The Boss’s ToyThe Boss’s Toy



Alora didn’t know what was happening when she awoke with a pounding head and blindfolded eyes. She couldn’t see a thing and could barely even use her other senses until a few minutes had passed and her head was clearing. From the feel of things, she was sitting on the floor a van rumbling along the roads. Her hands were bound. She could hear two men having a quiet conversation nearby but she couldn’t tell if anyone else was there. She didn’t make a sound, but the man must have heard her move because the conversation suddenly turned to her.

“She’s awake,” said the first voice.

“So?” replied the second nonchalantly.

“She’s probably scared out of her mind and thinking we’re going to kill her, Lee. The last thing we need is a panicked captive.”

Alora turned toward the voices. “So you’re not going to kill me?” she asked fearfully, her throat dry and her voice scratchy.

“No,” replied the first, and Alora heard him step toward her and suddenly there was a hand under her chin. “Do you want some water?” he asked.

Alora nodded, and she felt the cool neck of a bottle being pressed against her lips. She drank a few gulps down before the man took back the bottle and presumably sat back with Lee. They didn’t speak to her for the rest of the trip, which was at least twenty more minutes but it was hard to tell. The van finally rumbled to a stop and Alora felt a rough arm lift her to her feet and guide her from the van, across a path and into a cool air-conditioned lobby and pulled her toward an elevator, which she only realised was an elevator when it started to rise.

Wherever she was going, it must’ve been the top floor, because she was rising forever until the elevator dinged and she was dragged out. Only a few feet into the room, she was forced to her knees, and the grit bore into her bare legs. Of all the days to get kidnapped, it had to be the one where she wore a dress. She heard a man behind her speak, and she did her best to stay still, despite her fear. They didn’t want to kill her, she didn’t want to give them a reason to.

“Here she is. Our gift to you,” Lee behind her said, and her heart sped up tenfold.

“Show me her face. I want to be sure,” said a voice from in front of her, its sound so menacing she had to keep from cowering back. She felt someone fumbling behind her head and then she blinked as the blindfold fell away and the light momentarily blinded her. As her eyes adjusted, she looked at the man in front of her. He was seated behind a large oak desk, staring at her with such intensity that his eyes seemed to bore right through her. He was much younger than his voice implied, looking only a few years older than her, 21,22 maybe? But he still looked as menacing as an older man would.

She looked around her surroundings, seeing herself to be in what looked like a spacious but sparsely furnished office with a wall-length window that showed her it was still dark out. Other than the man behind the desk and her captors, the only others in the room were two imposing men standing at one of the pillars. The man studied her for a moment longer, then turned his gaze back to the men behind her, a glare looming over his handsome face.

“How dare you,” he said, his voice calm and collected, but you could hear the anger peeking. “You dare bring me some random girl you found at some club instead of South’s mistress like I asked. If he wants peace, he will not get it by lying. He will have to pay his debts another way then.”

“Will we just bring the girl back then? Dump her on a street corner?”

He studied her scared face for a few moments before smiling wickedly. “No. She’s seen my face. And anyway, she’s a hot little thing. It’d be a shame to waste her. As for you two… That guy can go,” he said to Lee. “Tell South we are officially at war because of this. You though,” he addressed the other man, “well, I can’t just let you both go. That would make me seem weak.”

As Lee turned back to the lift and took the stairs down, the man behind the desk looked at one of the imposing men standing at the pillar. “Marco, take South’s man away, show him what we do to people who lie to my face. And have the girl taken to my room.” The man, presumably Marco, nodded and gestured to the other man. The other man grabbed her captor and pulled him off to another room, whereas Marco pulled Alora to her feet, and started dragging her toward a door off the large office. At this point, Alora’s patience ran out. They weren’t going to let her go, so she started to fight, trying to free herself from his grip, and she managed to stamp on his knee, making him cry out and let her go. She started running for the elevator, panicking, but before she even got two feet, the man from behind the desk was standing in front of her and gripping her arms. He was much stronger than he looked, and he looked strong.

