Three Way FunThree Way Fun


This is a true story. I am posting it as a “thank you” for all the readers (and other Literotica authors) who voted and sent feedback on my other stories.

* * *

Of all the people I was at college with, I think Pat was the most enterprising. While almost everyone else was sitting around trying to look cool, Pat was out finding ways to make money. As art students at a college in southeastern England, most of us prided ourselves on our scruffy, unkempt looks, as if this somehow made us instant bohemians. But Pat would actually shave and wear a necktie from time to time!

As an example of his entrepreneurship, Pat had found a run-down terrace of once elegant town homes that had become so dilapidated that they were in danger of being condemned and demolished. Pat located the owner and offered to fill the block – long since converted to flats – with local students and handle all the rent collections in exchange for free use of one entire house. Of course, the owner agreed and Pat became a budding slum lord. The other students might have resented him a bit, but he was providing them with cheap housing, albeit of a low quality, and he was able to pay his own way through art college with money left over to pay for beer at the inevitable parties.

I remember most vividly another facet that placed Pat apart from the average art student. Most of the male students vied with each other to find girlfriends of the long-haired, jean-clad, pseudo- hippie type that served to validate their own cool/hip self image. Pat was different. He was dating Mary, a rather luscious nurse who worked in a London hospital and had the clothes, make- up and style that proclaimed “swingin’ London” instead of “paint-spattered indigent.” In fact they were living together in his free house near the college, which meant he had a five-minute walk to get home compared to her ninety-minute train and bus commute.

(I should say that at the time I was dating Linda who was certainly not the scruffy hippie type. She was a Dress Design student and they tended to be a lot more elegant than the rest of the fine art and graphics students. Linda went on to become a model and photographer’s rep.)

Pat and I got along pretty well, perhaps because I had a greater affinity for his outlook on life than that of most of my other classmates. We would often go for a lunchtime beer together, and he and Mary and Linda and I would sometimes double-date in the evenings. Mary was an openly affectionate young woman and would always greet me (and often Linda) with a kiss and a hug. At those times, when she pressed up against me, I was very much aware of the physical differences between Linda and Mary. Linda was a Scandinavian-style blonde: light blue eyes, high cheekbones, long, naturally-blonde hair, coltish legs and small high pointed breasts. The typical fashion model look. Mary, on the other hand was more voluptuous. A tumble of curly dark- brown hair framed the flawless pale skin of her face, emphasized by the full red lips of her mouth and her big brown eyes that always had a mischievous and naughty sparkle. She was shorter than Linda and had something of an hourglass figure with a bust that tightly filled the red sweaters she always seemed to wear, and round hips that seemed to be always swaying and moving. Or perhaps that’s just the way I remember her!

I recall one Sunday morning going over to their house to see if Pat wanted to go the pub for a lunchtime pint. When I got there, the door was ajar so I pushed it open and went inside, calling out, “Hello? Anyone here?”

There was an answering call from up above so I mounted the rickety stairs, figuring they were in the large second-floor room that they used as a living room. Well, they were there all right. The room was sparsely furnished and had something of a “loft apartment” feel with high ceilings and large Victorian windows through which the sun was streaming, sending bright shafts of light onto the two naked figures lying on a quilt they’d placed on the bare floorboards. Or rather, Mary was lying on her back, her legs lifted high and wide, while Pat loomed above her, supporting his upper body on his hands either side of her head. He was thrusting vigorously into her while she urged him on, heels drumming his buttocks.

“Uh oh,” I said. “Guess I’ll wait downstairs.”

They both looked at me, their faces flushed. They were both smiling, completely unfazed by my presence. They didn’t alter the rhythm of their fucking and I could hear the steady slap-slap-slap of flesh on flesh.

They both chuckled, a little breathless from their exertion.

“No… that’s… okay,” said Mary, her words punctuated by the staccato downthrusts of the young man humping into her. “Sit… over… there. We’re… almost… finished!”

Trying to act as if this was an everyday occurrence in my life, I walked a few feet across the room and sat in an armchair that gave me an unobstructed side view of the couple who had now turned their full attention to their Sunday morning fuckfest.

I Ankara Escort noticed for the first time that Pat had a lean, fit-looking body and I remember thinking that it wasn’t surprising if Mary put him through a workout like this every day. Mary had now pulled her knees back to her chest with her ankles crossed behind Pat’s shoulders. From my vantage point, I could see the sunlight glinting on his wet cock every time he pulled back before plunging back into her.

