The Mugger Ch. 02The Mugger Ch. 02


Work was hopeless. I couldn’t think of anything except what had happened. I thought I’d done a reasonably good job of pretending to Megan that nothing had happened, but she probably knew something was up. We’d been together too long, and she was too smart not to realize that I was being weird. But on the other hand, it had been a weird week, so she likely wasn’t drawing any conclusions too fast.

Nobody around the office was really noticing anything either. I never really was much of a team player at work, so I mostly was responsible for a handful of local small businesses and I handled them myself, independently from most of the company. So me slacking off for a week wasn’t going to be noticed by anyone either. I wanted to get back on track, though. And I wanted to get the experience of the other day out of my mind. But no matter how I tried, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Couldn’t stop thinking about his strength. His confidence. The way cum tasted going down my throat.

Determined to try and shake this habit, I’d been jerking off two or three times a day at work to as usual, blowing loads every time I got the chance, trying to erase all the arousal from my system, but I was hornier than I ever remembered being in my life and three times a day wasn’t keeping me from fucking Megan, either. But even with my dick inside a hot blonde piece of ass who loved me, my thoughts kept swirling, unable to shake the memories of my first gay encounter from my brain no matter how many times I blew a load inside my wife or jerked out another one inside a company washroom.

I sighed and pushed back from the office chair. Staying at the office late also meant that I wouldn’t be tempted to go back to the porn shop. I mean, I definitely wasn’t tempted to go back, right? I was confused, that’s all. Just confused. Anyway, I couldn’t stay any longer without Megan getting mad, so I closed the door to my office and headed out to the parking lot, stretching in the dusk that was rapidly turning to night.

“Gimme your wallet, whiteboi.”

My heart skipped a beat as I felt the prod of something metal between my shoulder blades and my knees went weak. “Okay okay okay, nobody needs to get hurt here…” Slowly, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet, feeling it yanked out of my grasp with a hearty chuckle.

“Easy. Now just take a little walk…”

I balled my hands into fists, but I knew there was no way I was going to do anything. I was angry, but that didn’t mean I needed to risk getting shot. Not the time to act up. Slowly, the two of us sidled off the street into the dark confines of a nearby alley, a dumpster keeping us out of view of any would-be passer-bys, before the mugger spun me around and pushed me to my knees. I could see the gun clearly now as he pressed it to my forehead and I instinctively started to babble total gibberish, pleading that I’d handed over everything I had and there was no reason to execute me before he took a half step back, lowered the gun, and pulled back his hoodie, revealing the face of the black man I’d sucked off at the porn shop the other day.


“Sure am. How’s that craving, whiteboi?”

“Craving? Wait, are you the guy who m-mugged me last week?!”

“Sure did. You looked like such a pathetic faggot that I figured I might as well do it again. Not like you’re gonna protest this time, are you? But I never figured you were such a repressed cocksucker too. The whole package, ain’t ya.”

I made to stand up and he pressed the gun to my forehead again, forcing me back down to my knees. Eyes wide, I felt my dick twitch as he used the tip of the gun to trace a line down my face to my lips, gently working the end of the gun into my mouth, filling my senses with the taste of metal and smoke and grime. I winced, looking away, feeling the humiliation surge through me, realizing how powerless I was in this situation as he let me almost suck on his gun for a moment before pulling it out to let me speak, an audible ‘pop’ momentarily filling the early-night air as the metal slid out from between my lips.

“Easy there, dumbass. Don’t get hurt. Feeling like another hit? Think real carefully first, got it?”

“Another hit of what?”

He rolled his eyes and yanked down his sweatpants, letting his fat dick flop out again and I swear that my mouth started watering just at the sight of it. Almost animalistically, instinctively I leaned forward as if to grab it, but he pushed me back, shaking his head, grinning, as I blushed an even darker shade of red. Holy fuck, it somehow looked even bigger than last time, I thought to myself.

“Ain’t that easy. I wanna hear you say it.”

I turned away, unable to meet his gaze, feeling my heart throb and my mouth drool and my cock strain in my pants, trying to come to grips with the sudden rush of feelings that were surging through me.


“Well? I’m waiting. Be honest, whiteboi. We both know you want it. And who the fuck am I gonna tell.