“Calm down,” he said sternly, but she just continued to struggle. “Calm down,” he said, even louder this time, his commanding voice scaring her into stopping struggling, but she glared up at him in determination, letting him know she wasn’t admitting defeat. “What’s your name girl?” he asked.

“Alora,” she replied, death staring at him. “And what’s yours?” she asked cockily.

“Daniel. Now Alora, are you going to be a good girl and go into the bedroom, or will I have to drag you there.”

“You’ll probably have to drag me, asshole.”

“I was hoping you’d be polite, because then maybe I’d be kind. But my patience has run out, so you have one last chance to be cooperative.”

She gave him a cocky smile, “In your dreams,” she said, then slammed her head into his, making him curse and release her. She staggered back, trying to clear her head as she stumbled toward the lift. She managed to reach it just as she heard Daniel calling his men after her. She managed to press the button and the doors shut just before they reached her. The lift began to descend and she breathed a sigh of relief. By the time she reached the ground floor, her head had cleared and she was already trying to loosen the rope tying her wrists.

She ran for the doors as soon as the elevator opened, calling for help as she emerged onto the empty street. She didn’t get very far out of the building before someone grabbed her from behind and caught her in a headlock with his hand over her mouth. His head leaned down to her ear as she struggled and fought.

“The way I’m holding you right now means I can snap your neck in an instant. If you don’t stop struggling I will. I’d hate to break my toy before I even got to play with her,” Daniel said, and Alora froze. He moved his hand from her mouth to her chin, allowing her to speak without breaking the lock.

“Maybe I’d rather be broken than let you play with me,” she said, her breathing rapid but she managed to make herself seem more confident than she was.

After a moment, he released his grip for only long enough to spin her round to face him, then pulled her close, trapping her arms against him.

“Well, in that case, I definitely want to play with you first. I wanna see if I can break through that brat and see what’s underneath.”

“What are you going to do with me?” she asked fearfully, though her voice masked most of it with cockiness.

“Didn’t I already say, I’m going to play with you,” he said with an evil smile.

“I’m going to get out of this and I’m going to kill you, you prick.”

“I’d love to see you try. The more you fight, the more I want you. I’m going to have fun punishing you.”

She glared at him but he just laughed. He beckoned over the two guards who each took one of her arms despite her struggles and started dragging her back into the building and into the elevator, Daniel right behind them. Between the three of them, they managed to restrain her enough to drag her into the large bedroom. The two guards threw her on the four-poster bed and immediately pulled her hands up to the head of the bed and buckled the cuffs around her wrists, just under the rope.

They then untied the rope and used it to tie her kicking legs together. They left the room with Daniel just behind them. “I’ll be back for you in a little while, I have to finish up at the office first.”

Alora threw a string of profanity at him that would have made her grandmother disown her until he shut and locked the door behind him. She struggled and pulled at her new restraints but they Düzce Escort wouldn’t budge. She remembered watching a movie once where the lead opened a lock with a bobby pin so she managed to reach the bun in her hair and pull one of the pins from it. She stuck the pin into the lock and spent ages fiddling with it until she heard a click and her left hand was free. She let out a laugh in relief and started on the lock on the other cuff. Before she could unlock it though, she heard the door open and Daniel came striding in.

He tutted in disappointment. “You couldn’t just lie still for ten minutes could you?” He walked over to the bed with his confident saunter and plucked the pin from her hand. She tried to move away from him, but with her hand still tied to the headboard, she couldn’t get far. She didn’t try to hit him. It would have only made him angry. He crawled onto the bed as she tried to crawl away. “You won’t escape that easy sweetheart. He grabbed her free hand and locked it back into the cuff, then slowly began to pull all the pins from her hair, letting it fall loose around her shoulders. He collected all the pins and then climbed off the bed and left them on the dresser.

“I’ll make you a deal Alora,” he said, coming up at the foot of the bed and grabbing her feet. “If you’re a good little girl from now on, and you take your punishment well, I might let you cum.”

