The Weekend ConferenceThe Weekend Conference

Big Tits

Suzy waved, as she drove off down the road on the way to the conference in Harrogate.

Rob had the weekend to himself, but he knew that Suzy would be surrounded by male colleagues who, everyday in the office, secretly lusted after her.

Suzy hadn’t been looking forward to this conference. Firstly, the subject matter was boring; data protection and company restructuring. Secondly, her boss Chris was becoming a pain in the ass, seemingly criticising everything she did lately, and thirdly, she was missing an old school friend’s party on Saturday evening.

The drive to the hotel in Harrogate was uneventful, and when she pulled into the car park at 4pm she found herself parked adjacent to another PA’s car. Hayley was a colleague in her late 20s, ambitious, attractive and a bit of a cow.

Suzy had crossed swords with her more than once, added to that she also knew Hayley had a sneaking crush on Rob, her partner.

Despite that she knew they would be in the ‘female’ minority so she was prepared to make the best of the weekend with her. In a way she was glad their rooms were next to each other.

There were seven personnel from the Leeds office. Five men, Hayley and herself.

There were also six from Birmingham, all male, and a further five from head office in London, one of which was female, and amongst the four men was the Chief Executive of the company. It was very much a male dominated company.

Suzy checked in and got the lift up to the second floor, pulling her suitcase behind her. It seemed as though she must be one of the earliest to arrive, although Hayley must be somewhere around, perhaps already in her room.

She needed to unpack and hang up her couple of dresses for the two evenings formal meals. As she put her lingerie into the drawers it prompted her to wonder why she had brought such sexy undergarments to the conference. If Rob noticed, he must have wondered too.

Suzy picked up her phone as it buzzed for a text message. It was Rob.

‘Hope you’re settled in. Miss you. Be good.’

Suzy replied, ‘arrived ok. In my room. You be good too!’

Suzy was aware Rob knew that she hadn’t been an angel in the past. In fact they were very alike. Both of them had led colourful lives where sex was concerned. Both had high sex drives, but they had the bond of love.

Just then there was a knock on the door, and on opening it, Hayley stood there, blonde hair flowing over her shoulders, and a generous amount of cleavage on show in the printed summer dress.

“Hi there, Suze,” she exclaimed. Suzy hated it when she was called that!

“Hi there Hayley. I’ve just got organised.”

Hayley stepped inside the room. Looking around she commented, “Yours is the same as mine. Big bed, small room.”

“Shall we go for a drink downstairs?” Suzy was anxious to stop the small talk and see who else had arrived.

Both of them made their way, via the lift, down to the bar, and it was apparent that some of the head office contingent had arrived and were on their second, or third drinks!

A guy called Mark, who Suzy vaguely knew, came over to both of them and asked what they wanted to drink. Suzy went for a glass of Sauvignon, while Hayley had a prosecco.

Mark found it difficult to avoid looking down Hayley’s cleavage, and Suzy had an inward smile to herself. The testosterone in the bar was evident, and it mainly centred on Hayley.

Hayley had, in fact, gained a bit of a reputation in the Leeds office, and it was probable that the notoriety had gone as far as London. Accountancy firms were very incestuous. Most of it stemmed from the Christmas party in 2016, when word had it that she ended up in bed with two junior clerks still in their teens.

While several men began to circle Hayley, Suzy drifted towards the patio outside. The weather was warm and sunny, and as she enjoyed the view across the gardens she felt a gentle tap on her shoulder and a deep voice softly said, “Lovely to see you again Suzy. I wondered if you’d be here.”

Suzy’s heart skipped a beat. The voice, the touch, brought a memory rushing back from last summer. It was Martin Andrews.

Martin was a senior partner in the Birmingham office, and last summer Suzy was seconded to the Birminghan office to learn about the companies new computer system. They had had dinner together, and Martin had been a true gentleman. Too much of a gentleman in Suzy’s opinion.

In short, Martin, a tall, grey haired man in his early 60s was old school. He was married and when, after that dinner, they had kissed, and Suzy had invited him to her room, he had politely turned down the offer, even though she knew he wanted her badly.

“Oh Martin, it’s great to see you. How are you? And Julie?”

“Suzy, you look wonderful. Yes I’m good. Julie’s been quite ill but she’s improving now. It’s been a hard few months.” Martin looked sad.

