was gaping and her little tits and bare stomach were on show. That together with her long, bare legs, created quite an erotic show of naked flesh.

“Mmmmm sounds good, what did you have in mind?”

“I’m sure we can think of something,” Nick said slipping his hand inside the thin, silk cami adding “Don’t you Jay,” as Katrice helped him struggle out of his chinos whilst she removed his shirt.

“Undoubtedly,” she replied feeling a little awkward and left out.

Kat realised that. “Well why don’t you take that beautiful business suit off as you think,” she said reaching down and whipping her own top off.

Jayne was now aroused. The unexpectedness and the spontaneity together with the normal sensations she got when the three of them were together in the evenings was getting to her. She slid out of her suit, folded it neatly over a chair and shrugged out of the tee; she wasn’t wearing tights as her legs had a nice tan. She sat on the edge of the bed her back to the others.

“Hey what about that?” Nick said nodding at her bra.

“Yes, come on Jayne, it’s tits out time,” Katrice giggled adding “Hey let me?”

She rolled over on her side and wiggled alongside Nick reaching out for Jayne’s bra clasp. Seeing his wife’s lovely bum right alongside him, Nick grabbed one of the cheeks and squeezed it.

“Mmmm nice,” Katrice murmured, fumbling with Jayne’s clasp as she realised that her husband was pulling her panties down.

He slid his hand between her legs.

“Oooo Katrice you are a naughty girl, you’re soaked,” he said wriggling out of his boxers. “Now what has caused that?” he asked as he watched her remove Jayne’s bra revealing her nice big tits. Momentarily wondering what had gone on while he was away, he got behind his wife in a spoon position.

“Want to claim your reward, Kat?” he asked pushing his cock right against her pussy lips.

Looking at Jayne and hardly taking any notice of him Katrice grunted “Yes.”

Her face was so near to Jayne’s tits, her mouth was so near to the pink areola and her lips and tongue so close Bolu Escort Bayan to the clearly hardened nipples. It was so difficult to stop herself, so hard to resist her friend’s wonderful breasts, but resist she knew she had to, at least for now.

She tore her gaze away, but held Jayne’s hand. They squeezed as Jayne, at Nick’s coaxing, moved alongside, but also slightly behind and above Katrice on the bed. Nick kissed her and cupped her boobs. Katrice looked at her husband’s hands and fingers on her friend’s breasts and nipples as he squeezed and caressed the wonderfully pliant flesh. It was a hugely exciting sight for all of them.

Jayne was watching Katrice and saw her suddenly close her eyes, throw her head back a little and grunt deeply. She looked at Nick and understood what had happened. He had shoved his cock into his wife and was holding it there rigid and still as he had done to her several times. At the same time, he gripped Katrice’s nipple with his other hand and urged Jayne forward so they could kiss. As she and he ‘swapped tongues’ Nick continued caressing Kat’s breasts and started to move in and out of his wife from behind.

It was only as Nick had eased her forward that Jayne realised why Kat had grunted and closed her eyes. She saw clearly then that Nick’s cock was buried deeply up Kat’s bum, he was anally fucking her.

It was a magically erotic moment for all of them especially when Katrice could no longer resist touching her friend. So, with Katrice being fucked up her arse and Nick pinching and pulling on her long, dark nipples, Jayne and Nick kissing passionately, Nick rubbing, squeezing and caressing Jayne’s full breasts, Katrice slid her hand up her friend’s legs and softly stroked her rounded bum.

They lay there for a while after Nick came and after both girls had climaxed. They got up, put their clothes away and were about to have a shower when Katrice said.

“The pool is wonderfully warm, just right for skinny dipping.”

Giggling like kids they jumped into the pool naked and splashed around for a while laughing and joking.

“Hang on, let’s get some wine,” Nick called out climbing out and going into the house.

“Did you like that Jay?” Katrice said moving close to her friend.

“What, watching Nick and you screwing?”

“Yes,” Katrice said glancing at the house, before moving very close to Jayne. She slid her arm round her and whispered “I meant this as well,” as again she stroked Jayne’s bum.

“Here we go, nice cold Pinot, just right for a swimming pool,” Nick called out walking towards the pool a bottle and three plastic glasses in his hands, his dick dangling down and swinging a little as he walked. He got in with them and poured the wine. They stood in a corner of the pool a girl either side of the man. They drank the wine, probably rather too quickly for they were chattering and giggling in the way that slightly tipsy people do. It didn’t take long for that to turn slightly ribald and highly intimate.

“Jesus girls I so enjoyed that and the other night, what’s happened?”

“Nothing really,” Katrice replied glancing at Jayne who was working hard to keep a straight face. “Is there Jay?”

“No nothing, not at all.”

“Well, whatever it is, just keep it up please,” Nick said glancing at Jayne’s boobs, which looked as if they were floating on the water. He reached out and touched one. “Sorry I missed you out Jay.”

“No problem, it goes like that, Kat was there ready and waiting, wasn’t she?”

Nick’s hand cupped her breasts and lifted both out of the water. Both girls looked down at the same time and they saw that his erection was returning.

“Yes, she was,” Nick said running his other hand over Jayne’s breasts. He rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger as Katrice slid her hand down and grasped his semi-erect cock.

Cupping his balls in her other hand, Katrice whispered. “As Jay is now, aren’t you love?”

“Yes, I suppose I am,” she croaked her body loving the combination of the warm water on her nudity, Nick’s hand on her breasts, them being outdoors and the three of them doing this together.

