The Only Good ThingThe Only Good Thing


*WARNING: The following mentions descriptions of non-consensual sex. Reader’s discretion is advised.






Victor spent his whole life trying to figure out how he would go about fucking his older cousin.

He would practice in the mirror and say things like, “Uh hey, Jennifer, you know you’ve really helped me a lot over the years. You’re like my best friend. So, umm, could I please cum in your ass?” He would then smack himself in the face. This was NOT how one should feel about a relative!

But Victor couldn’t stop the thoughts. They flowed like water. He couldn’t remember a time when he didn’t want his cousin in that way.

He could tell you the first time he met her. His family immigrated to New York when he was three years old, and there was a big party to celebrate. But Jennifer wanted nothing to do with him.

The other cousins chased him around the house, but Jennifer stayed put- leaning against the wall with her phone looking beyond annoyed to be in his presence. Perhaps she sensed the chaos that was to come.

It would be over a decade of Jennifer’s family needing to save Victor from abuse. His parents fought every day, with the father being a functioning alcoholic at work and a tyrannical dictator back at home. His mother was whittled down to a passive housewife. Oftentimes, little Victor stayed at Jennifer’s house where he would carry the negativity of his home life into hers.

It’s no wonder she didn’t like him for a while; little Victor was just about the worst kid to look after. Always fussing, extremely picky and selfish. He’d scream when he didn’t get his way and didn’t know the meaning of the word, “No” like the time when Jennifer kept telling him to stop playing with her nail polish. The lack of boundaries was the worst offense to her, as there was a moment that she would never tell a soul, but Victor remembered it just as well as she did.

He was 18-years old and just graduated high school. He had her pinned to the bed, his smaller body pressing on her chest. He leaned in with eyes that screamed that he wanted more than just playful roughhousing but he was thrown off and crashed down to the floor before he got an inch closer.

Jennifer was 25 at the time and she was seeing someone. That was Victor’s trigger.

It should’ve been him who was with his cousin. He needed to be the one to see her naked. Him. He should’ve been her first kiss. Him. That boyfriend wasn’t good for her anyway, they broke up months after they started dating. Victor believed that if she were his that would’ve never happened. They were already family, so being boyfriend and girlfriend would only bring them closer. Him. Him. Him!

But then, he moved away.

His father got into a suspicious amount of money and moved to the West Coast to live in this large home. His mother was happy for the first time in years. They bought Victor new clothes; he enrolled in a private college and made new friends. The family posted their newfound success all over social media. Victor posed for the pictures in Gucci sweats and a smile. This was his life now. Richer than he could ever dream, but without Jennifer…

The fantasies never ended though. Whenever he’d jerk off to porn, he’d imagine his cousin’s face on the actress getting railed. He wondered if Jennifer’s ass could bounce like that on his dick. Could she squirt too?

Sometimes it’d be a conflict of interest; Victor loved gangbangs but hated picturing Jennifer in one. One time he thought, “Maybe she wouldn’t mind a gangbang. Her future husband could be the one to shoot his cum in her pussy, and I can settle for her stroking my cock…” but then, he’d get angry and lose his erection.

Jennifer would be his and his alone. Even if he had to take a STD test to prove he was clean. Even if he had to refuse all the hot chicks around campus. If he was going to lose his virginity to anybody, it would be her.

When Victor saw Jennifer face-to-face again, it had only felt like seconds since they last met. It had only been a year. His mother opened the door to greet her and made her tea while they spoke. His mother never really got the hand of speaking English, so she expressed in her native tongue how grateful she was for Jennifer to go out of her way to take Victor out for some bonding time.

“No te preocupes, Tía. Estoy feliz de verlo antes de que comience su segundo año!”

Victor’s heart glowed inside his chest. He never heard Jennifer speak so smoothly like that before. She really had been teaching herself to perfect his first language.

“Play it cool, Victor,” he shouted in his head, before throwing his hands up while approaching his cousin, “Hey Jennifer! What’s up?!”

“Real smooth, dumbass,” he insulted himself.

Jennifer didn’t mind. She opened her arms too and smiled bigger than he did.

“Hey there! How’s it going?!”

They hugged each other with Victor’s mother swooning in the background.

