The Career FairThe Career Fair

Fingers In

Based on a True Story

Career fairs are always exciting. Campus promotions prior to the events are always great at stimulating the ambitions of impressionable college students. Being a senior, I am no exception to that rule. The career fair ads posted around campus really fueled my professional drive. My confidence was high, my ambition was limitless, and I was determined to make an impression.

I stood in front of the mirror, judging myself head to toe, trying to decide what outfit would best display my intellectual prowess to potential employers amongst the sea of ardent undergrads. My mother always told me that being a woman in business is tough and the best way to be taken seriously is to ensure that they look at you not as a woman, but as a professional. Taking that advice to heart, I found my current predicament extremely frustrating. I put on the plainest, most formal outfit I owned. Yet, despite my effort, I could not get the black skirt, which clung tightly to my hips and ass, to hide my feminine curves, nor could I get the white blouse to conceal the size of my breasts, which were clearly staining the top few buttons. The tan, 36D bra underneath didn’t help either. It was just slightly too small, which only emphasized the full femininity it tried to conceal. However, it was my only choice as any other colored bra would be clearly visible through the thin white fabric of my top, drawing even more attention to my body. I let out a slight sigh of frustration. Despite my mom’s advice, it was impossible to hide the fact that I am a woman. I quickly threw a black blazer over my shirt, buttoned it up and head out the door.

As I walked into the Student Center, I was hit with instantaneous sensory overload. All of a sudden, I was looking out across a sea of students, all dressed in identical black suits with white shirts, talking to slightly older men who also wore identical black suits with white shirts. The scene stretched as far as the eye could see. I tried to force my way through to a few tables, only to be brushed aside, overlooked, or given horribly impersonal, scripted pitches from more people in black suits and white shirts. The overwhelming confidence I had felt all day leading up to this event started to deflate and my ambition was crashing hard… Until I notice, out of the corner of my eye that you are looking at me.

At first, I don’t think anything of it. Then I realize, as I move, your eyes move with me. I could feel you scanning me up and down, judging every aspect of my body, the tightness of my ass, the flatness of my stomach, and, of course, the size of my tits, which you certainly seemed to recognize. I could feel myself getting turned on. Something about being singled out in a crowd of thousands, the way you were gawking at me, practically salivating over my body, it started to make me wet. My confidence came rushing back to me and I start beaming from ear to ear. Against my mother’s advice, Çeşme Escort I was going to find a job today, I was going to use my body to do it.

I walk over and introduce myself; you say your name is Jeff. I’m pleasantly surprised by how attractive you are. You are young and in fantastic shape, and I could tell by the look on your face that you are excited to talk to me. As I shake your hand with my right, I reach forward with my left and gently touch your arm. The interaction is seemingly innocent, but I know you won’t be able to subdue any indecent thoughts after you feel my touch.

We start bullshitting back and forth about the job and I am being overtly flirty, giggling at your jokes, playing with my hair… You love it and I love the way you stare at me. And you are really staring at me. With a busty frame like mine, I generally get a lot of attention paid to my chest, but you are completely mesmerized by it in a way I have not quite seen before. I do my best to hint to you that it is okay. Every time you lose your train of thought as your eyes wander to my tits, you catch yourself and smile at me and I just smile right back.

Finally, I say, “It’s getting really hot in here, isn’t it?” and take off my blazer, arching my back in the process, straining my bra and the front of my shirt as my tits push against them. You go wide eyed at the sight of my figure underneath the blazer. I could see you trying to catch a glimpse of skin through the gaps between the buttons on my shirt, which are being stretched to their limit. It is obvious that I have you hooked and have done my job for the time being. I let you get back to your booth, but tell you to meet me in the Student Center café in a half hour to “talk some more about the job”.

I walk into the café 30 minutes later to find you already waiting. Your eyes immediately run over my body again and you clearly realize that I changed my outfit. In the 30 minutes I had to kill, I went back to my dorm and replaced the plain skirt with a very tight-fitting pair of jeans. Much to your relief, the shirt that you clearly enjoyed is still on; though you realize that my plain, tan bra is replaced by a sexier, white one with lace trim. You are going to get fucked by a college girl, and I want you to know it.

We sit down and start to chat, but it only lasts a few minutes before I become more aggressive. I unbutton two buttons on my shirt. It is just enough that it looks perfectly acceptable to the people around us, but gives you a perfect glimpse of the entire length of my cleavage, with the lace edges of my bra cups poking out a bit if I shift the right way. At this point, you drop all formalities and ask, “Is there somewhere we could go to be alone?” I tell you to come back to my dorm and we start to make our way across campus.

We keep our hands off of each other until I am at the door of my dorm room. As I take a moment to Çiğli Escort fumble with the key and get the door open, you come up behind me, press yourself against me, wrap your hands around me and start to grab my tits. I could feel your breath on the back of my neck and feel the hard shaft of your cock pressed right between the cheeks of my ass. I moan and press back against you, grinding my ass against the front of your pants while you grope my body with an intensity I’d never experienced.

