The Stable BoyThe Stable Boy

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Pam looked at her reflection in the mirror after splashing cold water on her face. It had been a long day, and although she loved her job and the patients she cared for, she was glad to be done for the day. She couldn’t wait to get to the stables, so she and her horse Whiskey could take a nice ride until dusk. It always soothed her body and soul to spend time with the animal. The freedom of riding with the wind in her hair, and the relaxing routine of feeding and cleaning up after Whiskey made her happy in a world where pleasures were sometimes scarce.

She approved of what she saw in the silvered glass, as she stood sideways and looked at her body. She pushed her breasts together, and let them fall. Her body was lean and supple. Her ass tight, and firm.

“Not bad.” She muttered, and wondered if HE would be there today.

She noticed him working at the stables a few weeks ago. He was tall, with wavy black hair, and a wry smile. He was kind of quiet and shy, but she had seen him looking at her a few times. When he noticed her looking back, he quickly looked away, and got back to work.

She admired how he gently, yet forcefully worked with the horses, always patient and in control. She sometimes found herself wondering how it would feel to be handled by him, his rough hands in her blonde hair, pulling her gently but firmly against him. She imagined feeling his hard bulge pressing against her as he kissed her deeply, their mouths so hungry for each other.

She shook her head to snap out of it. She needed to get a hold of herself. She was starting to get a little misty. She didn’t care much for dating. It seemed so contrived, somehow phony. Two people putting their best face on to share a meal or a movie and try to sell themselves to each other just didn’t sound fun. She had been hurt before, and she shut that part of herself away, but these feelings had begun to surface again in a big way.

“Get it together girl!” She admonished herself, and headed out toward the stables.

Steve enjoyed working at the stables. The people were nice and the owner was easy about the schedule, and being a single dad, that meant a lot. He loved working with the animals and being outside. He had worked on farms as a kid, caring for the beasts, and talking to their non judgemental faces about his terrible family life. He could tell them his dark secrets, and they would just look at him with what he liked to believe was love.

Love… he thought wistfully of the beautiful blonde who had been coming in to ride Whiskey. He hadn’t thought of love in a long time. Since his heart was broken, and he was left with two children to raise, he just didn’t have the time for such things. He just could not keep his eyes off of her though, she just had a look… so kind and strong. He thought she might have seen him looking. He hoped not. He did not want to get in trouble. He needed to keep his head down and focus. He could not lose this job.

She was just so breathtaking, even with mussed hair and dirt on her face. Perhaps she was even more gorgeous then. The sweat dripping down her temple as she curry combed Whiskey…down to her jaw, then her neck, then down her shirt.

“Stop it!” He slapped himself out of his reverie, startled at what was happening to him. He untucked his flannel shirt to cover himself, and continued stacking hay bales. Moments later she was back like a delicious curse that would not let his mind rest. He smiled. He felt like a teenager suddenly and chuckled to himself. “Take it easy Romeo.” He mumbled, as he hoisted another bale.

He loved the physicality of the work. At least he didn’t need a gym membership anymore. His forearms bulged and glistened as he grasped each bale in his strong hands. His chest heaving, and his heart pounding, he could lose himself in the work. The sweat trickled down his back and chest, soaking the waistband of his jeans. He lifted and turned and threw, lifted, and turned and threw. The repetition was soothing, but he could not stop his racing mind. He imagined lifting her and putting her on the bales before him, her look of lust as she tore off her chambray shirt and pulled his face against her sexy white tank top. He imagined the smell of her sweat. It is intoxicating. He buries his face in her cleavage.

“Hey Steve!” The boss shouted from across the barn. “I need some help in the tack room! Someone left a mess in there.”

“I’ll be right there!” Steve shouted back, snapped once again from his delightful torment. This was getting out of hand.

