The Promotion_(2)The Promotion_(2)


This is a revised edition of a story I wrote several years ago. It is formatted for a little easier reading. I hope you enjoy. Comments appreciated


Chapter 1

“Jake’s Frustration”

Wendy was purring contentedly. Her husband Jake was lying behind her in their warm king-sized bed with his arms wrapped around her and softly squeezing her breast and rolling her taut nipple between his thumb and forefinger. His big 8 inches of man meat was buried in her warm pussy and he was deliciously slow fucking her from behind. Every time he moved into her she would push her ass back against him to heighten the sensation of his cock sinking into her wet pussy. It really felt great. Just a short while ago he had licked her pussy and clitoris until she was in a state of frenzy and she had begged him to fuck her. It had started off wild and hard and they had fucked ferociously like a pair of teenagers doing it for the first time but now they had slowed to a more comfortable pace and were slowly building towards what promised to be a really great orgasm.

Earlier they had kissed and cuddled on the bed and pretty soon things had started to heat up. Jake had taken off the top of her nightgown and her big beautiful 36D tits had spilled into view. Jake just couldn’t get enough of her tits. He had squeezed and fondled and nibbled on them until her dusky nipples had started to harden and then he sucked on them like he was dying of thirst. Having a grown man suck on your tits like a little baby was an extremely satisfying feeling but it also made a woman really horny. She could feel her cunt beginning to get very wet and there was a hot feeling in the pit of her stomach. She reached down and felt for Jake’s big cock through his shorts. It was already rock hard and she could feel it pulsing as her hand closed around its wide girth. She started to slowly jerk him off while he was sucking her tits and then with her other hand she reached a little lower and found his balls and began to slowly fondle and squeeze them as his cock grew even harder.

Jake groaned and stood up quickly and stepped out of his shorts and then moved up to place his throbbing cock between her breasts and began to fuck her cleavage. She reached up and squeezed her breasts together to make the crease even tighter for him and he humped away with a glazed look in his eyes.

“Enough,” he said, pulling away from her. “I need you to suck me off now.”

Wendy obediently held his cock in her hand and guided it into her warm waiting mouth and quickly took in the big purple bulge of his cockhead plus two more inches before clamping her lips down tight and starting to suck hard. That always drove him crazy. That first gulp and suck before she slowly started to suck more and more of his cock into her eager waiting mouth until she had all 8 inches of him captured between her lips.

Jake froze and Wendy held him trapped like that for what seemed like an eternity before she slowly started to release him, all the while licking and teasing his cock as it slowly withdrew. Then she would bite the head gently and suck him in again. Over and over she did this, each time a little faster until soon she was sucking on him and squeezing his balls at a furious pace and Jake was bucking his hips to match her sucking. Jake always said she was the best cocksucker he had ever known. Soon however, he had to pull away from her eager mouth to stop himself from cumming so he could get her ready to fuck. He pushed her back on the bed and hooked his fingers into the elastic of her panties and pulled them slowly down over her hips and completely off. The soft mound of her vagina, covered with a tangle of dark brown hair was now completely exposed to his hungry gaze. He reached up and spread her legs wide apart while at the same time raising her hips, then he lowered his head between her thighs and slid his tongue into the folds of her waiting pussy.

It was always like an electric shock, when she felt his tongue probe in between her soft inner lips and on into her waiting vagina. He would twist and turn it inside her, driving her wild with lust, then he would run it up higher until he found the little hood covering her clitoris and he would begin to lick and tease until that little nubbin of soft flesh that was the seat of her sex would begin to harden and finally it would pop out of it’s sheath into his waiting mouth. He would suck and chew on it until the pain pleasure was so intense she thought she was going to explode, then he would release it and drag his tongue back through the length of the lips of her pussy until he found the tight little pucker of her asshole and his tongue would then softly lick around the little ring of muscle and try to slip inside. Subconsciously she would contract her sphincter muscle and his tongue couldn’t get past it, so he would slowly lick back the other way and repeat the process over and over again until she couldn’t stand it any longer and would scream,
“Now Jake! Fuck me now! ”

Jake quickly crawled up between her legs and placed the head of his cock up against the entrance to her sex and with one hard shove he pushed the whole 8 inches of his manhood into her waiting cunt. “God!” it always felt so good the first time he buried the whole length in her. He would always let it just rest inside her for awhile, so she could feel its size and warmth before he would start to withdraw it and begin to fuck her. Her legs would slide up around his back and grip him while he started to fuck her harder and harder and faster and faster. His thrusts became almost ferocious and she fucked him back with equal intensity and soon they were going at it like a pair of wild animals.

Eventually they would tire and then he would lay her on her side and start to slowly fuck her from behind. They were in that position now and his cock was sliding smoothly in and out her slippery wet vagina while he was gently squeezing her breast.

Jake could feel the pressure in his balls starting to build and Wendy’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter so he knew she was close too. He started to take his cock completely out of her pussy on each stroke and then slide it up towards her asshole before sliding it back down again into her pussy. Soon her asshole was also very wet and Jake reached down with his finger and started to rub very softly around the rim of her anus trying to get the little muscle to relax. He was starting to cum and he slid his cock out of her pussy and up to her asshole. He began to push gently and his cock started to force open her anus but just as it felt like it was going to slide in, she pulled away and gabbed his cock.

It was too late! He started to cum and big globs of sperm shot all over her asshole and butt. He was beside himself with frustration and even though his cock had started to go soft he mounted her ass and began to hump her butt as hard as he could. When the rage of lust subsided he finally released her and collapsed. He had fucked her and he had cum, but he wanted her ass, and once again she had denied him.

Chapter 2

“The Boss’s Offer”

Jake and Wendy had been married for two years and things were going great. Jake had a great job and good prospects for future promotion and Wendy was enjoying the temporary status of stay at home housewife. She fully intended to return to college in the near future to obtain a degree towards her intended career as a dental hygienist. Jake was making good money and they had bought a nice house that was well within their budget. They hadn’t decided yet when and if they wanted any kids so Wendy was on the pill and they could enjoy sex without any worries whenever they wanted.

“Whenever they wanted,” was a lot. It was amazing that Jake could have enough stamina to go to work in the mornings; especially after the weekend. Wendy was only 22 and had a fantastic body for sex. She had big beautiful well formed and erect breasts and a narrow waist with very slightly flared hips and a tight nicely proportioned ass. She was built for both speed and comfort. Jake just couldn’t keep his hands off her, especially her tits and her ass. They had met in college and had been fucking each other for over a year before they were married. Still it wasn’t enough and they continued to screw each other’s brains out every chance they got.

Wendy would hide behind the counter in the kitchen wearing just a skimpy “see through” pair of bikini panties and when he came home from work, she would jump out and yell “Surprise,” with those nice big tits bouncing and her little ass jiggling. Jake would strip off his clothes and chase her to the bedroom where he would show her his big erect cock and tell her “I’m going to rape you bitch.” She would pretend to fight for a few minutes but then he would force her legs apart and fuck her until they were both exhausted.