“Why don’t you fuck her Nick?” Katrice said softly as she moved closer her arm touching Jayne’s boobs as she reached down with both hands for her husband’s cock. “You want to be fucked don’t you Jayne?”

Feeling bold and adventurous and hugely turned-on, Jayne growled a reply. “Yes, yes I do.”

She mover close to Nick, put her arms round his neck and using the water to support her a little she wrapped her legs round his waist. “Fuck me like this Nick,” she said, almost instantly making him fully hard.

Nick held her, one hand round her waist the other under her buttocks. They kissed hard and deep. She was impressed and he was amazed at his recovery so quickly. As they were kissing, Katrice was positioning her husband’s cock right against the lips of Jayne’s pussy.

“She’s ready Nick,” she whispered her hand stroking along Jayne’s bottom and up her back. “She’s ready for you to fuck her aren’t you Jayne?”

“Yes Kat, yes Nick,” Jayne sighed, her reply tailing off and turning into a deep grunt Escort Bolu as her eyes closed when Nick thrust forward sending his cock deep into her cunt.


The next night they all got a little tipsy and they smoked a few spliffs.

“Do it like this,” Nick said pulling Katrice towards the edge of the bed, her legs, bent at the knees dangling over the side with her feet on the floor her back flat on the bed. “Open up Kat,” he said pulling her knees apart. “Mmmm lovely view” he went on peering between her legs at her exposed pussy. “Now you Jay lie on top of her.”

“How, on top, what do you mean?” Jayne giggled, but worried that he meant lay face to face with Katrice; she didn’t know how she would react to that.

“Yes, on your back.”

“I’ll squash her.”

“What a lovely way to die,” Katrice chuckled, “Come on I’m game Jay.”

“How do I do this?” Jayne asked.

“Sit with your bum on her tummy and the back of your legs on the tops of hers. Open your legs darling.”

With a great deal of laughing and giggling Nick eventually got them in the position he had visualised as a masturbation aid when in LA. Jayne’s legs ran along the tops of Katrice’s and bent over her knees. Both pairs of legs were wide open, both pussies, bum cheeks and creases between them were on show. He knelt on one knee and holding his erect cock in his hands, he pressed the bulbous end right against Jayne’s clit. Then slowly he pushed it downwards along her lips, between the cheeks of her bum, over her anus, onto Katrice’s clit, then across her lips and between her cheeks before reversing the direction and working his way up that delicious pile of female sexual attractions. Both girls giggled, but also grunted and sighed to the lovely feelings he was giving them. Holding his cock he slid it a little way into Jayne, removed it and replaced it with his fingers then did the same thing to Katrice. He continued doing that alternating his cock and fingers between the girls each time pushing his cock in further and deeper.

As they all realised that he was actually fucking two women at once, their excitement increased. It had felt uncomfortable at first particularly to Katrice as she had Jayne on top of her, but as she became more aroused so it became less so and feelings of arousal replaced those of discomfort.

For Nick it was incredible, even more so than he had imagined it would be when he had fantasised about it with his hardened cock in his hand in LA. The combination of the visual stimulation of the two naked women with the feelings of their pussies on his fingers and cock was amazing. Now, pushing his cock deeper into each girl and keeping it there longer whilst fucking the other with his fingers, he was taking all three of them towards a very multiple and mutual orgasm. Jayne was squirming on Katrice who was holding onto her hips. They were rolling from side to side, Jayne’s deliciously, wobbly tits flopping around with Katrice’s hands, Nick noticed, close to them. He pushed himself deeper into his wife and held himself there as he reached forward and gripped her wrists. Pulling on them and smiling, he grunted.

“Ok ladies?” As he put his wife’s hands right on his mistresses’ tits. He then finished fucking both of them with Katrice squeezing and rubbing Jayne’s breasts, just as she had yearned to do, for so long.

Later in the evening after another swim and a shared spliff, both girls fellated Nick. Neither were quite sure what the objective of their oral attention to his cock and balls was supposed to be when they started to play but that looked after itself, as sexual adventure often do.

“Oh fuck yes,” Nick groaned as Jayne sucked both of his balls and Kat sank his encouragingly hard dick deep into her throat. Pulling it out and holding it he moaned. “Get your faces close,” as he started to masturbate.

The girls worked out what he wanted almost simultaneously and pressed their cheeks together. And then, as Nick shot his surprisingly full load over their faces and Jayne’s glasses they kissed fully for the first time with his cum running down and joining their lips in the kiss.


In many ways those three-way fucks had been a natural development of the way that the girl’s relationship had been developing and, by extension, how the three-way one was changing. The girls had slowly become closer and deeper, more open, franker and more adventurous. The intimacy between them had grown and had started to blossom both emotionally and physically. Their relationship with Nick, though had become more sexually wild but not affectionately so

When they had helped Nick jerk off onto their faces as they had kissed was a key event and it had moved both relationships forward. As Nick looked on his prick still dribbling, their mouths met a little tentatively. It wasn’t that long a kiss. It wasn’t a strongly passionate one or a deep, tongue searching kiss, like the one just before Nick came home, but it was a kiss, a proper lip to lip, slightly open-mouthed kiss between the two of them. It was only the second time Jayne had felt a woman’s lips on hers. And, of course, it was a kiss that included Nick’s involvement with his jerking off and the copious amount of cum anointing their faces. In some ways, both of them felt that spoiled the kiss, it besmirched it as it reduced the affection and tenderness but that, both of them reconciled was how men generally and Nick in particular are.

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