There was indeed a mess in the tack room, bridles mixed with harnesses, bits on the floor, dirty saddles, and the ropes were just a tangled nest. Alanya Escort The ranch had been hosting an intro to horsemanship class, and it was not going smoothly. A lot of entitled housewives who had wanted a horse since they were little girls, came out and realized that these were big magnificent animals who required a lot of work. Work was not their strong suit, and thus after having a nice ride, they just threw all their shit into the tack room figuring someone else would take care of it.

“Hey, job security!” He thought as he wiped the dirty snaffle bit and put it in its proper place.

That’s when she walked in. He tried not to look too happy to see her, and casually nodded in her direction. She was as incredible as his imagination had reminded him all day. How was it possible for jeans and a tank top to be the sexiest thing he had ever seen? Somehow she pulled it off. He tried to think of something clever to say.

“Nice evening for a ride.” He said, immediately feeling like an idiot. He looked at himself, dirty and smelly from working here all day and wondered what had possessed him to speak to this beautiful creature.

“What happened in here?” She asked, astonished at the state of the place?

He explained about the new class who felt it’s meager fee entitled them to treat the stables so shabbily.

“Let me help you.” She said touching his forearm gently. “I am in no hurry.”

She bent down and picked up a bridle, and hung it in it’s proper place. Her movements were lithe and graceful, and her hair smelled like lavender. Steve felt a sudden stirring in his loins, and he was glad his untucked shirt was covering him. He loved watching her move around the room hanging the ropes and reins with a deftness that was impressive. He gulped, finding his mouth dry as he watched her bent over a tangle of rope. Her hands skillfully unraveled the mess, but he found himself staring at her breasts. He could see down her tanktop, and was lost blissfully in her glistening cleavage. Her breasts shook slightly as she worked the knot loose.

Pam looked up and saw him staring, though he tried to look away. His face was flushed, and he nervously looked around, grabbing a saddle off of the floor. Still bent over at the waist, she kept looking at him until he finally made eye contact. She thought he might be trembling slightly. She glanced down at her shirt, looked back into his beautiful blue eyes, and gave him her most devilish smile. He smiled back, and she could see that he was definitely trembling a little. He blushed, and lifted the saddle up to the top rack. In doing so, his shirt went up, and exposed his previously hidden bulge. She admired the shape of his cock through his tight jeans, and his firm stomach soaking the waistband of his boxer briefs. He realized he was exposing his secret, and still blushing, concealed himself again. She pretended not to notice, and returned to putting away the now untangled ropes.

She scolded herself as she cleaned. What was she thinking?! She doesn’t act like this! This is so unlike her, yet seeing him blush, and seeing how much she excites him is turning her on in a way she isn’t used to. Still, she felt like such a bad girl. She was NOT a bad girl. Was she? She looked over and watched him cleaning the last of the saddles.

“Maybe you should put that one up on the top rack too.” She said with a coy grin, her finger twirling her hair.

Realizing that she had seen his engorged state, he was mortified. He stumbled over himself trying to apologize. She thought to herself that if his face got any more flushed, his head just might explode.

“I am so sorry!” He exclaimed. “Please know that! I have been alone for a long time, and am having some issues with arousal. You are so beautiful, and your kindness just sent me over the edge. I tried to conceal it, so please forgive me, and please don’t tell anyone. I really need this job!”

“Relax.” She assured him. “I promise I won’t say a word.” She took his hand in hers, and gazed into his eyes. “I understand longing, believe me.”

He leaned forward, and kissed her delicately on the lips. She felt a tingling sensation spread through her body, and opened her mouth wider to explore his kiss. Their tongues entwined, and the spark burst into flame. She threw her arms around him, and kissed him deeply, her fingers probing through his black wavy hair. He pulled her against him, his strong arms around her waist, hands reaching down to grasp her ass. His lips moved down her neck, and back up, taking an earlobe into his mouth, and darting into her ear causing her to tremble with desire. He whispered into her ear.

“Would Alanya Escort Bayan you like to take a moonlight ride?” He asked, panting, his eyes wide.

“Absolutely.” She replied breathlessly. “Anything you want.”

