The Return of Summer-WifeThe Return of Summer-Wife


Nate returned home after a long commute. Entering the living room, he spied Sydney sitting on the couch, watching the evening news. “You’re home early,” he said.

“Yup! I had a little paperwork to finish and it was finishes by noon so I came home. Besides, there was no one else in the department today. I even had time to take a nap this afternoon. Since I am not teaching any classes the second summer session, I do not need to go into the school often. I can relax and enjoy the summer.”

“Good for you! You look relaxed. Speaking of relaxing, I am going to try to work my commute out of my system then take a quick shower. What’s for dinner and are the kids joining us?”

“Nick is out with Charlotte. I think he said they were going to meet up with friends and going to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror and the Bijou. Cristal went to the mall with her posse. She said she needed some new shorts and then she and the others are staying over at Natalie’s. And, I really do not feel like cooking,” Sydney said lazily. “How about I call the Doctor Zhivago’s and have a couple of sandwiches delivers?”

“Guess we should not expect to see much of our kids much now that school is out. Sure, The Doctor sounds fine,” Nate replied. “Call me when dinner arrives. I will be working out.”

Sydney Bailey-Hawthorne loved summer. As professor of mathematics at Valley Northern Community College, she busted her butt during the school year. Most days during the fall and spring semesters, she had a full class load and worked long hours. “School-Wife” is her title was from August to May. While she is a loving and caring person, “School-Wife” is always tired which restricts her love life to Saturday Nights with a very rare surprise attack.

Summer allowed Professor Bailey-Hawthorne to relax and catch up on her sleep. So soon after classes ended, she transformed from “School-Wife” to “Summer-Wife” — a Jekyll and Hyde transformation, but in a good way. She is very loving and caring but “Summer-Wife” was a much more energetic person.

“A good night’s sleep is the best aphrodisiac,” a friend had said to her once. Summer had arrived, she was rested, and “Summer-Wife” had woken up from her long slumber. In short, Sydney was horny. The fact that their kids were gone for the evening was a bonus. Sydney said she would clean up from dinner, allowing time for Nate to begin his shower. After an appropriate delay, she rushed upstairs, shedding her clothes along the way.

She opened the shower Ağrı Escort door. “You look like you can use some help,” Sydney announced as she entered the shower. Grabbing the soap, she lathered her hands and scrubbed Nate’s back. Starting at his shoulders, she worked her hands down and admitting her husband’s physique. Nate exercise routine allowed him to age well and after twenty-five plus years of washing his back, it stilled turned her on.

Nate turned to rinse the soap from his back and enveloped his wife in his arms. . The couple stood in the warm spray and let the warm, moist air caress their skin as a small pool of water filled the space between Sydney’s breasts. They were content for the moment to let the shower do its magic.

After what seemed to be an hour (much too short of a time to Sydney), Nate lifted Sydney’s chin and kissed her. He kissed her lips, neck, and face. He began to tenderly explore her skin, rubbing and massaging her back and bottom. Then without warning, Nate twirled Sydney and placed her under the shower spray. She felt the warm streams of water stroking her scalp. Nate retrieved a bottle of shampoo and squirted some into his palm. He slowly worked the shampoo into Sydney’s hair. Sydney closed her eyes and melted as Nate’s hands massaged the firmly her scalp.

Sydney’s pulled Nate close and her horny-factor, which was already high, raised several notches as their bodies rubbed together, lubricated by soap, water, and shampoo. “Summer Wife” made a triumphant return and took complete control as “School-Wife” willingly and happily retreated and began her summer hibernation.

Sydney’s revelry was interrupted when Nate started to rinse the shampoo from her hair. She quickly bent her head forward and placed the top of her soapy head squarely into the center of Nate’s chest, leaving a frothy oval. “You wicked imp,” he cried but Sydney just beamed triumphantly, then giggled and tilted her head back. The spray made small rivers through her hair and tickled her scalp. Leaning back into the spray, Sydney grabbed Nate bottom for balance, forcing their hips closer, increasing her horny-factor several more points.

Sydney was content for the moment with the warm spray on her head, Nate’s fingers running through her hair and their hips pressed together. However, Nate had other plans. He again picked Sydney up and twirled her around so he was in the shower spray. He reached for the soap and with an accompaniment of rude noises, Ağrı Escort Bayan suggestively squirted the white lotion onto his wife’s neck and chest. He poured some soap into his hands and starting at Sydney’s neck gently rubbed his soapy hands over her neck, shoulders, back, and bottom, making sure she was quite soapy.