“I’m not going to let you rape me just because you bribe me with an orgasm.”

“I think I can get you to change your mind,” he said with an evil smile as he began to untie the rope around her ankles. She tried to kick him but he just held her steady, reaching under her dress to grab her panties. He began to pull them down and she struggled against him. He managed to get them off her ankles and threw them to the floor. He then leaned over her and ran his fingers down the front of the dress. “You’re a little too angry for me to release your hands so I’ll just have to find a new way to take this off,” he said and pulled a penknife from his pocket. He flicked it open before running it down her arm to the sleeve of her dress and slicing through it with ease. He slowly moved the knife to the other sleeve, slicing through it, and then began to slice down the middle, until he could pull the destroyed garment from her and throw it to the floor.

“That was my favourite dress, you didn’t have to ruin it.” He ignored her and smiled at her now naked body, delighting in the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“I’d love to take you right now, but I need to punish you first. You need to learn the rules. You hurt me, so I’m going to hurt you. You disobeyed me, so I’m going to make you beg for me.”

“I’ll never beg,” she said defiantly, ignoring the way he was regarding her body the way a wolf regards a sheep.

“We’ll see about that. But first I’m going to hurt you,” he flipped her over so she was lying on her stomach and spread her legs, tying them to the posts at the foot of the bed. “You have such a fine ass. I’m going to enjoy marking it up.”

He stepped away from her for a few moments and returned with his belt wrapped in his hand. “As much as I love your running commentary, I don’t want it to ruin your punishment.” He held up a ball gag and she shut her mouth tight, but he just reached under her and pinched hard on her nipple, making her gasp so he could shove the gag into her mouth. he buckled it behind her head and then moved out of her line of sight.

The first strike surprised her, a sharp lick of fire across her ass cheeks. She shrieked into the gag. It wasn’t as bad as she feared, but she doubted she would enjoy this very much. He kept hitting her, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… too many to count, each harder than the last until he was putting his whole strength into it and Alora was screaming with every stroke. He eventually stopped, when her ass felt raw and tears were running down her face. He mauled her bruised ass, bringing a new kind of humiliation, before unbuckling her legs and flipping her back over, making her cry out when her cheeks hit the bed. He buckled her ankles back to the bedposts and crawled up in between her legs.

“Are you ready to be a good girl for me?”

Despite the fire on her ass and the humiliating warmth in her pussy it brought, she glared at him through a tear-streaked face.

“I’ll take that as a no. But don’t worry, you’ll be begging soon enough.”

She doubted it, but then he moved down to her pussy and ran his finger up and down through her slit. She moaned involuntarily as he brushed over her sensitive clit.

“So here’s how this little game works. I won’t let you cum until my cock is in this tight little pussy, and I’ll only fuck you if you beg me. So it’s really just a matter of how long until you start to beg.”

He lowered his mouth down to her snatch and ran his tongue all the way up, pushing his middle finger into her pussy. She writhed in her bonds as he slowly finger fucked her and used his mouth to bring her closer and closer to orgasm. But just as she was about to go over the edge, he stopped. She let out a moan of disappointment and a few colourful curses through her gag, but he just wriggled his finger back into her and started again, with just feather-light licks. He kept her right on the edge while she cursed at him through the gag. If she was about to come, he would stop and she would buck and writhe through the ruined orgasm.

Alora could barely take it. She knew he would let her come if she begged but she was still too damn proud to give in. After the fourth ruined orgasm, she was trying to push herself against him, anything to get herself off. She screamed when the sharp slap landed right on her clit. It almost got her off, another of those and she would cum.

“Bad girl, I told you I let you cum when you begged,” he said, his tongue brushing over her clit, just a touch. “Are you ready to beg me now sweetheart?”

Against her better judgement, Alora shook her head.


His finger began to move again and he continued his assault on her. Just light touches, back and forth over her engorged clit, his tongue trailed a torturous circle over her pussy. She bucked and writhed and moaned and cursed, but he never stopped, just light licks, keeping her right on the edge. Eventually, after almost 40 minutes of torture, Alora moaned out a quiet, “Please.”