Suzy squeezed his arm and immediately there was a spark of chemistry between them. She looked into his eyes and he held her gaze. It was almost as though Alanya Escort they knew that tonight was going to be special. But Suzy dare not dream.

They chatted like old friends, all the time their body language becoming more intimate.

One or two others in the assembling group had noticed it too. Normally these company weekends always threw up liaisons, but usually senior members of staff were sober, and on their best behaviour.

Mark, who had persuaded Hayley to sit next to him at dinner, had made a mental note of Martin’s interest in Suzy. Little did they both know how this observation would play out over the weekend. It would result in difficult decisions for Suzy in particular.

Just before they all were called for dinner Chris, Suzy’s boss, arrived and seemed lighthearted and full of good spirits. Totally different to the dour, demanding man that made Suzy’s life a bit of a misery most days.

He actually gave her a hug, as they all made their way to the dining room.

At the table Chris sat next to Mark, with Hayley next to him.

Suzy sat opposite Mark, with Martin next to her.

The meal was a typical hotel dinner, but the wine flowed, courtesy of the company, and the conversation got louder, and the banter more ridiculous.

Suzy was conscious of Martin’s proximity. He was such a likeable chap, and she definitely felt he was more relaxed than last year. At times during the meal his thigh made contact with hers, and rather than remove it quickly, he pressed it closer. She held her thigh against his, and it was evidence of their chemistry.

Mark had obvious intentions of getting inside Hayley’s knickers that night, and she made it obvious that she might not object.

Chris observed all this, and became more and more drunk.

The meal came to an end and as people left the table Martin and Suzy continued their conversation out on the patio, as the sun went down.

Suzy learned of Julie’s operation, and the hard time Martin had had since she came home.

After they both had a final drink of cognac Martin suggested a walk in the garden before going back to their rooms.

The light was fading fast, and the garden smelt of the light perfume of the roses. They wandered between the bushes, until they reached a bench beside a small pond.

They both sat down, and without either of them feeling awkward, they kissed. At first it was a touch of the lips. Then a glance between them. Then their lips came together again. Slightly parted at first, then their mouths opened, and Suzy pushed her tongue against Martins. They flicked against each other, and their mouths became hungry.

One of Martin’s arms was around her shoulder, while his other hand gently cupped her left breast.

Suzy heard herself moan, and her hands cupped Martin’s face. As their lips parted, she looked closely at him and whispered, “touch me.”

Martin knew exactly what she meant. His hand slid under her dress and slid up her thigh.

She parted her legs to help his access. His fingers slid up to the silk covered mound of her pussy. She gasped, as his fingers pulled the silk aside, and slid between the wet pussy lips. When he touched her clit she almost came.

“Let’s go to bed,” said Martin softly.

“I’ll go first. We’d better be discreet. It’s room 202.” And Suzy got up and walked back inside the hotel.

As she went through the bar area she half noticed Chris slumped on a sofa, but he opened his eyes enough to see her disappear into the lift, and again to see Martin pass through a few minutes later.

Suzy barely had time to take off her shoes before Martin’s tap on the door.

She opened it and Martin took her into his arms, kissing her neck and drinking in her perfume. He lifted her dress and pulled it over her head, and for the first time saw her ample breasts encased in a cerise bra. He adeptly slipped the clasp on the bra, and released those beautiful breasts to hang free. Suzy took a step back, letting him take in the view of her body with only her cerise panties covering her pussy.

Martin unbuttoned his shirt revealing the grey hairs on his chest. He unbuckled his belt, slipping off his moccasins, and stepping out of his trousers.

Suzy lay back on the bed, as Martin dropped his boxers round his ankles, and stepped towards her. His cock was semi-erect, and she noticed that he was circumcised.

He lay beside her, and as he kissed her once again, he slid her panties down over her thighs. The feeling of warm flesh against warm flesh started to harden his cock.

Then, bizarrely, there came the sound of someone moaning from the next room. Suzy smiled, and remembered that Hayley was in the next room. Mark was fucking her, and it sounded like he was not just making gentle love.

Martin was oblivious to anything outside of their room. He moved to suck gently each nipple, circling the areolae with the tip of his tongue. He gently moved his body between Suzy’s thighs, and resting on his elbows, his hands cupping her Alanya Escort Bayan shoulder blades.

Suzy could feel his hardness, and adjusted her hips so that the tip of his cock slid between her pussy lips. Martin pushed slowly, and his cock slid inside her, inch by inch.

