They Met on a TrainThey Met on a Train


They met at the train platform. He is a blind man, and she was a woman who happened to be near. She saw him and took notice “hmmm I wonder if he is on my train.” she thought to herself. “He’s cute.” As she approached she realized that he had a cane – the type used by the blind.

Momentarily she hesitated, “should I walk on and not stop?”…her thoughts trailed to the morning to the time she spent fantasizing about having a man touch her in a public place… She stopped. “Can I help you on the train?” she asked.

He tilted his head towards her “you mean me?” He asked. He had noticed a moment before that he had been approached. His keen sensory perception, due to his blindness helped him notice the mixture of pheromones, deodorant and body… It was pleasant – no it was delicious.

She responded, “yes, do you need a hand on the train?”

“Yes please.” He smiles to himself, “she has a nice voice.” he thought.

“Are you ready?” She asks and places her hand on his bare arm. Instantly, as if from an outside source; they both feel a jolt of electricity! A gasp is simultaneously emitted from them and individually their senses are heightened.

As they went onto the train Dana could feel the electric sensation between them continue to build. This sensation was felt by her only once before long ago, when she was starting into puberty. A time when she started to notice changes in her body, her body was maturing and she was noticing things, one of which was a startling electric jolt that emanated from between her legs…she was sure it wasn’t an orgasm… it was different.

This had the same quality and was equally pleasurable. She was intrigued by what could cause this in her…she needed to know more.

James sensed something different in this one. He could feel and smell her response to their contact. He pondered what it would bring. It had been a while since he could show a woman what his abilities were like…

As they stepped on the train, James decided to see where this would go. He exchanged small talk, all the while their bodies remained in contact. As the subway bounced along the tracks, they came into contact from time to time…they enjoyed the feeling of their skin touching… the electricity passing between them.

Dana was both excited and curious to know where this new experience would take them. She thought to herself “I wonder what he is thinking. Can he feel what I do?” The jostling car bounced Alanya Escort as she said this, which knocked James into her, and to catch his balance, his arm went out; which brushed her breast and apparently her hard nipple. James reflexively apologized. Dana enjoyed it, and was glad he could not see her faint smile. The softness of her breast and hard nipple did not go unnoticed by James.

He took a risk and said “I am not normally this forward, but it would be my pleasure if you joined me for a pint.”

Dana thought a moment and responded “yes that would be lovely.”

“My stop is next.” replied James. As they left the train together, James noticed the charge intensify. Dana was beside herself with the sensation as she noticed it intensify a moment later.

As they walked up from the tube, James basked in Dana’s scent. He told her how nice she smelled, she was certain he could feel her blush. The feeling of his muscular arm in her hand aroused Dana. James could hear her breathing intensify, and said “am I walking too fast? Your breathing has changed.” Inwardly he knew that it was due to arousal, but he also knew how women liked being noticed.

“Maybe a little.” she responded as she blushed inwardly.

After seating themselves in the pub next to each other (James had asked Dana to sit next to him to help him with his beer), they talked to one another; touching each other between sentences, almost as punctuation. As the beer was drunk and the conversation continued, their hands lingered on legs longer. James was leaning in to talk to her, and his mouth was so close to her ear that it made the hairs on her neck stand up. She flushed at one point. Dana was becoming very aroused; she wanted this to go somewhere. She imagined back to the fantasy earlier… could it have been her imagining him? This seemed all so familiar… her mind drifted and she saw herself standing at the bar… people touching her… between her legs, on her neck, her breasts.

She snapped back to the conversation when James’s lips touched her ear. It was like a bolt of lightning had shot through her head, and straight to her nipples. She gasped aloud. James smiled, and whispered in her ear — “Imagine, I am just getting started!” he punctuated the statement by sliding his hand up her leg to the cleft next to her pussy…

She tried to repress a grunt, and was only partially successful. “What now?” she breathed…

“To Alanya Escort Bayan my place of course.” James answered. They walked the few blocks to his flat.

As they walked and talked, Dana asked “What is it like to not see?”, out of curiosity.