Jennifer smelled like warm vanilla Bursa Escort sugar with a hint of spice. She didn’t grow much taller since they last met, since she was already an adult. But, her most drastic change was her hair. She usually had it cut around her shoulders, but this time her natural curls swayed down to her hips. It was also auburn red, totally out of character for who Victor remembered as someone who would never dye her hair. She said she feared messing up her natural dark brown roots; I guess she got over it. Red looked good on her- really sexy.

“You look good!” Victor exclaimed, gulping down the words he really wanted to say which was, “Fuck! Your tits look even bigger this time!” Maybe it was because of the years of distance but seeing her dark breasts so close had him throbbing in his jeans. Just a hint of cleavage showed under her black shirt, but immediately that image blew up into a fantasy about sucking on her large brown nipples through the fabric.

She’d be squealing on his bed, clutching at the back of his head gasping for more. He’d pull one of those classic lines, “What a hungry slut you are…” and with one more tug, her panties would cream with her fluid. What a high that would bring to Victor right now…

“Volver a las diez!” Jennifer said as they exited the home.

“Okay okay!” Victor mom’s nodded as she removed the empty cup of tea off the counter.

Jennifer only said she wanted to have dinner, but that was a lie. What she brought Victor to was even more satisfying.

“Don’t joke with me right now…” Victor sweated, “Are you serious?”

Jennifer smirked and placed her hands on her hips, “Would I ever lie to you?”

“No, but…this is…you know how badly I’ve wanted this!”


Victor finally let himself accept that his biggest dream was coming true.

“You’re the best, Jennifer!”

In front of them was The Death Museum, an attraction Victor wanted to check out ever since he moved. His family hated the macabre and didn’t bring Victor to anything that reminded them of it. Victor’s friends wouldn’t be up to it either, they were all the type to rather watch sports than learn about the wonders of the afterlife. Or maybe they were into it, but Victor was too afraid to ask. He could’ve just come alone, but that wouldn’t have been any fun. The only person who would consider going with him was Jennifer, but she was never around until now.

Now that they were exploring the museum, Victor’s admiration for Jennifer nearly overshadowed his experience. Jennifer would be bending down to read a disturbing fun fact, and Victor would gaze over her, thinking how delicious she’d be bending down to suck him off. He could kick her over, tear off her jeans, and shove his cock inside if he wanted to. The police would arrest him, but that was a punishment he was almost willing to take.

“My favorite part was when I learned about rigor mortis!”

“Mine too!” Jennifer handed Victor a light paper bag after they sat in her rented car, “This is for you.”

“Yeah?” the high school grad took out the contents of the bag and smiled bigger than ever. It was a souvenir keychain with three charms: a skull, a broken heart, and a casket.


“I thought you would like it…”

The dinner was next, and Victor had to wonder, if Jennifer didn’t live here, how was she so skilled in picking the best restaurant ever?! It was a dimly lit establishment that served meat and seafood with a pot of boiling cheese. It was the best!

Victor devoured all kinds of things that evening: duck, salmon, steak, shrimp. He semi-regretted it because if wanted to explore the tight walls of his beautiful cousin, he didn’t want to get a stomachache during it.

“How did you know I’d love this place?”

Jennifer dipped a piece of duck into the fondue, “You were always obsessed with cheese. If you couldn’t have cheese with your meal, you’d throw the biggest fit!”

That’s right, Victor was a picky eater. One time, he made himself puke on the floor because he took one little bite of pasta with no cheese on it.

“I really am no good…” he thought solemnly, “Jennifer was so strong having to look after a brat like me…but I’ll make it up to her by showing her the best night ever!”

When they returned home, Victor’s fear came to life.

“Hola bebe-“

“Espera mami! FUCK!” Victor dashed up the spiral staircase.

“Demasiada comida” Jennifer explained.

“Ahhh!” his mom laughed.

Jennifer already planned to stay overnight at Victor’s place, which meant their night wasn’t ruined by his sudden illness. The older cousin wanted to take Victor to an ice cream parlor after dinner, but that food ravaged his insides. Victor wished he could ravage Jennifer’s insides…

The rest of the night bled into the morning, with them watching Victor’s favorite anime, playing video games, and catching up on life. The pair laid side-by-side on Victor’s bed, only brushing fingers occasionally.