Together, they nonchalantly left the tack room, and headed to the stables. They couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other as they saddled up the horses. Pam put the saddle on Whiskey, while Steve approached the Arabian gelding named Archimedes. He was a magnificent horse, but was rarely ridden due to his propensity to throw people. He had been abused, and was quite hard to handle. She was surprised to see how gentle Steve was with the animal. Archimedes responded to him in a way she had never seen. In moments, he was saddled and ready to go. Instead of the wide eyed fear and distrust she usually saw, Archimedes looked proud and calm. Seeing the look on Pam’s face, Steve explained that he had a way with abused creatures.

“It’s a gift.” Steve explained. “I know what he’s been through, and he gets that.”

She smiled that beautiful smile that made him feel weak, and headed out of the barn, and down the moonlit path toward the lake. He followed, with a lump in his throat, and a growing excitement filling his core.

They rode silently in the moonlight, looking at each other. Whiskey and Archimedes cantered down the path, side by side, seemingly enjoying each others company. She had seen the gelding kick and bite at other horses in the past, but he seemed so calm and friendly now. It was quite a difference indeed. Pam nudged Whiskey into full gallop, and Steve watched her with admiration as she disappeared down the path. Steve stoked the gelding on the neck and made a clicking sound.

“Go get her boy.” He urged the magnificent beast on, and in an instant he was racing down the path at a full gallop. Moments later he had caught up, and Steve watched Pam riding to beat the devil, standing in her stirrups, blonde hair flowing out behind her. She was just incredible, he thought to himself.

“Don’t let her get away boy.” He whispered into the horse’s ear, and felt the horse step it up a notch.

They rode on this way for some time, thundering hooves, and wind in their hair, until up ahead the lake came into view. It was such a beautiful, clear summer night. The lake looked like a mirror reflecting the moon and stars. Pam dismounted with a flourish, and tied Whiskey to a cottonwood tree near the lake’s edge. Steve tied Archimedes there too, and removed his saddle and blanket, placing them in the grassy clearing.

The lovers embraced each other in the tranquil moonlight, savoring the feeling of being held, and gazing at each other with wanton craving. He removed his flannel shirt and threw it to the ground. She removed her chambray shirt, and lay it on top of his own. She stood there in her tanktop and jeans looking at him. He removed his dirty t-shirt, and suddenly realized how dirty he was from working all day. He felt chagrined, but continued to disrobe regardless. Soon he stood before her in only his boxer briefs. She watched every movement carefully, relishing the sight of his glistening body in the moonlight. He suddenly ran for the lake and dove in, he sank below the water feeling it’s cool relief on his fevered flesh. He turned and looked at her standing on the bank and smiled.

“The water feels great.” He said looking at her, and reaching under the water, pulled off his boxer briefs, and tossed them onto the shore.

She looked up at the full moon for a moment, then looked around to make sure that they were in fact alone. She removed her tanktop and jeans, and stood before him in the moonlight in her bra and panties. Holding her breasts in her hands, she turned in a circle, showing her perfect ass. She wore little cheekies that showed the lower half of her luscious behind. Her soft skin shone in the moonlight, and he felt a wave of affection wash over him in a way he had never experienced before. She was such a beautiful dichotomy of tenderness and strength. He wanted to possess her, and free her all at once. She was everything he had ever imagined wanting in a woman.

She watched him treading water with a look in his eyes that she couldn’t quite decipher, but found completely intoxicating. He looked like he was seeing something transformative indeed. She locked onto his gaze, and ever so slowly unclasped her bra, and half covering herself, let it fall to the ground.

“Show me.” He said eagerly, stepping toward the bank.

She slowly raised her arms over her head in a “ta daaa” type of gesture. She was absolutely perfect. Her ample breasts bounced in the moonlight.

He Escort Alanya motioned for her to join him with a curling finger, and she dove into the lake, appearing at his side. He kissed her deeply, and she opened herself to him completely. They kissed deeply, and passionately in the water feeling themselves swept away in a fever of groping and gasping desperate pleas to one another.

