The Numbers Game Ch. 3The Numbers Game Ch. 3


If having survived the last instalment without pressing the back button on your browser then read on for the third and final chapter of my relationship with Rachael.

The butler’s message on my voicemail indicated that the pick up place was the family home, the day was this Saturday, the time 8.30pm and the passenger one Miss Rachael. How the rich live! Rachael and I decided to go out for dinner at the local Chinese Restaurant in town then out for a few drinks later and maybe some dancing.

Our relationship was now in full steam with me informing the staff room shortly after the New Year term began. To my surprise and amazement the Principle hardly battered an eyelid although urged discretion whilst at school. The rest of my colleagues had a sneaking suspicion as rumours had apparently been circulating well before the Christmas Party (alluded to in the first chapter). What relief I thought but my ordeal certainly didn’t end there. About a week later, and only after repeated urgings from Rachael, I agreed to be formally introduced to her family ‘as her new beau’.

Rachael was the eldest daughter of one of the richest families in the county and one of the oldest. Her father, whilst able to subsist comfortably on a private income, chose to work in the public sector as a research chemist for a listed pharmaceutical company and her mother was a successful country solicitor with her own firm. I had already met this charming couple professionally on two previous occasions concerning the academic affairs of Rachael’s two siblings Justice and Lachlan whom I knew since they, being twins, were interested in attending this College in the next academic year. The whole family was pleasant and down to earth, completely devoid of any airs or graces, unusual with the landed gentry and setting an example that many other less polished families would do well to observe.

I was hanging out for Saturday for I hadn’t seen Rachael that week as I had spent the last five days skiing in the Swiss Alps with several friends from Australia. Rachael wasn’t happy about this situation as she wanted to come despite the fact that she detests the snow but I had booked this holiday several weeks before we got together. It was with some reluctance that we parted but the holiday itself yielded some great skiing and despite being a real “lads living large” week in which vast quantities of alcohol were consumed and much late night partying occurred I really did miss Rachael. I called her everyday racking up a huge phone bill but I didn’t care, she was / is worth any sacrifice.

When the appointed hour was at hand I slipped into my BMW 318I and drove the short distance to Rachael’s home that lay on the northern outskirts of town. The entrance to her family’s private driveway was guarded by a lichen-covered gatehouse at least five centuries old and in good repair although the gates are automatic now. The driveway snaked its way up a slight incline lined with oak trees, older than the gatehouse, before reaching a large clearing. The Hall itself is of Georgian origin, three stories with high chimneys that, undoubtedly, give the visitor the impression of a magnificent country mansion.

The original hall, dating back to Tudor times, was destroyed by fire but like every phoenix, a new hall rose from the ashes of the old. As I pulled up the Hall was ablaze with lights, exaggerated by the cold clear evening, indicating a full house. Even before I reached them, the heavy set double oaken doors were swung open by the family butler who beckoned me into the entrance hall.

Despite the harshness of the outside, the interior by contrast was intolerably hot and I was glad to relinquish my coat. There did not appear to be anyone around and upon enquiring the butler informed me that all except Rachael had gone visiting family friends and would be back late. I proceeded into the lounge room where I usually waited for my beloved but this evening the butler informed me that Rachael was expecting me in her room. Afyon Escort So off I went, climbing the magnificent grand staircase that opened up into a spacious landing hall with the various rooms branching off the left and right. Rachael’s room was a little distance to the left and as I approached I heard the sound of rock music emanating from behind the door.

I knocked in anticipation and was immediately greeted by lover and best friend. Or to be more accurate, her head greeted me. I first noticed her hair for it was incredibly lustrous and had been straightened the new look was fantastic. “Hi there Handsome.” She greeted me and then with a flick of her head she motioned me to enter. There were no lights on rather her room were illuminated with countless candles. The dancing lights flickering a million different shades of orange. I turned around to face her as she eased the door closed and my jaw simply fell open in surprise. There she was facing me without a shred of clothing except for a pair of strapped heels. Her left hand was resting high against the doorframe and her right against her hip. She was stunning, absolutely radiant and I was speechless. She raised a thin questioning eyebrow at me in amusement and after what seemed like an eternity I finally stammered, “Are we not going out then?” To which she replied “Nope I thought we’d eat in!”

