The New Guy Pt. 01The New Guy Pt. 01


*All characters in this series are older than 18 years old*

Koffman Construction was a small construction company located in western Georgia, near the Alabama and Florida state lines. Two weeks ago, I was accepted for a dual IT and purchasing coordinator position after a brief zoom interview with the owner, Mr. Scott Koffman. Mr. Koffman acquired the company from his uncle who started the company after returning from Vietnam back in 1969. Unlike traditional construction companies, Koffman Construction was a specialized company that worked on pipes and structural works for places that included, but were not limited to, power plants, water treatment plants, chemical factories, and paper mills. I picked up and moved from my meager apartment that my college roommate and I shared outside of Houston and relocated to southeastern Georgia. It was not my ideal job that I looked for after college, but it was something. After spending 6 years in the Marine Corps, getting out and spending 2 years earning my degree in Information Technology with a minor in Business Administration, I was grateful to get anything.

Six months after graduation, I was starting to wonder if I was going to get hired on anywhere. So, when I got a video call from the HR department about a position, I was excited about the prospect. What I did not expect was a video call with Mr. Koffman himself. After a 30-minute interview where hardly anything in regard to the position was discussed, much to my surprise, he asked me about my time in the Marine Corps, some moral and ethical questions, and then offered me the job at the end of the interview. Additionally, he offered me an hourly wage twice my asking wages, with the option to go salary after 90 days with the company. It was a rare opportunity that was too good to pass up.

Week and a half later I moved my meager things into a small, 1bed/1bad apartment. It’s not the worst place I’ve ever lived, especially after 6 years in the Marines. The apartment’s redeeming qualities that stood out were a large sliding glass door window that really illuminated the small apartment in the mornings, and overhead beams across the ceiling that allow me to hang a hammock near the sliding glass door. The hammock was quite comfortable and doubled as my couch and bed for the moment.

My first week at Koffman Construction was uneventful. I met Mr. Koffman in person, shook his hand, and he introduced me to my immediate supervisor, Russ Leeman. Russ was an older gentleman, maybe late 50’s or early 60’s, but he had a great sense of humor and turned out to be a really, cool boss. My first duties were to go through all the required readings and training videos that the company required for all new hires. You know they type, sexual assault awareness, cyber security, company rules and policies, the kind of dry and tasteless videos and reading material that puts you to sleep half of the time and makes you want to gouge your eyes out the other half of the time. I had plenty of these trainings in the Marines, so I just embraced the suck and powered through it. Friday Russ showed me the company procurement system and allowed me to handle a few orders to make sure I was squared away with the program before cutting me loose.

Monday came, and I walked in with a chest full of promise and motivation. I parked in the parking garage in the area designated for our company employees. A short elevator ride from the parking garage took me up to the hallway that led to the Koffman office spaces. I greeted the receptionist, a gentle looking lady in her mid-40’s with a warm smile named Candice. I clocked in and worked my way to the break room for a cup of coffee, and that is when I met her. As I turned the corner to enter the break room, I almost collided with a girl I had not yet seen in the office. We both stopped suddenly, and her cup of coffee splashed onto her white blouse.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you!” I exclaim in surprise as I see her face turn red.

“That’s because you’re a fucking idiot who needs to watch where he is going!” she ranted and looked me up and down. “I guess I’ll have to talk to HR and have them stop hiring people who fit the description of ‘big, dumb, and stupid’.”

I opened my mouth to say something, but then thought better of it.

“Calm down, it’s your first real week, keep your cool Marine,” I told myself as she huffed away, glaring at me as she walked by.

By now people were poking their heads around corners and out of doorways to see what happened, which left me standing in the hallway looking and feeling like an idiot. Quickly, I ducked into the break room and grabbed my mug off the cabinet shelf. I do not know what it is, but there is something about the smell of that first cup of coffee in the morning that just relaxes me. The hot medium roast filled my mug, and I savored the smell of the brew. A splash of cream, and a dash of sugar and I was good to go. Russ came in as I finished prepping my coffee.

“Heard you ran into Amanda,” Russ said with and exasperated tone. I looked at him Afyon Escort with an eyebrow raised in a perplexed expression that indicated I had no idea who he was talking about.