“Please…please can I suck your cock again?”


“Please Diyarbakır Escort can I suck your cock again, Sir?”

Pressing the gun back against my forehead in approval, he grinned and I reverently wrapped my hands around the black monster, well aware that I was about to blow a load in my pants as my fingers examined the thick, potent, veiny shaft, completely uncaring that my knees were already starting to scrape on the alley asphalt. I didn’t hesitate more than a few seconds before I closed my eyes and leaned forward, sliding the first few inches into my mouth, feeling my cheeks and jaw stretch at the unfamiliar strain as I started to suck off my mugger.

Fuck. Fuckfuckfuckfuck. My mind was in total overdrive as I started to suck him off in earnest, but there was no doubting that I was incredibly turned on. I could feel precum leaking from my own dick as I gradually started to stretch my jaw out, taking more and more and more black cock inside my mouth, still blushing a deep red, still unable to believe that this was really happening – but none of that was gonna stop me from how much my body was physically demanding that I keep gagging on this ebony dick.

“Yeah, you ain’t bad for someone who’s just learning. Think you’ve got real potential, cocksucker.”

Idly, he pulled the cash out of my wallet and stuffed it into his pocket, tossing the empty billfold to the ground, grunting in approval as I pressed the tip of his cock to the back of my mouth, fighting down my gag reflex as I started to slowly up the pace, bobbing my head up and down along the length of the shaft in earnest, unable to think about anything except how good it felt to be on my knees taking a dick in my mouth. I could feel his cock throbbing now, pressing against my tongue, as his hand took hold of the back of my head, encouraging me to speed up just a little bit, muttering in approval as I continued to slobber and drool over his dick.

I felt his dick twitch and I gagged, unprepared and unpracticed at blowjobs and involuntarily lost control, his cock sliding out from between my lips just as he started to blow, punctuating the air with a masculine grunt, the first gout of jizz shooting into my mouth before he painted my face with the rest, five or six or seven thick ropes of spunk splattering back and forth across my face, almost blinding my vision from the sheer thickness of it as my senses were overwhelmed with the increasingly familiar salty taste of cum. As soon as I tasted cum on my tongue, my own dick lost control as well, dumping spunk into my pants, painting them with an unmistakably humiliating stain as he finished spraying the rest of his potent load over my chin.

Grunting in approval – God, why did that turn me on – he kept hold of the back of my head, pushing his dick back through his lips for a quick cleaning before finally pulling it out and stuffing his cock away, admiring his handiwork as cum dripped down my face.

“By the way, gun ain’t loaded, nerd.”

He tapped me on the head with the pistol and gently reached out with his foot, pushing me from my knees to the ground before walking away, letting me hear his footsteps on the ground as he started to vanished onto the night. I felt his cum slowly dripping off my face as it started to crust onto me, fighting the urge to curl up into a ball right then and there.

“Catch ya soon, loser.”

I laid on the ground for a couple of minutes, trying to come to grips with the mix of emotions I was feeling, but as the sound of traffic from the nearby road started to come back to me, I pushed myself back up to my feet, wiped the cum off my face with the sleeve of my already-ruined shirt, and headed for the car, wondering what had happened to my life over the last week.


I hesitated before opening the door to the house. The last thing I wanted to tell Megan was that I’d just been mugged again. What kind of loser gets mugged twice in a week? And what kind of husband creams his pants from sucking black cock? None of these things felt like dinner discussion, especially not when I was trying to fuck her as much as possible to try and get our first kid started. Not the sort of things that were gonna inspire her to take my dick, to say the least.

“Hey, you finally made it home. Everything okay?”

“Y-yeah, just work. You know.”

Kicking off my shoes, I immediately made for the bathroom to try and make myself presentable and hide my cum-stained clothes before heading for the kitchen. Part of me thought I should take a full shower, but that was maybe a little too suspicious when I was already more than a little late. We traded pleasantries and caught up on the day before sitting down for dinner. I tried to be very appreciative of how wonderful it was that, at least since Megan had switched to working from home after the pandemic, that I consistently came home to a clean house and superb food.

“Honey, what do you think of trying an open relationship?”

