The MaidThe Maid



I jumped as my mistress entered the kitchen, her heels clacking on the floor. I turned the water in the sink off and began drying one of the two tall glasses I had been washing. Then, smiling, I turned to her.

“Yes Mistress Lena?”

She stopped in front of me, cocking one hip and crossing her arms over her wonderfully buxom chest.

“How are you today, Katerina?” she asked, a smile on her lips as well. I shrugged as I set the glass down and grabbed the other one, making note that mistress had gotten her hair cut. What was once a mid-back dirty blonde waterfall was now a layered blonde halo.

“I’m fine, Mistress Lena. Is there anything I can do for you?” I asked, finished the second glass and setting it down as well. Mistress grinned, a devilish tinge forming in her hazel eyes. She began to walk forward slowly.

“Well Katerina, I have decided to test your balance. You have been known to be clumsy, and I believe this will help you out!” She had me baked up against the kitchen sink now, staring into my eyes. I blushed, thoughts coming into my head about those deep pink lips that have been so many places before…

I mentally shook my head and snapped back to reality, clearing my throat.

“Whatever you prefer, ma’am,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. She grinned again and backed away.

“Those glasses you just dried, fill them with ice and lemonade.” çekmeköy escort I nodded and did as she asked, filling both glasses while she stood there, watching.

As I worked I couldn’t help but sneak glances at her. Her stature, tall and impressive, her stance showing power. Her legs, long and thin and beautiful even in a rather simple black pencil skirt. My mind wondered once again to what she looked like under those clothes, how soft her skin had been…

“Thank you Katerina. Now hand them to me.” I nodded and did as she asked. “Now turn around facing the sink and place your hands on the edge, palm down.”

Frowning in confusion I did as I was told. Suddenly she was behind me, placing a glass on each hand before speaking softly into my ear.

“If you spill these, there will be a punishment.”

With no warning her hands slid up my skirt and to my panties. I gasped and the glasses shook.

“Mistress Lena, this is highly inappropriate!” I breathed, my voice lost. She simply chuckled as she gripped the tops of my garment.

“Spread those legs, Katerina. Now.”

I did as I was told, careful to not move too much, as she slid my panties down to my knees. I heard her step away and almost turned to see what she was doing before I remembered the glasses.

“Wow. My little maid is wet already! What have you been thinking about, hmm? Naughty things?” cevizli escort she taunted. I blushed and closed my eyes.

A hand went down and began rubbing at my lips, my wetness dripping down my thighs. I couldn’t help but moan loudly and gyrate my hips, trying to slip those delicious fingers inside. Mistress was more than happy to oblige.

“Such a dirty maid. But so hot,” she whispered before stepping back once more. I whimpered, wanting it back. She giggled. “Patience is a virtue,” she said before touching something cold to my clitoris.

With a flick of a switch she had my crying out in pleasure. That damn little vibrator was so powerful! I couldn’t help but squirt all over the place as I struggled to keep those glasses up. Mistress Lena laughed and smacked my pert ass, making me gasp.

“You nasty little slut maid! I bet you still want more!” I nodded over and over.

“Yes Mistress Lena! Please!”

The glasses fell.

I had no idea how they fell, but one moment they were there and the next they were clattering around the sink. Thank god they didn’t break. I could feel mistress shake her head.

“Well now, looks like someone is going to be punished for this. Take that uniform off and don’t you dare turn around,” she said. I whimpered as I stripped, my thighs soaked and my legs weak. I had this ability to cum many many times, and it seemed that mistress erenköy escort wanted to use that to her advantage.

“Now turn around, face me, hop up onto the edge of the sink and spread your legs.”

What I saw when I turned almost made me cum again. Mistress was completely naked, except for a wonderful neon blue phallus poking from her strap on belt. I blushed as I did what she said, gasping as my ass sat on the cold metal sink. Mistress Lena walked forward and without another word slammed her cock into me.

“I’m gonna fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked, and you can’t cum until I do,” she growled, gripping my hips hard. I gasped and nodded, biting my lip.

I had never been fucked that way. It was fast and hard and so so deep. I squirted twice more, still not having my own orgasm, my hands gripping the sink. I saw she was getting close to her orgasm, and leaned forward to capture her nipple in my mouth, sucking hard and biting gently. That did it.

A torrent of curse words fell from her mouth as she came hard, her body spasming. I looked at her as she tried to catch her breath, my eyes pleading. With no warning she began thrusting again.

“Cum. Now!” she demanded.

I threw my head back and screamed loudly, my body thrashing and my eyes closing. My orgasm lasted who knows how long, although I swore it would never end. I finally came down from my high to see Mistress Lena throwing her clothes back on and grinning at me.

“Clean this mess up, Ekaterina. Don’t let me catch you slacking off again.”

With a flip of her hair she left, leaving me naked and breathless. How would I survive working for that woman?

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