The Graduation SeductionThe Graduation Seduction


It was a crisp spring day on the state college’s campus, a day before graduation. Anthony was returning to his dorm room from his afternoon at the pool, and like the past few days, he found a note on his door tack board, with a smile written on the outside. Anthony pulled it off the door, and entered. His room was a complete mess, as he was packing up after four long years. Tomorrow was graduation day, and his robe hung on the door, waiting to be worn.

He pulled off his damp shirt and swim trunks, and began drying his nude body. He had some muscle definition, but was still skinny. He rubbed the towel over his head, drying off his shaggy hair, and sat down on the bed nude. He opened the envelope, and found another Polaroid photo and an accompanying letter. The photo, as the past three were, was of part of a nude woman’s slender body. This one was of a breast and shoulder. A small, but distinct birth mark was centered right below the collarbone. None of them showed her face. Anthony stared at the hard nipple for a moment, and began to get an erection. He opened the letter, and began to read:

“If you want to see the rest of me, and find out who your secret admirer is, don’t wear anything underneath your graduation robe tomorrow. I’ll find you.” There was a lipstick kiss underneath the well-written words.

The challenge swirled around in Anthony’s head. Was this a sick practical joke? Was this woman serious? He thought about the consequences if he was discovered to be nude. Surely others had done it in the past, but he had never heard about it. Anthony got up, and put the letter and photo in his desk drawer, on top of the other photos that showed off the same woman’s ass and legs. He headed off to the shower, with this rather bizarre invitation still running around his mind.


Joanne held the camera up in front of her and shot a photo. With a whir, the Polaroid spit out the picture. She took the photo out of the camera, shook it a few times, and looked at her naked breast. Satisfied with the shot, Joanne grabbed her T-shirt, and pulled it on. It snuggly held her small breasts, accentuated her erect nipples, and barely covered her cotton panties. She pulled back her long auburn hair, and sat down at her desk. She pulled out a piece of paper, and jotted down the note that would soon be read by Anthony. When she was done, she gave the paper a big kiss, folded it up, and put it and the photo in an envelope.

Joanne’s hands reached up to her breasts, and began to squeeze them. She moaned quietly to herself as she imagined what Anthony’s hands would feel like on her body. Her eyes drifted to the clock.

“Shit,” she cursed to herself, as she realized that she was running late. If she wanted to get her delivery to Anthony before he returned, she would have to run. Joanne grabbed a pair of tiny running shorts, which outlined her defined ass and left nothing to the imagination. She grabbed the envelope and raced off toward the men’s dormitory.


The following day, Anthony finally made his decision. He would take the risk, and go to graduation nude. He had heard that others were planning on doing it, and if he were caught he would blame it on a senior prank. If his mystery woman wasn’t what he was expecting, he could always deny that he was nude, or that he didn’t do it. He stood in his dorm room, completely naked, and with a moment of hesitation, put on his graduation robe. The fabric felt strange against his bare skin. He zipped up the front, and checked to see if he was “visible”. Thankfully, he wasn’t.

Only minutes later, Anthony was in the middle of a sea of caps and gowns, along with all the parents, relatives, and friends of these graduates. Every time Anthony saw someone look at him, he thought they knew his secret. But he gently pushed aside that irrational thought.

He was standing next to his Bayındır Escort parents, who in turn were standing next to his aunt and uncle. They were chatting idly to themselves. Anthony’s friends came up to him to wish him congratulations, which he in turn gave them. But he was actually looking for the woman who had taken photos of herself nude, and anonymously given them to him. His eyes scanned all the women in the crowd, but he had no facial features or even hair color to compare to. Anthony’s thoughts wandered off to the photos he had received. As he imagined who the owner of that body was, he felt a tingle in his crotch. But these thoughts were cut off, as he was tapped on his shoulder. It was his mother.

“Here comes your cousin, finally,” she said. “She’ll be late to her own funeral.”


Joanne stood nude in her dorm room, and stared at herself in the mirror. She had shaved her pubic hair for what she hoped would be momentous occasion. Her nipples stood out, hard and erect, and pointed ever so slightly upward. They longed for Anthony’s touch, and she hoped that when he found out who his secret admirer was, it would be impossible for him to resist.