“The girl you almost made spill coffee on herself. That is Amanda… Amanda Koffman. Scott’s only daughter. She has been responsible for more than a handful of people being let go,” Scott spoke as he looked at me with a concerned glare.

“Be careful and respectful to her, or you might find yourself on that list.”

“It was an honest accident,” I explained. “Seriously, I didn’t see her at all, and I will apologize for the trouble next time I see her.” Russ nodded in approval and we proceeded towards our shared office.

It was half an hour from quitting time when Russ tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a note. ‘IT Request in room 347, employee experiencing connection difficulty and requesting immediate assistance’. I looked at the time and sighed, grabbed my jacket, and proceeded out the door. I walked down the hallway until I reached the room that had 347 on the plastic sign outside the door. I couldn’t peer inside due to the door and windows being frosted over with some kind of texturing.

“This is Dalus with the IT Department,” I call out as I knocked on the glass of the door.

“Enter!” a voice called from inside the office.

I open the door and step into the office.

“Fuck my life, it’s her,” I say to myself as she looks up from her desk at me.

“Oh, it’s you,” she says as she stands up and walks out from behind her desk with her hands on her hips. “What took so long? I put that IT request in 20 minutes ago. Guess you’re big, dumb, and slow.”

My eye twitched at her remark and my body tensed up at her comment, “My apologies ma’am, I am still getting used to the layout of the office spaces and it took me a minute to locate your office.”

It is a total bullshit excuse considering it took me less than 2 minutes to find her office after leaving mine.

“What seems to be the problem?” I ask as with as professional of a tone as I can muster.

She points to the computer, “The damned computer won’t connect to the company network and I cannot figure out why. I have to send out these payroll reports before 5 o’clock today, so I need you to not be big, dumb, and slow so I can get these out on time,” she said as she snapped her fingers at me.

I tried several different things to narrow down the issue, until I finally discovered that there was no hardline connection to the computer from the server room. Amanda sat in her office chair, legs crossed, tapping her foot annoyingly, glaring at me with her arms crossed. Amanda was a 5’1″, blond hair, blue eyes beauty with a petite frame. Her legs were smooth and well toned, a petite build, and what I was guessing were larger b-cup size breasts.

I pointed at her desktop tower, “May I? I need to check your connection.”

She pushed herself back from her desk. I bent down to pick up the desktop tower, trying to keep my ass in her face. Kiss my ass. I examined the tower and the connections to it. Sure enough, the cord that led from the server room had enough friction that it wore through the outer coating and into the wiring and shorted out the cable. I turned around to show Amanda the damage, but when I did, my eyes were greeted with the sight of her spreading her thighs, pink shaved pussy clearly visible up her skirt with her legs crossed. I quickly glanced away, hoping she did not catch me looking at her pussy for a half second or so.

“Found the problem,” I said, waiving the faulty cord around. “Be back in a second while I grab a spare.”

I quickly darted out and came back with a replacement cord. I turned the corner into her office, and I caught the briefest glimpse of some kind of bright, pink… something… disappear under her hand as I walked in.

“Hurry up dammit, I have shit to do,” she said, glaring at me with a look of irritability.

I may have said something under my breath as soon as my back was turned. She did not hear me thankfully. I got her computer and network connection working again and jumped up so she could finish her work.

“Don’t leave yet. I want to make sure your dumbass didn’t fuck this up,” she said, holding up a finger at me, “…and it looks like I am done.”

She looked up at me with the slightest hint of a smile on her face, “Guess you’re good for something around here at least.”

It was really getting hard to hold my temper back. I didn’t say anything, but if my body grew any more tense, I was going to tear something. I bid Amanda a good night and went to my office to retrieve my things. I quickly walked towards the exit and the elevator. I stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for the parking garage.

“HOLD THE ELEVATOR!” I heard a voice call out, hearing a woman’s high heels striking the floor speed up.

My hand shot out between the elevator doors, stopping them, and opening them back up. The woman stepped into the elevator and in the dim elevator lighting, Afyon Escort Bayan I could just make out Amanda’s facial features. Fuck my life, this girl again? She sneered at me like she was disgusted to be sharing the same temporary air with me.

“I don’t know why my father and HR keep hiring fucking losers like you. I should talk to my Dad about hiring more qualified and experience people, since all we seem to be getting lately are inexperienced dumbasses,” she said with a bit of attitude, and possibly a hint of mirth in her voice.