He heard Suzy make a little moan as she pushed up against him. Just then Hayley cried out next door, “Oh my god don’t stop.”

As Martin started to thrust gently, the noises next door seemed quite strange.

Suzy was starting to become quite vocal too. Martin’s cock was thrusting and moving against her clit, and she was close to cumming.

He was an experienced lover, but he had not had sex for many months. Before he knew it, he started to ejaculate, jerking and spurting deep into Suzy’s cunt. That seemed to trigger her own orgasm, and her hips started to shudder as she yelled out, “Martin, oh god Martin.”

They collapsed in blessed release. Martin held himself inside her, enjoying the heat and the wetness between them. Next door Hayley was cumming again, and this time Mark must have cum too, because they both plainly heard him grunt and shout, “Jesus.”

Suzy and Martin lay in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep.

Martin awoke feeling Suzy’s soft lips gently sucking his nipple, and then the tip of her tongue sliding down over his chest and belly. In the darkness he sighed, as she took the head of his cock in her mouth.

Suzy felt him grow, becoming harder, until it stood upright, and she could only slide half of it into her mouth. She licked the length of it, and nibbled the textured sac of his balls.

Martin lay back luxuriating in the erotic feeling of this sexy woman.

And then as she lifted herself to straddle his body, she reached behind her to guide his cock inside her once more. As she pushed herself down on him, Martin took each of her breasts in his hands. He pinched both nipples and made her gasp. Her pussy oozed its juices, soaking his balls, and Suzy rocked back and forth and rotated her hips.

Her head was thrown back, her mouth open, and her breathing quickened. With a cry, she came again, her cunt soaking Martin’s balls.

As Suzy relaxed, she turned herself around, and lowering her wet pussy to Martin’s mouth, took his cock into her mouth once more.

The taste of her pussy juices mixed with his own semen from last night was a heady cocktail. He licked, sucked and nibbled Suzy’s clit. His own climax approached, and she seemed to be taking him deeper into her throat.

They both came together. Her clit pulsating against his lips. His cock gushing spunk into her mouth.

The dawn had arrived. At 5am, Martin crept back to his room. He had sadly told Suzy that he had to leave at lunchtime. They had had their moment. It had been magical, but it was not a long term thing.

Suzy lay awake as the morning got brighter. She listened to the dawn chorus. She also heard Hayley cumming for the umpteenth time that night. She wasn’t looking forward to the days lectures ahead. She couldn’t have foreseen what the day may bring.

At breakfast, there were many rough looking faces.

A lot of alcohol had been consumed.

But Mark, surprisingly, and Chris were bright and lively.

Martin sat opposite Suzy, keeping a respectable distance. Mark made a few ambiguous comments out loud about generation gaps and infidelity. Pot and kettle came to mind.

The morning passed. Martin left, and during the buffet lunch Mark began a conversation with Suzy that was plainly meant to find out what happened the night before with Martin.

Obviously, between fucking Hayley he had heard Martin and Suzy next door.

Chris joined them, and between them they began to allude to the possible consequences of a senior, older, married partner sleeping with a PA.

Suzy tried to dismiss the veiled threats, and the afternoon session went without incident.

It was all as boring as she had imagined it would be.

Around 5pm she phoned Rob, and visualised him getting ready for the party at Monica’s. There would be lots of old school friends there from all over the country, and she was mightily disappointed not to be there.

“What time you going Rob?” she asked.

“About eight,” he replied. “You remember Georgie? Well she and Ruth have asked if they can use our spare room to sleep over. They don’t want to have to drive back and all the local hotels seem full.”

Suzy knew that Rob and Georgie had a thing many years back, so she sounded dubious when she replied.

“Ok, but make sure she leaves the room tidy. And don’t you have too much to drink tonight.”

“I’ll be good,” Rob said unconvincingly.

“Hah! Love you.” And Suzy was gone.

Rob wondered how ‘good’ Suzy was being. He knew what she was like after a couple of glasses of Sauvignon. Anyway he would phone her from the party later.

Meanwhile, Suzy and Hayley got ready for dinner and both wore summer dresses and heels. Both showing their legs and cleavages off Escort Alanya to advantage.

Mark was again very attentive to Hayley, and Chris was making small talk to Suzy. It was quite noisy in the dining room, as a semi-pro football team were staying the night at the hotel after a local match. A few of them eyed Suzy and Hayley from afar, looking in that way men do when sexy women are around.

