The Doctor Will See You NowThe Doctor Will See You Now

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“April, would you like me to let everyone know that you’re gone for the day or are you planning to return to the office after your doctor’s appointment?”

“I’m heading home right after the appointment. I’ll return all calls in the morning. Thanks Mindy.”

I rush out of my office in Boston’s financial district and quickly turn toward the subway, thankfully, I spot a taxi dropping a man off at the corner of High Street. I jump in to the cab flustered but relieved that I’ll make it to my doctor’s appointment in Kenmore Square on time. I don’t want to be late. The doctor mentioned during my first appointment that I must not be late or I may have to forego the appointment time and reschedule.

Dr. Randall is unlike any other doctor I’ve encountered. About six months after my divorce, I began to experience all over body pain, mild to severe anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations. At first, I thought that I was just missing my daughter who is studying abroad for the semester, but this unease was deep within me. My primary care doctor suspected stress, but I am very familiar with day-to-day stress and this felt different. I can’t shake the fatigue but also the restlessness I feel every night, no matter what I try.

My recently widowed friend, Nancy suggested that Dr. Randall would be able to help me as he had helped her over the past few years. I’ll admit Nancy looks better than she has in years, it’s like she’s aging in reverse.

Nancy said, “April, I’m going to warn you Dr. Randall’s methods are unique and may seem completely out of the box, but he has helped me so much. I think that you’ll appreciate his special blend of holistic therapy. Just relax and be open to his practices and you will leave his office feeling amazing.”

Nancy’s words echoed through my mind about half way through my initial appointment with Dr. Randall.

The initial appointment started off similar to every other doctor’s appointment, by filling out the pre examine forms including all of my medical history and insurance information. Only this doctor’s office waiting area was designed like a high-end spa, soft lighting, water gently flowing from a beautiful waterfall wall feature, and soft meditative music. Nothing like the sterile white walls of my primary care doctor’s office.

A handsome young man dressed in dark green scrubs called my name and introduced himself as Stephen. He said, “Right this way Mrs. Mahoney. The doctor will see you now.”

Stephen led me to the largest, most exquisitely designed examination room I’ve ever seen. The walls were painted in a Çanakkale Escort soft shade of lavender gray, with a navy-blue couch and a chair. The examination table was twice as wide and oddly, appeared to have restraints next to the folded-up stir-ups. The lighting was the same soft glow as the waiting room and the scent of jasmine or maybe it was lotus filled the space.

Dr. Randall was already in the examination room when I entered. Stephen took my vitals, noting my weight and my blood pressure, which I can’t believe read as 120 over 80, because my heart was pounding. Dr. Randall is movie star gorgeous. He looked to be in his late forties, tall, fit, with salt and pepper hair and dark eyes. He had an accent, but I couldn’t tell if it was British from up north or possibly Scottish.

Dr. Randell said, “Thanks Stephen.” As Stephen closed the door on his way out. The doctor’s dark eyes locked on to mine when he said, “Well Mrs. Mahoney, I’ve read your pre appointment intake forms, I’d like to start with some basic questions. Please make yourself comfortable on the couch.”

At first, his questions were typical for a first appointment with a new doctor. We covered my medical history, allergies, he was pleased that I was not on any prescription medications. When he asked me if I was driving home, I told him that I would Uber or take the subway. The doctor walked over to the cabinet above the sink in the corner of the room and took out a small canister and then proceeded to wash his hands. He walked back to me and handed me two small gummies and told me to chew on them while we finished up the questions. I’ve had cannabis gummies before and these were definitely cannabis gummies. I was confused, was the doctor planning to get me high?

I hadn’t changed into one of those flimsy paper or lightweight exam robes, I was still fully dressed. His questions continued and then began to move into more personal territory. This is when Nancy’s warning about out of the box methods came back to me. She said that I should remain open.

The doctor said, “Are you sexually active?”

I answered, “Not since my husband left last year.”

He continued, “How long were you married?”

“Twenty-two years”

He said, “How many lovers did you take during the course of your marriage?”

This shocked me, no other doctor had ever asked me this question. Embarrassed I answered, “One.”

I detected a slight smile from the doctor when he asked, “How old were you and how old was your lover?”

“It was when my daughter was young. I was thirty-six Çanakkale Escort Bayan and he was twenty-four. It was a very brief affair, just several months. My husband and I were going through a difficult time. Ahhh, I…”

The doctor cut me off, “Did you orgasm with your lover?”

The gummies were sending tingling waves flowing through my body from the waist down. I answer, “Yes, he was fucking amazing.”