They slowly moved toward shore, kissing and fondling as they did so. She had her legs around his waist. Kissing him passionately. He carried her up to the bank and laid her upon the horse blanket, with her head against his saddle. He could not seem to kiss her deeply enough. His desire was so strong.

He looked down upon her and tried not to weep at her beauty. She lay there before him in her wet panties, trembling a little. He kissed her up and down, sucking her breasts and kissing her trembling belly. Her breasts hitched and shook with her fevered breathing, and she writhed beneath him in complete ecstasy. She reached for him desperately, pulling his head between her luscious breasts. He licked and sucked hungrily, his warm hands all over her skin. Her nipples were hard as diamonds, and he sucked greedily on one while fondling the other. She just loved having her nipples played with, and watching him sucking her tits was making her crazy.

He turned her, and bent her over the saddle, lifting her hips, and presenting her beautiful bottom to the moon. He squeezed her round ass cheeks, and proceeded to gently nibble and lick her all over. He ran his hand down the edge of the delicate lace to her sweet hot slit. He teased her pussy over the fabric for a bit, before pulling it aside, and plunging his tongue deep inside her. He began to lick and suck on her labia while exploring her clittoral hood with his fingers. She felt wracking spasms of pleasure as he stroked and licked her pussy all over. He slowly pulled her soaking cheekies off and lay them with the other clothes. He turned her back over, and continued to worship her delicious womanhood. She gripped him by the hair, and pulled him tightly against her, and he sucked her clit into his mouth and lapped it vigorously with his tongue. He looked up at her with her pussy in his mouth, and she just gazed into his eyes, watching him enjoy her. She held his head firmly and moved her hips around, rubbing herself all over his face. His look of utter ecstasy was incredible. She was starting to feel her orgasm on the way, building toward a glorious crescendo. She pulled him up to her face, and kissed him passionately, and reaching down, found his hard cock waiting to enter her.

She took him eagerly in her hand and slowly rubbed his dick ever so slowly against her enflamed labia. She was tortured by the wracking pleasure she felt as she moved his cock up against her clitoris and flicked it from side to side. She slowly and deliberately inserted his shaft into her hot throbbing pussy, one delicious inch at a time.

He groaned as he entered her, a deep longing sound. He looked into her eyes as he moved in her, nibbling and sucking at her lips, and throat, his blue eyes were wild with desire. She continued to rub her clit in s slow circular motion, as she fucked him, and soon she started to feel it coming. She was so close. She kissed him hard, then cried out a long shuddering moan. It had been so long, her climax was shocking in its intensity.

Feeling the gripping spasms of her orgasm and seeing the look of bliss on her face was more than he could take. She was so amazing. He moved faster in her hot wet flesh. He came in her with an explosive rush. He felt dizzy and elated and just kissed her over and over, and ground his hips into her again and again. They writhed against each other grasping and kissing and feeling the rush of coital bliss, until they collapse in satisfied heap. She lay her head on his chest, and he stroked her hair softly.

The moon shone down as if only for them, reflecting its beauty off of the lake. Whiskey and Archimedes whinnied softly in the distance, and for that glorious moment, all seemed right in the world. They lay together gazing at the sky and holding each other…being happy and content.

After a time they dressed, and Steve saddled Archimedes. They rode back to the stables making awkward glances at one another in the dark. When the horses were put away, he walked her to her car. She looked at him in the moonlight, and he gazed back at her enrapt. He pulled her to him and looked deep into her eyes.

“Thank you.” He said, and kissed her gently on the lips. She grabbed him by the hair, and kissed him hard probing him with her tongue.

“That was nice.” She said, trying to play it cool. She stroked his cheek, then gave him gentle slap. “My naughty stable boy.” She said smiling.

She drove off watching him in the rearview mirror, still grinning. It was going to be an interesting summer, interesting indeed.

The End

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