The Brazilian Beauty BeguilesThe Brazilian Beauty Beguiles


Everything started innocently enough. It usually does in life. Rarely are you warned in advance that you are about to be bitten in the ass. The new Rio office opening had gone very smoothly. Almost too smoothly in fact—John was waiting for something to go wrong. The “other shoe” usually does drop. Entering the Brazilian energy consulting market would be a challenge, but with huge upside potential. Luckily John had a great partner and customer in Marcos Sergio de Pereira. The two men had been friends for a while, but now they were also business partners. John Langham might be a jaded forty-three, but he was extremely fit and looked much younger than his age. The push-ups, sit-ups and swimming had surely helped. Starting this new business had also really given John new vigor and energy. The handsome Canadian felt like a young man starting out for the first time again. John’s partner Marcos was about ten years older than him. He was not only older, he and had something John did not: the stability of a wonderful sexy wife and stepdaughter. The biggest negative in the early stages of the business launch was John’s limited staffing. It was very hard to attract the best staff to a new company. Plus the Canadian executive didn’t speak much Portuguese at all. John was smart enough to know that he would need a good assistant and translator that he could trust and rely on. He had been interviewing and looking, but so far no luck. Soon enough a big break came along for the new Rio operation. John immediately flew back to Rio from his office in Hong Kong. John had been offered a meeting with a potential huge whale of a client. The problem was the meeting was next week and would be held in São Paolo. John had no staff available to go with him and translate. That weekend Marcos was kind enough to offer John Sunday brunch with his family. Marcos knew his hard working partner was stuck in a hotel and probably lonely. Poor John was still looking for an apartment to become his home base in Rio. Like a good friend Marcos asked his partner to relax at his hillside villa. John had met Marcos’s wife Adriana Camila de Pereira at a cocktail function, but he had never yet been to his house. Langham thought a casual Sunday brunch get together would be a good chance for the two business partners to discuss his problem with the upcoming São Paolo meeting. At the expansive hillside villa overlooking Rio’s most famous beach John relaxed on the large open patio. Marcos wife Camila—everyone called her “Cami”—was a tall pretty dark chocolate skinned brunette. The fetching housewife was still slender and attractive for her age. Cami had the classic Brazilian female features. She was tall and slender with tightly curled dark hair, coal black eyes and full sensuous lips. Like any good wife Cami chatted and kept John occupied while Marcos was busy on a Skype call with London. “So Mrs. Pereira do you work?” The engaging dark haired wife with rich sparkling black eyes laughed lightly. She teasingly touched John’s forearm playfully as her face animated in a laugh. The vivacious wife seemed to be very outgoing and relaxed. “Please call me Cami. Everyone does.” John had to admit this woman had a wonderful enchanting smile and relaxing outgoing manner. The middle-aged Canadian wished he could find a sexy wife like this. “In my younger days I was a model and then I worked at an advertising agency for a while. But now…” Cami paused and looked about her huge house. She let her eyes travel around the massive orange-brown terra cotta tile deck. The expansive residence was located in a district renown for famous boutiques, restaurants and the most exclusive nightclubs. The view from the deck overlooking Ipanema Beach, the Parque Garota and the blue-green South Atlantic Ocean was stunning. “Taking care of Marcos and this big house and our daughter.” The brunette paused thoughtfully to reflect. “Well it is. How do you speak it in English?” John smiled and laughed his eyes crinkling at the corners. “A handful.” Cami continued. Camila’s face squished up nervously. Speaking English made her a bit nervous. It was her second language after all. “Is this how to speak in English? No?” John chortled lightly. “Yes. Exactly. In English or any language: a handful.” The Canadian smiled and started to feel relaxed. He apologized to the wonderful hostess for not speaking better Portuguese. The afternoon sun was so warm on his face. The sky was blue with huge puffy white cumulus clouds drifting by. “I can imagine. The house