Their sex life was perfect. Well almost. Jake had been trying to get her to have anal sex with him for the past six months but aside from letting him occasionally lick her asshole and sometimes letting him partially slip his finger into her anus, she wouldn’t let him actually fuck her in the butt. It wasn’t that she thought it was dirty or weird or something, but she just could not condition herself mentally to accept that nowadays anal sex was widely accepted as perfectly normal between consenting adults. It was starting to get Jake really frustrated, especially since Wendy had once told him that her best girlfriend had told her that her husband fucked “her” in the ass regularly and that “she” enjoyed it. Maybe Wendy just needed more time.

Monday morning when Jake arrived at work, the office was abuzz with the news that the company was opening a new office in Denver and that the boss Greg, was planning to promote someone from this office to run the new Denver operation. Greg and Jake got along well and Jake knew that Greg was pleased with his work, so he wondered if he had a chance for the new position. There was also an office rumor that Greg and his wife were “swingers ” and promotions always depended on how the new man and his wife felt about that kind of lifestyle.

Jake didn’t have to wait long to find out because that very morning Greg called him into his office and told him about the new position and the fact that Jake was first in line for the job. Greg told him about how the new job would mean almost twice the salary he was making now and that the company would lease a house for him and Wendy for the first two years and then give them an option to buy if they liked it. There would even be a company car thrown in plus all their moving expenses would be paid. Greg suggested that he talk it over with his lovely young wife ……. “Wendy, wasn’t it?” and then have lunch the next day with him and his wife Roberta.

Jake vaguely remembered a striking redhead with Greg at the office Christmas party. He had thought at the time that she was a little older than Greg, maybe thirty two or three but she was a real looker.

Jake told Wendy about the offer that night and she was really excited about the possibility of moving to a great city like Denver. When they made love that night, they fucked with a new intensity and their mutual orgasm was really great. The next day they met with Greg and Roberta for lunch and almost immediately Greg was devouring Wendy with his eyes. She was a little embarrassed at first but then she noticed how much attention Roberta was paying to Jake and she thought.

“Oh well, it’s just a little harmless flirting,” and she relaxed and started flirting back with Greg. The lunch went great and then Jake almost chocked on his desert. Someone was rubbing the inside of his leg with their foot and it sure as hell wasn’t Wendy because she was sitting next to him. Roberta was looking right at him and smiling and when nobody else was watching she opened her mouth slightly and rolled her tongue around her lips suggestively and the pressure on his leg increased.

Damn! He was starting to get a hard-on and Roberta knew it. Before lunch was over Greg suggested that Jake and Wendy think about the proposition some more and that they come over for drinks the next night to talk about it some more. On the way out of the restaurant Greg nudged Jake and whispered, “You are one lucky guy Jake, that wife of yours is one sexy number. I bet the four of us could have a great time together….know what I mean! ”

Jake stammered, “I don’t know Greg, Wendy’s kind of shy.”

“Talk to her,” Greg said, “I know Roberta thinks you’re hot.”

At the curb Greg helped Wendy into the car and while her view was obstructed, Roberta quickly leaned over and kissed Jake full on the mouth and whispered, “Later lover.”

That night the conversation was a little strained as Jake tried to find a way to broach the subject of a more intimate arrangement between the boss and his wife and he and Wendy. Out of the blue Wendy asked him, “Do you think Roberta is attractive Jake?”

“Well of course she’s attractive,” he replied.

“No, I mean are you attracted to her sexually? I saw the way she was looking at you at lunch and how you were looking at her breasts.”

“That’s not fair,” Jake replied. “ I would have to be half dead to not be physically attracted to Roberta and you know how much I appreciate beautiful tits on a woman. Besides, it didn’t slip by me how Greg was undressing you with his eyes and you seemed to be encouraging him. ”

“I was not!” she retorted sharply. “It was just harmless flirtation.”

“Well maybe it was just harmless but Greg asked me about how we felt about maybe having some fun together ….. just the four of us, and I told him I wasn’t sure how you felt, so now that the subject has been raised, what do you think about a little fooling around ? ”

“I’m not sure,” Wendy replied. “ As long as it’s just fooling around and nothing more, then maybe I would consider it but you’d have to promise me that if it got too heavy, we could stop.”

“Oh of course!” Jake replied. “Why don’t we just play it by ear tomorrow night and see what happens.” He really couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Wendy would actually consider having sex with another couple.

Chapter 3

“The Decision”

They arrived at the boss’s house at 7:30 the next evening and Roberta met them at the door wearing a diaphanous silk blouse with a lacy bra underneath and a tiny pair of pink skin-tight shorts with a gold zipper down the front. They were so tight; they rode clear up into the crack of her ass and were tight up against her crotch in the front.

“It’s so hot tonight,” she explained. “You guys are overdressed. Here let me take your things and come on through to the living room, Greg is waiting. ”

Greg was on one of the couches watching T.V. and was wearing a sarong like garment around his waist and a wide mesh net tank top. He rose when they entered and quickly kissed Wendy and said, “Here, come sit by me and relax. I should have told you to dress more casual because it’s so warm tonight. ”

Actually Wendy thought she was dressed casual. She had on a very tight blue cotton sweater and a matching pair of blue shorts. They weren’t anywhere near as tight and as small as Roberta’s and they were just loose enough for the air to get in through the cuffs and circulate over her little silk bikini panties. She liked the feeling of movement with loose shorts. Her breasts jutted out through the thin fabric of her sweater and already her nipples were starting to harden under Greg’s admiring gaze.

“You look very gorgeous and very desirable,” he pointedly complimented her and asked what she would like to drink.

Roberta led Jake by the hand and had him sit on the other couch while she fixed drinks for everyone. She handed Wendy her drink and then placed Greg’s drink on the coffee table next to him.

“Thank you dear, ” he said and Wendy watched, a little shocked as he pulled Roberta close and kissed her passionately while at the same time reaching up to openly squeeze and fondle her breasts through her blouse.

Roberta sat down next to Jake and immediately placed her hand on his leg and gave a gentle squeeze. “How is you drink? “She asked.

Jake’s leg was burning from her touch through his light cotton slacks and he was barely able to reply coherently as her hand continued to fondle his leg. “Jesus Christ,” he was starting to get hard already and there was no way to hide it.

Greg was explaining to Wendy about how much they would like living in Denver and unobtrusively he had slipped an arm around her shoulder and was massaging the back of her neck.

“Does that feel good,” he asked. “ Your muscles are awful tight….just relax and let me work out the knots. Here, lie down on the couch on your tummy and let me work your shoulders. ” It did feel good and Wendy relaxed as he turned her around began to knead the tight muscles. His hand had brushed up against her breast and lingered there for a moment as he positioned her on the couch but she was sure it was just accidental contact. She was lying with her head turned so she could watch Roberta and Jake on Nişantaşı Escort the other couch and she gasped when she saw that Jake had a huge hard-on and that Roberta was rubbing it through his slacks.

“We need some music,” cried Roberta and she moved over to the entertainment center and slipped a C.D. into the player. Soft flute music started to play and Roberta whirled away from the cabinet and started to dance by herself.

