The Summer of Cam Pt. 02: SherryThe Summer of Cam Pt. 02: Sherry


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“Cam, it’s for you, it’s Sherry,” my mum yelled out.

This was the phone call I knew was coming but was dreading. I’d been at Sherry’s house celebrating her 19th birthday with her and her friends last night. It had been a fun night right up until the end when Sherry’s friend Leanne caught me masturbating. I’d left early this morning so I didn’t have to face either of Sherry or Leanne…I’d also brought home a set of cum stained sheets which I’d thrown in the washing machine as soon as I got home. Of course my dear mother wanted to know why I was washing someone elses sheets. A small lie about feeling bad for spilling beer on them seemed to have worked.

Was there any way of getting out of this phone call? Probably not.

“Hello, Sherry?”

“Hi Cam, how’re you?”

“I’m good. Hey, thanks again for inviting me last night, I had a really good time.”

“I’m glad you could make it. I had a good time too, I think. Some blanks in my memory right near the end.”

Sherry had ended up reasonably drunk and Leanne and I had put her to bed. That was before ‘The Incident’.

“Haha, yeah, you went downhill fast after about midnight.”

“Mmm, I hope I didn’t do or say anything too embarrassing.”

(I was the one that was embarrassed)

“Nah, it was all good.”

“Ok, well that’s good to hear. Hey, just one thing though…”

Uh-oh, here it comes, so to speak.

“…did you steal a set of sheets?”

“Haha, oh yeah, uh, I spilt some beer on them so thought I should wash them myself. They’re in the dryer now, want me to bring them over later?”

“Well that’s a relief, I had no idea where they were. You sure you didn’t wet the bed?”

“Haha, yes, pretty sure.”

“Ok, well bring them over anytime. I have no plans for today apart from some time in the pool trying to nurse this hangover.”

“I wondered if you’d be feeling some pain.”

“Yeah, I sure am, lucky birthdays only happen once a year.”

“Haha, yep. Ok, I’ll bring the sheets over early this afternoon.”

“Thanks, come for a swim too if you want, looks like it’s going to be hot later.”

“Thanks, will do. See ya later.”


Well that was interesting. The beer excuse had apparently worked twice now (hooray for beer). No mention at all of Leanne or of the cumshot Leanne was shocked to witness. I wonder what they talked about this morning. Did it come up (pun not intended)? Surely Leanne must have mentioned it. Or was she so disgusted she couldn’t talk about it? She hadn’t given any indication last night, had just turned and hurried back to her bedroom.

An hour or so later I put on a pair of boardshorts, t-shirt, and some running shoes. The carefully folded (and now cum free) sheets were already in my backpack, so I grabbed it and jogged around to Sherry’s place. It was only about a mile and I needed the exercise. The day was already getting hot with clear blue skies, intense sunshine, and a very light breeze.

I’d worked up a light sweat by the time I rang their front doorbell. I could hear footsteps and then Sherry answered the door. She was tall at about 5-11, had her brown hair pulled back in a loose ponytail and was wearing a sarong (it was good sarong weather).

“Did you run here?” she asked, “you’re mad!”

“After last night’s pizza and beer I felt I owed myself.”

She didn’t seem convinced and invited me inside. It was dark and cool in the house but she was wearing sunglasses anyway.

“Nice shades, how’s the head?” I asked.

“Throbbing,” was all I got in reply.

I unpacked the sheets and handed them over.

“You really didn’t have to do that,” she said, “mum’s back home tomorrow, could have just left them for her.”

I was quite sure Sherry’s mother would not have been too impressed with that.

“Well, it’s done now, it was my mess and I wanted to cleanup.”

She thanked me again, said how sweet I was and turned for the back of the house. As I followed her down the corridor I had a fine view of her ass and hips rolling from side to side under the sarong as she walked. Sherry wasn’t just tall, she was broad, especially across the hips and ass.

“Did you want a swim?’ she asked.

I said that I would if that was ok, and we made our way out into their backyard. My family had been friends with Sherry’s family for as long as I could remember, so I’d been in their pool before, but not for a few years. It had been re-landscaped since I had last been there and looked superb. A new deck surrounded the pool with shade plants here and there. A couple of sun lounges were over in one corner with a table and an umbrella for shade. An outdoor shower was off in another corner and the pool itself was sparkling and looked very inviting in the early afternoon heat.