Daniel smiled. “What was that?” He pulled the gag from her mouth.


“Please… what?”

“Please let me cum.”

“Hm, not quite, I guess I’ll have to keep going.”

She writhed. “No, please no more.”

“You know what you have to say to cum Alora.” He turned his finger inside her, beginning to pump in and out again.

She whined. “Please,” she said breathlessly, “Please fuck me.”

“Good girl, that’s all you had to say,” he told her, before reaching down to untie her ankles and spread her legs even wider. He unbuckled his trousers and pulled out his throbbing cock, lining it up with her soaking entrance. “Say it again, one more time,” he whispered to her.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, defeated.

He smiled and thrust inside her in one go. She gasped at the sudden intrusion and moaned loudly when he began to pump inside of her. He reached down, stroking her clit again, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. She held off the rising wave for a few moments, so afraid he’d stop again. But then he whispered “Cum for me,” in her ear, and she surrendered to it, her climax washing over her in waves, lasting longer than any orgasm she’d had before. He didn’t stop when she went limp under him though, he kept going, pumping hard and fast, rubbing her sore clit until she fell into another orgasm, which was almost painful. He finally stopped though, when she was almost on her way to a third orgasm and every stroke of pleasure was too painful. His thrusts became erratic and his hand moved from her clit, until he grunted and she felt his cum coat the inside of her and begin to drip down her thighs when he pulled out.

He lay down beside her panting the same as she was. “So you can be a good girl when you want something.”

She glared at him through her tears. She couldn’t believe she’d begged. She felt so embarrassed, so used.

He pulled her up to the head of the bed, allowing her to bring her hands to her chest and rest her head on the pillow. He rolled her onto her side and wrapped her in his arms. “If you’re good, you can be a little happy here. Maybe I’ll even let you Düzce Escort Bayan out of these cuffs. But if your bad, I’ll keep having to punishing you,” he said, running his hand over her bruising ass. “And I’ll have to keep you tied up here. So are you going to be good for me, or not?”

Alora didn’t answer, but more tears fell on her cheeks. He wiped them away then slid off the bed and walked into the adjoining bathroom. She heard the water running and soon he returned with a washcloth and wiped her down, wiping away the cum dribbling down her thighs and stinging her bruised ass. He left her there, curled up and crying and locked the bedroom door behind him when he went.

He came in the next morning, waking her by brushing her hair out of her face. She flinched away from him, scrambling as far back as the cuffs allowed. “Get away from me,” she told him, and he raised an eyebrow. He looked sinfully handsome today, wearing a crisp black shirt and jeans, his tousled brown hair looking like a model’s.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to fuck you just yet. My people will bring you some food and then we have to go.”

“Go? Go where?”

“My house, of course, I don’t live here, I just like to keep a playroom handy wherever I am.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you,” she spat, but he just chuckled.

“You don’t have much of a choice, but if you are good from now on, I’ll give you a shirt to wear on the ride over, unless you want to be naked the whole trip?”

Alora didn’t respond, she just looked down.

“Good girl,” he told her before turning toward the door and leaving, letting another man through with a tray of food.

The man left the tray on the bed, and though she didn’t want to take anything he offered, she was starving and gobbled down the eggs and toast in minutes, downing the glass of water. The man returned and took the tray back again, and Alora just sat curled up on the bed, waiting. Eventually, Daniel returned, looking cheery as ever, and leaned over her to unlock her cuffs. Before he did though, he whispered into her ear; “If you try anything, I’ll hogtie you, you’ll travel in the boot, and when we arrive I’ll whip that sweet little ass raw, got it?”

Alora glared, but nodded, she knew it was useless to try anything right now, with his imposing frame leaning on her and his men guarding the doors. He unlocked the cuffs and she rubbed her sore wrists. He gently pulled her off the bed and guided her to the door as she hugged herself. She stopped.