Everyone was watching transfixed and Greg said, “Roberta was an exotic dancer before we were married, and she’s very good.” As Roberta swayed to the music, she started to slide her hands all over her body. She cupped and squeezed her breasts and ran her hands up to her crotch and rubbed herself suggestively. She spun around in time to the music and suddenly her blouse was off and her breasts were visible to everyone. They were barely contained in her flimsy little bra and suddenly Wendy realized how big and firm they were. Sure she was dancing and they were bouncing around but there was no sag at all to them.

Wendy thought to herself “I sure hope my breasts are that firm and that good looking when I get to her age.” Wendy was so engrossed watching Roberta that she scarcely noticed that Greg’s hands had moved down and were now moving around all over her back from the nape of her neck to the small of her back and down to the waistband of her shorts. The bottom of her sweater didn’t tuck into her shorts so he was easily able to slip his hands under her sweater and begin massaging her bare skin. Wendy was watching Jake as Greg was feeling her body, but Jake was completely engrossed in watching Roberta. His hard-on was pushing through his slacks and he never even realized that he was squeezing his own cock now and then. He just had a glazed look in his eyes. Greg’s hand moved up Wendy’s back and quickly and expertly unhooked her bra and rolled up her sweater in one fluid movement, and then he continued to rub her back.

“Does that feel better?” he asked.

“Mmm,” she murmured, scarcely noticing as she continued to watch Roberta dance.

Roberta danced over towards Jake and started to dance right up close in front of him and leaned over shaking her breasts right in his face.

“Unhook me lover,” she purred and Jake eagerly reached around her shoulders and unsnapped her bra. Her tits were fantastic! Now the bra was gone, her big brown nipples protruded sharply from the softly shaded aureoles of her shapely breasts. Jake reached up and cupped both her breasts in his hands and squeezed them firmly, feeling her engorged nipples in the palms of his hands as he fondled them.

“Suck them baby,” she almost commanded and Jake leaned forward obediently and took a big nipple into his mouth and started to suck and nibble for all he was worth. While he was sucking, Roberta reached down between her legs and started to rub her crotch furiously and began to moan loudly.

Wendy was still watching incredulously and she offered no resistance as Greg sat her up on the couch and lifted her sweater over her head and completely removed her bra. His big hands engulfed her breasts and he began pinching her rock hard nipples as he squeezed her lovely mounds. One of his hands dropped to her belly and he began to rub and fondle her navel, rubbing his finger around the hard little mound of flesh.
Despite being engrossed in watching Roberta and Jake, she was aware of what Greg was doing and she began to feel very damp between her legs.

Roberta pulled away from Jake and danced over towards Greg and Wendy and began to dance right in front of them while Greg continued to fondle and caress Wendy’s breasts and stomach. She cupped her breasts and moved to within inches of Wendy’s face and began to squeeze them suggestively.

She moved forward some more and pushed one of her nipples right into Wendy’s lips before quickly moving back and continuing to dance. She lowered her hands from her breasts to the top of her shorts and slowly began to slide them down over her taught belly. Still only inches from Wendy’s face, she slid the shorts down some more until the dark wisps of her pubic hair were visible.

She moved her shorts down more and the soft folds of her pussy were visible with the hooded sheath of her clitoris protruding up from her mound. She reached down with her fingers and rubbed her clitoris, making it even larger and then dipped her fingers deep into the softness of her pussy, before pulling them out and quickly placing them up against Wendy’s lips. Wendy smelled the tangy aroma of her juices and without thinking began to suck on Roberta’s fingers.

Roberta let her lick for a few seconds and then pulled away smiling and said, “You can have more later.” She moved away from Greg and Wendy and danced back over to Jake.

Chapter 4

“Roberta and Jake”

Jake was amazed. He had just watched his wife lick up the juice from another woman’s cunt and it had looked like she wanted more. He barely had time to recover from that though when Roberta was in front of him undoing his belt and unzipping the fly of his slacks. In one fluid movement she pulled his slacks and his boxer shorts down over his ankles and left him sitting there stark naked, with a huge hard-on sticking up out of his crotch. All 8 inches of it was pointing skyward and his balls were hard and swollen. Roberta reached down and grasped his cock and stroked it once or twice before spinning away and continuing to dance in just her tight little pink shorts.

Greg and Wendy were watching every move and now Greg’s hand had moved down between Wendy’s thighs and he was trying to work his fingers under the hem of her shorts. Her shorts were just loose enough that his fingers were able to slip under her shorts and reach her panties. His searching fingers were finally able to move the silky fabric aside and he was able to touch the outer folds of her now soaking wet pussy.

Roberta danced back towards Jake and moved in close to him, but facing away from him. The tight little cheeks of her ass were straining through the fabric of her pink shorts and she wiggled her ass in his face.

“Take them off Jake,” she said. “Take them off now!” Jake reached around in front of her and slowly slid down the gold zipper in the front of her pants down and then he hooked his fingers into the waistband in back and began to peel the pants down over the cheeks of her ass.

God her ass was beautiful! She stepped out of the pants and all that remained was a tiny see through pair of thong panties. Greg and Wendy could see the folds of her vagina through the flimsy material but Jake was now looking at a tiny strand of material than ran right up the crack of her ass and was barely covering her little puckered asshole.

“Take the panties off Jake,” she told him, and he began to pull them down over her buttocks. Once they were past her butt and heading for the floor, she leaned slightly forward and spread her legs a little, so Jake could get the full view. There just inches from his face was the object of his desires. A soft dusky rose colored asshole was looking right back at him. Roberta clenched the muscles in her buttocks and the little puckered anus started to expand and contract right in front of his eyes. He just about went wild but she quickly stood up and turned around to face him so he could see her pussy in all its’ glory. She reached down and spread the lips wide open for him so he could see the soft pink insides of her sex. The clitoris was now fully erect and stood up and out like it had a mind of its’ own. Then she leaned forward and whispered to him

“Never mind the pussy Jake, tonight you are going to fuck my ass!”

Jake felt like someone had punched him in the gut. It was unbelievable. He was going to fuck his boss’s wife in the ass and Wendy was going to get to watch. He had almost forgotten about Wendy and he glanced over to see what was going on the other couch. Greg had Wendy’s pants unzipped and his hand was down under her panties, furiously rubbing her pussy.

She looked like she was stoned. Her legs were spread wide to help him reach her pussy and she had her hands thrown back around his neck. His head was bent over her breasts and he was trying to swallow one of them whole. It looked like she was enjoying it but it was hard to tell because her eyes were riveted on him and Roberta.

Roberta now totally naked, danced back over towards Greg and Wendy and asked Greg, “How does she feel my love?”

“Wonderful,” he replied, “She’s very wet.”

“Wendy,” Roberta asked, “Did you like the taste of my pussy?”

Wendy couldn’t believe her own ears as she heard herself answer, “Yes, I liked it.”

Roberta climbed up on the couch and placed her pussy right in front of Wendy’s mouth. “Lick it then,” she demanded.