As soon as the door opens we go through it and peel off each others clothes. You don’t even waste time unbuttoning my shirt, you just tear it open, popping the buttons off, and bury your head in my exposed cleavage. You reach around and unclasp my bra, tossing it aside, then stand back for a brief moment to worship the objects of your desire before diving in and attacking them again. You take my nipple into your mouth and flick your tongue over it, lightly, teasing it until it is hard, then switch to my other nipple and do the same thing. I grab you by the back of the head and pull you against me tightly, pressing your face as firmly against my tits as possible as you suck them. Meanwhile, your hands undo my jeans and slide them down, exposing a white lacey thong which matched the bra now discarded on the floor. Your hand reaches between my legs and starts rubbing the front of my panties, making me moan loudly, feeling how soaked they are.

I grab you by the shoulders and pushed you back against the wall, then quickly tear off your shirt and move to your pants. I snap off your belt, undo your jeans and pull them to the floor with your boxers while sliding down onto my knees. I find myself eye level with the most flawless cock I’ve ever seen, standing perfectly straight, hard as a rock and glistening with a few drops of precum on the tip… Now it’s my turn to do the worshipping.

I literally gasp when I see it, which puts a huge smile on your face. I take the shaft into my hand and start to rub your dick lightly all over my face while I look up at you. You look down and moan as you feel your cock caressing the soft skin of the naughtiest college slut you’ve ever met. Moments later, your shaft disappears between my lips. I start sucking it in and out of my mouth, running my tongue up and down the length of your shaft as it enters and exits. You reach down and grab a handful of one of my huge tits and knead your hand into it as I suck you off. Occasionally, I pull you out of my mouth with a loud pop and rub the head against my nipples, which smears your precum all over them. I look up and you and say, “How does it feel to get your dick sucked by a busty little college girl?” right before putting you back in my mouth.

Hearing the dirty words leave my mouth intensify your horniness. You grab the back of my head and take control, fucking my mouth for a few minutes before pulling out and pushing Foça Escort me, so that I landed on my back on the carpet. You slide my panties off and move between my legs. Then, you place the head of your dick right against my pussy and rub it up and down, teasing me but not entering me. “Oh god, come on Jeff, fuck me, please put your cock inside me.” I just keep saying it, louder and louder, until I’m practically begging you. “Jeff, I need you to fuck me right now!” You happily oblige and slide yourself inside me.

You waste no time with build-up and just start fucking me, right there on the floor, fast and hard. I’m mesmerized by the sight of you pumping in and out of my tight, wet pussy, while your eyes are completely fixated on my huge tits, which bounce up and down every time you thrust into me. This just makes you fuck me harder, which makes my tits bounce and jiggle even more. My orgasm is building fast and I start begging you to get me off. “Come on Jeff, make this tight little pussy cum all over your thick cock.” Every filthy word that leaves my lips only drives you to pump yourself into me faster and harder. You lean in and take one of my big tits into your mouth. The combination of being pounded while you suck my nipple pushes me over the top. I have an orgasm with an intensity I’ve never before experienced, screaming and moaning at the top of my lungs while my body convulses and my pussy tightens around your shaft before I collapse.

I lay still for a minute, trying to catch my breath. After a moment, you pull out of me and tell me to sit with my back against the wall. I do as requested and you kneel in front of me, landing your cock, absolutely soaked in my juice, right between my 36Ds. You grab the sides of my breasts and push them together, completely engulfing your cock in my cleavage and start bucking your hips back and forth, fucking my tits. I just lay there, with my back against the wall, looking down, watching the head of your dick pop up and down from the depths of my cleavage, so turned on by your assertiveness. “Mmm, this is exactly what you’ve wanted since you first saw me, isn’t it? You just want to use my body like your own little fuck toy. You’ve been thinking about rubbing your cock all over these big tits since you met me.” You’re thrusting intensifies and you start to pinch my nipples a bit while you press my boobs together. “Do it for me Jeff. Use my big tits to make yourself cum. Rub your dick all over this little slut until you cover me with your load… Cum all over my face and tits.”

That pushes you over the top and you start shooting stream after stream of cum everywhere. The first shot unexpectedly fires up from my cleavage and covers my face. I grab your dick and start to stroke it, aiming the rest of your shots towards my chest. You completely cover my tits in cum, then collapse on the floor, breathing heavy and sweating. I take your dick into my mouth and suck on it lightly, coaxing the last few drops of cum onto my tongue, which were swallowed. I look up at you, my once innocent face now covered in your load and say, “So, I guess I got the job, huh?” You nod and say we’ll be in touch. I guess my mom was wrong; being a woman in business won’t be so hard after all.

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