“So…you Bursa Escort Bayan seeing someone at school?” Jennifer said. The teen almost felt offended at her question, as if he’d date anyone besides her. “I mean, I’ve fooled around…” Victor lied straight through his teeth. He just wanted to look cool in front of Jennifer, but he regretted it immediately.

“How will she trust you if you say you’ve fucked someone else?!” he thought.

“Oh yeah?!” Jennifer grew excited, “That must’ve been fun!”

“Yeah…totally,” Victor continued lying, “It must have been fun for you too, when you were my age.”

Jennifer sat up in her loose-fitting pajamas. Her tits were on further display in that thin spaghetti strapped tank top; her nipples were poking through it, and her ass WAS big enough to jiggle on a dick! They were practically spilling out of her pink cotton shorts. Victor kept his mouth shut when he wasn’t talking so the waterfall of drool wouldn’t soak the bed.

“Uh, when I was YOUR age?” Jennifer said, “I’m not that much older than you! But yeah, it was, and it’s important to have fun and explore the dating scene while you’re young. That way you don’t have any regrets in the future.”


“Mmmhm,” Jennifer got up from the bed to stretch her arms. She brought them behind her head, revealing her firm muscles. Her top lifted slightly to show off her flat stomach and those thighs were thick enough to snap someone’s neck. She was a real-life black Barbie doll that Victor never had enough money to keep.

The older cousin went on speaking as she cracked her back, protruding her chest in Victor’s direction, “When I met Gavin, I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything. I already did what I wanted to do, and by the time we got together, I knew what I wanted.”

Jennifer quickly pinched her shorts and tugged at them so they wouldn’t be riding up her ass cheeks, thinking Victor didn’t notice, “If you come visit New York again, we could all hang out sometime!” Then, she yawned, “Well, it’s getting late. I should get to bed. At least get a few hours of sleep. My flight doesn’t leave till 10, do you wanna go to the beach or something?”


“Okay awesome!” Jennifer stepped out of the door, “Want me to close the door?”


“Okay then, good night!”

“Good night.”

Victor laid silently in his bed, staring at his ceiling fan. It had been a year since they last hung out together, and in all that time, not once had she posted about having another boyfriend. She played things off like she was single this whole time. Not even a little hint to suggest otherwise.

Victor’s fan was circling so fast, blowing cool air on him. Suddenly, he thought of a black silhouette representing this Gavin guy being decapitated by the fan and his head rolling to his feet.

Victor grabbed his remote and pressed a button to turn off the lights. He got under the covers to go to sleep, but he wasn’t tired anymore. Far from it. He was painfully horny.

His fantasies started up again, more realistic than ever, feeling the tight sensations of his cock submerging balls deep into his cousin’s cunt.

“No please!” she would cry, “I thought we were family, Victor!”

Victor would look down at where they were connected and lift her legs, bending them over her head and start thrusting.

“We are, Jennifer. You’re the only good thing that’s ever happened to me, and I wanna thank you for that…show you how it feels to be taken by a true man!”

Jennifer would probably try to push him off, sobbing as her orgasm would arrive sooner than anticipated. She’d tear at his tank top when she cums, clenching her teeth, screeching through the pleasure of being taken by her baby cousin. Victor would want to cum with her, but he had to prolong this as long as possible. This would be the only night they’d have together before he went off to college, and he would make it a good one.

“That’s it…Ride my cock…” Victor uttered in bed, stroking himself to these illicit fantasies. Now Jennifer was gyrating her hips on top of him, hands guiding her carefully to her next orgasm. She looked used to it now, dripping in a cold sweat to the point where her body glistened in the moonlight. Her jaw was slack, gasping every few seconds when the tip of Victor’s cock would poke at her G-spot.

Victor would encourage her to go on, “There you go…chase that cum. Give it to me!” and Jennifer would cum on command, her pussy walls clenching around Victor’s dick, and it would be then that he would cum for the first time.

Victor would tell his cousin that he loved her and to go to bed, but she’ll refuse. She’ll caress his balls and give them a firm squeeze begging for more.

They would fuck again and again, until the sun came up. Until they’d smell the bacon his mother would be cooking downstairs, and perhaps even then, Jennifer would hide under the table while Victor ate and drink up his thick seed, taking Escort Bursa care of his morning wood while also having a balanced breakfast.

