The Casanova of Juno Terrace Ch. 01The Casanova of Juno Terrace Ch. 01


Chapter 1 – Peggy: Clogging the Pipes

Peggy Taylor had just moved into Juno Terrace. Her husband, Eric, had died while serving in the U.S. Army in Iraq. She had moved into the apartments after she could no longer afford her mortgage. Even though she was childless, the complex also gave discounts to widows of deceased veterans. She was lucky to avoid bankruptcy, but she was squeaking by on her husband’s pension and her entry level office job.

After a week of moving in and setting everything up, Peggy decided she needed a day to herself. She was planning to spend the night on the town, maybe even find a man to enjoy. It had been three years since Eric had passed and while Peggy had tried to date on and off, she hadn’t had sex in six months. Her sex drive had become insatiable. Even with all of her toys, she never felt the satisfaction that a live cock gave her. She was determined tonight was going to be the night she was fully satisfied.

That afternoon, she started the shower to warm it up in preparation for her big night. While she waited, she stared at herself in the mirror. At age 41, 5’7″ 255 lbs., Peggy had always been a plump BBW, but that was the way her husband loved her. She moved her long, wavy, red hair so she could cup her 40F tits, remembering how her husband use to love to play with her tits. She pinched her left nipple which sent a shock wave to her pussy. She moved her hand down her round belly, turned to admire her wide hips and round ass, before moving it down and stuck a finger in her sopping wet pussy.

Peggy was caught up in her sexual trance until she felt water at her feet and was abruptly awaken to the sight of the shower not draining. She quickly shut the shower off, cursed every deity she could think of, and ran to the phone to call maintenance.


Gio had just come back from mowing the lawns outside the apartment complex. It had been a long week for him as he had just return from a two week graduation vacation in The Bahamas, spending time on the beach with some of his buddies and fucking his share of the tourists and the locals. He had spent the entire week trying to catch up on the backed up maintenance log. He had so much work to catch up on that he didn’t have time to go out on the town, and this week had been the longest time in his adult life that he had gone without sex.

Gio had walked into the apartment that was used as the maintenance office to shower up before calling it a day. However, to his dismay, the phone rang. As much as he wanted to let it go to voice mail, he begrudgingly picked it up.

“Maintenance. What’s your apartment number?”

“427. This is Peggy Taylor. My shower is draining water too slowly and I accidentally flooded my bathroom.”

Damn, he thought. That was the apartment I had to turn over before I left for vacation. “How much water is on the floor?”

“Only about a quarter of the floor nearest the shower is flooded.”

“Okay, ma’am. That’s my fault. I must have missed something when I was finishing your apartment. I’ll be over shortly.”

“Oh, thank you, sir.”


Shortly after, Peggy heard a knock at her door. Realizing she was still naked, she put on her sexy bathrobe and went to answer the door. When she opened the door, she saw the handyman at the door standing there with a mop and bucket. She was taken aback by how handsome he looked and just stood there staring at him.

Quizzically, Gio spoke up. “Umm, hello, ma’am, you called about a slow running drain.”

Peggy had been woken up from another trance. “Oh, right sorry, yes…” She quickly looked and saw his name patch on his shirt. “…Giovanni.”

Instinctively reaching out his hand, “Call me Gio, ma’am.”

Extending her hand to him and shaking it. “In that case, you can call me Peggy.” As she leaned in, she smelled his musky scent of sweat and cut grass.

“My apologies, Peggy, I just came back from mowing the lawns when you called.”

“Don’t be, as weird as this sounds, I use to love the sweaty scent of my husband after he’d come in from working all day. Please come in. Sounds like you could use a shower like I do.”

As Gio followed Peggy into the apartment, he couldn’t help but stare at her lovely ass underneath her bathrobe. Gio could feel his cock start to stir in his pants, reminding him of the week of unplanned celibacy. Thinking he shouldn’t be trying to fuck any of his tenants, he tried to get his mind off of thinking about pounding that ass.

“So I’m sure you must know that every tenant has their own story, given the nature of the apartment. Do you mind if I ask what’s yours?”

“Not at all, my husband was killed in action in Iraq about a year ago.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that. Thank you for your husband’s bravery serving our country.”

Peggy turned around and gave Gio a hug. Feeling her big tits smushed against his chest, he instantly got a hard Ümraniye Escort on. He did everything he could to hide it, but Peggy felt it through his khakis. She could feel her pussy getting wet with desire to feel that cock inside her.

