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Subject: The Physical Training Instructor. Ch. 8 The Physical Training Instructor. Chapter 8 The Final Humiliation. Jamie was looking very smug as they returned to the playroom. David wasn’t. Jamie was another black man with an impressive cock. It was patently not soft, but it was already impressive and David guessed it would be close to the same length as Issy, but thicker. `If he uses it gently I should be ok’, was David’s thought as he looked at it. “Alright Jamie, this is a reward for your constant service to Darius and me for the past year, so, no holds barred and you can use any of the rest of us as you want.” “Oh good, that means a double fuck at some point as well.” David nearly choked. Darius and Jamie would be bad enough, but supposing he chose Michael. Michael and Jamie would definitely split him he was sure. Jamie and Darius probably would as well, they were both way too big to go in together, he thought. “I’ll make myself comfortable and you can start by finding out how big my little brain gets.” David had no idea where that expression came from, but he had been hearing it round the school since he became a master. He couldn’t understand why it was never used in conversation with his college friends. Now he was on his knees looking at Jamie’s. The finished article after only a few seconds of licking it made David gulp. He had been wrong. It was longer than Issy, probably the same length as Michael, but not as thick. `So I’m going to take another monster in my poor anus’, was David’s thought as he continued to excite Jamie. While he played, David listened to Jamie talking to the others. “When I was at school I remember masters used to delight in making me drop my pants and lay across their desk before plastering my arse with a cane or if they wanted a feel, their bare hands. David’s a master so I want him there now.” Jamie stood up and pointed to the table that held most of the accessories. “Clear that and then bend over it. Close in and feet well spread.” In place but once again he felt ashamed. This time it was because Dominic was being as professional as before and was everywhere with his camcorder. “Grip the edge and then push back.” In this position David knew his bottom was displayed in a very sexy way and Jamie obviously thought so as well by the comment he made as the first barehanded slap landed on his right cheek. “One cheek at a time on this very cute butt to compare colours.” Trying very hard not to beg and not to cry out was difficult. Jamie laid at least ten very hard smacks on the right cheek. “That’s about the right colour, now to make the left one the same.” David drew blood biting his lip, rather than beg for the punishment to stop. Before he could recover he felt the cold of a lubricant sliding in on one finger of his punisher and then, almost instantly a cock head followed. David tried to relax but the pain was still monstrous and he gasped in shock. Jamie went all the way to the hilt, managed only a half a dozen thrusts before unloading a huge orgasm deep inside David. He remained still as he softened and then he started to pee. “You should have about a gallon, Slut. Make sure you keep your sphincter tight as I pull out because you will be licking up any that you lose.” David stood and faced the others on Jamie’s command. Dominic dropped his camcorder and burst into tears. “Please, Sir, let me take him to the bathroom?” Michael nodded his assent. He too was shocked. David had blood all-round his mouth where he had bit his lips and the acute pain registered in his eyes. In the bathroom Dominic begged David to end this. “We can run away together, David, we’ll be alright. We’ll have each other and I can work.” “No little one. It’s nearly over and then I will have everything I wanted ataköy escort from the beginning, only nearly ten years early. I have already taken so much humiliation from students and masters alike, I won’t give up on the last lap.” “I love you David, I’ll try to look after you until you leave.” That comment was better than a get out of jail free card. He would put up with anything now, knowing that one day this boy would be his forever. Love at first sight, yes it happens and David was sure this was one case that made it true. The kiss let Dominic know how David felt, but he told him anyway. “One day you will be living with me and be my only love. It may not be this year, or next year, but we will be together, I promise.” Back in the playroom and facing Jamie, David spoke. “I’m sorry, Sir. I am ready now for whatever pleases you.” Michael and Darius looked at each other in shock, but said nothing. Jamie was delighted. “The bench now. I am going to fill both ends. One with cum and the other with piss. Then I might see if I can dump as well.” No one said anything about the last comment, they were all too much in shock, except Michael, and he knew he would not let that happen. Excite the cock with his mouth, then onto the bench in a position that David found the most demeaning of all. His arms were spread and locked into the upright below his knees. Looking up