My Diyarbakır Escort Bayan left hand involuntarily twitched, knocking over the glass of water I’d been drinking, the vessel smashing into shards in a puddle on our hardwood floors as I stuttered over my next words.

“Uh, sorry, what?”

“Oh, no, it’s fine, forget I said anything.”

“Well. I can’t really…do that. You said it for a reason.”

Megan paused, twisting her fingers together. God, she was beautiful. I was long since sick of people telling me how lucky I’d gotten marrying her. Yes, she was gorgeous, but you didn’t need to constantly say that I wasn’t as good, did you?

“I…well, neither of us is getting and younger, you know? And I’m feeling a bit isolated working from home all the time. I just thought it might be healthy for us to…find some new adventures to keep things fresh? I just want you to think about it. If you’re not comfortable with it, that’s okay too. I just want…I’m just curious about trying to, uh, spice things up a bit.”

I tried to keep my eyes focused on her as she talked. She seemed earnest, I thought. At least, I didn’t feel like she was obviously lying? But the words didn’t really seem to match up. Just a lot of…platitudes, really. Nothing substantive. No real reason.

“Is there…somebody else?”

“No! Nonono, not at all. I promise. You know I’d never do that. And it’s like, not serious or anything. Like half the girls at work do it now and it’s just like a bit of fun, you know? Before we get old?”

I admitted I didn’t have a good feel on the trends among attractive professional these days, but there was no denying that ‘poly’ or whatever words that were thrown around now were a lot more common these days then they had been even five years ago. And I was sympathetic to Megan being bored and wanting something new and exciting in her life. Texting me all day wasn’t…thrilling, I had to admit, especially when I was trying to work. Well. When I wasn’t jerking off. Or sucking dick.

Had I also…cheated on her an hour ago? That term had never come into my head before. But this time, I had to admit, I had pretty much been a willing participant, even if a gun had been involved. I didn’t think of it as cheating, but it was, in a sense, right?

“Uh…let me think about it some, okay? I don’t want to…say anything hasty.”

“Sure! Of course! Take all the time you want, and if you’re not comfortable with it that’s fine too, you know. It’s not like this is just about me or something, it’s just something I thought might be a bit of fun for both of us. The world needs some post-covid fun…right?”

She grabbed my hand across the table, quirking an eyebrow in that unmistakable way that I recognized. But as much as I wanted to follow up on that invitation and go fuck her brains out, having blown a load an hour ago meant that I was in no condition to follow up on that offer, which meant I needed to duck out now rather than disappoint her with a cock that wasn’t up to the job.

“Sorry, honey. It’s been a miserable day for me. Tomorrow?”

“Sure, tomorrow. I’m counting on you, darling.”

It was easy to tell she was a bit disappointed and a bit confused – but also you couldn’t blame a guy for not being that turned on when you opened the conversation with ‘hey baby I want to fuck other guys’, right? I idly wondered if a real man would try to take the opportunity to fuck her senseless to try and make her forget about it – or if a real man would have started making exit plans right then and there? Christ. I wasn’t going to leave her, though. That just wasn’t on the table.

I couldn’t sleep that night. With Megan passed out next to me, my brain ran back and forth between my black abuser – my black source of dick? – and my wife’s sudden desire for an open relationship. I couldn’t make any sense of either, and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, trying to understand what had become of my life. I didn’t even know where to begin to solve any of these problems, let alone how to get my life back to something approaching normal.


“Human Resources would like to see you whenever it’s convenient for you.”

“U-uh, sure. Just give me a second…”

We were a small firm. Human Resources here was only two people. I figured it was some nothingburger about whatever dumb initiative they had going on, or whatever new hire they might want my input on. Locking my computer, I pushed away from my desk and headed down the hall to HR, feeling rather like I was being called to the principal’s office. It was totally normal…except if it was normal, it’d be an email.

“Thanks for coming up.”

“No problem, Victoria.”