is very large: a lot travesti istanbul of work. So you have a daughter as well. How old?” Cami smiled at her husband’s handsome business partner. John could tell from the look on the mother’s face at the mention of her child that her daughter was the apple of this woman’s eye. “My sweet Mariana is sixteen. She is Marcos stepdaughter.” The wife had a twinkle in her eye. “Ours is how shall I say a marriage segundo. A marriage of lust.” Camila winked at John and grinned as she laughed once again. It was obvious to the Canadian that his partner Marcos was a lucky man. It seemed Marcos probably got wild lust-filled sex most nights from his fun and flirty wife. The mother reflected for a second smiling at the thought of her daughter. Then the conversation drifted to new topics. The housekeeper was setting out the food on the table with a soft clatter of china and silverware. The daughter they had previously talked about finally appeared on the patio deck. Cami turned to John and gestured with her hand. “I’d like you to meet my daughter John. My husband also proudly calls her his daughter now of course. This is Mariana.” A shy young dark haired teenager stood blushing before him. The pretty medium build brunette had a slim waist and nice hips. The young girl was so pretty she immediately captivated John. The teen was a younger, even more gorgeous version of her attractive sexy mother. The shoulder length tightly curled dark hair, the full plump lips, the dark arching eyebrows: Mariana was a carbon copy of her mom—only younger and more beautiful. John knew Mariana was only sixteen, but the sexy stepdaughter of his partner carried her self with a poise and charm that made her seem a lot older and more confident. Notwithstanding the obvious nerves at meeting an older man, John could have sworn this young woman was twenty-one. Mariana’s white cotton top was tied in a knot at her slim waist. The knotted top left a hint of smooth dark chocolate skin exposed at the girl’s waist to flirtatiously draw a man’s eye. The young Brazilian beauty’s fitted pale green summer shorts also merited a second look. The shorts profiled the young teen’s pert firm posterior. The young cute Brazilian had fashionable sunglasses perched on her hair. The entire “sexy package” made John’s mind drift towards dangerous waters. This girl looked chic, sexy and smart. Mariana gave the impression of a young girl who was fresh and ready to take on the world. Her face had flawless chocolate skin with a newly “morning scrubbed” glow. The teen presented her self without any make up or artifice. She wore a sparkling white smile in place of the gaudy over-done cosmetics of most insecure teens. John was immediately impressed by this young woman’s self-confidence and youthful coltish poise. Cami’s daughter’s hair was thick, dark and lustrous. It was piled high in a mass of tight curls pulled back by a youthful headband. Mariana’s hair was cut shoulder length. It was a similar fashion to her mother’s. This meant a man could fully appreciate the teen’s elegant exposed slender neckline when she pulled it up like she had today. Everything John noticed about pretty young Mariana made for quite a fetching image. This girl didn’t flaunt her sexy beauty, but she didn’t hide it either. Mariana’s summer wedge cork sandals added a further two inches of height to her ample five-foot-six medium build frame. Her body was slim and toned, but her hips and bum seemed perfectly proportioned. John immediately averted his eyes before standing. He extended his hand in greeting. The visitor tried to act as casual as possible. The senior executive was old enough to know his own weaknesses. When it came to sexy teenage girls John knew his defenses were fragile. John was well aware that had his gaze lingered any longer on this dark haired Brazilian beauty he would be risking it. There was a danger John would begin to eye-fuck the saucy stepdaughter of his good friend. That would just be too embarrassing for a first meeting. The chocolate skinned beauty smiled. John felt his knees go slightly weak. “Hi my name is John.” The handsome Canadian executive extended his large hand. The older man knew it was rude not to look sexy young Mariana in the eyes. Yet he suspected it would be too precarious to make eye contact at this point. Let’s not delude ourselves: honesty is not always the best policy. Sometimes in life silence, or tiny white lies, smooth matters over much better than the truth. “Hi I’d love to istanbul travestileri fuck your virgin pussy and hear you scream in orgasm.” Is perhaps not the