The Hot TubThe Hot Tub


The Hot Tub

The weather was cool this evening. Low 60’s. Not cold, but a good night for the hot tub after a long day.

I walked out into the back yard and went behind the privacy screen that conceals the hot tub from all the neighbors, but doesn’t hide the view of the lake. I’m glad it faces west as it allows a beautiful view of the sunsets. I fold back the cover and turn on the jets, then check the temperature, a perfect 101°.

I take off my robe and hang it on a hook, then slowly slip into the hot water. I find a low seat where the water jets hit my shoulders to relax away the tensions of the day. Only two things could make this better, a nice double shot of Crown Royal on ice and you.

But I’m out of whiskey, and you’re still at work. The sunset is another forty five minutes away and you aren’t going to be home for an hour or so yet. So I’ll just soak for a short time and then fix dinner for us so we can at least share a nice dinner when you get home.

I close my eyes and lean my head back. It’s nice to relax, but it’s always better when you are here next to me.

I hear the back door open and close. I know it’s you, I can tell just by the sound of your feet padding across the deck and onto the grass. I listen with my eyes closed as you walk around the hot tub behind me and place your hands over my eyes.

“Keep your eyes closed and do not talk,” you say.

You move away and I keep my eyes closed just like you said. I listen closely as you walk away. I hear the soft rustle of clothes as you undress. I wish I could see you, watching you undress is such an erotic sight for me, seeing the clothing fall away to show your flawless beauty a little at a time. One step, then another, and I feel the surface of the water ripple as you slide in. I sense you moving nearer, feel the pressure waves in the water as you come closer to me. You take hold of my wrists and lift them to the rim of the tub.

“Keep your hands where they are until I tell you otherwise.”

You lean in and begin to kiss me. Only our lips touching, the kiss deepens as our tongues tease and twist. I feel your hands at the backs of my knees, urging me forward until I am sitting on the edge of the seat. Sitting on my knees you press your breasts to my chest, avoiding any other contact.

Breaking our kiss, your hands cup my face and hold me still as you rise up out of the water and place a breast to my lips. Not needing to be told, I begin to lick the areola surrounding the hardening tip of your nipple, swirling around in tighter circles until the tip of my tongue is brushing against the sides of your now hard nipple. Quickly, my lips capture your nipple and I begin to draw it into my mouth, my tongue rapidly brushing over, around and flicking at it, bringing it to full hardness. A soft sigh escapes your lips as you pull away to guide me to your other breast where I repeat the attention I gave to the first one.

Another delightful sigh escapes from your lips as you pull away, lowering back into the warm water until your breasts are floating freely, the tips of your now excited nipples brushing across my chest. I can feel your taut nipples lightly trailing over my chest under the water, seeking out and finding the hard tips of my own nipples. It always amuses me that our nipples are spaced alike and that we both have sensitive points that we like touched, teased and toyed with. As your hard nubs touch mine you press your breasts against my chest, flattening them to continue kissing me once more.

Cool air replaces the warmth of your hands as they release my face to slip under the water to travel down between us finding my already hard shaft. I feel as well as hear the gentle purr of satisfaction from deep in your throat when you wrap your hands around me, slowly beginning stroking me up and down. My thighs part, opening wide to give you unrestricted access to me, but the motion also opens your thigh too, exposing your sex and ass to the warm water and the bubbles from the tubs jets. One of your hands transitions lower, cupping my sac as you gently start to roll my balls around, the other hand holding tightly around my shaft, your thumb pointing up, where it begins playing across the Van Escort sensitive patch of skin on the underside of my shaft just below the swollen head.

Without missing a beat or roll, you slip off my thighs to kneel on the bottom of the tub, lowering your floating breasts into the warm bubbling water down until the top edges of your shoulders drop just under the water. Your grip on my shaft tightens and increases in tempo, causing me to utter sounds of complete surrender and bliss at your ministrations. My hips begin to rise and fall in time with the movements of your hands, the urgency slowly building.

With gentle authority, you pull upwards on my cock, coaxing my hips up and lifting my ass off of the seat I am sitting on. You release my balls and dart your hand under my ass, lifting me higher until my back arches and my hard cock breaks the surface of the water. I feel your grip slack and let go of me, the hand sliding between my groin and cock. As your palm slides up and down the upper side of my shaft, you apply more and more pressure until I am pointing towards the sky. My chest, abdomen and cock are exposed to the cooler night air and you watch as my nipples harden in the response.

