The MeetingThe Meeting


Jeff had waited in anticipation of this night for a month now. Tonight was the night for the monthly meeting of the local BBSes. Jeff had originally put his BBS up after only as short while as a user. When he first got his modem he knew he wanted his own board. About 4 or 5 months after setting up the BBS he was invited to attend the Board Gathering as they called it. One of the other Sysops had talked him into going to the Gathering after which was a jaunt to a local bar where the sysops and users would all gather.

Jeff had a speacial reason for going to this particular one as he was to meet a user of his that he had been having hot chats with. There was nothing else going on between them other than they enjoyed talking to one another. They were both attached to someone else. Still Jeff was looking forward to talking to Joan.

As he was getting ready to go his BBS paged him telling him that a user wanted to talk. “Shit! “,Jeff thought, “I’ll never get there if I can’t get rid of this and quickly.”

When he looked at the screen he noticed that it was Joan. She was about to press the keys to get off. Jeff hurriedly stabbed at the keyboard pressing the key sequence to bring her into chat.

“How may I help you dear? “,he typed on the screen.

“I may not be able to go tonight.”, came the response.

“Why?”, He asked.

“Because my ol man said he didn’t feel like going and I have no other way there.”

“Well I can pick you up if you still want to go and your other half doesn’t care if I do so.”

“I was hoping you would say that as I do want to go very badly. I’ve been cooped up in this house all month and need this night out on the town.”

“No problem just give the directions to your house.”

Joan hastily gave him the directions and said she’d be ready when he got there. Jeff finished getting ready and pulled up in front of Joan’s house in his beatup Chevy pickup. The truck had no sooner come to a stop when Joan came bounding down the steps and hopped into the passenger side.

“Let’s go!”, she said cherrily.

“Is Bob going to be alright by himself tonight?”

“Of course he’s a big boy and he just has a touch of sinus trouble.”

“Ok and if you want we can drop off by here after supper and before going to the bar.”

“Ok if it’s not to much trouble.”

” No trouble at all.”,Jeff said as he started the truck and pulled away from the curb.

After dinner they headed back to Joan’s house. As they rounded the corner Jeff noticed a car parked where his truck had pullup earlier. Adana Escort Joan must have noticed it, too, as she let out a angry yell.


“Should I stop then?”,Jeff asked not sure how to react.

“Fuck no get me to the bar, I need some booze.”

Jeff hit the gas and sped on past the house. As soon as they got into the bar Joan ordered a shot of Tequila with a Margarita chaser. She was still seething when she ordered the next shot. After about the 4th shot she began to relax a bit more.

“Can you dance, Jeff? “

“I can a little.”

“C’mon and dance with me then.”

Jeff let her lead him onto the dance floor. They danced to 2 or 3 songs before the DJ changed to something that niether one of them knew how to dance to. Jeff was working on his 3rd bourbon and coke, when he felt something on his leg. Glancing over at Joan she gave him a smirking smile.

“Oh shit! what have I gotten myself into? Maybe I can get her home before she gets any bolder or drunker.”

Telling everyone that Joan had had enough and he was responsible for her they left the bar.

“Want to talk about it?”,he asked as they jumped into the truck.

“I don’t want to go back to that house tonight.”,she answered.

“Where should I take you?”

“Well I was hoping you take me somewhere and fuck my alchohol soaked brains out.”

Man! A few years agot that would have been music to his ears but he was living with a woman he cared alot for, even if she didn’t like to go to the computer meetings with him. She said they were boring but that he should go as it would give him a night out on the town with the gang.

“I will take you anywhere’s you want to go.”,he responded not sure how to act at this time with a woman in Joan’s condition. “You do have a place to go don’t you?”

“Yeah.”, she said. “I’ll tell you how to get there.”

Following Joan’s directions they drove until Joan’s directions lead them to a dead end.

“I thought you knew how to get there.”

“We are here.”

“This is the big middle of Nowhere!”, Jeff exclaimed.

“Exactly no one will bother us here.”, She replied as she leaned over and pulled him closer to her in a passionate embrace.

Jeff tried to pull back at first but eventually succumbed to Joan’s passion.

“I don’t want to hurt Becky.”, Jeff said voicing his objections.

“What she don’t know won’t hurt her, and I sure as hell ain’t gonna tell Adana Escort Bayan her.”, she purred to him.

Jeff just sat there and thought about it for a minute. They might just pull it off.