“You’re welcome to any of the drinks if you’d like,” Sherry offered, before insisting she was never drinking again. I wasn’t suffering any after-effects from the previous evening so I decided to take her up on the offer and ducked inside Alanya Escort to grab a beer from the fridge. As I came back out to the deck I asked what time Leanne had left. Sherry said she’d stayed for a late breakfast and taken off around 11:30 or so.

“What’d you guys chat about this morning?” I asked, fishing for any information that Leanne might have shared regarding my late-night masturbatory efforts.

“This and that, girl stuff,” was Sherry’s response which didn’t help much at all. She expanded her answer a little to say that they’d been talking about the party the night before, and what a good time everyone had seemed to have.

“Did you have fun?” she asked.

“Yeah, I really enjoyed it, thanks again for inviting me, and for letting me stay over. It was good spending time with you guys, and I have to admit I enjoyed it more than I expected I would.”

“Jeez, we’re not lepers you know,” she pouted, pursing her lips. Her eyes were still hidden behind her sunglasses but it looked like she was starting to feel a little better. There was some colour in her cheeks now, where they’d been quite pale when I first arrived.

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” I replied, “sorry you feel so bad today, I thought that might be the case when Leanne and I put you to bed!”

“What!? She said she’d done that herself,” exclaimed Shez.

“Well she did really, I just helped with the heavy lifting down the hallway”

“Ouch! Thanks very much,” she murmured sadly.

“Ah shit, come on, you know I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant I helped you get into your room and then Leanne banished me before she got you ready for bed,” I explained. “I would have been happy to help remove the nurses uniform,” I added with a smile.

“Hmph,” she snorted, “more heavy lifting?”

I couldn’t quite tell if she was really upset, or just playing. I certainly hadn’t meant to offend her.

“Seriously, you looked amazing last night, that uniform was hot!”

“I wish it had been a better fit, they don’t really make clothes like that for girls my size.”

“Well they should,” I added, starting to feel on safer ground, “wanna swim?”

She declined, saying she’d already been in earlier but would come in later on. I quickly took off my shirt, cap, shoes and sunglasses and slid into the cool water. It felt terrific. The pool wasn’t really long enough for proper lap swimming, but I swam back and forth a few times anyway, using long lazy strokes.

“You should come in, it’s awesome,” I called.

“I know that, I live here!” she called back, “and I am very comfortable right here,” she added.

She did look very relaxed lying back on the sun lounge, half in the shade. I climbed out of the pool soon after, I didn’t want to stay in too long as my skin tended to burn easily. I’m a redhead with the pale skin and freckles to go with it, I blame my viking heritage.

“You’re done already?” Sherry asked.

I explained the skin situation, and the lack of sunscreen and said I’d go in again later. I quickly dried off with a towel, put my shirt back on and went in and grabbed another beer, eventually plopping down on the other sunlounge. Sunglasses back on, I spent some time looking Sherry over. It looked like she had a bathing suit on under her sarong. Her legs were exposed in the sun from about the knee down. She had big calves which were very tan. Her shoulders and arms were really tan too. I realised she was watching me watching her.

“What are you staring at?” she asked.

I explained I was admiring her tan, and held out my own arm for comparison. It was a little bit brown, but much paler than her skin. And in places where I wasn’t usually exposed to sun: like torso and feet, I was really white.

“I spend a lot of time out here,” she said, “it’s peaceful and really private, most nights I hop straight in the pool as soon as I’m home from work.”

That made sense, I would too if I lived there. I’d been spending a lot of time at the beach, but usually protected against the sun, either with a rash vest or sunscreen.

“You’re welcome here anytime you know?” she offered, “it’s just around the corner.”

A day ago I would have probably said thanks but no thanks, but she was good to be around. Easy to talk to, and with a sense of humour that I hadn’t really noticed before.

“Thanks, I appreciate that.”

“You’ll have to start supplying your own beer though,” she smiled, and stood up to get into the pool. She untied the sarong to reveal there was indeed a swimsuit underneath, a green one-piece. It’d been a long time since I’d seen her in a swimsuit, maybe since we had been 13 or 14, and it was quite a sight. The thing that surprised me was that her tits were bigger than I’d expected. They I’d always thought she was pear shaped with a huge ass and smaller up top, but I was wrong. They still didn’t seem quite in proportion with her ass but they were still large and looked heavy. She was tan all the way up her thighs, which were smooth and thick. Her belly was large, but not Alanya Escort Bayan quite as big as I’d imagined. The green colour really suited her.

