Their Second AffairTheir Second Affair


The door to room 69 barely closed before Adam had Maren in this arms. His mouth claimed hers as his hands went to her hair, releasing the silken strands from the clip that secured them. He ran his fingers through it, holding her head steady for the assault of his mouth on hers.

“I’ve missed you.” He admitted between kisses.

“You talk to me everyday.”

“Fucking e-mail. It’s your voice that makes me crazy. Your delicious body that gets me hard.”

“Oh stop.” Maren pulled out of his arms and started to undress.

Adam watched her work the buttons on her blouse. It still amazed him how comfortable she was with him. And with herself. She was so beautiful. So completely at ease.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” She asked, letting her blouse fall and moving to the front clasp of her bra.

“Like what?” He asked, pulling his t-shirt over his head.

“Like you want to eat me all up.”

“Because I do. I want to devour you.” He said stalking toward her.

Maren smiled and let her bra join her blouse on the floor. Her generous breasts were displayed before him. Adam caressed them. His hands lifting them. Squeezing them.

“Can I Maren?” He asked, his voice low.


Adam knelt before her. He made quick work of removing the rest of her clothes. She stood naked. She didn’t try to cover herself as his wife usually did. Instead she dared him. Dared him to touch her. To take her.

He leaned closer and kissed her rounded stomach. His hands settling on her hips as he placed wet kisses down her stomach, across to her hip and down one thigh.

Maren let out a giggle.

“Ticklish there too.”

“Can’t help it.”

Adam smiled up at her. He nipped the inside of her thigh. His tongue licking a scorching trail to her pussy. He could see her juice that coated her bare lips.

“Wet for me all ready.”

“What can I say? You have that affect on me.”

“Do I?”

Adam stood and led her to one of the chairs by the table. He sat her down on the edge. Kneeling in front of her, he leaned forward and captured one taunt nipple between his teeth. With his gaze holding hers, Adam began to lick and suck on her. Maren bit her bottom lip at the pleasure. Her legs widened allowing Adam to get closer.

Adam alternated between each breast. With each stroke of his tongue and nip of his teeth, he could feel Maren growing hotter, wetter, against his bare stomach. Backing away, he lifted one leg and settled it over the arm of the chair. He did the same to the other. Maren was completely open to him.

Maren watched through half closed eyes as Adam Alanya Escort positioned her. His eyes staring at her pussy like it was a work of art. His tongue licking his lips. He made her feel desirable. Wanted. Needed.

“Now, I’m going to eat that sweet pussy until I’ve licked up all that honey from your body.”

Maren watched as Adam bent his head and ran his tongue the length of her pussy. With her legs spread wide, her lips were open and her aching clit exposed. He lapped at the cream coating her. Gathering it on his tongue before swallowing it.

“Please Adam.” Maren moaned.

Adam dipped his head again and latched onto her clit. Maren cried out. Her hips arching, her head falling back against the chair, her hands grabbing at the arm rests. Adam slid his hands up her stomach and played with her nipples as he ate her. His mouth sucking the sensitive flesh of her clit. Maren rolled her hips. Her hand came down and held his head close to her.

Adam rolled her clit with his tongue. He kissed the bare lips of her pussy. His tongue swiping again along her pussy before delving into the tight hole. He flicked his tongue in and out of her. One hand came down and his thumb stroked at her clit.

Maren lifted her hips closer to his torturous tongue. Rocking them. She had to get closer. She could feel the tightness in her stomach. The quivering of her thighs.

“Oh God Adam!” Maren cried, pulling his mouth closer to her.

Adam tongue fucked her as his fingers milked her throbbing clit. He could feel the inner muscles of her pussy starting to clench. He stroked faster. His tongue going deep and flicking inside her.

“YES!” Maren shouted, her head thrown back as she exploded in his mouth.

Adam sucked every last bit of cream from her. His tongue drawing lazy circles over the too sensitive nub. Her thighs still shaking with aftershocks from her powerful orgasm. Adam kissed her pussy lips and moved up to capture Maren mouth. She tasted herself on him. It was intoxicating.

Adam slowly lowered her legs. He pulled her to her feet and held her until her legs could support her. He sat down and pulled her between his legs. His mouth was now level with her breasts. He leaned forward and took one hard nub into his hot mouth. Maren moaned as Adam began to suck on her. His teeth gently scraping the aching tip. Her hand came up and ran over his head, holding him to her.

“Remember all those times I told you I was going to take you over my knee?” Adam asked against her breasts.


Adam released her nipple. Before she could guess his intent, he pulled Alanya Escort Bayan her across his lap. Maren let out a squeal as she ended up face down over his hard thighs.