Wendy had no control over her actions. She slid her tongue into Roberta’s cunt and started to probe the soft folds. Women just know where to lick a pussy and Roberta started to moan as she felt Wendy’s tongue flick in and out of her pussy and over her swollen “ clit “. She let Wendy lick her for about 30 seconds and then she pulled away.

“Greg,” she said. “ Get your hand out of her cunt for a minute and let me help you. ”

She then kneeled down in front of Wendy and reached up to her shorts and in one swift movement, pulled both the shorts and the panties down her legs and out from around her ankles.

Before Wendy had a chance to protest, Roberta leaned forward and buried her face between Wendy’s thighs and began to furiously lick and suck on her pussy. Her talented tongue slid deep down inside Wendy’s vagina and then came back out to lash up against her clitoris. Wendy began to howl and clutch at Roberta’s head, trying to pull her mouth deeper into her cunt. Wendy cried out again, but this time after licking deep inside her pussy, Roberta’s tongue snaked down and found her asshole. Gently she wormed her tongue inside the tight little hole and squirmed it around a little.

Wendy gasped! She wouldn’t even let Jake put his tongue in her ass and here was a virtual stranger, and a woman at that, slipping her tongue into that forbidden place. The worst part was that it actually felt good and very erotic. She didn’t even try to clench her ass. That warm tongue felt like soft velvet in her butt.

Roberta pulled away and told Greg, “Now you can rub her pussy, cause’ she’s really wet.”

Greg’s fingers immediately plunged back into Wendy’s pussy and this time she spread her legs wide and snuggled up against him.

Roberta then turned to Wendy and said, “Have you ever seen a really big cock before?”

“Just Jake’s,” replied Wendy.

“Yes his cock is big, but I’m talking about huge,” said Roberta, and she reached over and pulled the folds of the sarong away from Greg’s body.

“Shit!” it wasn’t a cock; it was a fucking tree trunk. Wendy couldn’t believe her eyes. His monster cock was standing straight up and the bulbous head was inflamed to an almost purple color.

“That’s 11 inches of meat, and it sure ain’t any salami,” Roberta said, as she reached down and took Wendy’s hand and placed it on her husband’s huge cock.

“Now you hang onto that girl, while I go take care of you husband.”

With that she whirled away and started to dance on the coffee table in front of Jake.

“Have you ever had a lap dance lover?” she asked him.

When he relied, “No,” she hopped off the table and said, “Well you’re going to get one now.” She wiggled her ass and carefully sat down in his lap, making sure that his cock was trapped under her butt and then she began to move her hips in small circles while at the same time pushing herself down hard against his straining cock. She moved her position slightly so that Greg and Wendy had a good view and then she started to rotate her hips and squirm her ass in earnest.

Jake reached around and held onto her tits tightly. It was excruciatingly sensuous and his cock was throbbing underneath her moving ass. She turned her upper body around and kissed him, sliding her tongue as far into his mouth as she could.

Jake kissed her back and just the intensity of the kiss was enough to make him want to cum but he held on to his self control and contained the urge. While she was grinding away on his cock she spread her legs apart and reached down between her legs and started to furiously masturbate herself.

Her fingers were flying over her clit and suddenly she screamed and spasmed and started to buck her hips as she came, and her warm silky fluid leaked down all over Jake’s cock and balls.

“How did you like that Jake?” she asked.

Jake was speechless.

“Well that was just the appetizer, are you ready for the main course?” She smiled and looked him straight in the eyes and said, “I want that big cock of yours deep in my ass. Do you hear me Jake? I want you to fuck my ass! ”

Before he could recover from the shock, she had moved up and knelt on the couch with her legs slightly spread, so that her ass and pussy were wide open and exposed to his gaze. He stood behind her and looked in wonderment at that beautiful pit of sex. Her cunt was still wet from her cum and it was slowly leaking down the inside of her legs. Never mind her cunt for now. The realization had finally sunk in. He was actually going to fuck his boss’s wife in the ass while his boss and Wendy both watched

This was unbelievable. He glanced across at Wendy and Greg and saw that Greg was bent over and had his head buried between Wendy’s thighs, sucking hard on her pussy. She had Greg’s cock in both hands and was gently stroking it, but her gaze was still fixed on what he was about to do to Roberta.

Wendy was still in a state of shock. Jake was actually going to fuck that woman right in front of her and from the look on his face he was really going to enjoy it. Sure, Greg was licking her pussy right in front of Jake but that was different. Oral sex was great but it just wasn’t quite the same emotional bond as actual fucking. She knew it would be strange watching her husband fuck another woman but she totally wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

Jake took his cock in his hand and placed it just inside the lips of Roberta’s pussy and rubbed it around until the head was all wet and slippery and then he pulled back out and took one last look at that lovely little puckered rosebud before moving his cock tight up against the entrance to her anus.

“Do it Jake!” she cried “fuck me in my ass … fuck me now!!”

Jake leaned back slightly so he could see better and then with one hard push he started to force his cock into her ass. She screamed once as it passed through her sphincter muscle but then relaxed as it moved through into her rectum in one hard fluid movement. Jake was watching his cock but still couldn’t believe it. There had felt like the tiniest bit of resistance at first but then his cock slid deeper and deeper into her ass, inch by glorious inch until it was completely buried and his balls were tight up against the lips of her pussy.

It was gone, his cock had disappeared. Her ass had swallowed it completely. It was the most sensational feeling he had ever felt. Her ass muscles were clenched tight holding his cock firmly but yet it felt like his cock was buried in a tub of hot molten butter. Slowly she relaxed her anal muscles and sighed “Mmmm, that feels good, now fuck me baby…fuck me hard “

Wendy almost squeezed the head of Greg’s cock off in shock, as she watched Jake’s cock disappear not into Roberta’s pussy, but into her ass!! Jake was actually fucking another woman in the ass right in front of Roberta’s eyes. Greg had deliberately maneuvered her around so she could get a good view of what was happening across the room. He was busy eating Wendy’s pussy and he didn’t need to watch. He knew how much Roberta liked being fucked in the ass but he knew that because of his size, unless she was really relaxed and ready, sometimes he hurt her a little. Jake’s 8 inches was just right and Roberta could fuck him back with no chance that he would hurt her.

Right now Wendy was so shocked, he knew he wouldn’t be able to fuck her ass tonight, but he was confident the time would soon come. “Spread you legs wider baby and let me eat your pussy properly.”

Without even thinking, Wendy let her legs fall apart while she continued to watch amazed as Jakes cock sank all the way into Roberta’s ass and then she heard Roberta ask him to fuck her harder.

Greg sat up on the couch and slowly pulled Wendy’s head down towards his cock.

“Suck it for me baby,” he pleaded. As long as Wendy could keep watching Jake and Roberta on the other couch, she would have done anything Greg asked. She closed her lips over the head of his huge cock and began to suck him into her mouth. She could take all of Jake’s 8 inches into her mouth but this cock was bigger and thicker. She breathed deeply and started to pull him in with her jaw muscles. She managed to get all but about 2 inches down her throat before she started to gag Escort Nişantaşı a little so she had to release him and start again.