James responded “I think you should experience that. Maybe we will have an experiment.” She was curious now for sure.

Once at his home they got comfortable, sat on the couch listening to music. The whole thing seemed that much more erotic and exciting. “when we were walking you mentioned an experiment, what did you mean?” Dana asked.

“Why don’t you try this?”, and James produced a visor that when worn blocked out all light. Dana was scared and excited all at once.

James got up and turned off the music. Dana sat and noticed all the sounds around her. The sound of traffic, people talking down the street — in the distance a car horn.

James asked her what she noticed and she described what she heard, her sense becoming more acute by the second. Gradually James started to touch her body, Dana gasped at how strong the electric sensation felt now. “oh my god!” she said “my skin is on fire!”

James said, “Maybe this will help.” He began caressing her skin with his tongue, everywhere he touched her she instantly got goose flesh. Soon her breathing was becoming ragged, and her nipples were so hard they ached. “Stand up and undress!” James told her. Her excitement and trust was such that she stood, and slowly took her clothes off. James stood next to her and disrobed, his hard cock springing into view.

As she undressed, James touched her body lightly. Every touch sent an electric jolt through her. Soon her pussy was so wet they could both smell it.

Next James stood next to her and stroked his cock on her thighs, and buttocks. It became a dance. Her trying to keep in contact with his hardness, and he moving away, in a sensual, teasing dance. Now and again James would tweak her nipples one at a time. Her legs slowly became wobbly with excitement. Through this whole time, hardly a word was spoken. James would say things like “I can smell your pussy. Can you?”

She would whisper “yes!”

He would say in return “my cock likes you, it wants to enter you — in your pussy, in your ass, in your mouth.” Dana could feel herself thrusting like she was fucking him as he said this.

This sightless, vertical fuck went on for close Escort Alanya to an hour, at which time they were both so aroused that they were seeing colors in the darkness from the intensity of the experience.

James gently took Dana by the hand and led her to his room. She had become accustomed to the dark. He laid her down on the bed. She felt the bed under her, her skin tingled, her body was alive with desire. Dana was completely lost in the game.

James was unnoticed as he left the room to gather what he needed.

As Dana lay on the bed, her long lithe frame twisting with anticipation, she reached down and let her hand rest on her pussy. “oh my god, my pussy is so wet. Fuck I want to cum!” Dana thought to herself. She felt her hand being removed and James on the bed next to her. Suddenly her nipples were on fire with cold. “ahhhh!” she gasped. It was immediately replaced with his hot mouth and lips. The cold and hot sensation was exquisite. She sucked in her breath, shuddering. This continued on for a bit, and abruptly ended. Her nipples now hard and distended and bright pink from the cold. Next she felt his cock on her leg as he reached across her. “its so big!” She thought.

Dana felt heat next to her. She thought nothing of this as James kissed her body all over paying special attention to the undersides of her breasts, and her neck. She was writhing on the bed by the end of it, her legs apart pussy drooling and gaping despite only having her fingers in it in the last hour ago. As if he read her mind, James slid a finger into her pussy, and rapidly finger fucked her for a few seconds. Dana grunted and gasped the whole time. She was so close to coming, and needed release. He pulled his finger out and she sucked in her breath. “please make me cum!” she pleaded. “Not just yet.” he said and leaned across her his big cock leaving a trail of pre-cum across her belly.

As she lay there she was startled by drops of heat on her tummy. It BURNED. She hissed as the wax James dropped on her quickly cooled on her skin.

After a few seconds of this he kissed her body all over soothing her from the recent experience.

Next James instructed Dana to spread her legs, which she quickly did. She was so excite that she was almost panting.

James climbed between her legs, knelt and began to kiss and lick her inner thighs and worked his way to her pussy. He dove into her wetness with abandon. He licked and devoured her liquid that ran out in copious amounts. He thrust his tongue into her like a little cock repeatedly. Dana started cumming and lost count of the number of times.

James sat up, his face covered in juice, and said, “and now I am going to fuck you!”

To be continued…

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