She was urging him on with a series of shouts that ranged from encouragement to commands.

“Uh! That’s it!… Fuck me!… Fuck me hard!… Harder!… Keep going!… Right there!… Yes! Yes!… Don’t stop!… Ugh, ugh! I’m cummmminnnng!!”

Somehow Pat managed to increase his pace, pumping down into her like a jackhammer until her orgasm began to subside. A bead of sweat fell from his forehead as he rocked back onto his haunches, pulling Mary with him, gripping her hips and lifting her bottom clear of the quilt, still with his prick embedded in her cunt. He’d obviously been holding off his own climax until Mary was satisfied, and I got the impression that he’d found to his cost that it was unwise to come too soon and leave her unquenched!

He began to thrust into her again and after only a few seconds, he groaned and said he was about to come. That got Mary going again.

“Yes! Yes!… Come in me!… Fuck me ’til you come!… God, you’re hard… Fuck me!”

Pat cried out and his body tensed as he came. Mary gave a long drawn-out grunt, presumably feeling his semen shooting into her. Pat slowed down and collapsed on top of her. They hugged and kissed, laughing and panting. Finally, Pat said, “Whoooo!” and pulled out her, rolling over on his side. Mary looked over at me with a delighted, open-mouthed smile.

“Hey! We forgot about poor old Mike!” she cried.

Impetuously she sprang up and loped across to me. Her whole body was shiny with their combined perspiration. Her face and upper chest were bright pink, flushed with her sexual arousal, and strands of lank hair were stuck to her face and shoulders. For the first time, I could clearly see her naked body. She had a figure which might have been unfashionable but was full and curved and looked as if it was made for sex. Her breasts were full, plump and mobile. They seemed to have a life of their own, moving, jouncing with every step she took, stretching down, pulling her pale brown areolae to ovals, then springing back up, repeating the entire delicious show again with the next step.

On the way into their house, I had picked up their Sunday newspaper (for some reason, I remember it was the News of the World) and I had laid it on my lap during their sex session, perhaps intending to convey that I was so worldly that I would read a newspaper while two people fucked each other less than six feet away. Of course, it was really there to cover my aching erection.

Bubbly, bouncing Mary skipped over to me and threw herself into my lap wrapping her arms around me and kissing me on the lips. In this position it was natural for me to drop one hand to her upper arm and another to her thigh. She shifted a little and my hand that was on her arm was suddenly cupping a heavy breast for a brief, exhilarating moment. Her flesh was moist and sticky and she smelled of sweat and pussy and Pat’s come. And at that moment it was the most wonderful aroma I had ever smelled! Her legs were slightly splayed open and I couldn’t stop myself moving my head slightly so I could see her groin more clearly. Her small bush of dark curly hair was plastered to her mound and she had thick, prominent puffy cunt lips that were a bright reddish-pink and gaped open like a gasping mouth, still stretched from her recent pounding. A small puddle was forming on the newspaper between her legs.

She wriggled on my lap, stroking my hair and talking mock baby-talk to me.

“Aw, did we ignore wittle Mikey, den?” Then with a wicked grin, she added, “And did we give Mikey a big old hard-on, mmm?” She bounced a little on my knees, obviously feeling the stiff ridge of my penis. All I could do was smile weakly. God! I’ve never wanted to come more than I did at that very moment. Come in her, on her, over her… anywhere as long as I could come!

Well, this is a true story so, although I would love to tell you that I rolled her over, ripped off my clothes and violently plunged my twitching organ into her in a single stroke and fucked her to a screaming, hosing orgasm… that’s not what happened.

She looked at me and said, “You’d better take that hard-on over to Linda and see if she can reduce the swelling.”

She laughed and got off my lap to go back to Pat who was still lying on the quilt, slowly beginning to recover from his sexual workout. Now it was my turn to laugh, and I hooted out loud. I was looking at Mary’s plump and succulent bottom. He whole body had been coated with a sheen of her sex sweat when she’d sat on my lap. And when she stood up, I could plainly see Çankaya Escort a mirror image of the front page of the newspaper all across her backside! Through sobs of laughter, I told Pat to look at Mary’s bottom and soon he was hooting too. Mary couldn’t figure it out and kept twisting and turning trying to see her own butt, and needless to say, this gave me another chance to enjoy the sight of her jouncy, bouncy boobs.