“Wait, you said you’d give me some clothes,” she said firmly, terrified of walking out to the others stark naked, covered in bruises and dried tears.

“Actually, I recall saying I’d give you a shirt if you were good.”

“Was I not good?”

He smirked, “You were, surprisingly. And I’m a man of my word.” He unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it off his sculpted shoulders and holding it out to her, revealing his chest in all its glory. She hadn’t had much of a chance to admire him the night before, but no one that evil should be allowed to be that handsome.

She gulped and hesitantly took the shirt from him, sliding the smooth fabric over her cold shoulders. It was still warm, and it smelt of him, reminding her of last night, and the shame came rushing back. The shirt was far too big for her and covered her bruises, but she could still feel the sting. “Thank you,” she mumbled, then cursed herself for it, she shouldn’t be thanking this man for anything. She wished she could crawl into a corner and cry, and this whole nightmare would be over, but instead, Daniel placed an arm around her shoulder and cheerily led her out of the bedroom and back into the office. There were at least five guards standing outside this time, all watching her warily, waiting for her to make her move. She simultaneously wanted to cuddle up to Daniel, use his protective arm as a safety net, and wanted to commit some defenestration (throw him out a window) and then take ten billion showers to rid herself of his touch. But she did neither and she walked warily with him to the lift, standing uncomfortably at his side, hugging herself, inhaling his scent that was both intoxicating and revolting.

When they stepped out on the ground floor, Alora remembered her last escape attempt, wishing she had just run instead of stopping to yell for help. There was no chance of running now, there were another squad of guards lining the path to the dark limo and Alora stiffened at the sight of them, but Daniel just led her straight past them, opening the car door for her, but she froze, unable to bring herself to get in. Unable to give up that easily. If she got in that car, she may never see a city again, she would be submitting to Daniel, letting him win. Again. She almost started to hyperventilate when she felt Daniel’s hands gently pushing her into the car.

“Come on Alora, don’t start disobeying me now, you won’t enjoy the consequences half as much as I will.”

She nodded hesitantly as she sat in her seat in the limo, still on the verge of a panic attack.

“Good girl,” he whispered to her, sitting beside her. She shuddered at the compliment.

“So Alora,” he said, lounging out on the seat. “There are some rules that you will need to follow, understand?”

She didn’t say anything, just stared at her feet. He grabbed her chin, turning her to face him. “I asked you a question, Alora?”

“I understand,” she said through gritted teeth, and he released her.

“Rule number one, you will do what I say, when I say, no hesitation, no questions. Rule number two, you’re body belongs to me now, no one is allowed to play with that pretty little pussy or ass other than me. Not even you. Rule number three, you will ask permission whenever you want something. You will not cum without permission. You will not leave your room without permission. You will not speak to others without permission. Rule number four, you will refer to me as sir or master at all times unless I allow you to say otherwise. Do you understand?”

She looked away, out the window at the fields rolling past. They had left the city behind. She couldn’t look at him when he talked. She hated every word that came out of his mouth. She was terrified of every rule he was imposing on her. But she couldn’t help but get wet at the thought of his control. “I understand,” she whispered.

He regarded her curiously. “I’d really hoped it would take more than a spanking and edging to break you, but you seem awfully quiet compared to yesterday. She didn’t look back at him.

“I’m not broken, I just know how to pick my battles.”

He turned her to face him again, more gently this time. “Good, because I think I’ll have a lot more fun breaking you in if you speak.”

She nodded and tried to turn her head away again, but his hand wrapped around her neck and held her in place.

Her breath hitched.

“Look at me when I speak to you Alora.”

“Yes, sir,” she replied quietly, looking at his bare chest. Anywhere but his eyes.

He pulled her in close, his lips inches from hers, forcing her to look into his eyes. His grip tightened around her throat, almost cutting off her air. “Never forget who’s in control here.”

She nodded and he released her, she gasped for air.

She looked back out the window and they spent the next 30 minutes of the drive in silence.