I clenched my fists even harder. My car key was digging into my palm as rage build up inside me. I’ve never hit a woman before, and I don’t plan to start now. God knows I have got good reason to though. The bell dinged and the elevator doors opened. Our two vehicles were the only two left in the parking garage, surprisingly we were only parked one space apart from one another. I motioned for her to step out of the elevator first, even went as far as doing a slight bow, because I am a gentleman, and that is how I was taught to treat women, regardless how big of cunts they are.

Amanda stepped into the garage and I proceeded behind her. Her ass was not huge, but it was ample enough to fill her knee-high skirt that fluttered around her thighs, and I would be lying to myself if I said I didn’t find her attractive at all. I walked past her as she opened her trunk. I opened the door to my Ford Ranger, which I had and maintained since my junior year in high school. The passenger door swings open and I toss my items inside. Behind me I hear a giggle, and I turn around to see Amanda covering her mouth as she laughs.

“That’s your truck? It’s so cute! What’s wrong? Did they run out of trucks that came in men’s sizes at the lemon lot that came off of?” she laughed harder. “The big, slow, idiot drives a toy truck!”

I slammed my passenger side door, turn, and stomped off in her direction. Amanda dropped her hand from her mouth and crossed her arm across her chest and backed up until she backed into her car. I stopped inches from her face and looked her right in the eyes and pointed a finger at her face.

“What the fuck is your problem?” I growled. “What the fuck gives you the right to talk to me like you have all day? Because you’re a toxic, spoiled little rich cunt whose daddy owns the company, so you think you have the right to treat everyone else like shit? Is that it? I didn’t spen…” she cut me off before I could finish.

“You can’t talk to me li…”, she started to say, eyes wide with surprise.

I slammed my hand against the top of the car behind her head, making her jump and cutting her statement short.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP! I am talking,” I growled louder and deeper at her. “I didn’t spend six years in the Marine Corps and bust my ass to earn my degree in two years after an honorable discharge, wait six months to finally get a decent job, only to have the owner’s spoiled little brat make my life miserable. I deployed to Iraq, twice, and I’ve slept in the sand, been shot at, and had mortars land mere feet away from me. As shitty as that place was, it’s fucking paradise compared to having to deal with a spoiled little rich bitch brat like you.”

I breathed heavy, having said my part, staring her dead in the eyes. The rebellious look on her face began to melt away.

Amanda opened her mouth, “I… I’ll… I’ll tell…”

I slammed my hand on her car again, “Tell who? Your dad? Fucking tell him, get me run off like the spoiled little rich cunt you are. Go on, go cry to daddy, you fucking cry baby! Let him run me off, I don’t fucking give a shit. I’ll be gone, and find a new job, but you will still be a spoiled little rich bitch nobody likes.”

The anger and rebellion in Amanda’s face all but melted away, “I… I… I…” she stuttered, looking up into my eyes.

Amanda’s hands yanked my collar and pulled me to her. She shoved her face into mine and I felt her soft lips press into mine. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. The unexpected weight caught me off surprise and her back slammed against the car as my arms wrapped around her waist. Her hands were all over me as she wildly kissed me while my chest and crotch pinned her body between me and the car. My cock was growing hard already in my khaki pants as she grinded her bare pussy against my zipper, and her hungry mouth and tongue worked in my mouth. I met her tongue with mine and reached up with my hands, ripping her blouse apart, revealing a lacy white bra that snapped in the front.

I broke from our wild kissing to look down and break apart the front clasp of her bra. She used the same opportunity to reach down and unzip my pants. Her hands reached through my zipper and fumbled with my underwear. I groaned as her soft finger wrapped around my cock. Amanda wasted no time and pulled my cock from my pants, stroking me hard before pulling my cock towards her pussy. I looked down at her pink, shaved pussy. Her pussy was Escort Afyon tiny, I could barely see her pink inner labias peeking out, but her outer labias were soaked. She rubbed the tip of my cock on her pussy, soaking it with her wet pussy. She pulled my cock to the vaginal opening and looked up at me. I looked into her eyes and saw her looking back back at me with lust, desire, and longing. She bit her lower lip and nodded to me. I pushed my pelvis forward and thrust into her. Amanda closed her eyes and opened her mouth in a silent scream as I sank my cock deeper inside of her. She threw her head back and moaned as my cock slipped the rest of the way into her and my pelvis met hers. She squeezed her arms around my neck, pulling me tighter against her.