Both girls probably had too much wine, but they considered it a perk of the job, and having sat through a day of turgid lecturing and powerpoints, they felt they deserved it.

Around 10pm both of them decided to go up to Hayley’s room and took a bottle with them.

Mark was a bit miffed, but both he and Chris had struck up a conversation with a small group of the footballers. He said he’d come up later.

In the room Hayley poured two big glasses of wine, and she flopped out on the bed while Suzy relaxed in the leather armchair. They chatted, and for once they got on quite well, discussing gossip, men, holidays, and the weekend.

They were on their second glass, and possibly the third bottle of the evening, when there was a tap on the door, and it was Mark.

He breezed in and laid on the bed, pulling Hayley down beside him.

“I think that’s my signal to go,” said Suzy, as Mark slid his hand under Hayley’s skirt.

“Stop it,” said Hayley, pushing Mark’s hand away.

Suzy smiled, and Mark surprisingly said, “don’t go because of me. I’ll behave. And you haven’t finished your drink.”

“Ok but it won’t be long. Rob’s meant to be phoning, but he’s at a party and probably lost track of time.”

“Or chatting up a lady,” Mark’s comment didn’t fill Suzy with joy.

“Let’s see what we can get on here.”

Mark grabbed the TV remote and scanned through the menus.

Hayley continued chatting from her side of the bed, and Suzy sipped the last of her wine. She got up to go to the loo and staggered a bit realising how much she’d drunk.

She returned and fell back in the armchair saying, ” I think I’ve had a bit too much tonight,” and started to giggle.

Hayley began to reply, but was only halfway through the sentence when she stopped dead. Mark had somehow found a porn channel, and the screen showed two men and a woman on a bed. One man was fucking the woman, while she sucked the other one’s cock.

“Mark!” Hayley shouted loudly. “Trust you!”

Then both girls went into fits of giggles.

When they had calmed down a little, both of them started to study the screen more closely.

Suzy was used to watching porn with Rob, but Hayley seemed fascinated, and was obviously turned on by it as she gripped Marks thigh.

“Have you girls ever had a 3 some?” Mark asked as he watched the girls’ faces to see their reactions.

Suzy replied, “maybe I have, or maybe I haven’t.” and started giggling again.

Hayley looked sheepish, and Mark was staggered when she said, ” I’ve always wanted to try more than one…or two…or three,” she added with a straight face.

“Oh my god, why haven’t you,” inquired Mark.

“It’s never cropped up. The opportunity I mean.”

“You’d never dare even if it did,” he hesitated in his questioning.

Even more surprising was Hayley’s answer. “Oh I would. I reckon it would be a turn on.”

This was all very arousing to Suzy. Did she actually mean it? Was it the wine talking?

Suzy interrupted, ” Hayley you are such a slut!”

Hayley saw Suzy smile and smiled back and they giggled again.

“Ok, go down to the bar and round up a couple of guys.” Hayley blurted it out. She was full of bravado now.

“I can do better than that,” said Mark as the girl on the TV started to cum for the second time.

He started to tap out on the screen of his iPhone what seemed like a very long text.

Within a few seconds it rang back, and the girls heard Mark say, ” Yes it’s for real Chris. It’s room 204.”

The room went silent save for the sounds of sex on the TV.

Suzy looked at Hayley and said,” you’ve done it now. I feel I should go back to my room if Chris is coming here, but I also feel I should stay to keep you safe.”

“Please stay Suzy.” She was flushed and looked nervous.

Mark looked nervous too, but the awkwardness was broken by Chris’s tap on the door.

Mark opened it to find Chris and four of the footballers waiting behind him.

As they entered, Chris saw Suzy sitting in the armchair and registered some surprise.

She saw his face and reassured him that she was just here for moral (or was that immoral?) support.

Hayley was propped up on her elbows on the bed, looking a bit like a rabbit caught in headlights.

“Guys there are going to be ground rules to this,”

Mark spoke clearly.

“It’s only Hayley involved in this. There is to be no rough stuff. She will have a ‘safe word’ which is ‘London Bridge’ is that clear? Oh and for god’s sake keep the noise down. We don’t want to be thrown out.”

All the four guys mumbled their agreement.

“Let the party begin!”

There were two white guys both in their mid twenties, and two black guys. One who looked about 18, and the other who must have been in his late 30s.

Mark helped Hayley out of her dress, and she unclasped her bra and removed her thong.

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