Greg was beside himself with lust. “This girl really knew how to suck a cock!” Even Roberta wasn’t this good. What he didn’t know was that had she not been so preoccupied with watching Jake butt fuck Roberta, she could have sucked him so well that he would have lost his mind. He turned her head slightly as she sucked, so that she could still get a clear view of the action across the room.

Jake was getting into a rhythm now as his cock slid smoothly in and out of Roberta’s ass. There were no gentle pushes. He was shoving the whole 8 inches in at a time just as hard and fast as he could and Roberta was pushing back against his strokes trying to suck his cock even deeper into her hungry anus. The harder he pushed the louder she screamed but she kept pushing back even harder against his pounding cock all the while begging him to give her more.

“Oh god! “He thought, if only Wendy would let him fuck her like this. He glanced over and saw that Wendy was sucking on Greg’s cock for all she was worth but that she was watching every thrust he made into Roberta with wide open eyes. It was hard to fathom what she was thinking but he hoped she was learning something by watching him fuck Roberta. She was really giving Greg one hell of a blow job and he could see that she couldn’t get all of Greg’s cock into her mouth at once but she had Greg’s balls in her hands and was squeezing them and Greg looked like he was going to have a heart attack.

Roberta had also reached back and was fondling his balls while he was fucking her. It felt so good but he was getting dangerously close to coming and he wasn’t sure whether he should cum in her ass or not.

Suddenly Roberta whispered, “Keep it hard baby, but take it out for a minute “

Jake pulled it out and quickly Roberta turned over onto her back on the couch and lifted her legs high in the air, while holding her ankles together. Her soft hairy pussy was open to his gaze but her ass was high enough off the couch that her now partially open asshole was still beckoning him. He moved forward and placed the head of his cock up against her waiting rosebud and in one long slow delicious movement he gently slid it all the way into her ass again. She let go her ankles and spread her legs again so that her heels were hooked around his neck.

What a view! His cock was sliding in and out of her tight little ass and her gorgeous little pussy was staring up at him and opening and closing slightly every time he moved his cock into her ass. He reached forward with one hand and fondled one of her breasts, while with his other hand he spread her cunt lips apart and began to rub on her engorged clitoris.

They were getting close now. He could feel his balls beginning to churn and her pussy was leaking copiously onto his hand. Her ass started to tighten up and grip his cock harder and harder as she flexed the muscles in her rectum.

“I’m cumming” she screamed. “Fuck me harder…….cum in my ass, I want to feel you,” she shouted.

Jake began to pump his cock like a madman and then with a tremendous surge his balls tightened, his asshole contracted and he started to shoot a huge load of hot cum deep inside her ass and down into her bowels. She screamed once more like a wild animal then grabbed him by the hips and forced her crotch up against him as hard as she could. He felt her whole body shudder in the throes of orgasm and then her pussy got all wet and sticky and she collapsed in an exhausted heap. Jakes cock slipped out of her ass and she tenderly took it in her hands and milked the last few drops of his cum out onto her belly and then she smeared it around with her own juices until her belly was all slick and shiny. She pulled him to her and kissed him deeply.

“How did you like that fuck my darling?”

Over on the other couch, as Wendy saw Jake cum and then collapse to kiss Roberta, she thought, “ Well he sure seems to have made her happy so I guess I should give Greg something to remember, “ so she grabbed his balls in both hands and started to really suck his cock hard and fast and deep. He started to moan loudly and as Jake glanced over to see what was happening, he saw Greg begin to buck wildly as he came in Wendy’s waiting mouth. Soon he collapsed and huge amounts of milky white cum started to dribble out of Wendy’s mouth. She swallowed a little but most of it just dribbled out down over Greg’s balls and stomach.

“Maybe not as good as being fucked in the ass,” Greg thought, but at least she had satisfied him and made Jake look at her in surprise. It wasn’t all one sided after all.

Chapter 5

“While the Cat’s Away”

Later that night when they were home in bed, Jake asked Wendy what she had though about the evening and whether she was sorry they had done it.

She had been thinking about it since they got home and she replied, “No,” she wasn’t sorry but she wasn’t sure whether they should do it again.

They didn’t try to have sex again, but were just content to lay there holding each other.

Finally Wendy turned to Jake and said, “Don’t try to fuck me Jake but just fondle my ass a little.”

Happily Jake reached over and slipped his hand under her panties and slid a finger down into the crack of her ass. When he found her asshole he just rubbed it gently and cupped the cheek of her ass with the rest of his hand.

“I love you baby,” he whispered.

She replied, “I love you too,” and snuggled her ass into his hand as they fell asleep.

The next morning at work, Greg almost acted like nothing had happened but told Jake the promotion was his if he wanted it. However Jake would have to fly to Denver for a few days on his own to oversee the move in and meet his new staff. He would then come home and they would start to arrange the move.

Jake went home at noon and told Wendy the good news. She wasn’t so happy that she didn’t get to go with him but was still thrilled that he had got the job. His flight was a red-eye so he slept most of the afternoon and then after a long dinner they decided to take a shower together before he left for the airport.

It was impossible for them to shower together without it turning into a sexual thing. She played with his cock and sucked him off until he was hard and then while holding her against the wall he lifted her leg slightly and slipped his cock into her pussy and started to fuck her slowly while holding her up by the cheeks of her ass. Gradually his finger moved around until he found her asshole and then he began to rub it gently while he continued to fuck her.

She started to groan a little and held him tightly around the neck, as ever so slowly he started to slide his finger into her ass and when she didn’t pull away or tighten up on him, he started to work his finger in deeper. Soon it was all the way in past his second knuckle and Wendy was starting to whimper and move around on his finger as he began to slide it in and out while he continued to feed his cock into her pussy. Seconds later she dug her fingers into his neck and arched her back as she started to cum.

He squeezed her ass and worked his finger in deeper and then he shot his load into her waiting vagina. They finished their shower and never said anything more. Later when she took her to the airport, she kissed him hard and said, “Hurry back.”

About 11: 00 am the next morning, the phone rang and Wendy was surprised to hear Roberta’s voice asking if she was lonely and would she like to come over for lunch in about an hour or so. Never giving it a second thought, she said, “Sure, I’ll see you in a bit.”

When she arrived Roberta led her out onto the patio where the table was set for three and Wendy was quite surprised when Greg suddenly appeared from the pool area dripping wet and wearing a little men’s thong swimsuit that did nothing to hide the huge bulge of his massive cock inside the little pouch. You could see the shape of the head of his cock pushing against the thin fabric of the poor excuse for a covering.

Wendy stammered, “I didn’t know Greg was going to be here.”

“Oh yes!” Roberta said, feigning surprise. “Did I forget to tell you, Greg always comes home for lunch and swims a few laps? Then we usually have a quick nooner before he goes back to work. That is unless I let him fuck my ass and then he’s usually too wiped out to go back to work.”

Greg smiled and said, “Yes Roberta can sure make a man forget about work.”

Wendy eyes were still glued to Greg’s big cock barely hidden in that little suit, and no, she wasn’t imagining things, it was starting to get hard and stretch his thong.