Leaning in, your tongue lavishes along the length of my cock from base to tip and back several times. The combined sensation of your warm soft tongue, the cool night air and the firm smoothness of your hand, has me at full hardness. On the last stroke up, when your tongue reaches the bottom edge of my swollen head, your hand wraps firmly around my shaft, pulling me towards you so that the shaft is pointing towards the darkening sky, and then farther back until you can wrap your lips around the swollen head.

From deep inside my chest a low groan of utter pleasure escapes from my throat, reaching your ears. I can feel the smile of satisfaction that curls at the corners of your lips as you bob on the head and first inch of my cock with your mouth. The hand that is wrapped around my shaft begins to slide along the iron hard shaft, adding to the erotic sensations of your mouth and tongue.

The tempo of your movements increases and I grip the edge of the tub tighter, trying to hold onto the sanity that is quickly fading in response to the actions of your lips and tongue. But you know my body well, and play me until I am balancing on the edge of orgasm, teetering on the razor’s edge of release, holding me there as your hand pumps over my shaft.

After what seems to me to be hours, but in reality is probably only a couple of minutes, you lift up off the head of my cock quickly, your lips coming off with a soft pop as the suction is broken. I thrust my hips up as the cool air of the dusk surrounds me. You chuckle quietly, watching my hips spasm up and down, seeking the warmth of your mouth as the cool air contacts the hot, wet skin of my engorged head. You can feel the tremors traveling through my body as I slide back from the edge of orgasm. A keening sound, almost a whine, but more of a whimper escapes me.

I want to take you. Thoughts of standing up, pulling you up out of the water, spinning you around, bending you over, thrusting deeply into you, driving into you repeatedly, holding your hips in my hands as I forcefully fuck you from behind enter my mind. The desire to take you now is overwhelming and hard to keep at bay. My body wants to move and my mind is awash with the things I want to do to you. But in my mind I hear the sound of your sultry voice telling me to keep my hands on the edge of the tub and not to move them. The memory of you telling me ‘until I tell you otherwise’ rings loud. I know that this is your time. Yours to give and take pleasure the way you want. The choice of receiving or providing up to you.

Your hands release my shaft suddenly and my cock springs back up to wetly slap against the skin of my abdomen, bouncing a few times before settling at my natural forty five degree angle upwards. I feel your hands slide along my skin under the warm water until they find my hips, lowering me down under the surface. The warm water is a shocking contrast to cool evening air, and it reminds me of the warmth of you mouth, but lacks the wonderful and erotic Van Escort Bayan feeling of contact that your lips and tongue give.

Sitting on the seat once again, you move from between my thighs and I immediately miss the feeling of your skin against mine. Using your hands, you close my thighs until my knees are touching. I feel the pressure of your hands on my knees as you use me to steady yourself standing up out of the water.

I hear the burble of the water as you stand, the water splashing back into the tub as it runs off your smooth skin. A mental image of you standing naked in the soft light of dusk, water beads left dotting your skin as you stand like a second layer of twinkling freckles, goosebumps rising across your skin to mimic the hard tips of the nipples that cap your breasts as the cool air brushes over your body floats through my mind.

Slowly you turn and move back so that your knees are outside mine, our calves aligned and feet touching. I feel the tensing of the toned muscles in your legs as you lower yourself onto my lap, your well formed backside settling onto my groin as wiggle slightly side to side to center my cock between the cheeks of your posterior. Satisfied that I am deeply ensconced in the valley of your cheeks, you angle farther back to rest on my chest.

Beginning with a light kiss to the back of your neck I begin to kiss, lick, nibble and savor every inch of skin that is in reach of my lips. I hear a soft sigh of satisfaction leave your chest as you begin to roll your hips, sliding the globes of your ass over the hard cock nestled there. The friction of your skin on mine feels wonderful and I begin to thrust in counterpoint to the rolling of your hips. We slip and slide together for a few blissful minutes before you cease moving. Slowly you lift up, reaching betwixt us to pull my hard shaft from under you, before settling back down so that the spine of my shaft parts the lips of your sex and you can feel the swollen head of my cock resting on your excited clit.

Delicately your hips move, up then down, then side to side, then in circles, pressing against me harder, using my shaft to part the lips of your sex wider and causing the head of my cock to bump your clit from every direction possible. I can feel the slippery heat escaping from within your body, your natural lubricant coating my shaft, its texture so different from the warm water of the hot tub. Your movements build in tempo along with your need and desire. Small quivers of pleasure are coursing through you and I can feel them everywhere we are touching.

Not being able to see you has heightened my other senses.

I can smell your excitement on the skin of your body, the light scent of the perfume that you put on this morning and the clean smell of your shampoo.

I can hear your sounds of pleasure, escaping from your throat, the moans, the whimpers and the purrs.