“Thank you, Gio. That means a lot.” Peggy said before releasing him and continuing to lead him to the bathroom.

When they reached the bathroom, Gio pulled out a bottle of clog remover and poured it down the drain. Looking back to Peggy, he said. “Again, my apologies, I must have forgot to pour this down when I was getting your apartment ready. This should only need a half hour and you’ll be all set.”

“Oh, that’s no problem. It’s an honest mistake.” Peggy said, as Gio started to mop the bathroom floor. “Since you’re such a charming young man, let me ask you what your story is.”

Gio turned around to face her as he continued to mop. “I own this place. My mother was Delia Polo and left everything to me when she passed.”

Peggy looked at him quizzically, “So why is the owner of the building as handsome and rich as yourself lowered to being a maintenance boy?”

“Thanks, but I’ve worked in maintenance since my mother opened the place. By now, I prefer working with my hands as opposed to being stuck in an office all day. Plus, I just graduated college a month ago.”

Peggy couldn’t help but let out a silent moan. Even though he was a little young for him, he was exactly the type of man he liked. “So a man such as yourself must have women flocking to you in droves.”

“Are you referring to all of the rumors about me?” Gio said disappointingly, “I know all the women here talk about my love life from what their daughters tell them.”

Peggy looked puzzled, “No. Remember I only moved in a week ago, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Gio deciding to trust her, “There are a lot of rumors going around about me. A lot of them like to peg me as my dad because of my infamous father. I’ll be honest, I do like to fool around, but there have been a lot of girls that think they can use my cock against me to get at my money. I may be horny as fuck, but I’m not stupid. I don’t have sex with anyone unless it’s clear that if it’s not a part of a relationship, it is ‘No Strings Attached’. I love having casual sex, but I don’t want to hurt anyone. But when I know the girls are just trying to use me and I reject them, they start spreading rumors about who and what I’ve done and how I broke their hearts.”

Peggy stood in the bathroom doorway with an inquisitive look. She was fascinated to know just how horny as fuck he was, and judging by the rapidly growing bulge in his pants, he must have been as horny as herself. As Gio finished cleaning the floor, she came up close to him.

“That’s because you’ve spent all this time fucking teenage pussy. Those inexperienced little skanks don’t know how to treat a man. Once they’re done getting what they want, they bitch about it to every slut that will listen. What you need is a real woman that knows how to please you. A mature woman that won’t kiss and tell.”

Gio was starting to get uncomfortable. “I… I don’t think I should be fooling around with my… OHHHHHH…” Gio let out a groan as Peggy placed her fingers on his khaki covered cock.

“And I can guarantee you that most of the women in this building are just jealous that they don’t get to have this in their pussies.”

“I… I’m not… sure… Fucking girls your age… in school… is one thing… Fucking your tenants…”

Peggy leaned into his ear “Don’t think of it as fucking your tenants. Think on it as providing maintenance. Most of the women in this building haven’t had a cock in years.” Peggy whispered before she smelled his musky scent again. “It’s been almost six months since a cock has invaded my pussy, and it’s driving me insane. I need a cock in me. I need to feel a man fucking the living shit out of me. You wouldn’t be taking advantage of me. You would be providing the maintenance my pussy so desperately needs.”

At this point, Gio was at a crossroads in his mind. He had always thought that he needed to be as professional as his mom and treat the business with the respect he felt it deserves. There was always a barrier in his mind between the respect the underprivileged mothers the business worked so hard to help and the girls in his schools that were just as horny as he was. He never even considered that those mothers were just as horny as the girls he fooled around with. But this horny, middle-aged woman was causing him to reconsider everything. One things for sure, knowing himself, if he started fucking one tenant, there was no turning back and he was going to fuck them all.

“Promise… me… you… won’t… tell… anyone…”

Peggy gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered to him. “I promise, baby. One thing you’ll learn about us mature sluts, we don’t fuck and tell.”

Hearing her refer to herself as a slut flipped a switch in his mind. It was Anadolu yakası Escort time for him to do what he does best. Gio turned to her, kissed her with the most passionate kiss he had ever given a woman.

He then leaned into her ear and whisper. “Then get on your knees, slut, and suck my cock. You made it hard. You have to satisfy it. Satisfy me.”