Greg quickly walked over and kissed her hard, and before she realized what was happening, his hand was inside her dress and he was softly squeezing her breast.
He released her and said, “You look absolutely ravishing today. I could almost eat you, but why don’t we have some lunch right now.”

They walked over to the table and lunch was waiting. A delicious fruit salad, with cottage cheese and rye biscuits. Wendy didn’t realize she was so hungry and really enjoyed the lunch.

Afterwards Roberta said, “That was really good but I’m full. Why don’t we all go take a little nap? Come on up to the bedroom, we have a huge super king bed with plenty of room for all three of us.”

Wendy started to protest. “I really shouldn’t, I mean Jake isn’t here and I don’t feel right about it.”

“Oh nonsense!” said Roberta, as she took Wendy’s hand and led her into the huge bedroom. “We’re all friends and Jake wouldn’t mind.”

The bedroom was huge and lavishly furnished and had its’ own walk through bathroom. All the walls and even the ceiling had mirrors so you could see yourself from all different angles. The bed was huge and inviting. Wendy was hot and tired and Roberta said, “Here, let me help you loosen you dress and get comfortable and then you can take a nap.”

Her fingers expertly undid the buttons all the way down the front of the dress and she folded it aside so that Wendy’s huge breasts were exposed but still lightly contained in her bra. Her tummy was bare down to the top of her little bikini panties. Roberta bent over and kissed her bare stomach and said, “Go to sleep baby,”…. and she was asleep almost immediately.

She didn’t know how long she had slept but as she started to wake she felt a warm pleasant wet feeling on her breast. As she awoke full she realized that Roberta had one of her breasts in her mouth and was gently sucking and teasing the nipple. Her bra was gone and so was the dress. All she had on were her panties. Greg was sitting beside them with his big cock in his hand, gently squeezing himself as he watched Roberta sucking on Wendy’s tits.

She was powerless to stop this madness and she just lay there and moaned as Roberta continued to chew and nibble on her swollen nipples. Roberta pulled her mouth away from Wendy’s breasts and moved her tongue slowly down over Wendy’s belly towards the soft mound covered by Wendy’s panties. Roberta hooked her fingers in the elastic and with one swift tug the panties were off and on the floor. Wendy gasped as Roberta’s tongue slid into the folds of her pussy and started to slide around in the moist crevices. Her tongue flipped up and found Wendy’s clit which had already slipped out from under its little hood and was hard and ready to be loved by Roberta’s wildly moving tongue. Roberta sucked and pulled on Wendy’s tender little clit and teased it with her tongue until Wendy thought she would pass out from pleasure.

Roberta lifted Wendy’s bottom and pushed her legs up against her chest so that her pussy was totally exposed and wide open to everyone’s view. Greg just kept gently stroking his now fully erect cock as his eyes bored into Wendy’s exposed cunt.

Roberta lowered her head between Wendy’s open thighs again and started to lick her pussy from one end to the other in long slow maddening strokes. Wendy was writhing with ecstasy and was so lost in the wonderful sensation that she scarcely realized that Roberta’s tongue had slipped down a little and was now gently licking around the soft folds of the entrance to her asshole. Wendy had no control and her legs parted even wider to allow Roberta better access. Roberta’s tongue had now slipped inside Wendy’s warm and relaxed anus and was gently probing the soft flesh inside the lovely little hole. Wendy was whimpering loudly and her pussy and ass was just one wet and sticky mess.

Roberta pulled away and said to Greg, “I think she’s ready for you now darling. Come and see what you think.”

Greg crawled over between Wendy’s legs and said “Yes baby, she definitely does look ready to be fucked.”

Wendy was listening with amazement as they discussed her sexual readiness for intercourse as though she wasn’t even there. She started to protest but Roberta shushed her saying, “Greg is going to fuck you now sweetheart. Jake got to fuck me, so it’s only fair that Greg gets to sample your pussy.”

“But, but, Jake isn’t here, it’s not right,” she tried to argue. Roberta cut her off.

“Greg is going to fuck you, and you’re going to take his big cock inside you, so just relax and enjoy it.”

She continued, “Now prop yourself up on your elbows and spread your legs wide so you can watch as he fucks you.”

Greg reached for her hips and pulled her towards the edge of the bed, then moved between her legs again and placed the huge head of his swollen cock into the entrance to her vagina.

Roberta was watching and rubbing her own pussy furiously.

“Fuck her baby, fuck her hard! Slam that big cock into her……make her scream! “

Greg lunged forward and with one vicious thrust, shoved all 11 inches of his rock hard cock into her waiting pussy. Wendy screamed, but more from surprise than from pain as she watched that huge length of cock force its’ way into her vagina. She had never felt so full in her life but damn! It felt incredibly good. Greg wasn’t gentle. He immediately withdrew all of his cock except for the head, and shoved back hard into her cunt again and again and again. Despite herself, Wendy started to shove her hips forward to meet his powerful thrusts and soon her legs came up to wrap around his waist so she could hold him tighter and fuck him harder.

She threw her head back and began to moan as he continued to fuck her roughly. His hands reached up and began to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples hard. It hurt, but she wanted more.

Suddenly she felt two soft hands on the insides of her legs. Roberta had crawled up between Greg’s legs and was sucking on his balls as he was fucking Wendy. It was too late! she was almost ready to cum. Suddenly Roberta’s finger slipped up between Wendy’s legs and found her wet little ass and she shoved it all the way in.

Wendy groaned again but there was nothing she could do. She started to cum and Greg just fucked harder and harder and Roberta worked her finger around inside her ass until with one last wild moan Wendy reached her climax and she never even realized she was begging Greg to fuck her harder. Finally Greg came too and shot his load deep inside her. Their juices mingled and started to leak from Wendy’s pussy to coat her thighs and his cock and then they both collapsed exhausted. Roberta disappeared for a moment and then came back with a warm wet washrag and gently cleaned them both.

“Well how did you like that big cock sweetheart?” Roberta asked.

“It was wonderful,” Wendy murmured.

“Good,” replied Roberta, “cause’ you’re coming back tonight for more. Greg has to go back to work now but we’ll expect you back here at 8:30 this evening.”

Chapter 6

“The Last Hurdle”

Wendy ate dinner early and was idly watching T.V. trying to decide whether she should go over to Greg and Roberta’s house or not. Jake had only called once since he had arrived in Denver and she was kind of mad at him for not calling more often. She kept picturing some bimbo secretary in her mind but then she couldn’t believe Jake would cheat on her. Or would he? “No!” those were stupid thoughts. Jake was just busy.

The more she thought about it, the more it had sounded like they had ordered her to come tonight rather asked her. Who the hell did they think they were? Well, Greg was Jake’s boss…..that’s who, and Jake had a big promotion and a great future hanging on Greg keeping his promise about the transfer.

Wait just a minute! Was she fucking Greg so Jake could get this promotion? No, that was silly, this was just a simple experiment in swinging and it had nothing to do with her husband moving up the corporate ladder. She didn’t really intend to make a long term arrangement out of it and Nişantaşı Escort Bayan besides, they wouldn’t think twice about it, so, “No!” she wouldn’t go.