“Oh, fuck that feels good! Fuck me! Please!” she whispered in my ear, voice quivering with pleasure.

I reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks and started thrusting in and out of her pussy, and I wasn’t nice about it. Thrust after thrust, the sound of wet genitals and skin slapping against one another echoed through the empty parking garage. I was fucking Amanda so hard my balls were slamming into her ass and asshole so hard it was uncomfortable and causing pain to my balls. I did not care though. All the abuse and rage she had created inside of me today was being channeled into my hips, into my cock, and back into her wet, bare, pussy. I looked between our legs and watched as my cock, shiny and slick with her juices, slammed into her pussy over and over again. As my cock pulled out, I watched her inner labia stretch and hug my cock. Amanda covered her mouth with both of her hand and threw her head back. Her eyes closed and I heard a muffled scream as her pussy tightened around my cock. She sat her head up and her arms gripped mine as her face contorted into another silent scream as an orgasm cashed over her and carried her under.

She cried out a little as she was finally released from the grip of her climax. I wrapped my arms around her lower back and carried her over to the back of my truck, impaled on my cock the whole way. I reached out with one hand and dropped the tailgate. I forcefully shove her off my cock and onto the tailgate. Amanda laid back on the tailgate of the truck, with her ass and pussy hanging off the edge, legs spread in the air. I grabbed her ankles and roughly flipped her on her belly. She pushes herself up onto all fours. I grab one arm out from under her and push down on the back of her neck. Her face us up against the bed of the truck. I hold her hand back. I lean over behind her and slip two fingers into her pussy, thrusting then in and out of her wet pink hole like I have a score to settle with it.

Her asshole is soaked with her pussy juices. I dive face first in between her ass cheeks. My tongue licks up her juices from her ass, and asshole. I massage her g-spot with my fingers and plant my tongue on her asshole. My tongue teases her asshole over and over again. I lift my head up for moment to catch a glance at her face. She is biting her lower lip, eyes shut, eyebrows scrunched together and a smile on her face. I go back to licking her asshole. She moans and convulses as another climax takes her. I pull my fingers out of her pussy and shove them into her mouth. She sucks my fingers clean as I spank her ass and pussy. She moans out in pleasure, muffled screams due to a mouth full of two fingers, with every slap. I get behind Amanda again, grabbing her hips tightly, I slide my cock with a little resistance back into her pussy and start thrusting her swollen pussy relentlessly again.

My hand slides across her milky white ass cheeks, my thumb resting on her asshole. My thumb rubs circles around her asshole, teasing it with slow, gentle rotations. With no warning at all, I shove my thumb into her tight little asshole. She cries out as my thumb slips into her ass, and for a moment I am afraid I’ve hurt her, but as I thrust my thumb in and out of her ass, she moans deeply. I slam in and out of her pussy, thumb playing in her ass, as she lays face down on the bed of my truck, and the look on her face tells me she is enjoying all of it. Before I am ready to be, I can feel the urge to cum already.

I pull out of her pussy and ass and squeeze my cock before any cum can escape. I grab her ponytail and yank her off the bed of the truck and onto her knees. I use her ponytail to pull her head back, and she opens her mouth. I stick my cock on the edge of her tongue and explode into her mouth. She gags as my first shot hits the back of her throat, and the rest of my cum shoots across her tongue, coating it like I’m putting frosting on a cup cake. Her mouth closes around the tip of my cock and sucks the last of the cum out of me, and opens her mouth, bottom jaw and tongue flooded with cum. I give her pony tail another tug.

“Swallow it like a fucking good girl,” I demand.

Amanda closes her eyes and mouth. I watch her throat bob as she consumes my load down her throat. She looks up at me with those blue eyes and sticks her tongue out, mouth devoid of cum. She takes my cock into both of her hands as I shove it back into her mouth, and use her ponytail to guide her mouth up and down my cock. I tilt her head back a little while she is sucking my softening cock, forcing her to look up at me.

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