The Last BrownieThe Last Brownie


I stare blankly at the ceiling and take in a long cooling breath. My head turns slowly to the clock on the bedside table. The numbers flash a hateful red.

“Two-fucking-aml” I hiss as I roll over and reach for him. My fingers brush the cool sheet where his body usually lays.

“I must have dozed off.” I think to myself, realizing I hadn’t heard him leave the room.

“Ha and here I am thinking I had not slept a wink” I say sarcastically to no one. “No use in laying here”

I slide form our bed and head for the kitchen, the last brownie calling my name. Moist chocolaty goodness, crunchy walnuts, gooey icing swirled on top. My mouth is watering by the time I pull the foil off the top of the glass pan, to reveal only crumbs.

“Ugh! That Asshole!” I gripe, throwing the empty pan into the sink. I sulk like a spoiled child through the dining room into the den. There he is, the asshole brownie thief, sitting there, intermittent flashes of light from the TV illuminating his still crumb covered smirking face. At least I think it is a smirk, and the crumbs may actually be stubble…still… WHAT AN ASS! I stomp further into the room and plop down on the fluffy floor pillow next to his chair.

“Hey baby, can’t sleep either?” he asked as he reached down and brushed my cheek. I can smell the lingering scent of baked goods on his fingers.

“No I’m sleeping great, I’m just sleep walking.” I scowl knowing how incredibly third grade the statement sounded, but not caring.

“Umm.. ok, who shit in your ice cream, baby doll?” he asked

“No one, but someone did eat MY brownie.” I shot back continuing with the childish tone.

“Ha, ha that itty-bitty thing, it was hardly a bite.” He laughed “And besides I didn’t see your name on it.”

“Oh whatever, you suck and I hope you get a stomach ache from it!”

He laughs audibly and shakes his head “God damn girl, you sure are hateful when you are sleep deprived.”

I continue to give him my most pissed off look. God, why did he have to be so easy on the eyes…still I glare, despite the fact that I really like what I am looking at.

“Oh stop it, your face will freeze like that, come here.” He took my hand and tugged me toward him. I reluctantly crawled closer.

“Get up here.”

His dimpled half grin is irresistible. I curl myself into his lap and nuzzle my face against his neck.

“Mmm” he always smells so good. I breathe deeply and close my eyes.

“So what wrong babe, you haven’t slept in days?” He asks.

“Work….stress.” I mumble “What about you?”

“You know I don’t sleep much, that’s just me. You wanna talk about your work…stress?” he asked mocking my tone.

“No I want a brownie” I answered, sticking out my bottom lip. He playfully flicked it with his index finger and it popped softly back against my teeth.

“Quit being such a titty baby.”

“Humph!” I grunt.

“And speaking of titty…” Adana Escort he smiled a mischievous grin as he slipped his hand into my pajama top and squeezed my boob. He raised his eyebrows twice in quick succession.

“Wanna?” he asked

“No I’m mad and I don’t feel like it.” I say half heartedly, as his thumb made little circles around my hardening nipple.


I watch his tongue clicks against is upper teeth as he forms his words.

“Liar, liar…” his hand moved from my breast to invade my pajama bottoms. His fingers immediately found the slick moisture forming under his touch.

“…pants on fire.”

I couldn’t help but giggle before kissing his teasing lips. I shift my body so that my knees are on either side of his thighs. I straighten up in front on him, pulling my body up so that my tits are even with his face. I do a quick shimmy and they slap against his face.

“Yummy! Boobies!” he opened his mouth and tried to catch one of my hard nipples through the thin fabric. I laugh and pull back, just out of reach.

“OH no missy you are in trouble now!”

His hands quickly find their way under my shirt, pulling it up and over my head. Hooking his hands under my armpits, he jerked me to him, and buried his face between my breasts.

“God I love your tits.” He says cupping one in each hand. I felt him lick a trail up the valley between them. Licking turned to soft kisses as his mouth reached the hollow of my neck. I sighed quietly and laced my hands behind his head as his lips moved across my collar bone. The tension in my body melted away with every kiss. I could feel him stiffen under me as his cock strained against the fly of his boxers. I ground against him, my wetness seeping through the fabric of my pajamas. Lowering myself a little, our lips meet, and our tongues dance over one another, sliding and snaking together. Bringing my hands to his temples, I tilted his head back and sucked his bottom lip into my mouth. Upon releasing it I placed a sweet kiss on his chin, before continuing down his neck to his Adam’s apple. I began kissing his skin gently, continuing lower and lower down the center of his body. When I felt the carpet under my knees, I sat back on my heels and looked up at him. He was gazing down at me in anticipation as I slipped my fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled. They came down only a scant few inches, before stopping.

“Help me out here babe.” I say as I continue to tug. He quickly obeys and used his muscled arms to raise his hips off of the chair. The boxers came down and off easily now. Tossing them aside I assumed my position between his knees. His erection stood hard and waiting as I took it into my hand. His breath sucked loudly through his teeth when I kissed the sensitive head. I spiraled my tongue around at a quickening pace, causing a tiny droplet to form at the tip. I licked it away, Adana Escort Bayan and then began inching the full length into my mouth. I could see his knuckles turning white from the grip he has on the edge of the chair. Using my fingers to softly stroke his balls, I bob my head in a steady rhythm . His breathing was getting faster, and I could feel my own body becoming even more aroused. When his hands moved to the back of my head a tingle shot through me.