It was almost 8 o’ clock and she was having second thoughts. She hated herself for it, but she kept thinking about how good Greg’s huge cock had felt inside her and how great it would be to feel it again. She was getting wet just thinking about it and before she could stop herself, she had run out to the car and she was on her way over to their house.

Roberta met her at the door and quickly pulled her inside. Roberta was wearing just a flimsy bra and panties and as soon as the door was closed she reached for Wendy and slid her hand up under her skirt and began to feel Wendy’s pussy through her panties.

“Ah! You’re nice and wet. I knew you would come tonight. Come on upstairs, Greg’s waiting in the bedroom.”

Greg was lying on the bed naked and was massaging his monster cock which was already hard and waiting.

“Go ahead and suck on it baby while I help you out of these clothes,” said Roberta, as she guided Wendy towards the bed and Greg’s waiting cock.

Once again Wendy was in a dreamlike state and did what she was told. She took Greg’s big cock in her hand and sucked it into her mouth. She managed to get the whole head and several inches in with the first swallow and then gradually she took in more and more until soon she was hungrily sucking on almost the whole length of his cock. She hardly even noticed as Roberta expertly removed her skirt and panties and unhooked her bra and she only flinched a little with surprise when she felt Roberta crawl between her legs and start licking her pussy.

Roberta’s hands reached up and fondled her breasts at the same time she was sucking on her pussy. What a fantastic feeling ……. she was sucking on a huge cock while at the same time someone else was licking her pussy.

Soon Roberta licked upwards and found her little puckered asshole which she immediately began to probe with her hard little tongue. Wendy squirmed a little but there wasn’t much she could do. Roberta had a firm grip on her hips and was spreading her legs wider apart so her tongue could probe even deeper.

Gently Roberta slid a finger into Wendy’s ass while at the same time she kept running her wet tongue around the tight little ring of muscle at the entrance to Wendy’s anus. Soon a second finger joined the first and then both fingers started to push deeper into her ass and then Roberta started to twist her fingers around inside Wendy’s ass. It was a little tight and Wendy groaned a little but then she felt something wet and slippery around the entrance to her asshole and Roberta’s fingers started to slide in and out much smoother and easier.

Roberta had spread a little K-Y jelly on her fingers and now she was pumping both fingers in and out easily and there was no longer any discomfort….just a nice full feeling. Suddenly Roberta pulled her fingers out and moved away saying to Greg, “O.K. baby, she’s ready. You can fuck her ass now.”

Wendy let go of Greg’s cock and sputtered, “Wait just a minute. I never agreed to this. His cock is way too big and besides, I don’t even let Jake fuck my ass.”

“Well that’s too bad dear, the way Jake fucked my ass, I thought he’d had lots of practice. Anyway, once Greg has fucked your ass you’ll be ready for Jake and I know Jake likes it, so actually Greg is doing you a favor by popping your cherry.”

“I won’t let you! “ Wendy cried. “I’ll tell Jake and say you tried to rape me.”

Roberta laughed. “Do you think Jake is going to believe that we came over to your house twice and dragged you over here to rape you and that you never told him about it after the first time? I don’t think so, and besides,” she added harshly, “You do want him to get that promotion and transfer, don’t you Wendy?”

So finally, there it was………. she had to comply, or else! The whole thing had been a trap and now she was caught in the middle of it.

“Wendy, get up on your knees on the bed and spread your legs,” commanded Roberta.

“No! I won’t,” screamed Wendy.

“ O.K, ” said Roberta, “ then we’ll do it the hard way, ” and before she realized what was happening they had grabbed her and pushed her flat on her stomach on the bed and quickly looped the belts from two robes around her wrists and tied her spread eagled to the bedposts. Roberta then placed three pillows under her stomach so that she was raised into almost a kneeling position with her ass pointed up towards them.

“Beautiful,” murmured Greg, as he and Roberta gazed at the little starfish shaped pucker of Wendy’s asshole nestled between the cheeks of her ass.

“What do you think dear, is her ass really virgin?”

“I don’t know for sure,” replied Roberta. “ There was some resistance to start with but once I used the lubricant, my fingers slipped in real easy. Would you like me to spread a little more in her ass? ”

“No, I don’t think so, “replied Greg, “Just rub some on the head of my cock and that should be enough.”

Roberta squeezed the tube a little and lovingly smeared some more of the silky soft gel onto the head of her husband’s cock until it glistened with lubricant.

Wendy was watching transfixed. She could see every angle of the scene in the mirrors on the walls and ceiling. She tried to pull away as Greg climbed up between her legs and started to guide his cock towards her anus but Roberta quickly grabbed her ankles and forced her legs further apart. Roberta seemed to be more excited than Greg as she told him what to do.

“Fuck her hard baby. Shove that big cock up her ass. I want to hear her scream.”

Wendy watched spellbound as Greg nudged the head of his cock into the crack of her ass and pushed it up against the tight puckered ring of her sphincter muscle. She couldn’t believe her eyes. With a soft squish, the head of his cock just disappeared into her asshole and the remaining 9 ½ inches was poised ready to follow.

There was hardly any pain, just a slight stretching feeling as her tight little ring of muscle contracted involuntarily and then relaxed and expanded to allow him entry. He pushed forward a little more and another few inches of his cock sank into her anus. Still no pain. A little more and now it hurt a little but he just kept pushing, even though she heard herself telling him to stop. One last push and suddenly the whole length of his cock was buried in her and she could feel his balls resting up against her vagina.

“ Christ!” it felt like a tree trunk was in her ass but soon the pain subsided and turned to a stuffed full feeling as he lay still and let her feel the warmth and size of him in her ass. Slowly Greg eased his cock back out of her until just the head was still in her ass and he spoke to Roberta.

“Smear some more lube on my shaft dear, I think it will help a little.”

Roberta squeezed the tube again and spread a generous helping of the silky goo all up and down the length of his cock. Gently he pushed forward again and this time it just slid smoothly in. With two thrusts he was in up to his balls again. He paused once more and asked Wendy, “How does it feel baby?”

“ Uuuggmm, “was all she could manage as a response, so he pulled out again and this time shoved it back in with one long continuous thrust. Gradually he began to speed up his thrusts and soon he was moving in and out of her in a solid steady rhythm.

Subconsciously Wendy began to push her hips backwards to meet his thrusts and despite herself she could feel her insides beginning to churn as she very slowly started to build towards orgasm.

“Fuck her harder darling, make her beg for mercy!” she heard Roberta yelling and Greg seemed to be listening cause’ he did start to fuck her harder and faster but she wasn’t begging for mercy, she was begging for more.

She couldn’t believe her own ears as she begged Greg,” Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I’m going to come.”

Roberta quickly moved up and lay beside them and slipped her hand up between Wendy’s legs until she found her soaking wet pussy. With her other hand she gently cradled Greg’s balls as he thrust in and out of Wendy’s wildly heaving ass. With her thumb and forefinger she found Wendy’s engorged clitoris and began to rub and squeeze the tender little love muscle. Wendy just about went through the roof!