best message to send to the shy young teen stepdaughter of your good friend and new business partner? And yet John knew that’s exactly the message his eyes would be conveying if he lifted his hazel gaze to meet Mariana’s sultry obsidian centers. “So nice to meet you Mr. Langham. My stepdad has told me a lot about you.” It was John’s turn to blush and look down. Why the fuck was he blushing? “Get a grip man!” John mentally admonished him self. The irresistible beauty’s hand was slender and feminine. The sexy teenage girl’s skin was a flawless mouth-watering chocolate brown. John noticed how perfect the pale blue nail polish was on Mariana’s long fingernails. As they shook hands Mariana’s slender hand was almost lost in John’s much larger white male paw. The contrast of white skin and chocolate brown skin was a quite graphic illustration of the gap dividing them. Age, culture, and skin color were all a vast chasm: yet John’s mind drifted into dangerous places nonetheless. The older handsome executive was careful to grip just firmly enough. He was careful to not squeeze the pretty teen’s tiny hand too hard. The young girl’s slender hand felt warm and soft and very feminine. The Canadian felt a tiny shiver of desire shoot up his spine. He looked down and tried not to be obvious. Mariana’s breasts were small, but obviously firm and high. John licked his lips unconsciously. The young girl smiled. “Please call me Mari. Most of my friends do.” John finally raised his eyes and let his hazel gaze return to the young girl’s face. He relaxed. “Okay. Mari it is then. Call me John.” Marcos’s partner from Hong Kong realized this young lady had grabbed rather too much of his male attention. John decided he had better control him self now. Where was the yellow flashing “caution” light John wondered? This girl merited a t-shirt that read something like “Beware” or “Caution”. John suspected if he wasn’t careful the road could get wet and slippery and he’d be on a collision course. Seeing how cute and sexy young Mariana was John felt sorry for her mother Camila. The mother would need to shield this young virgin prize from a pack of circling male sexual predators. John calmed him self and did his best to carry on a casual conversation. When Mariana walked back into the kitchen to get a Coke to drink John couldn’t help looking at her hips and bum. When Mari returned to the deck she looked in John’s open bag. A huge smile covered her face. “Oh my god is that POCKY?” John reached down and pulled out the large box of ten packages of POCKY candy from Japan. He laughed. “Oh yes your mother passed on a message via your stepfather. Apparently you like this Japanese candy.” John’s smile turned into a grin as he saw how excited his partner’s stepdaughter had become. “They sell it everywhere in Hong Kong. I brought this for you.” Before he could move John had a pair of brown arms wrapped around his neck and some very small firm breasts were being pressed into his chest. “Oh MY GOD! Thank you! Thank you! My friends will be so jealous.” After almost strangling John’s neck the young teen jumped on her mother. “OH thank you Mae Mae. I love you for being the best Mama.” John laughed and watched as the cute teen opened her box of candy. There was a lot of laughter, smiling and giggling as the inexpensive gift seemed to be a huge hit with both daughter and mother. Cami came over and whispered in John’s ear. “I’m sure you will be my daughter’s favorite now.” John blushed. After a while Marcos returned to the patio and joined them. The grilled sardine lunch was wonderful. The conversation was friendly and easy. John was able to truly relax and feel part of a family gathering. He found himself smiling a lot. After so long spent in hotels and airplanes it was a true joy to really relax. The Canadian tried his best not to, but sometimes he did cast covetous glances towards sweet young Mariana. She would blush and bat her eyelashes and point at her box of POCKY smiling a huge smile. John’s glances at young Mari lingered a tad longer than they should have for a man his age. Yes he felt guilty, but still he couldn’t stop. Marcos poured an amazing Malbec that came from a vineyard owned by a friend of his in Argentina. The soft silky wine relaxed John further. He rolled the red around his mouth feeling its tannins and its black current roundness. “Wonderful istanbul travesti fruit and extension in this wine Marcos.” Mariana and her mother Cami were chatting and giggling in animated “girl talk” to the side. John thought more than once that he had caught the young teen