I can feel your heat against me, igniting my body everywhere you are touching me, caressing me, exciting me.

I can taste your skin, from the first kiss you gave me tonight, to the sweet softness of your tongue on mine and the smooth skin of your neck and shoulders.

Slowing the movements of your body, you reach down and press the palm of a hand along the underside of my cock as your hips still, trapping me and holding me tightly to your sex. Sliding up along my shaft you stand, wrapping your hand around me tightly, holding me in place. As the head of my cock breaks contact with your sex you switch hands, reaching from behind you so that you can turn around, facing me.

Still holding my shaft tightly, you move closer and straddle my hips, positioning me at your entrance and stopping. I feel you slide the end of my shaft away from your opening and through the parted lips of your sex to bump over your clit, only to reverse course back to where you started, sometimes farther back and over the puckered ring of your back entrance. Over and over, up then down, sometimes lifting your hips to tease yourself, other times with more pressure to firmly rub me against your pleasure spots.

Unexpectedly, when you are centered over me you sink down quickly, driving me up into your center Escort Van with a single motion until I am seated fully inside you. Your hands go to my shoulders and hold on as your arch backwards, rotating your hips to seat me deeply, the insides of your thighs resting on my hips as you become still, enjoying the feeling of me inside you.

Several moments go by with me fully engulfed in the warmth of your body before you start to move, beginning a long slow grind on me. I can feel you rock your hips forward, riding me, moving at different angles so that sometimes my cock sides over your g-spot and others your clit presses and bumps my pubic bone. Sometimes lifting your hips so that I slip in and out of you or riding high with only the swollen head of my cock inside you.

As your arousal begins to climb, your movements become more regular and rhythmic. You lean in close to me and hold my face in your hands as you kiss me deeply, sharing a long, breathless kiss. A hand slips behind my neck for balance as your lips leave mine and you arch back as far as possible, as the other hand delves between us find the pearl in the oyster of your sex, fingers slowly starting to wiggle over it in a side to side rhythm.

Tentatively you start to undulate your hips, keeping me seated as deeply as possible inside the warmth of your body. My hard cock stretches you in the most delightful of ways, filling you up and hitting all the right spots. As your appetite increases, so does the oscillation of your hips, moving me inside you. The feeling of your velvet sheath moving and caressing the head and shaft of my cock as you slip and slide over me is wildly erotic.

Even though I can’t see you, I know that your pleasure is rising, coloring your chest and face in a rosy flush of passion that I so love to watch. It spreads across your chest, up your neck and over your face as you give in to the physical pleasure and emotional satisfaction of these moments.

Subtly the motion of your hips changes so that as you rise and fall, the ridge around the base of my engorged head bumps over the sensitive bundle of nerves that line the inner front of your canal and then slides along the back wall on the opposite stroke.

Your back arches a bit farther, the hand behind my neck tightens to hold on, I feel the tension in your legs as you rise and fall and can feel your lower hand between us working fervently on the excited nub at the apex of your sex.

I hear the splashing of the water on your skin, accompanied by a low and long moan as you begin to ride along the wave of your approaching orgasm. Sensually your body moves in the water, over me, around me. A building tension in the muscles of your body, declaring the intensity of the nearing pleasure.

I always enjoy these moments of intense pleasure that course through you, clearly expressing the joy of our physical union that are an extension of the emotional connections we share. They are profoundly private, only for us, a place we can be just us, where no one else can intrude.

The steady rise of your excitement crashes over the precipice and into the pure bliss of your orgasm. I can feel the well exercised muscles of your legs and abdomen as spasms and twitches flow over and through you, prolonging the pleasure you are feeling. The hand at the junction of our bodies slows to an unhurried pace, delightfully circling the tender bundle of nerves above the spot where our bodies meet.

After a few minutes, when your heartbeat returns to somewhat normal beating, your hands move and cup my face. I can smell your sex on your fingers as you move in and kiss me, your tongue teasing over my lips before plunging deep into my welcoming mouth. Your kisses are always the best to me.

Gradually you lift off my lap, my still hard cock withdrawing from inside your warm body. The water feeling cooler than the heat of your body causes my cock to jolt and bounce, tapping against the still parted lips of your slit and exposed clit.

Your legs straighten as you begin to stand while still kissing me, bending at the waist. Covering my eyes as your lips part from mine, your lips travel to my ear to whisper, “Keep your eyes closed and don’t speak. Count to one hundred and come find me in the house after I get out of the water……….”.

I hear you leave the hot tub, water cascading off your body. And I begin to count in my head, one, two three, four………………

To be continued…

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