into the mirror he could see how that made him look and it took all his mental strength not to cry in shame. He couldn’t make up his mind whether having Dominic there was good or bad. If he hadn’t been there David was sure he would have cried, but he needed to be strong for this boy that he was sure he was going to love forever. Jamie started to spank David again but Michael stepped in. “I think you have done enough damage to the outside, Jamie. David has to be able to work on Monday.” Round to the head then and he fed David as much of his cock as he could before David convulsed as he choked trying to get the monster into his throat. “I think I am just going to fuck him again and then piss in his mouth.” Because of how far back his legs had been pulled, this time David’s anus was facing the ceiling so Jamie had to lower the bench quite a long way so that he could fuck downwards on David. That would be extremely painful. Back to the arse end again and Michael reminded him about lubricant just as he was going to enter David dry. The fuck was painful again but it was quick and then the cock was back in his mouth as it went soft. David could taste all the cum and arse juices before Jamie started to piss. It was too hard a piss for David to swallow it all and some cascaded from his nose and sides of his mouth. He finished up choking and being sprayed all over his face and upper torso. “Useless slut. He can get on his knees and lick up all that he spilt.” Dominic surprised everyone then. “No he can’t, you aren’t going to do anything else to David. I think you are all disgusting to do, and let be done all the horrible things you have. I’m taking him away to clean him up and put him to bed.” Before helping David, Dominic took the camcorder and smashed it to pieces against the metal frame of the bench. Michael was so impressed at the assertiveness of his prot�g� that he just winked at Darius, but said nothing. David was led away like a little puppy and taken to Dominic’s room where he was pampered in a shower, had his bottom coated inside and out with soothing creams before being tucked into bed not really with it after all the abuse. While David slept, Dominic started to pack. He didn’t think Michael would want him to remain in the house now after that performance. That was where Darius found him as he hefted the last of his cases to the door of his bedroom. “I think you had better go to see merter escort dad. He’s in his study.” Stood in front of Michael, Dominic was struggling not to cry in despair at what he was going to lose and the uncertainty of his future. “I will be taking the cost of a new camcorder out of your allowance for the next six months. At the same time I am going to increase that allowance by 50% because I realised by your actions that you are no longer a boy, but a man, and you should have a man’s allowance. I am being so lenient with you because the only film we have lost is the one showing Jamie’s actions which I agree were pretty awful. Jamie has been warned that his behaviour was unacceptable even though he was given a free hand. I have told him that his future employment will depend on him being a perfect servant, particularly towards David when he is in the house. You are going to be spanked in front of your lover when he recovers and that will be the end of it. David is not going to be used anymore this weekend except to make love to you and Darius if he has the energy and desire. Finally, I am so proud of you standing up to me like you have done. I know you are going to be an exceptional young man which was why I took you on in the first place.” That was too much. Now the flood gate opened. Darius had watched all this and immediately took Dominic into his arms to hug him. “You really surprised the old man. I guess I’d better watch out now as well.” Dom looked up into the laughing eyes of his friend and dropped his head back onto the chest of his comforter speaking just clearly enough for Michael to hear. “I won’t let you down, Michael, and thank you.” Smiles all round and it was off to the kitchen for snacks. All that sex and tension had made them all hungry. Darius and Dominic had been for a swim while Michael did some work in his study. It was quite late afternoon when David found them. He was dressed ready to leave. “Dad’s in his study, David.” David looked at Dominic and silently mouthed the words, `I love you’, before going to the study. Michael looked up as David knocked and walked in. “Thank you for introducing Dominic to me. Know that one day I am going to have him as my lover. I don’t know when that will be because I now have to find a new job and start the upward movement of my career again.” David turned to leave and Michael spoke. “Come back here and sit down David. We need to talk.” David kept walking. “I don’t think we have anything left to talk about. You will obviously not want me at your school, and I don’t know if I could work for you again anyway.” “Don’t be a bloody fool man, come and sit down. I don’t believe you would throw away everything you have worked for just because of a couple of hours of misery.” That got to