After a short pause (to re-soap his hands), Nate asked Sydney to turn around so that he faced her back. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. While his hands soaped up her breasts, Nate rubbed his body against her soapy back. This “Human Loofa” was something he knew drove her crazy and Sydney’s horny-factor went off the scale.

Soap, skin, and motion caused Nate’s cock to rise. Sydney aided his own horny-factor by working her own “Human Loofa” actions and by reaching her hands behind her and stroking his soapy shaft.

As the paramours cleaned each other (in a dirty sort of way), Nate’s hand moved south as his other continued to rub and massage Sydney’s breast. He wanted to make sure she was clean “everywhere” and made small circles over Sydney’s womanhood. The rubbing of her breasts and the pinching of her nipples just made Sydney want to “Loofa” Nate’s manhood more.

Sydney was hot, VERY HOT and Nate’s cock was very hard, VERY HARD. There was only one thing to do …


Sydney regretfully broke Nate’s love hold and asked him for the showerhead. As he turned to removed it from its cradle, Sydney pressed close and reached for Nate’s manhood. She stroked the slippery rod slowly several times until Nate stopped her. He handed her the showerhead and Sydney rinsed the soap away. She then turned the shower spray on Nate. After playfully spraying his face, she rinsed the soap off his body. Starting at his chest, she guided the spray so that the bubbles flowed down his sexy torso and over his erection. Sydney ensured all soap was rinsed away by tasting her husband’s skin with her lips and tongue, paying extra attention oral attention to his cock and balls.

“Here hold this,” she suddenly announced and left the shower. “Hey! Where are going?” Nate growled. She soon returned with her shaving stool. Turning her back to her husband, Sydney placed her hands on the stool, bent over. Wiggling her ass playfully, Sydney offered her husband her very needy “womanhood”.

He smiled and moved forward. Entering her from behind, he slid full length of his shaft very slowly into Sydney. Then very slowly, he removed Escort Ağrı it. Again, he slowly pushed in and slowly pulled out, teasing her unmercifully. Sydney wanted him to fuck her hard and fast and Nate knew of her desire. But, he was not going to give in to her quite yet. He wanted show his appreciation to “Summer Wife” and a ‘quickie’ in the shower was an inappropriate acknowledgement of her return. Besides, after a long winter’s nap, “Summer Wife” needed a long slow session to ensure she was properly awake.

Nate slowly increased his pace, sending Sydney into a slow burn. She wanted more, she needed more, she begged for more! Nate had every intention to accommodate her desires but at his pace. He maintained his long slow thrusts up until his wife began to scream profanities at him. Nate laughed and suddenly thrust his cock fast and deep into his wife. “OOOO,” Sydney gasped. Again, Nate pushed hard and deep. “YES! YES!” Sydney blazed with wantonness.

Sydney felt her orgasm quickly build. With each of Nate’s vibrant thrusts, he pushed her closer to the edge — a thrust and a bit closer … Another Push and Another Stride Closer … NATE SLAMMED IN TO HER AGAIN AND SHE WAS FORCED TO THE VERY EDGE. As Nate withdrew to position for another hard thrust, Sydney suddenly arched her back and screamed. He pushed even harder and faster into Sydney as he shook and felt wave upon lustful wave pulsate through her body.

As she succumbed to her wanton exhaustion, Sydney sadly cried for Nate to stop. She tuned and sat on the stool. She grabbed Nate’s erection and pulled it into her mouth. She reached around her husband and placed one had on each of his butt cheeks. She then slowly pushed his cock deep into her mouth and held it there for as long as she could. Quickly pulling the shaft out, she took a couple of quick breaths and placed his cock between her lips again. She guided it with her tongue to the back of her throat and once again held it.

Through her oral activity, Sydney mimicked Nate’s slow and deliberate, slow strokes. Only this time she was in control. Nate tried to push move her head faster over his cock but Sydney resisted and maintained a slow, steady, and deep movement. However, it did not take long before Nate felt that special quivering in his balls. His low, guttural groan alerted Sydney and with one extra slow and deep insertion, Nate erupted. Sydney moaned as she swallowed Nate’s gift. When Nate was empty, she licked his cock, sending chills through his body. Eventually, he could take no more and gently pushed his wife away.

A few minutes later, as the lovers climbed into bed, warm, dry, and naked, Nate whispered “Welcome back, Summer-Wife” to Sydney who giggled and ravenously kissed her husband.

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