Finally Pat said, “Get in the bathtub, woman, and scrub that inky arse! Me and Mike are going to the pub for a pint. Join us when you’re all cleaned up!”

We did indeed have a couple of beers but I was still as horny as could be. I left the pub early and persuaded Linda to join me at one of the other flats in Pat’s tenement block for the afternoon. No sooner were inside than I started pulling off her clothes. There was no finesse to my lovemaking that afternoon, but at least Linda was the beneficiary of a very hard cock and a great deal of stamina that kept me up through three bouts of vigorous sex. She was quite impressed, but I didn’t mention the stimulus that had fueled my lust. Mary did tell her several weeks later that I’d been their voyeur with the tent-shaped newspaper!

But that’s not where the story ends…

A couple of weeks later, one cold winter evening, Pat and I went to the pub to celebrate something or other that I’ve long since forgotten. A quick drink turned into a long boozy evening and by ten thirty it was obvious I couldn’t drive home. With the generosity only a drunk could display, Pat said I should spend the night at his place. He was certain Mary wouldn’t mind and anyway she was working a late shift and wouldn’t be back for ages. We stumbled back to his house where he finally managed to get the key in the lock on the worm-eaten front door and we climbed unsteadily to the bedroom.

“You can’t sleep on the floor, it’s too cold,” Pat said. “Get into bed.” We both stripped off and slid under the covers, one of us on each side of the king size bed and almost immediately fell into a drunken sleep.

The next thing I remember is being awakened by the bedroom light snapping on. Pat and I both moaned and blinked, and through bleary eyes we saw Mary standing at the foot of the bed wearing her familiar tight red sweater, plaid miniskirt and black leather knee-high boots. She had her hands on her hips and was surveying us with an amused expression, apparently not too shocked or annoyed to find not one but two men in her bed!

Pat mumbled some kind of explanation, but Mary waved it a way and began stripping off. Now she had my full attention! Off came the sweater and she reached behind her, unclipping her bra and shaking her breasts free. They bounced enticingly, and once again I was fascinated to see the oval-round-oval dance of her areolae. It was cold in the room (no central heating in a place like this!) and her nipples were puckered and stiff. She quickly unzipped and dropped the plaid skirt, then stuck her thumbs in the waistband and shimmied out of her little white nylon panties. Hopping from foot to foot (bounce, bounce) she unzipped and pulled off her leather boots. This little performance gave both of us guys a clear and open view of her plump little quim, and I’m sure it was intentional.

Finally nude, she took a flying leap from the foot of the bed and landed between Pat and me. The mattress bounced back and both Pat and I groaned as the room started doing slow spins again. Mary pulled back the covers and looked down at us. “Hey! Two naked guys!” she giggled. “And two limp dicks! How much DID you drink?”

She snuggled in between us to absorb some body heat and pulled the covers up. She turned on her side away from me and I felt her soft round buttocks against my side as she cuddled up to Pat. The covers rustled as she moved her hand down Pat’s body. She was apparently massaging Pat’s dick in attempt to bring it back to life. I heard Mary whisper in his ear.

“Come on, Pat. I’ve been thinking about this all day. I’m horny! Why did you have to get drunk tonight?”

Pat just moaned and mumbled something about sleep and why didn’t she talk to Mike.

Mary sat up in bed and looked down at both of us; two guys who were barely able to stay awake despite the presence of a beautiful naked woman sandwiched between us. She glanced from Pat to me and back again and came to a decision. She lay back and took Pat’s cock in her right hand and mine in her left. She began sliding her soft fingers up and down the two numb pieces of flesh.

“Come on boys. The first one to get hard can fuck me!”

Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, was all I could think. Why did I have to have that last beer? Or the last three, for that matter. Here I was being fondled by a cute horny nurse and I was limp as a fat worm! Dammit!! Apparently Pat was in no better shape and Mary finally gave up in disgust.

“You two are useless!” she yelled.

Within minutes, I was drifting back to sleep, aware of the mattress undulating slightly and Etlik Escort the faint sound of Mary’s fingers squishing in and out of her pussy, almost drowned out by the snores of her boyfriend.