David. He turned, and eyes blazing walked towards Michael. “You don’t have a clue do you? The beating and rough sex were nothing new to me. The shame of what I allowed in front of the boy I loved the second I saw him is what has cut me to the core. I don’t think he’ll ever want to look me in the eyes again.” Michael laughed. “Come with me.” They walked through to Dominic’s room where David looked at the packed cases stood by the door. “Another young man has had a similar conversation with me. You two have got it bad so I think you ought to give yourselves a chance. Dominic is going to continue at college to get his degree and then he will become head of a new photographic department at the school. Keep your job and in three years you will have him with you always if you both still feel the same way. In the interim I will facilitate your being together for school and college vacations. Now you can leave if you so wish.” David shook his head. “You really are a bastard, Michael. What have you not told me?” bahçeşehir escort “I’ve not told you that tonight you can sleep with Dominic if you will, make love to Darius before you go tomorrow. No witnesses, no filming, just lovemaking in any way you wish.” David sat down and buried his head in his hands. “You aren’t playing with me are you Michael?” “No. I want to keep you in my employ. You have impressed me with your mental strength. I think you’ll be a fine example for the boys once you have settled in properly. Go back to school tomorrow. Sought out young Mills and then stamp your mark on your department. I will find you a good assistant to allow you time to study school admin ready for your next jump.” This all sounded too good to be true, but he knew he had to take the chance. The promise was everything he could wish for. “Alright, Michael, but if you renege on this my wrath will wreck your plans.” Michael laughed and handed David a tape. “This is a record of the sessions up to Jamie’s. I’m sure you will find it entertaining, but please keep it private.” David left then to find Dominic. He looked deep into his lover’s eyes and saw what made him want to sing. There was love, and more. The kiss made clear that the more was desire. “You are going to sleep with me tonight and we are going to see much more of each other after tonight.” Dominic didn’t know what, but soon found out when David filled in all the details. “I think we should make a pact. We are going to live like this for three more years. To make 100% certain we want each other forever I think we should play the field until you finish your education. If we both feel we want to live together in a monogamous relationship after that then we will know it’s for real, and that’s what we’ll do, in my present location.” After burying David in kisses, Dominic agreed the pact. “But tonight you are going to be mine exclusively, is that right?” David grinned and confirmed that it was. Michael and Darius couldn’t understand why, immediately after dinner, David and Dominic made excuses and went straight to bed, much. The lovemaking went on all night with David feeling his lover’s wonderful cock reaming out his inside as often as the reverse was true. “I don’t think there is any doubt that we are compatible, Dom. I will be whatever you want in bed because with you it is all exquisitely sensuous and exciting.” Mutual feelings. Sunday morning both young men looked distinctly jaded when they sat down with Michael and Darius for breakfast. “I think some gentle activity at the pool this morning. A light lunch and then a siesta would appear to be called for David, don’t you?” Grinning like an idiot, David agreed. “Mmm, I think I need to recharge my batteries.” “Late afternoon I would like to ask for something special, which you can say no to if you want. I would like to make love to you properly and Darius would like to do the same with Dominic. That will still give you plenty of time to make love to Dominic once more before I have you taken back to the school.” David looked at Dominic who smiled and nodded his head. “I think we can accept that scenario, Michael. You realise that if I am going to spend vacations here with Dominic that scenario may well be repeated over the years?” Michael smiled and replied. “Yes, I had thought of that, but it will only happen voluntarily. There will be no more coercion for sex with either of you. If Dominic graces our beds when you are away then he will only do so because he wants to and the same will apply to you.” That effectively set the scene for the next three years as far as David was concerned, and he thought that would be good. Father and son were, after all, very sexy men, and Michael had already shown that Dominic held a special place in his mind and heart. Jamie had turned into a submissive and docile creature after Michael’s lecture, and David noticed, but ignored him. He wasn’t feeling particularly benevolent with his bruised bottom and ego. Deeds done and David returned to school feeling good about himself. **********************************************************************

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