Victor was tired of dreaming up what he wanted to do to and decided that it was time to finally put it into action. He released his load into the palm of his hand and sighed, knowing he’d have to wash it off in the bathroom. Or maybe, this could be used for something better…

Victor entered the guest room where Jennifer was staying. She was knocked out, already splayed across the bed with one breast out of her top. This was the most naked Victor had ever seen her and he wanted to cum again. He held back on it because he wanted to save it for Jennifer’s pussy.

He got closer to the bed, now being able to hear her snoring. It wasn’t heavy and guttural, but light and airy- like she was surfing through clouds or calming down after a hard cum.

She was always a heavy sleeper, so Victor wasn’t afraid of her waking up when he sat on the corner of the bed. Although, he did want her to be awake for this. His hand hesitantly went up to her exposed thigh as he licked his lips.

“If I just get a little closer…” he crawled up past the bottom of her shorts and gasped, “I knew it…”

He felt the stubble of her crotch under her fingertips- no panties. That would make things a lot easier. He kept his hand there and relished in the feeling of finally being able to touch his cousin’s crotch. The alarm bells were ringing, he knew this was so wrong, but Jennifer would understand. She always put up with him, and still stayed by his side.

That’s all Victor ever wanted, for somebody to accept him for who he was. The good and the bad. Somebody to genuinely care about what he had to say, and not needing to fit in to be popular. Victor had a second family in college, but the one who had grown up seeing the good, bad, and ugly was Jennifer. In spite of her hesitations, she never ran away from him and because of that, he would never let her go.

Just as Victor was about to lean in to kiss his cousin, he heard the door lock downstairs.

His blood ran cold. It was 2 in the morning, and he said that he wouldn’t get back until next Saturday. What the hell was he doing here? Victor heard his mom talking to him. She sounded angry because he was drunk. The worst kind, where he sounds so happy, but also had wandering hands, and if you complained about it, he’ll lash out.

Mom never learned. She said she hated the strong smell of booze on his neck, and then she cried for him to get off her. She got quiet after a loud smack echoed in the house.

“All I want is to show you love and this is what you do? Ungrateful woman!”

Unlike his mother, Victor’s dad learned how to speak English, so when he was mad at her, he would speak it to further embarrass his mom for not understanding what he said. The sound of arguing progressed which aggravated Victor. He was so close to making love to his cousin, and here was the old man ruining it.

“Hng…” Jennifer swayed her head unconsciously. She was going to wake up, Victor knew it, so he had to be fast. Maybe this was a good thing after all, the drama downstairs gave him enough of a push to claim what was his.

He adjusted his cum-stained hand from Jennifer’s leg and dove straight down her shorts to play with her pussy. Her lips were bone dry, but that makes sense. It just gave Victor more drive to soak them up, his cum certainly speeded up the process. He lathered her prickly lips with his seed and rubbed harshly at her clit growing from the touch.

Jennifer jerked her hips up in time with the sound of Victor’s mom yelping. The sleeping woman moaned, “Hmm…Gavin…stop…”

There goes that name again. Fucking Gavin. He probably came inside Jennifer countless times, and now it was Victor’s turn. He pulled down her shorts down to her ankles and sat between her legs. He pulled out his cock from his briefs and rubbed the tip between her lips.

“Oooh yeah…” he slowly thrusted against her. It felt exactly like he thought it would…he never imagined he could drown out his mother’s screaming until now. His mind replayed his imaginations: sinking himself into Jennifer and threatening to put a baby in her, even when she pleaded for him not to. Victor would never actually do it, but…

“Mmmh, mmmh!” he leaned down and sucked on his cousin’s exposed tit. It was so smooth. Those natural D cups in his mouth getting harder with every lick. He couldn’t refrain from moaning with pleasure. No porn star could compare to such natural beauties.

“…Wha?” Jennifer cracked open her tired eyes, goosebumps rising from her skin.

“What…what? What the fuck?” She had awoken to her shorts off of her hips, her right tit being sucked on while the other was now taken out of her shirt and fondled and a rock hard 6-inch cock poking at her clit.

She screamed.

Victor was thrown off the bed, his hard-on still intact.

Jennifer got off the bed herself and readjusted her clothes.




Victor tried walking to Jennifer, but tripped over his briefs that he hadn’t pulled back up yet, “Jennifer, it’s not what you think-“

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