She confidently put on her graduation robe. The fabric felt strange against her skin, and as her nipples rubbed against the slightly coarse fabric, she became even more aroused. She zipped up the robe and looked at herself once more. Her nipples were just noticeable to anyone who took a good look at her. Joanne contemplated masturbating before leaving, but thought that having a built up orgasm inside her would help to seduce Anthony. She grabbed her cap, put in on, and pulled her hair back. She grabbed her purse, which she had put several condoms in, and slung it over her shoulder. With a wink to herself in the mirror, she was out the door.

After a brisk walk across campus, she found herself in the campus’ courtyard, where the ceremony was taking place. Joanne entered the crowd, and began to look for her family. With each body the pressed up against her as she squeezed through the mingling students, her own body shuddered with pleasure, and the heat inside her rose. Up ahead of her, she saw her mother waving to her. Standing next her was her father, her aunt and uncle. And standing next to them of course, was her cousin Anthony.


Anthony watched as his cousin, Joanne, gingerly walked over to her family. She was beautiful. When he was younger, had always had a thing for her. His mother and aunt thought that getting pregnant at the same time would then give their children someone to play with. But when one was a boy, and the other a girl, that idea was scrapped. Anthony and Joanne had grown up together, and found themselves going to the same State College. And now, Anthony thought, the girl he once had a forbidden crush on, was now the woman he was graduating with.

“Hi everyone,” Joanne chimed, “Sorry I’m late.”

“That’s ok,” her mother said, “Let’s take some pictures of this momentous day.”

Everyone proceeded to take photos, and when Anthony and Joanne stood next to each other, their body heat pressed together was slowly driving them into an unknown primal lust. While Anthony still wondered who his mystery woman was, Joanne was planning the perfect time to let Anthony know her secret. Their thoughts were interrupted, as the school bell rang, and the graduating students began their march toward the commencement hall.

“Come on, Anthony,” Joanne said, as she innocently took his hand. “We’d better get lined up.”

“We’ll see you as graduates,” Anthony said, as he was lead away by Joanne, along with all the other students.

No more than a hundred yards had passed under their feet, when Joanne made an abrupt left, just before the main walkway to where the commencement was taking place. Puzzled, Anthony Bayraklı Escort followed. They stopped a few yards down, just outside the English hall’s main entrance.

They stood for a moment, completely nude save for the thin fabric of their robes. A breeze crept up the flowing gown, and tingled their crotches.

Joanne half whispered, “So, did you get my letter?”

Anthony’s mind didn’t quite make the connection. “What do you mean?”

Joanne mouthed the words “And my photos.”

Anthony read her lips, but couldn’t believe what she was saying. Was it true, that his own cousin had been building up this seduction for weeks now?

“More importantly,” she continued aloud, “Did you follow my instructions?” Joanne followed this up by reaching up and slowly unzipping her gown just enough to pull it aside and show Anthony her birthmark on her right collar bone. Then she zipped the gown back up.

Anthony’s mind was a swirl of confusion, lust, and question. He knew what he was thinking was beyond wrong, but somehow this also seemed so right. It almost didn’t matter that she was his cousin. If she wanted to seduce him, he was not going to argue. After all, he had fallen for the seduction of a mystery woman who could have been anyone. Although it turned out to be his cousin, it didn’t really seem to matter.

“My, Anthony, we should get you inside where no one will notice that beast under robe,” Joanne said. Anthony’s cock had risen to its full attention, and was sticking straight out to form a tent. Joanne reached down and grabbed his shaft through the fabric. “I guess you followed my instructions after all.”

Anthony turned a bright shade of red, as he didn’t even realize he had an erection. Joanne winked at him, and slid her hand into his. She led him up the stairs into the empty building, and walked down the hallway. She checked each doorknob, until she found a room that hadn’t been locked. She opened the door, and slipped inside, bringing Anthony in with her. They could hear the commencement speeches in the distance being broadcast over speakers.

The room was a medium-sized classroom. Joanne led Anthony over to the cleared teacher’s desk, and leaned up against it. She took her purse off and put it on the desk behind her.

“I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours,” Joanne said. Her hands went up to her robe zipper, and tugged it down just a bit. Her slit was dripping with anticipation.

“I don’t know if we should do this. After all we are…”

“You want this as much as I do,” Joanne said, cutting him off.

“You’re right,” Anthony agreed. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long, long time.” He reached up and pulled the zipper down on his robe. He then opened it up, and let it drop to the floor. Joanne was speechless as she took in the sight of her cousin before her. His body was well defined, not very hairy, and his cock was rigid and sticking straight up.