When they finally turned off the main road into a winding driveway, Alora realised how royally screwed she was. There was nothing around for miles. No one to hear her scream. The house came into view soon after. An old stone mansion with ivy creeping up the walls.

Daniel leaned into her. “Welcome home,” he muttered before opening his door and stepping out, holding out his hand for Alora. She ignored it and stepped out herself, her bare feet hurting on the gravel below her. She shivered and pulled the shirt closer as a sharp wind blew past her.

Daniel took her wrist and pulled it behind her back.

“Hey! what are you doing?” she cried as he began to loop a length of rope around it.

“Precautions,” he said, pulling her other wrist back and tying them together.

She tested the ropes, twisting and pulling, but they were unmoving. She glared at him, but he ignored it, gripped her arm and led her forward cheerily.

The car drove away, the guards with it, apparently his security wasn’t very strong here.

He reached the door, and that’s when Alora realised why there were no guards. The seemingly Escort Düzce wooden door was covering a steel safe door, with a keypad entry. When he shut the door behind her, it clicked repeatedly as the locks slid into place.

Daniel pulled her through the larger foyer, up the stairs and into a room with a padlock hanging on the outside of the door. A bedroom. No, a playroom. Various toys hung on the wall, and the four-poster bed was fitted with various eyebolts.

He leaned down to her ear as he shut the door behind him. “If you aren’t good, there’s a lovely basement downstairs, just waiting for you to mess up.”

She shivered, the reality that she was trapped in here with Daniel, and there was no way out, was finally hitting her.

He pushed her onto the bed so she lay on her stomach, her legs hanging over the edge and her ass in the air. She went to roll over, but his hand on her back stopped her. “Stay.”

He was doing something across the room that she couldn’t see with her face pressed into the mattress.

She heard him return to behind her and felt his hand running down her bare legs. “You stayed, good girl.” he pulled her back up to standing and put something leather around her neck, buckling it behind her. A collar. She felt sick. She felt owned.

He began to untie her hands. He moved his mouth to her ear and gave her a playful nip. “Do not move from where I put you,” he said.

Fuck that and fuck him. The moment her hands were free, she elbowed him in the stomach and ran for the door. She didn’t know what she was doing. She just knew she wasn’t going down without a fight. She regretted her decision the moment she left the bedroom. She headed for the stairs and realised she couldn’t open the front door. She tried but to no avail. A panic rose in her chest until she was hyperventilating as she slammed her fists against the door.

She heard his footsteps and turned, flattening herself against the door. “Let me go,” she demanded, her voice shaky as she struggled to catch her breath. He regarded her curiously. “What did you hope to achieve? You knew you couldn’t get through that door, so why try at all?”

Alora shook her head, unsure herself. “I don’t know, please, just let me go,” her world was getting woozy now, her panic attack still washing over her.

She slumped to the floor, trying to breathe.

Daniel crouched in front of her and gathered her up in his arms. “Shhh,” he said, stroking her hair to calm her. “Take deep breaths.”

Alora tried to do as he said, and eventually, her breathing fell in time with his and she came around, realising what she’d done.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered against him. “Please don’t hurt me, I’m sorry.”

He pulled her away so he could look into her eyes. “I have to punish you Alora, otherwise you won’t learn. But I won’t hurt you too badly, ok? Now come on, unless you want me to follow through on locking you in the basement?”

She nodded, tears springing up in her eyes. he was being so gentle. It was hard to hate him, to run from him when he comforted her so well. She fit so perfectly in his arms that it was criminal.

She stood with him, gulped down her fear, and walked back to the playroom. She shuddered in apprehension as she heard the door shut and lock behind them.

“Strip,” he said and sat on an armchair across from her.

She nodded hesitantly, not wanting more punishment and began to undo the buttons on the shirt. She let it fall to pool around her ankles. He looked at her appreciatively. He stood, running his hand down her arm, then lifting it to lock a leather cuff around it. He did the same to the other wrist but didn’t attach them. He then cuffed her ankles. “You remember what I told you?”

She nodded. “Don’t move from where you put me.”