“Stop…” his voice rasped.

When I paid no attention to his request, his hand curled into a fist and gripped my hair. He pulled my head up and back so that I was forced to look at him. He was silent, but his eyes told me what he wanted. Slowly I withdrew from his grip and laid back onto the floor. He watched me for a few seconds, and then slid from the chair.

“We are going to have to lose these.” He said referring to my pajama bottoms. He folded the waist band back and kissed my stomach, my muscles involuntarily tensed as his lips teased me. He began to work on getting the bottoms off. He was painfully slow about it, kissing and licking each section of newly exposed flesh as he went. Finally they were off and I waited as he inched back up my body. I could only close my eyes and fall into the delicious feeling of his mouth sucking at my inner thighs, just before his tongue found my clit. My body tensed and shivered as he went to work between my legs. It was as if lights were swirling under my eyelids and the entire world disappeared. My heart was racing, but my mind was calm and peaceful, enjoying the feeling of the slight suction, then flicking then sucking again that was going on below my waist. I began to hear a soft steady moan in my ears and realized after a short time that it was me who was moaning. His voice snaps me back to my place on the carpet.

“You like that, baby doll?” he asks already knowing the answer

I grinned down at him. “You are pretty good at it…but I’m not surprised, after all you have had lots of practice eating tonight.” I tease.

“Would you give it a rest already, huh? I’ll bake you an entire pan of brownies tomorrow, but as for now…” He pulled himself up to face me and kissed me hard on the lips. “I am going to use all the energy I got from scarfing your brownie…”

“So you admit it was my brow…. ah my….GOD”

His hips thrust forward and his cock filled me, taking my breath away and drowning my words in a haze of tingling sensation. He withdrew and repeated the motion, burying himself deeper with each thrust.

“Uhh…God, your what?” asked, stopping his movements completely

“No… nothing baby… nothing…just keep moving” I answered hardly able to speak. I cupped his ass and pulled at his hips, trying to get him to move again. He chuckled from deep in his throat and slowly, too slowly, sank into me pinning me to the floor. I slapped at his ass Escort Adana and whined a little, begging him without words to finish what he was starting.

“Hmm what’s the matter with you, you look so pitiful, tell me what you want baby doll.”

“I want you, I want you to fuck me…now…make me come.” I pleaded

“Aww, baby doll wants her way, she wants a brownie, she wants to get fucked…and she wants to come…” he taunted, punctuating each syllable of every word with a slow teasing movement of his hips. “So…” he raised one hand over my head, “spoiled” he said as he raised the other to the same position and held them there with one hand.

“Baby please” I whispered rocking my pelvis. He slowly began to match my movement, bringing me closer with every stroke. I drew my knees higher and wrapped my legs around his waist as my entire body tensed. My inner muscles clenched around him and waves of heat rolled up my body. My back arched and my head fell back. The slight pain of his teeth grazing the tender skin of my neck only added to the feelings of pleasure. My mouth fell open and a long moan came from my throat. I felt like I was floating as I came so hard my legs shook. For a few seconds I couldn’t move. I relaxed my body and kept my eyes closed, a little smile lingering on my lips.

“Ah uh, wake up, you owe me.” He said as I felt my body being flipped over onto the top of him.

“But…” I protested, resting my head on is chest.

“But nothing, come on time to pay the piper.” He teased, picking my head up.

Slowly, sleepily, I started to move, lifting my body only a few centimeters at a time. I shifted my head so that I could suck on the lobe of his ear as I moved. As the heat built between us, I moved faster. My hands flowed over his chest up to his face, across his cheek bones and back down over his neck and shoulders. Raising my upper body off of his chest, I leaned back so that he had full view of my body. My breasts bobbed up and down with my movements. His hands were on my hips, pulling me, raising me and guiding my motion at a pace that he controlled.

“Like that baby” he breathed. “Just like that.”

I could tell he was going come soon. His eyes were now only slits and the pressure of his hands, now gripping my thighs, was intensifying. I licked my fingers and lightly flicked them across my clit while I fucked him. Judging by the tension in is brow I didn’t have much longer before he let go. I moved my fingers faster, and ground against him harder, as I felt another orgasm growing, even more intense than the first. My heart pounded and my chest heaved as we both came in an explosion of intensity. I collapsed onto his chest when it was over.

“Twice?’ he asked after a long silence.

“Mmm hmm” I said completely satisfied.

“So does that get me off the hook for the brownie?” he asked cautiously

“Maybe…I’ll decide later, I’m sleepy”

“Ok well keep me posted.” He said puling himself back into his chair. “Come on baby doll, how about I give you a ride to bed?”

“Sure.” I smiled and sat on his lap.

“I think I’ll eat the last brownie more often.” He chuckled and he wheeled us to bed for some much needed sleep.

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