“This,” he said as he landed a light smack on her ass, “is for all the teasing I have had to endure over the past months.”

Adam alternated smacking each cheek until they flushed pink. Maren gasped as each blow landed. Her moans made his hard cock jerk against her stomach.

“Such a pretty color.” He said rubbing the warm flesh.

“Are you going to kiss it all better now?” Maren asked, wiggling her ass.

“Something even better.” Adam said as he lifted her and helped her straddle his hips. His cock poised at the entrance to her wet pussy.

“You’re so wet Maren. I can feel your hot honey dripping onto me.”

“Fuck me Adam. I can’t wait another second to have you inside me.”

On a groan, Adam flexed his hips and impaled her onto his throbbing cock.

“Oh yeah.” Adam growled as her hot pussy surrounded him.

Christ, he missed this. Missed her. He had never felt this before with anyone. This instant gratification. This feeling of oneness with someone.

Maren settled her hands on the back of the chair. She slowly started to raise and lower her body on him. Up. Down. Rotating. Grinding. His public hair stimulating the bare lips of her pussy.

Adam wrapped his arms around her. His hands sliding up and down her back. Caressing. Massaging. Maren leaned her head back. Her waterfall of auburn hair falling down her back and skimming his thighs. Adam fisted his hand in her hair, pulling her hard against him. Her breasts crushed against his bare chest. His lips went to her throat. Kissing. Licking.

“Your tongue is so wicked.”

Adam growled against her skin. Maren laughed. She leaned back and Adam traveled his lips down to her breasts. His tongue lapped at one nipple before taking into his mouth. His hand went to her other one and pinched and plucked at the elongated tip.

“God! Yes!” Maren increased her tempo. Bouncing on him. He breasts jiggling.

Adam sucked harder. His teeth nipping. Pulling on the ultra sensitive peak.

He switched to the other breasts and repeated the same sweet torture.

Maren felt Adam bucking beneath her, driving his cock deeper inside her. She could feel her orgasm building. The tightness coiling in her stomach. Building. Adam slipped his hand between them and found her swollen clit. He began to rub. Maren ground her hips against him.

“Yes! Yes!” She cried, exploding in his arms.

Adam held her hips still as he Escort Alanya thrust deep and spurted his hot load up inside her. His release draining him of strength, he fell back against the chair, bringing her with him. She lay cradled against his chest.

“Holy shit Mare, I can’t take much more of this.” Adam gasped out.

Maren lifted her head and smiled at him. “I thought you were made of stronger stuff than that?” She teased.

Adam growled.

“Oh, stop growling.”

“I like growling. And you like when I do it.”

“Well, you got me there.” She said kissing his chin.

“What am I going to do with you?” He asked looking down at her and stroking her back.

“Anything you want.”

“Hmmmm. The ideas are limitless.”

Maren laughed. They shared such easy banter. It always amazed her how easy it was to talk to him. Right from the beginning. They had been comfortable telling each other everything and anything. It was sometimes scary had alike and compatible they were.

“Care to show me some of those ideas.”


* * * *

Adam watched Maren dress.

“You’re staring again” She asked as she pulled on her skirt.

“I can’t look? I can only fuck you.”

“I wouldn’t say ‘only fuck’.”

Adam smiled. They definitely did more than that.

“Sara is very lucky.” Maren said as she pulled on her blouse.

“So is Kevin.”

Maren smiled as she thought of her husband.

“Do you regret it?”

Maren finished dressing and moved to stand before him.

“Adam, I have no regrets. Do you?”

“No.” He answered quickly. “In fact, I’m already wondering when we can be together again.”

“Not tired of me yet?” She asked with a teasing smile.

“Not a chance.”

Adam couldn’t imagine ever tiring of her. She was an enigma to him. Every thing he had ever wanted but never had. He had felt guilty after their first time together. After all, he had cheated on his wife. But he still couldn’t stay away. He had planned on that one night with her. To get her out of his system. To see if the reality would be as good as his fantasy.

It blew it away. And now he couldn’t stay away.

“When can I see you again?” Adam asked as she finger combed her hair into some kind of order.

“I’ll set it up. If you’re sure.”

“Baby, I’m positive.”

Adam wrapped her in his arms and crushed her soft body against his. His mouth took rough possession of hers.

They were both breathing heavy when the kiss ended.

“I have to go.” Maren said, pulling away.

Adam missed her all ready.

“I’ll see you soon?” He asked, helping her on with her coat.

“Very soon.” She said with a smile.

Adam watched her go. It was getting harder each time to watch her walk away from him. He only hoped he would still have the strength to let her go the next time her had her.

To be continued…?

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