Again Joan kissed him long and passionately. “Com’on I wanna show you something.” She said trying to pull him out her side of the truck.

Reluctantly Jeff followed her. She lead them through the corn feild until they came to a deep wide pool in a small creek. “Let’s go for a swim.”,Joan suggested as she shucked her clothes. Jeff couldn’t help himself the sight of Joan’s body in the moonlight started to arouse him and the achohol he had had earlier was begining to take it’s effect on him. “Hell why not, the cold water would probably sober them both up.”,Jeff thought to himself.

“Hurry up and peel those clothes off I want to see if that bulge in your jeans is cock or all balls or plenty of both!”

Jeff slowly pulled his shirt off and threw it on the ground, then

unfastened his jeans and slid them and his shorts down. As he did so his engorged member sprang out to full attention. Well he couldn’t hide the fact that he found the situation appealing anymore. “OOOOOOww that sure does look good enough to eat.” Joan said eyeing his full erection. With that she slide over to him without getting up and grabed his hardened cock in her hand and slowly slid her hand along Jeff’s shaft.

“Feels so nice and hard…. Let’s see how it tastes.” and placed the head against her lips and kissed it softly.

A wave of pleasure swepted over Jeff as she did so. Pulling back from the kiss she licked her lips where a small drop of pre-climax juice had transfered itself during the kiss.

“Mmmmmm that tastes soooo good, Let’s see if there is anymore where that came from.”

Joan reached with her free hand and started to kneed and milk Jeff’s balls while pumping his shaft with the

other one. Wasn’t long before Joan could see, in the full moonlight, a small droplet of moisture as it collected in the egorged head.

“This is going to take too long, maybe I can get more out of it if I apply some suction.”

Joan placed the head in her mouth and began to suck his length into her warm moist mouth. Sucking and swallowing Joan was able to get his entire length into her mouth and down her throat. Reaching the base she immediately began to pull back out sucking the whole time. Just as the head began to emerge from her lips she began to move back down his shaft picking up speed with each stroke. Moving her hands to grab Escort Adana his ass Joan started to pull his hips into her face as she sucked his full length. Jeff was begining to like this in fact he was liking it to much as he didn’t think he could hold out much longer.

“I’m going to shoot.” he moaned to her.

She nodded her head but never stopped instead she Took his entire length again into her throat and started to swallow causeing her throat to repeatedly contract and relax on Jeffs hard shaft. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back as Jeff shot spurt after warm spurt of cream down her throat. She then pulled back and started hungrily sucking and licking his juices as they spew forth out of him.

Spent Jeff’s knees buckled and he sank to the ground beside of her.

“Damn I need a smoke.” Jeff gasped.

“Later Darlin’ it’s my turn now.” Joan said shaking her moonlight

breasts in front of him.

Smiling Jeff replied, “They do look awfully nice and inviting.”

He reached out and cupped Joan’s breast, feeling it’s weight in his hand and marveling at the softness. With his thumbs he rubbed her nipples which quickly hardened to contrast with the softness that surrounded it. He slowly bent forward and kissed them alternately. With his free hand he reached down between Joans legs to slowly rub her soft fur covered mound. Jeff was surprised to find her soaked and flowing at his first touch.

“Mmmmmm you’re already wetter than that creek in front of us and running just as steady too.”

“I need your cock inside me NOW! “,she said as she pushed him back and mounted him slipping down on his hard dick.

She began to ride him as if there wasn’t another moment left in which to be satisfied in. Spurred by the burning iside of her Joan rode him with a fury that was the only thing to quelch the burning desire pent up inside of her. Joan began to climax but each orgasm did nothing more than to spur her to move faster and harder. Where he not lost in the bliss of Joans passion Jeff would have sworn that Joan was trying to split herself in two. Joan knew that nothing short of feeling Jeff’s hot gism splashing inside her that would stop the burning passion that she felt.

It wasn’t much longer before that feeling came. Joan could feel Jeff’s load began to build causeing him to involuntarily tense up. Soon Joan could feel his shaft began to quiver as he shot jet after jet of thick cream inside her.

She could feel it as it splashed against her insides. This caused Joan to release her own passion and release the pent up burning desired she had held inside her.

As the last of the powerful orgasmic waves subsided Joan leaned forward and gently kissed Jeff,saying, “If I had of known it was going to be like this we would have skipped the bar altogether.”

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