She nodded at me and rose to close her door, and I couldn’t help but admire her just a little. Like many white guys, I had always had a bit of a crush on Asian girls, and while Victoria was supposedly only half-Korean, there was no doubting she was Asian. Around the office, Escort Diyarbakır we always joked about how rich her boyfriend must be, because she was always a fashion plate showing up in luxury brands that draped over her thin, model-like figure as if they had been made for her in particular. Dark black hair, piercing eyes, and a body that had a little more curve to it than you’d expect. In short, the hottest woman in the office, and it wasn’t particularly close. Closing the door, she turned around to sit back in her chair, crossing her legs as she addressed me.

“So, I’m just going to cut straight to the chase. IT has informed Human Resources that your credentials are being used to stream a considerable amount of hardcore pornography on a daily basis. I’ve…reviewed the evidence they provided me and feel they are absolutely correct. Of course, you know that work resources are to be used for work, but this also raises concerns over your job performance and role within the company, particularly if you’re feeling unsatisfied or not challenged at work.”

She paused, staring at me directly. I could feel myself blushing, but there wasn’t any way I was going to manage a reply just yet, only managing to close my jaw after a couple of seconds of stunned silence. Okay, fine, yes, I’d probably been watching content twice a day in the upstairs bathroom at work for a week or two now, but the fact that IT might be monitoring internet traffic had never crossed my mind before. The fact that Victoria was at least a couple years younger than me didn’t help, either. I was closing in on 35 and she was probably…30 but looked 24. Thankfully, she spared me the humiliation of needing to piece together some words by continuing.

“I…understand that this is a sensitive topic. But as the person responsible for the growth and performance of our employees, I hope you realize this is a problem. I’d like you to agree to starting an employee performance improvement plan under my supervision to ensure that you’re feeling adequately challenged and focused on work. And not needing to spend the day on…personal recreation.”

I blinked. Everyone sort of knew that ‘performance improvement plan’ was often the first step on the legal road to firing someone. Was some porn at work really that bad? My head spun. Something else I was never going to tell Megan, I thought to myself. Somehow I’d been developing a whole stockpile of secrets. If I lost this job she’d crucify me. I’d sacrificed so much to it over the years that if it didn’t pay off…

“Hello? Are you listening?”

Victoria had her hands on the arms of her chair, as if ready to stand up and shake me out of it. Seeing that I was coming back to the conversation, she sat back into her chair with perfect posture, sizing me up. Suddenly, the feeling swept over me that she saw me as some sort of contemptible worm, along with a tiny shiver that this could be a real problem. I needed this job. I was planning on making partner. I had been grinding for years on that. I paused again, trying to find the right words. I couldn’t really…fight her on this, of course. I’d been caught out blatantly. Still, I wasn’t going to fold if I could help it. This job was my ticket to the good life, and I knew I was a good accountant. I knew that.

“I…admit that I’ve had some personal problems that I’ve been struggling with recently. I believe these are transitory problems, and I don’t think that they’ve affected my performance. I regret that it’s come up at work, but I have been staying late and getting my files done on time. I am not shortchanging the company, and you are not going to have to deal with these problems any longer.”

Rather proud of managing to compose that on the spot, I watched carefully as Victoria turned over those words, reminding myself not to lose control just because there was a beautiful woman sitting across from me, as hard as that was. Was she even hotter than Megan? Maybe? Fuck, get a grip. This wasn’t the time for this, retard. She was hesitating. That was good, right? At least, she was thinking about it. I admit I had no idea what our HR rules were, but surely she didn’t want to have to bother with me. Right? Finally, she smoothed out an invisible crease in her black skirt and nodded, tits bouncing just a little as she replied.

“I understand that we try to allow our accounting associates a degree of freedom in the office, and I fully agree that we haven’t had any complaints about your work…yet. I know you’ve been with the company for some time, so I’ll let this go for now, but please don’t…engage in any negative behavior going forward. Are we understood?”


She rose to her feet and smiled, gesturing at the door, and I obediently traipsed out of her office with yet another problem that I was going to have to juggle – along with a sudden urge to watch some Korean chicks get blacked. Fuck.


I heard a smash. Megan and I sat up at bed immediately, looking at each other. The clock said 2:13. Pitch black outside. We traded a quick look and I dragged myself out of the bed, slowly inching down the hall towards the living room in the dark. I contemplated grabbing a lamp or something as a weapon, but, frankly, that just seemed mildly ridiculous, out of some dumb cartoon or something.

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