“It’s rude to stare,” she said and quickly turned and used the steps to get into the pool.

“I was just thinking about how much beer I’m going to have to buy.”

“Ok smartass, get some champagne for my mum too,” she called out and ducked under the water a majestic slow duckdive that provided a great view of her ass covered in the stretched fabric of the swimsuit. Last night it had been her cotton shorts and visible panty line I’d admired, today a slightly different view. I fidgeted slightly on the sunlounge, feeling my cock getting heavier in my boardshorts.

“Look out!” I called, quickly stripping my shirt off and jumping in the deep end in a big cannonball bomb.

Sherry was safely at the other end and laughed and asked how old I was. She slowly swam down to the end I was at, and bobbed up and down in the deeper water. Those big tits were moving up and down as well as their buoyancy started to control their movement.

She saw the direction of my eyes and blushed and looked away.

“How long can you stay in before you burn?” she asked. Was that her way of telling me to stop staring and go away?

“Ten minutes maybe, 15?” I ventured, “how about you, do you ever burn?”

“Never, I’m usually out here till the sun goes down,” she replied.

Well that explained the tan.

“Wanna know a secret?” she asked with a shy smile.

“Yes, please.”

She slowly swam closer, green eyes watching me. A small smile on her lips, and possibly still a little flushed. She got to a few feet away and softly said, “when no-one else is around I don’t usually wear a swimsuit out here, sometimes just some shorts but mostly not.”

She ducked under the water while I digested this exciting new piece of information. Despite the cool water my cock began to swell again. When she resurfaced I was just staring dumbstruck, mentally picturing her swimming around nude in the cool water.

“Too much info?” she asked with a smile, “sorry, I have no idea why I told you that. Promise not to tell anyone else.”

“Yeah, of course, promise,” I replied once I could speak, “so an all over tan then?”

“Haha, yep.”

“Well I will definitely be coming around here more often,” I said.

“Make sure you let us know first, I’d hate you to surprise mum in the pool,” she smirked.

“Your mum too!?” She must be almost 50 I thought to myself.

“Sometimes. It’s very liberating you know.”

“I’m sure it is,” I replied feeling a flush in my own cheeks now.

“You should give it a try,” she suggested.

“Ah, maybe someday I will,” I stalled.

She’d gotten a little closer again.

“Wanna know another secret?” she smiled, water just under her chin.

“Well, I can’t imagine how your other secret can be beat, but sure, go ahead,” I replied, wondering what was going to come next.

“I’m sad and jealous I missed your show last night,” she winked, pouted and then turned and slowly swam away.

I could feel myself go bright red immediately. Shit! Of course Leanne had told her. I dropped under the water and blew bubbles out my nose, ah shit. Once I slowly surfaced I asked her to please hold me under until I drowned. She thought that was a fine joke, clearly enjoying herself now. She pouted again and said in a baby voice that it had been her birthday party, she was meant to get all the presents. I just ducked under the water again, and swam over to the steps. As I climbed out she yelled out, “sorry, come on, stay in.” I wasn’t really sure what to do. I felt embarrassed, but at least she didn’t seem offended, in fact she thought it was a fine joke.

“I’ll burn, really,” I said and I grabbed a towel and started to dry off.

“Oh right, yeah, well how about I rub you, I mean rub some lotion on you?” she was still finding this very amusing, as I suppose I would.

I sat on the corner of the sunlounge put my shirt and smiled ruefully.

“What did Leanne say?”

“Top secret,” she replied from the pool with a charming smile.

“Bitch,” I smiled back, shaking my head.

She opened her eyes wide and faked being insulted. She then climbed out of the pool, water cascading off her abundant flesh. This was just such a weird situation, I was so embarrassed and at the same time also turned on at the sight of this big girl dripping in her swimsuit. Well, she already knew…and hadn’t run screaming, so I figured I might as well play along.

“It’s not my fault you went to bed early like an old grandma.”

“Meanie! My birthday, I should get a show.”

“Careful what you wish for,” I warned.

That stopped her. It had been a great joke up until now but I had called her on it. She went red, blinked a few times and swallowed.

“Well?” I asked, “Birthday girl, want a present?”

“I was just kidding around,” she said, looking at me curiously.

“But you seemed so disappointed,” Escort Alanya now I was teasing her, “yes or no”.

