The KnockThe Knock


It was all she could do not to watch the clock. She paced back and forth through the house, a not-so-easy feat due to the black leather heels he had told her to wear. They went well with the lace lingerie he provided but they were foreign to her. Not anything like she was used to. Allyson was more of a casual girl and it was Max’s laid-back spirit that attracted her to him. He was easy to talk to and kept her laughing. Everything about them was easy and natural which is what had Allyson so confused tonight. The email had come around 1:00pm. “There is a package on your doorstep, be ready by 7.” Once she opened the box she found the negligee and shoes. They had a fantastic almanbahis şikayet sex life but this was a first. Her mind was racing in circles but came to a quick halt when her doorbell rang. Her breath quickened as she went to the door, expecting Max to be on the other side. Instead, she found a slightly older man, maybe in his fifties. He had a handsome, aged face but kind eyes. He reached out his hand to shake hers, “Good evening, I’m Don. Max said I would find you here.”She sheepishly shook his hand as she stepped back to allow him in.  He took off his coat and moved closer to her. “Don’t be afraid, Allyson, I won’t hurt you.”He reached his hand out to graze her almanbahis canlı casino cheek, feeling her soft skin. Allyson drew her breath in, half excited and the other half scared. He started to walk behind her, hand still on her face. It was then that his tone changed. His hand slid back to her hair, taking hold and pulling back slightly. “I have been told about you, I’m ready to find out for myself.”She tried to pull away but quickly realized she would be unable. He pushed her onto her knees, his hand still firm in her hair. He pulled down the elastic waistband of his pants to reveal his hardness. He wasn’t as big as Max but was just as thick. He pushed his almanbahis casino hips forward as he instructed, “Suck it, you know what to do.”Allyson opened her mouth and took him in. He went much deeper than she anticipated and she instantly gagged. Don laughed out loud but never moved. She loved to suck on Max but he had never been forceful like this. He began to thrust in and out of her mouth, enjoying each time she gagged and resisted. He knew he wouldn’t last long going like this, so he pulled her back, staring at her open mouth. He leaned down to kiss her, rough and hard. When he was finished, he pulled her to her feet. Allyson’s legs were shaking but as scared as she was, she could feel that her pussy was wet. She wondered if he could tell. She couldn’t help but wonder if Max really knew about this and, if not, what he would say. She was being unfaithful. He would be so angry. How would she ever explain this? 

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