The Big Girl Ch. 08The Big Girl Ch. 08


I’ve been having a good time with this story, so I hope you have fun reading it.

I’m getting some good feedback, please keep it up…hearing I’m doing well helps me do better.

In this chapter, The girls move in, everyone has fun, with some interruptions…and something interesting happens…(don’t ask me how it happened. I looked away for a second, and when I looked back, the words were on the screen…I think Sarah did it.)


Over the next couple of weeks, the girls moved alot of their clothes and personal stuff into the house, mostly the things they used all the time. My closet was no longer my own. I fixed that by going to Ikea and getting a closet system loaded with rods, shelves, baskets and drawers. Sarah had a great time putting it together with me, and loved how easy her clothes were to get to.

Sarah was living with me full-time, and Tracy was spending more than half her time at the house. It was nice to have them there, they made my house feel like a home.

About three weeks after we agreed they should move in, Tracy told me that she had picked out a room on the third floor she wanted use as her bedroom, but asked if we could knock out the wall between it and the room next to it so she’d have more space. I agreed, the rooms up there were on the small side, but I told her I didn’t know when I could get to it. She said that was fine, and left me with a drawing of what she wanted in the new space.

She also told me that she wanted the whole third floor, saying that it would be like having her own apartment up there. I didn’t care, I never did anything up there anyway, but I thought it was nice that she wanted to give us some privacy.

I couldn’t have been more wrong about that.

She camped out in the Princess suite when she stayed over, because we hadn’t moved any of their furniture yet, so it just made sense for her to set up in there. She didn’t spend much time there though.

She spent most of her time in bed with us. She would just walk in on me and Sarah, usually while we were making out. Okay, I’ll admit that that was most of the time, so she had lots of opportunities, but she had no grasp of the concepts of knocking, or personal boundaries, and just took it for granted that she was welcome to join us anytime she wanted.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed fucking Tracy. Sarah didn’t seem to mind, so I kept my mouth shut about it. But it still bothered me. I was in love with Sarah, but couldn’t seem to say no when Tracy joined us in bed. I know, I would have to be stupid to turn down what I was being offered, but I did draw a line for myself. I never had sex with Tracy alone. Sarah always had to be there.

They put in their notice on their apartment, and decided on a move date, and put up signs at both gyms asking for help the following weekend. At ten o’clock that Saturday morning, there were twenty pickup trucks and thirty guys and girls waiting outside their apartment.

Tracy sent me off to get beer and food while she and Sarah coordinated everything. I had been back at the house for a little over an hour when trucks started pulling into the driveway.

Luckily, the beer was already on ice, and I had called Tim and Beth to come over to help. They had two grills set up in the backyard and had ribs cooking on both, with burgers and hot dogs ready to go on.

Tracy took up a position at the gate, directing each truck to the house, or the servant’s quarters around back, depending on the load.

Sarah stationed herself on the front porch with a floor plan of the second and third floors, pointing out what room each item or box was going to.

Tracy was in the bed of the last truck as it pulled around the house, and she hopped out, directing people as they started unloading and moving stuff into the servant’s quarters.

The last box was unloaded just before two, and people started gathering in the backyard. Tracy stepped up on the back porch, whistling to get everyone’s attention.

“Friends, we can’t begin to thank you for coming out and helping us like this.” She said, smiling broadly. “As much as we’d like to say you all get a free month at the gym of your choice…”

“Which we can’t afford, so forget that she even mentioned it…” Sarah piped in.

“Yeah, since we can’t do that thing I didn’t say, we have beer and food for you to show you how much this means to us.” Tracy laughed. “And remember, the next time any of you is moving, Sarah will be happy to help you!”

The crowd erupted in laughter and applause, and people started moving toward the grills. Tracy and Sarah started throwing cans of beer out to people, and in a few minutes, we were having a party.

The party lasted most of the afternoon, but the last of the help finally left around five. Tim and Beth hung around to help clean up the backyard. Most people had dumped their plates and cups in the cans at either end of the porch, but there was still alot of debris left to pick up.