looking at him and smiling. Was it just his gift of candy? Was there some other meaning in her glances? John was certain he must be mistaken—he was after all old enough to be her father. The Canadian distracted him self by discussing various wines with Marcos. “I love big American Cabernets Marcos. Hillside Select is my favourite.” The Brazilian nodded and sipped his Malbec. “Yes but those require serious age John. Certain wines like this Malbec are the most elegant and silky when young. You must appreciate them when they are young.” Marcos smiled at his good friend. John grinned back and enjoyed the warm sun on his face. Other things need to be enjoyed young as well the visitor mused to him self. Was a man ever more alive than when he was with a virgin for her first time? John’s mind drifted back to Annabel. She was the last beautiful teenage virgin he had been with. That was over four years back now. A young woman trusting a man and starting her exciting journey to womanhood—this was an experience so special to savor. Wistful thorny thoughts overcame John. Would he ever be with a virgin again? Was he getting too old? He thought he probably would never be with a virgin again. The thought made him feel slightly sad and vulnerable. John’s mind turned to Marcos’s sexy young stepdaughter Mariana. The businessman couldn’t help taking another glance at the young beauty. The chocolate charmer was chatting with her mother a few feet away. Serendipitously as John was looking at her the young teen’s mischievous coal black eyes looked up. The two pairs of eyes were startled to unexpectedly connect. They had obviously not bargained on the eye-collision occurring. For each of them the realization of their mutual “I’m guilty” discovery gave them a jolt in the gut. It was a shock akin to being caught red handed with your fingers in the forbidden cookie jar. They both panicked and quickly averted their gaze blushing. Had they each realized what the other was thinking? John tried to put the naughty thoughts out of his mind. Surely this girl Mari was too much of an ingénue to be thinking what he thought she was thinking? Was this sixteen-year-old who looked twenty not the babe in the woods he assumed? Mariana seemed young and virgin like and yet something in her look, in her smoldering eyes, was disturbing John. After the lunch had finished and they were drinking their wine John broached his problem. Marcos listened carefully and his wife Cami kept her ear tuned as well. Camila was one of those attentive business wives who help their husbands succeed by doing the little things. “I don’t know John. Perhaps we can hire someone from a translation agency.” John looked out past Ipanema Beach at the green-blue ocean on the horizon. Marcos’s idea didn’t seem very convincing to him. How would it look to bring along some temporary employee from an agency. It was then that Cami interjected. “My darling perhaps Mariana can attend with Mr. Langham. She could come as his assistant. You can quickly print her a business card.” Camila smiled the knowing smile wives smile at this point. It is a special smile reserved for moments when the wife has her husband right where she wants him—under her thumb. Women reading now can feel free to giggle if they wish. In fact laugh out loud if you feel the need. Men do not be too downhearted. A wife at such moments possesses magical serpentine arguments and skills that have been carried down from the days in the Garden of Eden. A wife comes armed with almost irresistible apples to offer in exchange for capitulation. We men always capitulate. Cami continued with her line of argument. “The client will never know Mariana is still a student. You have always said your stepdaughter should be more responsible and get a summer job.” Cami smiled. Her smile and her eyes conveyed many messages to her husband. These messages included the rather clear smoke signal that if he wanted to have wild sex with his wife tonight he had better agree. The wife’s smile broadened as she waited for her husband to reply. Marcos looked up at his wife. At the same time young Mariana blushed and looked towards John. The pretty teen seemed nervous. Yet it also seemed Marcos’s stepdaughter desperately wanted this opportunity to prove her self. It was apparent there was a little tension between the successful stepfather and his attractive young stepdaughter. In Portuguese so John would not understand Marcos addressed his better half. “ Querido nossa filha é feliz , flirty , parvo pouco batata .

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