With the most devilish look she could muster, she look him straight in the eye. “It would be my pleasure.”

Peggy stepped away from Gio, untied her bathrobe and let it fall to the ground, revealing herself to the man that she was hoping would ravage her. She let Gio gaze roam over his new play thing, cupping her tits and thrusting them in front of him. Then she got down on the floor, crawled to right in front of him, and folded the bathrobe so she could kneel on it in front of him. She purred as she undid his belt and slid his khakis down to his ankles. It was at this moment that she saw fully just how big of a cock she was about to get fucked with when it reached all the way down to the bottom of his boxers.

“Oh my gawd! You’re huge!”


Peggy stared up at him. “Hardly.” She pulled his boxers down and reveal the ten inch behemoth behind his shorts. Gio groaned as she took his fuck stick with both hands. She started by slowly gliding his foreskin back and forth. As she uncovered the head, she would lightly flick it with her tongue before sliding his skin back over the head.

Gio groaned with excitement as he was serviced. “Ohhhh, you’re good.”

Peggy looked up, kissed the head of his cock, and sighed. “You have no idea what’s in store for you.”

As she continued to pump his cock, she reached underneath and started lightly touching his balls. Teasing and tickling them as she continued moving his foreskin up and down his massive shaft. Of the myriad of girls that had sucked him off before, none of them spent any time on his balls and he was loving every second of it. She started licking the bottom of his shaft, from the hilt to the head and kissing the head before going back down. Gio removed his work shirt as Peggy starting taking his cock in her mouth. She only enveloped the head, popping it in and out of his mouth. Gio grabbed her head for balance as she was starting to suck him off. Before popping off, she started swirling her tongue around his head.

“Oh my gawd, you’re so good! This is the best blowjob I’ve ever had.”

Peggy started jerking his cock again with two hands. “That’s because the little skanks think blowjobs are all about sucking. They don’t know that teeth are the worst thing for a cock.”

“I don’t believe what I’ve been missing all this time.”

Peggy looked up at him and gave a devilish smile, “You may know how to fuck, but you’ve been playing in the minors. This slut is going to bring you into the big leagues.”

Gio looked over at the shower and got an idea. “You want to call me up to the big leagues. Then I want you to fulfill a fantasy for me.”

Peggy smiled “Anything you want.”

“The clog remover should be finished by now. I want you to wash me in the shower. I want you to clean my cock before I fuck you.”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Peggy immediately stood up, still grasping Gio’s cock, and led him by the cock to the shower. She continued to stroke him while reaching into the shower to turn it on, waiting for it to warm back up. Gio took this opportunity to reach from behind and grope her tits. He had never touch a pair as big as Peggy’s and took a good time admiring how heavy they felt in his hands. As she continued her slow, deliberate stroking of his cock behind her back, Peggy reached down and stuck a finger in her pussy while Gio kneaded her tits. Both were letting out a chorus of soft moans and groans as their foreplay continued. Once Peggy felt the steam of the shower hit her body, she tugged at Gio’s cock and slowly led him into the shower. They continued their foreplay for a minute as the hot water cascades over both of them, soaking their bodies.

Peggy let go of Gio’s cock and reached for her bottle of body wash. She then turned to face him and then squeeze the soap all over her big tits and lathered them up right in front of him. Pressing her tits against his chest, she pulled him in for a hug and kissed him for the first time. Gio grabbed her ass as they french kissed each other. As they continued to kiss, she slid her tits up and down his chest, using them as too big loofahs to lather him up. She then applied more soap each time, first rubbing his back and ass, and then placing each of his muscular arms and legs in between her tits.

Peggy then lathered up one more time and took Gio’s big cock in her equally big tits. Gio moaned as his cock was engulfed by Peggy’s tits and were sliding up and down his shaft. Putting his hands on her shoulders, he started pumping his cock and tit-fucking Peggy.

“This feels so fucking good!” Gio cried out. “It’s almost as good İstanbul Escort as fucking a pussy! I love the feeling of your soapy tits around my cock!”

Peggy let a moan herself and looked up at him. “Yeah, good boy… Fuck my tits… Fuck ’em… Fuck ’em with that big cock of yours…” This continued for a couple minutes until Peggy could feel his cock start to twitch. “You need to cum, big boy?”

Moaning loudly, Gio replied. “Yes, I haven’t fucked in a week…”

Peggy lick her lips and said, “Cum on my face, big boy. Make a mess all over my pretty little face.”