Was I dreaming? I felt as if I was going up and down, up and down. Was it a boat? Was I in a stage coach? I began to come to my senses and remembered I was in Pat and Mary’s bed. Still I felt I was rocking and decided to open my eyes very gingerly. At least the room wasn’t spinning. And I wasn’t dreaming. The bed really was rocking. I looked over to my right. Apparently, Mary had gotten up to get dressed and go to work and had only gotten as far as putting on her boots before returning to Pat for one last try. She was sitting astride Pat’s body, impaled on his penis, hands on his chest as she rode him, up and back, like an equestrienne practicing a rising trot. I saw the muscles in her strong thighs moving like liquid under her skin. And those breasts! Those magnificent breasts were defying gravity, rising and coming back down a split-second after the rest of Mary’s body, only to bounce back up again and start the cycle once more! The sounds of the previous night, the squish of Mary’s solo masturbation and Pat’s beery snores, were replaced with the sensual sounds of flesh slapping flesh, a rampant cock squelching in and out of a hot pussy and the “Uh! Uh! Uh!” of two lovers humping each other’s bodies.

And of course NOW I had an erection! A huge, stiff, throbbing monster of a hard on, pulsating against my belly and draining so much blood from my brain I thought I would faint. Why couldn’t THAT have happened eight hours ago?!

They kept at it for several minutes while I lay beside them, trying not to move, fearful I’d break the spell. Then Mary issued another request – or command – to Pat.

“Come on. Do me from behind.”

She rose up and let Pat’s cock slip out of her cunt with a sloppy pop. Like pro wrestlers carrying out a rehearsed and familiar move, Mary slid sideways in my direction while Pat swung up onto his knees and positioned himself behind her.

Oh my goodness! Mary was facing me on her knees and elbows directly between my legs; big, soft breasts pancaking on the sheet in front of me, plump rump up in the air while Pat fed his length of meat back into her hot channel.

“Well, good morning!” she smiled. “You’re awake at last.” She looked at my cock that was bobbing in front of her face. “Mmmmm!” Her eyes rolled back as Pat began to fuck her seriously, building a rhythm that pushed Mary’s sweet face backwards and forward between my legs.

She looked over her shoulder at Pat with one of her wicked grins.

“Look what we’re doing to Mike!” she cried.

“Not me, darlin’! You’re doing it,” replied Pat, his hands gripping her ample hips while he continued to plow into her.

“He’s got a hard-on,” she said.

“Well do something about it! He’s at your end!”

Mary looked at me, swaying back and forth, trying to decide. Then spoke to Pat again.

“All right, Pat. If you say so.”

She looked back at me and licked her lips. “All right, come here, you. Scoot down the bed a bit. I can’t do it with you back there.”

I slid my bottom down the bed towards her, my legs wide apart, until my ankles were either side of Pat’s knees and my groin was positioned just in front of Mary’s face. Still resting her weight on her elbows, she lifted her right hand and gripped her fingers around the shaft of my cock.

“Okay, I’ll suck you,” she said, “But you can’t come in my mouth. Understand?”

I nodded dumbly, my breathing ragged. Mary bent her head down and took my cock into her mouth. Pat’s thrusting was all that was needed to keep Mary’s mouth sliding up and down my turgid penis. She formed a circle with her thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock, presumably to stop it going deep into her throat and gagging her. Linda would often give me a blow job and I loved the feel of her soft gentle mouth on my prick. But this was different. A sort of animal lust with sexual release as the only objective.

The three of us rocked together, oblivious to everything except our mutual need to achieve orgasm. Mary began to pant on my penis, her face flushed and damp. Suddenly she opened her mouth, releasing my prick, a string of saliva joining her lips to my cockhead. Her eyes were squeezed tight shut and she let out a low animal moan lost in the explosion of her climax. Free to unload, Pat followed quickly, grunting as he clutched Mary’s hips and squirted his spunk into her.

Mary was panting as she stroked my cock against her lips. “Remember what I said!” she murmured as she opened her lips wide, stuck out her tongue and drew my twitching cock back into her hot, wet mouth. With Pat still embedded in her cunt but motionless, panting and spent, Mary was free to concentrate on sucking me off. Her tongue swirled around the glans and her hand stroked up and down my shaft with a slight twisting action.

Much as I tried, I couldn’t hold back any longer. “Mary! I’m going to come!” I cried out, my hips bucking involuntarily up into her face. She quickly released my prick from her mouth and began to wank me rapidly with her hand. Pat leaned over her shoulder to get a closer look.

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