“Just a few more questions Mrs. Mahoney, ok?”

“Sure.” By now, I was feeling very mellow.

“How often do you masturbate?”

“Hmmm, it’s been a while. Honestly, I don’t remember the last time that I took the time to do it.”

“Mrs. Mahoney, please change out of your clothes. Please follow my instructions carefully as you change. First, take off your top and pants and place them on the couch.”

I look for a privacy curtain but the doctor stood in front of me, watching me. Standing there in just my bra and panties, I giggled quietly, grateful, that I had dressed that morning in black lace undergarments instead of my typically granny cotton. The gummies were definitely hitting me. I was feeling a bit frisky.

Dr. Randall said, “Mrs. Mahoney, undo your bra and let it drop to the floor.”

My breasts are full and round, the breasts of a mature woman. I wear a sized 36 DD bra and when I release the back strap, my breast jiggle, unconstrained, my nipples harden.

The doctor said, “I am going to cup your breasts in a moment, but first, you must massage them, caress them, pinch your nipples. I want you to recognize the beauty of your breasts.”

Reluctantly, I begin to massage my breasts, the doctor gave me instructions, telling me to make them bounce, jiggle them, have fun. The gummies had me feeling very loose and playful. I began to shimmy my shoulders.

I gasped but said nothing, when the doctor took my full, round breasts into his big hands and squeezed them together as he brought my nipples to his lips. He licked, sucked, worked his tongue all over my hard nipples, I was softly moaning.

He continued to suck and kiss my sensitive nipples for a few more minutes before he said, “Now, Mrs. Mahoney, lay down on the table. Please leave your panties on for now.”

I was deeply aroused and did as I was told without question.

The doctor said, “Lie back and slide your right hand into your panties. Stick two fingers just to your feel around the lips of your labia. Are you wet, Mrs. Mahoney?”

“Yes doctor.”

“Very good. Now penetrate and find your clitoris. Tap it awake, Escort Çanakkale rub it, go ahead, don’t be shy, I’m a doctor, I’ve seen it all.”

Tentatively, I let my fingers awaken my clit, it had been so long since I’ve touched myself. I closed my eyes and sank deeper into the rolling body high from the gummies. Using my fingers in a circular motion directly on my clit and then rubbing in a third finger, I began to move my hips and soon a slow and steady orgasm was building.

I felt him slowly slide my panties down and off. When I opened my eyes, I saw that he was lubing up an eight-inch flesh like dildo. I was naked, I was exposed. I knew that what Dr. Randall was doing is unethical and illegal, but I softly whispered, “Fuck me hard with that dildo, please doctor.”

“Since you are good and wet, Mrs. Mahoney. I agree to do as you ask.”

The doctor instructed me to keep rubbing, working my clit as he slowly penetrated me with the dildo. Slowly in and out, he went deeper, and then he picked up the tempo. He found my g-spot and I was flooded in pleasure.

With his other hand, he fingered my rosebud, applying light pressure, before he slipped his middle finger gently into my ass. I arched up into the thick hard dildo. He said, “Don’t stop working that clit, Mrs. Mahoney. Come on and squirt for your doctor.”

The intensity was increasing, my fingers on my clit, his finger in my ass, the dildo was hitting me in the perfect spot. I was moaning, writhing, I let out a high-pitched scream as I squirted, the gush of my juices streamed out of me, instantaneously I experienced the most powerful orgasm of my life. I was breathless.

I hadn’t noticed that Dr. Randall’s rock-solid cock was out of his pants and in his soaking wet hand. He was standing directly over me, vigorously jacking off. I reached out to touch him, but he said, “No, Mrs. Mahoney, we must keep this professional.”

Dr. Randall sprayed his cum all over my tits, he said, “My cum will cure all that ails you. Lick it off.”

I took my left breast in my right hand, lifted it to my lips and sucked his cum off of my hard nipple. I wanted to kiss him but I knew that it would not be allowed.

As the doctor wiped his magnificent cock off, zipped up, and washed his hands, he said, “Very good start to your treatment Mrs. Mahoney. At your next appointment we’ll work some more on your anxiety. Remember, you must always be on time for your appointment or you will miss out on the most important therapies.”

That night, I slept a full eight hours, my body felt better than it had in years, my mind was relaxed and happy. No heart palpitations, just peace.

The cabbie got me to the doctor’s office with only five minutes to spare. I rush in to check in, just in time for Stephen to greet me and say, “Nice to see you again Mrs. Mahoney. The doctor will see you now.”

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