Gio thrust his hips as hard and as fast as he could until he felt his orgasm starting. “OH GAWD! I’M CUMMING!!” He shouted before he blew his load all over Peggy’s face. As strand after strand of hot jizz ejected from his cock, Peggy could feel it coating her face. After his cum had finished, Gio let out a moan and leaned back against the shower. “Oh my gawd, was that incredible!”

Peggy crawled over to Gio and started to stroke his foreskin again, “Baby, that’s only the beginning. You still have to fuck the shit out of me.”

Gio could feel his cock staying hard. He had always had a short refractory period and he could feel himself ready to fuck. “Bend over then, slut. Present your holes to me.” Gio said.

Peggy stood up, turned around, and leaned forward in the shower, putting her hands on the wall. “Here you are, my big boy. All ready for your cock.”

Gio for the time had let go being called a big boy because he was focusing on cumming, but now that he thought clearly, having a dominant personality, he hated being called a boy. He came over and smacked Peggy on the ass, at which Peggy moaned, “You may be older, slut, but you’re still the one getting fucked. I’m not your boy.” He smacked her again. “If you want me to fuck you like the dirty slut you are, you treat me like a man.”

Peggy relished him taking control. She wiggled her ass at him and said, “I’m sorry, sir. It won’t happen again. Please fuck me, sir. My tiny, little pussy needs your big, thick, man cock so bad.”

Gio reached down and placed a couple fingers in Peggy’s pussy. She moaned at the two invading fingers feeling around her soaking wet pussy. She moaned even louder when Gio found her g-spot and started rubbing it. He pulled his fingers out, turned Peggy’s head to the side with his other hand, and shoved his pussy soaked fingers in her mouth, with Peggy moaning as she enjoyed the taste of her own juices. While she was busy sucking his fingers, Gio positioned himself behind Peggy and thrust himself into her at the same time he pulled his fingers out of her moth. Upon being invaded, Peggy screamed and immediately came on Gio’s cock. Gio enjoyed the feeling of her pussy convulsing around his cock without thrusting, also feeling Peggy’s juices soaking his cock.

“OH GAWD!! I forgot what that felt like.” Peggy sighed before Gio started fucking her. “Oh yeah… oh yeah… that’s it, sir… fuck me… fuck me good…”

Gio continued to thrust into Peggy as he was relishing the feeling of a pussy again. He was finally able to relax after the long week and her pussy was doing wonders to his cock. He had always wanted to fuck in the shower, but none of his previous girlfriends wanted to try that. He marveled at the sight of him fucking Peggy from behind, with the water from the shower head coming down on Peggy’s back and falling all over her. Her long red hair soaked and sticking to the nearest body part, some of it swinging with her huge tits. Her large bouncing in rhythm with his thrusts, marked with the hand prints of his slaps. Peggy was moaning constantly as she was being fucked, being more verbal than any of Gio’s previous hookups. As he continued to thrust, he came to the realization that Peggy had mentioned earlier that the other women in the complex needing their pussies maintained as well. He started thinking about the untapped amounts of pussy he would have here, but as Peggy began to cum on his cock again, he was snapped back into the moment of the pussy he had right now.

Peggy howled as she was cumming a second time. She was in heaven right now, feeling this young, energetic man fucking her like she had so desperately needed. Her orgasms were flowing from one right into the other at this point. She made all sorts of noises echoing in the steamy shower. “Oh my gawd! Oh fuck me… fuck me!!!”

Gio smacked Peggy’s ass again and said, “How does it feel having a cock inside you again?”

“Oh, it feels so good to be fucked, sir.” Peggy panted as she continued to be fucked. “Your cock is doing wonders to my pussy. You can fuck me anytime you want. I need your cock.”

Gio smiled, “I intend to use you, plenty.” He then began to thrust harder and faster, smacking Peggy’s ass as he continued to fuck her, feeling himself close to the edge. “Right now, I need to use you to cum.”

Peggy moaned as the pace was being picked up. “Oh, yes, sir. Cum in my tiny pussy. I had my tubes tied so I want to be filled to the brim with all of your cum, sir.”

Gio moaned loudly as the sound of getting to cum inside Peggy. He hated condoms and had never been able to cum inside without one, so he picked up the pace as he readied himself to check another sexual item off his list.

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