And with that she marched towards me, grabbed hold of my jumper and pushed me against the wall kissing me with great force. I put up a token resistance as you do but I quickly surrendered to the situation. What followed seemed like a blur. She kissed me furiously and deftly removed my clothes. Within seconds my trousers were around my ankles with Rachael, perched on her haunches and resting on her heels began sucking my manhood as if her life depended on it.

Whilst consuming my rapidly hardening cock she was able to remove my shoes, socks and pants with ease. Her mouth was hot and wet and I was quickly turned me into a dripping mess. I reached down and cupped the side of her face as she went back on fourth on my pole. The feeling was incredible and accentuated even more so when her tongue worked it’s wicked magic. She was all over my cock, balls and greedily tried to reach my pucker with her tongue and her hands began to lightly scratch my chest and stomach. For someone only eighteen years old, Rachael had an impressive imagination.

When she judged me ready, she quit her ministrations as suddenly as she began them and sauntered over to her writing desk. Rachael bent right down, sticking her arse in the air and cocking one leg over the chair. This posture left no doubt in my mind what she was seeking but suddenly another possibility presented itself. Surely not I thought and so banished it! What was on offer though was a feast fit for a king; her tanned skin looked incredibly brown in the wan light; her legs long and smooth and a peach that was as shapely as it was firm. I walked over and saw her rubbing her clit in a fast circular motion she was wet. As soon as I placed my hand on her buttock she let out a moan of delirious pleasure.

“Oh fuck me Jason, I really need you in me, really bad.”

I slapped her arse and replied, “How badly slut?”

The slap surprised her for she giggled and said, “Oh Jason!” I wanted her to beg in anticipation to let me know she really wanted me but I couldn’t wait any longer and slammed into her all the way in. She came straight away and loudly too, if it weren’t for the music then her cry of pleasure would have brought the household staff rushing in. And that would have presented a very embarrassing situation that would have been around town in no time. It looked and felt like a massive pent up orgasm and one that she would have required some rest before continuing but my cock had other ideas.

Ordinarily her orgasmic contractions would have had me shooting stars as well but I wasn’t as in tune with her needs on this occasion. So I just hammered Afyon Escort Bayan away with a single minded fury totally out of character but my needs took precedence. Rachael’s pussy was in full flood and my honey-coated cock was reflective in the candlelight. Her fragrance also permeated the air and as if on a high my head began to swim. I reached round and began to play with one of her breasts and this stimulation quickly had Rachael happily on her way to her second orgasm of the evening.

That was all I could handle, the stimulation to my senses was overpowering and my orgasm was racing through my cock at the speed of light. Within seconds I was firing sticky load after sticky load into her tight snatch and screaming in delight. I almost passed out the pleasure was so consuming. My wildly throbbing cock set Rachael off too and, although her second climax was less powerful, the clamping effect of her pussy began to suck me even deeper than I was right now. I shuddered in excruciating pleasure.

Afterwards, bathed in sweat and each other’s juices, we sat down on the floor with our backs resting against her sofa. This was quality time; in the afterglow and in the loving tenderness we professed our love for each other and felt closer than before. Prior to my arrival, she had laid out a veritable smorgasbord of oriental nibbles and there was a bottle of chilled Chardonnay on the go. As we lazily consumed this repast (and they were both quite excellent) we began talking about our respective first time. Mine, I do confess, was an utter disaster and put me off the idea of sex for quite sometime. There was absolutely no romantic notion involved with that event whatsoever. Rachael’s by contrast was no better. She lost her cherry to one of the groundskeeper’s employees a few years ago. It was a rushed affair with only one person finding the experience pleasurable. We both lamented the lack of romance and the disappointed connected to the event. There was a moment’s silence before Rachael came out with what was on both our minds. “I wish we could have lost our cherries to each other.” I agreed wholeheartedly but that time was long gone.

More silence followed and this time Rachael appeared to be in deep thought. I didn’t want to intrude so I drained my (Waterford crystal) wine glass and began eating some of the delicious sushi that was on offer. Then it was my turn to drift off in thought but as I began pondering the future with Rachael, she suddenly piped up. “Do you really wish that I was your first?” I looked over and her face had such a look of seriousness and concern. Before I could answer she added, “Because I really wish you had been my first.” I agreed and kissed her forehead. She continued but spoke is a slow and measured tone, “If you like I have one last cherry that I really like you to take.” She stressed the word ‘you’ but I was totally caught off balance and made out that I hadn’t heard correctly. She dropped her head turning away slightly as if ashamed and whispered, almost pleading, “I want you to fuck me in the arse.”