The pleasure was almost unbearable and she started to thrash around wildly and was yelling “fuck me! Oh God, fuck me!” as she started to come. There was a blinding white light and her belly was on fire as the orgasm rolled over her in wave after crashing wave of pleasure. She felt something hot and wet inside her as Greg exploded and shot a huge load of cum into the depths of her bowels.

Her own sticky juice started to gush out of her pussy all over Roberta’s fingers. Roberta withdrew her fingers and licked up Wendy’s cum and then leaned over and kissed Wendy hard on the mouth.

“I think you like anal sex, don’t you sweetheart?”

“It was great,” Wendy gasped. “I’ve been a real bitch for not letting Jake have my ass all this time.”

They all curled up together on the big bed and took a nap for a few hours and when they woke Wendy was already holding Greg’s cock trying to coax it back to life. It didn’t take long and this time they all fucked together. Greg lay on his side and entered Wendy’s ass from behind as Wendy too lay on her side and spread her legs a little so Roberta could lie alongside her, belly to belly and rub her pussy and squeeze her tits as Greg fucked her.

It was long slow delicious fuck and once Roberta showed Wendy how to rub “her” pussy, they were all able to come together. Afterwards they all took a hot shower together and at about 1:00 am Wendy drove herself home and collapsed into her own bed, totally exhausted but completely satiated. She couldn’t wait for Jake to get home.

Chapter 7

“The New Wendy”

Jake got home the next day around 3:00 pm and had to go straight to the office to bring Greg up to speed on the new office in Denver. The space they had rented was great and Jake had hired two new salesmen and a secretary and a bookkeeper. He told Greg they would be able to manage fine for a week or so until he and Wendy could finish packing their stuff and make the move. He hadn’t had enough time to find a house so they would be staying in a leased condo until they could look around more. That was just fine with Greg and everything was working out great so he was real happy to be able to go home and tell Wendy the good news.

Wendy was ecstatic to hear all the news and it took all through supper and well into the evening for him to tell her all the details. It was almost 11 o’clock before they went up to bed. Jake was pleasantly surprised at how amorous Wendy was acting. He had barely undressed before she took his cock into her mouth and began to give him one of the best blow jobs he had ever had. He finally had to pull away and tell her to slow down or else she would make him come.

“ Isn’t that the whole idea ?” she playfully asked as she rolled over on her side and slightly parted her legs so he could get a good view of her pussy and her ass.

Jake didn’t need any more encouragement. He hadn’t had any pussy for 4 days and here it was staring right at him. He slid up beside her and slipped the head of his cock into her pussy. Damn! She was so wet already. His cock just slid into her waiting cunt and he buried himself up to his balls in one fluid movement. In no time at all she was moaning with pleasure and he started to pump harder and faster.

“God ! ” she was a great fuck but he still wanted her ass in the worst way, so he slowly worked his hand between them and felt for her asshole with his fingers while he continued to fuck her. Wow! He thought to himself as his fingers found the soft little hole. Her asshole is wet too. Gently he slipped a finger into her and pushed a little. She didn’t protest or pull away so he worked his finger in a little deeper and began to move it around inside her ass. She groaned a little and pushed back against his finger. Slowly he pulled his cock out of her pussy and dragged it back towards her asshole. He removed his finger and placed the head of his cock up against the entrance to her anus and shoved gently. Suddenly she pulled away from him and rolled over onto her stomach.

“Son of a bitch, “he cried inwardly.” She’s doing it to me again. “ He was just about to complain and plead with her when she reached over and gently took a hold of his cock and whispered, “ Well come on then, what are you waiting for, but just be gentle, this is a first for me,” she lied. No sense telling him what he didn’t need to know.

Hardly able to believe his ears he said, “Am I hearing things, or did you just say I could fuck your ass?”

Wendy replied, “If you don’t hurry, I might change my mind.”

Jake crawled between her legs and lifted her hips higher so his cock was nestled into the crack of her ass. His cock was still slippery from her pussy fluids so he just placed the head of his cock up against her little rosebud and pushed gently. It slid in easily as her ring of anal muscle relaxed and let his cock past the barrier.

Wendy faked a moan of pain and whispered, “Slowly my love, you’re so big, and my ass needs to get used to your size,”

Jake immediately stopped pushing and waited until she told him she was relaxed enough and ready, and then he moved his hips forward again and half the length of his cock slipped into her anus. A few more fake moans from Wendy and finally Jake’s cock was all the way in.

“God!” He thought he had died and gone to heaven. The feeling of her tight little asshole squeezing his cock was unbelievably exquisite. She was expanding and contracting her sphincter muscle and was literally milking his cock while at the same time she was moving her ass in slow circles and she was driving him mad with desire.

“Fuck me Jake,” she whispered and in response Jake started to withdraw his cock slowly and then he eased it back in and out again and he kept slowly repeating the motion until he established a smooth silky rhythm. This was incredible! He was finally fucking Wendy in the ass and she was actually asking him to do it. She had never acted like this before but he wasn’t going to question his luck. He just kept working his cock in and out of her ass while gradually increasing the speed of his thrusts until his balls were slapping loudly against her pussy lips as he fucked her faster and faster.

Wendy was going wild with desire as Jake fucked her ass faster and faster and she could feel her orgasm starting to build.

“Jake,” she cried, “rub my pussy, I’m going to cum.”

Jake reached around underneath her and his fingers found the entrance to her cunt, which was now soaking wet. He slipped two fingers inside and his thumb found her swollen clitoris and he began to rub and probe at the same time while he kept up his steady thrusting into her ass. Every now and then he would lean back and watch his cock disappearing in and out of her asshole and he was amazed at how easily it had opened up to accept his cock. Just watching his cock slide through that tight little ring of muscle was enough to almost make him cum. It was the most erotic sight he had ever seen.

“Now Jake! … Now! ” Wendy cried, as she thrust her ass back against him to meet his pounding cock. Jake completely lost it as he felt his balls start to churn and he felt his cum shooting up through his cock and into the depths of Wendy’s bowels. She screamed as she felt the fiery liquid wash against the walls of her rectum and her pussy began to spasm as she climaxed uncontrollably. Jake’s orgasm was so intense he thought the top of his head was coming off and he almost passed out from excitement.

Exhausted, he collapsed on top of Wendy and his rapidly deflating cock slipped out of her wet ass. She took his cock in her hands and gently squeezed the last few drops of cum out of it and then she snuggled up close and kissed him passionately whispering,
“That was fantastic Jake. I love you.”

Jake replied, “You were incredible my love, absolutely incredible. I love you too.”

They drifted off to sleep holding each other close and sometime in the early hours of the morning they awoke and showered before going back to bed. When they finally woke up around 9 the next morning, they made love again but it was slow and gentle. Nothing could match the intensity of the night before and the wonderful feeling of their first mutually enjoyable anal sex.

They moved to Denver the following week and from then on, anal sex became a regular part of their sex lives. Wendy never told Jake about Greg and Roberta but she decided that she liked a little variety now and then and it wasn’t long before she was trying to figure out ways to get Jake to ask that gorgeous little 19 year old secretary of his, with the big tits, whether she and her boyfriend wouldn’t like to come over for dinner some evening


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