He nodded at her, then placed her standing in the middle of the room, her legs two feet apart, hands behind her head.

He stood back and looked her over, inspecting every inch. He ran his hands over her, around her breasts, down her torso, and up her thighs. But never touching her [/i]there. Despite her apprehension, soon she was aching for him to move his hands somewhere more interesting. he eventually seemed to finish inspecting her and sat back on the seat, watching her.

“Come here,” he told her and she complied, stepping up to him

Two years later…

Her phone rang, buzzing along the countertop, and Alora jogged over to answer it.


“Alora, kneel down and crawl behind your couch.”

Her breath caught in her throat. That voice. She knew that voice. And so did her body, because it complied before her brain even realised what was happening.

“No, she whispered. “You promised.” She almost began to stand up again, desperate to regain the control she always gave up to him so willingly.

“Someone is trying to kill you Ra, this isn’t a damn power play, I’m tryna keep you out of the sniper’s scope.”

“Sniper? What the hell, who’s trying to kill me, and how did they find me?”

“Some of my guys were working for South, they made a power play and hired a few hitmen to kill you.”

“A few?”

“Yeah I already dealt with one but there’s this sniper and at least two others. You need to do exactly as I say.”

“No. I’ve been hiding from mafia men for two years, believe it or not, I learned a thing or two about protecting myself.”

“This isn’t the time to be stubborn, my men are searching the building opposite yours for the sniper right now. Just stay down until they find him.”

“I don’t have time, the door of the apartment building is always open, there could already be another hitman here.”

Alora steeled her courage, crawling to the very edge of the couch. She took a few deep breaths and then rolled quickly into her bedroom, blocking herself from the window with her chest of drawers. She reached into a drawer and pulled out her gun, double-checking it was loaded before flicking off the safety.

“Is that a gun? Is someone inside already?” He said, worriedly.

“No, it’s my gun.”

“You have a gun?”

“I’m hiding from men like you, what do you think?”

He sighed and Alora ignored him, dashing for the other door in the bedroom, hiding behind it as she reached for the front door. She swung it open and walked out into the hall, glad to be safe from the sniper in the windowless corridor. She stayed low and walked hurriedly toward the stairs, gripping her gun tightly in one hand and the phone in the other.

“When I get out of here, don’t follow me, it’ll make it harder for me to lose the killers.”

“Alora you promised you’d come back if something like this happened.”

“No, I promised to come back if I need help, which I don’t. I was doing fine until your men found me [i]through you.”

“Ra, please.”

“Don’t call me that, please,” her last word was almost a whisper. She heard footsteps coming up the stairs and diverted, climbing into the dumbwaiter and lowering herself downwards. She climbed out on the ground floor, making her way to the back door and hurrying out. walking quickly to her car parked in the alley.

“I gotta drive now, so this is where we part,” she told him, climbing into the driver’s seat.

“Alora please, you won’t be safe alone.”

“I’m not safe with you either,” she said quietly. “Goodbye Daniel.”

“I promise I can keep you safe just come-“

She hung up before he could finish his sentence and convince her to go back. She took a deep breath and turned on the car, looking in the rearview mirror to see someone standing behind her car with a gun, she ducked and put the car into drive, speeding out of the alley as bullets shattered her windows. She turned the corner and stopped just short of a second man with a gun, flinging open the door and climbing out, firing her own gun at him, catching him in the arm before taking off down the street. She didn’t get very far before there was a searing pain in her leg and she fell to the concrete, hearing a loud gunshot ring out. It took her a few seconds to realise it was the sound of the bullet that hit her leg. She winced and started dragging herself toward the alley and off the empty street, pressing on the wound.

Another gunshot rang out and she braced herself for another wound, but it never came. She saw a familiar figure running around the corner, wielding a handgun, and her whole body tensed, in fear and hope.

“Alora!” Daniel roared, racing over to her, his eyes immediately landing on her wound. He scooped her up in his arms despite her protests, and his face was the last thing she saw before the darkness began to fill her vision.


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