As you would be able to appreciate blood rushed from all over my body and began to congregate in one area of my body and one area only. I do declare that each blood vessel was fighting to be first in line. I had thought about this for a long time unsure as to approach the subject but here I was being asked to take my lover’s anal cherry. Rachael looked back at me and then at my cock and got her answer. And a huge grim suddenly broke across her angelic features. With that, events moved at breakneck speed as we were engulfed in a new wave of passion and excitement.

I decided the easiest way would be for her to kneel in front of the chair and lean over it. Rachael reached around and using both hands, spread her arse apart, exposing the perfect pink rosebud between her cheeks. I knelt down against it and drew little circles around it with my wet tongue.

“Oh, wow, that’s so nice!” She breathed, pressing her arse Escort Afyon against my face willing my tongue deeper. I probed up from her wetness, tasting her for the first time this evening, and pressed against her sweet tight wrinkled arse. Her tiny hole tensed at the pressure, then parted, letting my tongue dart in and out. For what seemed an eternity, I slowly tongued her butt, my rock hard cock begging for some attention. I could feel her arse squeezing my tongue and knew she loved it. To heighten her pleasure (and mine) I began to slowly rub her clit and was rewarded by little jolts of pleasure and my hand drenched with her flowing honey.

She was getting impatient and hissed, “Are you going to fuck my arse or are you just going to admire it all night?” Either would have suited me but I simply grinned and straightened up ready to give my lover exactly what she wanted. I painted a mixture of juice and saliva up between her cheeks, massaging it into her tight little hole. “Be gentle with me Jason. This is my first time and you’re the one I want to take my virginity.” She whimpered as I pressed the head of my cock against her brown rose for I had every intention of making this a wonderful experience, something unique between the two of us.

Her tight little hole spread open and the head of my cock popped in. “Oh yes!” She cried in delight. I paused for a moment to spread a little more saliva on my cock before easing more inside her. I heard her grunting as each little thrust allowed me to go further. After a while, I felt her arse loosen and this allowed me to delve deeper. I pulled back until just the head of my cock was in her and restarted my journey with more determination hoping to reach the bottom.

“That feels so good, so filling.” She moaned as her muscles relaxed some more and I buried myself into her as deeply as I could. I began to fuck her tight arse slowly at first. I have never had my cock squeezed like that before but she was hot too like an inferno and the experience was singular. “Oh Rachael this is so good!” I breathed as I finally found my rhythm plunging deeper into her with long strokes. She was arching her back begging me to fuck her harder. I complied and thrust into her, sweating, grunting, holding her hips and spreading her arse cheeks apart.

“I’m cumming baby. I’m really cumming?” She screamed with almost total surprise and when she came her arse, like her pussy, clenched my cock so hard, that I came too. It was very strong and unlike any orgasm I’ve ever known and I felt that I was freeing my very soul into her.

We wound down together and I leaned over her, kissing her back and shoulders until my cock softened and slipped out to which she let out a slight cry of disappointment. When Rachael turned towards me however there were tears streaking down her face and as she wrapped her arms around me, she sobbed, “That was absolutely fantastic, exactly how I wanted it to be. I will always consider you to be my first. Promise me that you’ll always fuck me in the arse?” I readily promised because, like her, I never thought it would be that good either and I now consider her my first.

We were both exhausted after our mammoth sexploration not to mention fragrant. I would have loved nothing better than to shower and hit the bed preferably alone because, after the nights exertions, I was a little sore. But our relationship, in her parent’s eyes at least, had not advanced sufficiently for me to be allowed to stay over so I was forced to contemplate the journey home. Rachael must have read my thoughts for she teased, “My poor baby has to go home all alone while I get to go to bed right now!” I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply, “I know, bummer eh?” We uncoupled and I began to search for my clothes amongst the wreckage of the room. Rachael climbed inside a bathrobe and combed her hair, even with that simple look she took my breath away. Once done she summoned the butler, embraced me, kissed me and said, “Forgive me for not giving you an escort to the door but-” She cast her gaze around the room indicting what was obvious.

“That’s okay.” And pausing for a moment, “I love you Rachael.” In a second I was whisked away by the brisk knock at the door and began my journey home a tired but happy chap.

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