“Absolutely stunning,” was all Joanne could say. “And now it’s my turn.” She stood up and unzipped her robe. She teased Anthony a little, as she let it open slowly, first showing off her cleavage, than her breasts, and finally exposing her shaved pussy. Her robe hit the floor, and she posed provocatively. She raised her hand, and with her finger motioned for Anthony. “Come here, lover.”

Anthony stepped forward, as if in a dream, and embraced Joanne. Their naked bodies pressed against each other as they kissed for the first time, not as cousins, but as lovers. Joanne’s stiffening nipples poked Anthony’s chest, while his cock was crushed up against her thigh. Outside, the commencement speeches could still be faintly heard.

The two separated a bit, and began to caress each other’s bodies, as if it was their first time with another. Joanne’s fingers trailed down Anthony’s chest, playing with his chest hair, and finally dropped Bornova Escort down to his crotch. Her fingers encircled his member, and began stroking it lightly. It twitched in her hand, and Joanne smiled wickedly. Meanwhile, Anthony’s hands found themselves at home on her breasts. He squeezed them gently, and pulled at her nipples, making them even harder. It was just as Joanne had imagined it.

Joanne sat on the desk edge, and spread her legs apart. Without a word, Anthony stepped forward and began to kiss her entire body. He started at her neck, and rapidly kissed down between her breasts, down her stomach, and her pelvic region. Joanne was breathing deeply, taking in each sensation, and trying her best to hold back from moaning in ecstasy.

Anthony got down on his knees, and got right to work on Joanne’s swollen and sensitive clit. His tongue expertly flicked back and forth over her nub, and sucked it into his mouth, pulling at it with his lips. Joanne’s juices slowly dripped out of her vagina, and collected between her ass, and dripped on the desk. With his fingers, Anthony pulled apart her pussy lips, and dipped his tongue in deeply, drinking his cousin’s honey. It tasted heavenly.

As Anthony’s tongue and lips continued to massage Joanne’s pussy, her own hands found their way to her breasts. Her hands squeezed them tightly, and her fingers tweaked her nipples sharply.

“Anthony,” Joanne breathed out, “I want you inside me.” He responded quickly and stood before her. Joanne grabbed her purse and fished out the condom, and handed it to Anthony. He tore the package open and after fumbling for a bit, put the condom on. Joanne’s fingers had been busy on her clit, but now it was time to be filled up by her forbidden partner.

With a single thrust, Anthony was buried deep inside Joanne’s pussy. She was soaking wet, and Anthony began gliding in and out without a problem. Although he wished he didn’t have to wear the condom, he knew it had to be used. Incest drifted through both of their minds, but it felt too good to stop. Joanne started to buck her hips, to meet with Anthony’s thrusts, and the pair soon found a rhythm that was heavenly.

After a little maneuvering, Anthony got Joanne’s legs draped over his shoulders. In this position, he could get his cock inside her all the way to his balls. Joanne’s breathing rapidly increased, and she was soon in the bliss of orgasm. Her vagina pulsated around Anthony, as he continued to fuck her. Their silence was shattered, as Joanne let out, “Oh god yes, Anthony. Fuck your cousin hard! Make me cum again and again.”

Anthony pulled out of Joanne and stood there for a moment. Joanne thought he was going to cum, but instead he shifted her body around. He bent Joanne’s body over the edge of the desk. Her ass was sticking out in the air, and her arms were now sprawled out on the desktop. Anthony shifted behind Joanne, and with little trouble, pushed his cock back inside her waiting pussy. His hands grabbed a hold of her ass cheeks, and he began thrusting with all his sexual might.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Joanne sputtered out with his thrust. His balls slapped up against her crotch with each thrust, which sent a tingle up her entire body. Joanne closed her eyes and moaned again. Her pussy clenched tightly and suddenly released in another wave of orgasmic pleasure.

“I’m going to cum, Joanne,” Anthony whispered. He could feel his own juice building up inside him.

“Please cum for me, Anthony” Joanne moaned. Anthony pushed his tightened member deep inside, and felt his sperm pour out into the condom. He rode his orgasm to the end, and when his pulsing had stopped, he pulled out, careful not spill his seed.

Still bent over the desk, Joanne gasped, “That was the best sex I’ve ever had.” She looked over her shoulder and found Anthony’s eyes. “We’ll have to do this again sometime.” Anthony smiled at her, as he pulled the condom off. In the distance, he thought he heard his name called for his diploma.

Both Joanne and Anthony were married to their college loves within the year. They stayed in the same city, and raised up families of their own, but always found time to be alone and share their physical desires.

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