She was almost a crimson colour now, and gave a small laugh, almost a sigh, and said so softly I could barely hear it, “yes please”.

Oh shit. Did I hear that right? It suddenly seemed extremely quiet out in her backyard.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

A long pause, as she looked down at her feet, off into the distance, up into the sky, then directly at me and said, “yes.”

This was now awkward, she was embarrassed, I was embarrassed (and turned on). Well, it’s just jerking off I thought to myself. I do it daily anyway. Hell, I was sure I’d broken some kind of masturbation World record in my mid-teens.

“If you’re serious I will, but if you’re messing with me now that is just cruel.”

She looked me in the eye again and said “yes please,” in a firmer voice. Her lips were slightly apart, she was still red, her eyes held mine though. I realised my heart was pounding fast. Leanne had caught me by accident, I hadn’t even known she was there until too late…not just me putting on a show for someone.

“Here?” I asked.

“It’s private,” she replied, raising an eyebrow.

I decided there was no point delaying things, I’d offered, and she’d accepted the offer. I lay back on the sunlounge and stripped off my shorts. At least my cock hadn’t shrivelled in the water, it was still slightly swollen and lay against my thigh.

“It’s beautiful,” she whispered, almost to herself.

I dunno about beautiful but it is what I got. As far as I knew it was average length, average thickness. Just average. I rubbed my nipple through my shirt. She was silently watching. I took my cock in my right hand and stroked gently. Despite the weird situation, or maybe because of it I got hard very quickly. I had no idea of the protocol here, but I felt I had to say something, so I explained that it was now fully erect, as big as it gets. Sherry was sitting on the other lounge and had leaned in closer and nodded.

“Should I go quick?” I asked, still unsure on the ‘rules’ here.

“I don’t know,” she said softly, “you choose.”

“Umm, ok, I’ve never done this before, so I dunno exactly what to do.”

“You did it last night,” she smiled, seemingly over her initial awkwardness.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I sighed, “that was different though.”

I started stroking my shaft, from my red pubic bush up to just under the head.

“Should you take off you shirt?” she asked in a weird voice.

“Umm, it’s your present I guess, you tell me?”

“Yes please.”

I sat up awkwardly and took my shirt off. I asked if she felt like taking her top off too. She looked sheepish and said no so I lay back down and started stroking again, quickly finding a rythym. I looked across and she was watching with rapt attention. One hand up at the base of her throat, kind of resting there like she was surprised. Her lips were still open and I could see her white teeth and the tip of her tongue. She was breathing quickly, and so was I. I pinched my nipple with my left hand…it was hard too. I looked across again and was sure I could see her nipples poking into the swimsuit material.

There was pre-cum leaking out of the tip and she stared at it fascinated.

“Does that always happen?” she asked in that strange voice.

“Uh, yeah, wanna taste?”

She just wrinkled her nose so I took that as a no. I rubbed my left index finger across the sticky bubble forming at the tip of my cock. Then tasted it myself while watching her reaction. She let out a soft moan and wriggled in her seat softly. One hand had gone to her boob, unconsciously I think, and teased her nipple. That was such a turn on. Her wriggling had spread her fat thighs apart slightly. Only slightly though and they still blocked any view towards her swimsuit covered pussy, but I did try to picture it. Shaved? Trimmed? Full bush?

I closed my eyes briefly and kept stroking. I heard a sigh, a soft moan and the sunlounge creaking. I looked across to see she’d had a change of heart and had slipped the swimsuit straps off her shoulders and pulled it down below her breasts. They were hanging free, fat and heavy. She had dark brown nipples, and was pinching and twisting one of them. Her mouth was open and she was breathing rapidly. She leaned back a little and spread her legs further apart before moving one hand to her crotch, rubbing her pussy through the swimsuit material. A crease started to form where the material was being rubbed into her slit.

“Take it off,” I croaked, feeling close to climax now.

I’d expected her to say no, but she heaved herself upright, then peeled the swimsuit down across her belly. As she then dragged it down over her fat thighs and towards her ankles she bent forward. Her tits swung low, nipples erect, and swayed back and forth briefly. That nearly sent me over the edge. She then stood back up and for the first time I saw that she did indeed have a hairy bush. A perfectly inverted brown triangle nestled at the junction of those massive thighs.

She sat down quickly on the edge of the sunlounge, legs spread apart and tits hanging down towards her belly. Her right hand went back to her pussy and obscured my view of it. As she started rubbing she let out a low moan.

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