When we went into the house, we sat around the Bayındır Escort kitchen table drinking beer while we finished off the last of the ribs and burgers. Tim and Beth started telling stories again, making Sarah and Tracy laugh their asses off. They were all having a great time, so I just sat back and listened, throwing out a correction or a clarification every now and then when they said something particularly outlandish.

They finally left around nine, and Sarah disappeared upstairs with Tracy. I was tired, so I went and got into bed.

Sarah came in a little while later, and she did something I hadn’t seen her do since she’d been in the house. She closed the door.

“Why’d you do that?” I asked.

“So we could have a little privacy.” She said, pulling her t-shirt and sports bra off. She looked over at me as she pushed her jeans and panties down. “I know you like fucking Tracy, and it’s okay…really. But I know that it makes you worry about us, and I don’t want you to. So I told her that if the door is closed, she can’t come in. Is that okay with you?”

“That’s fine with me.” I said, reaching for her as she slid onto the bed.

“Not yet.” She said, pushing me back. “I want to do something different tonight. I’m tired, and don’t feel like making out, but I still want to feel you on me.”

“Okay, what do you want to do?”

“I want you to lay on my back.” She said, stretching out on her stomach. She brought her arms up under her head, and spread her legs a little, then looked over at me. “Climb on, and tell me if you like it.”

I slid up onto her, putting my arms and legs on hers, laying my head on her shoulder.

“Mmmmmmm, this is nice.” I said happily, shifting a little on top of her. “You make a great cushion.”

“I’m glad you think so, I like it too.” She whispered. “My dad used to lay on me like this. I know that sounds weird, but it wasn’t. I used to lay on him when I was little, but once I got to be bigger than he was, we traded places, and he’d lay on me.”

She was quiet for a few moments, then went on.

“Having you lay on me, and waking up with you in me in wonderful, but I miss this. I miss him.” She said, looking back over her shoulder at me. “You’re the only man I’ve ever loved as much as him, and I wanted to share this with you, because it makes me feel good. I always felt safe and loved when he laid on me, and that’s how I feel right now with you.”

“That’s how I feel when I’m laying on you.” I said. “I didn’t have many people I could love, and depend on to be there for me. I have that with you, and I like it.”

“We’re gonna be okay, sweetie.” She said. “And we’re gonna be here for each other for a long time. Tracy will find someone she can love, but in the meantime, are you okay with her…us…you know…”

“You’re the one that I want.” I whispered, kissing her on the shoulder. “If you say stop, I’ll never touch her again. But until you do, I guess I can put up with having to service her…”

“Don’t go being a little shit.” She laughed, humping her ass up and bouncing me on her. “We’re being real here.”

“Yeah, but I was telling the truth just then. I like Tracy, alot. But I love you. Having sex with her is fun, but that’s all. What we’re doing right now means more to me than a hot sweaty session with her.”

“Is that why you never do it with just her?” She asked.

“Yeah, it wouldn’t be the same without you there.” I said softly. “I know you like watching me with her, and I know you like seeing her have a good time. That’s enough for me.”

“I wouldn’t think you were cheating on me if you did…you know, did it with…just the two of you.”

“But I would.” I told her. “So stop pushing her at me.”

She nodded, and we were quiet for a few minutes before she spoke again.

“Why don’t you do that thing you do to Tracy to me?” She asked, looking back at me over her shoulder, smiling shyly.

“I didn’t think you’d like it.” I told her. “You tense up when I kiss your butt, and you pull me up if I go down too low when I’m eating you out.”

“Yeah, I always thought that was kinda dirty…but I see how much Tracy likes it…and I’m just curious about it is all.”

“Would you like to try it sometime?” I asked. “Not right now, I think you might need a couple glasses of wine, or maybe I can roll you over right after you’ve had a really good cum. You know, catch you off guard, but go slow so you can relax and see if you like it…”

“That sounds nice.” She laughed, blushing a little. “I’m glad you don’t want to do it right now…throwing it in when I’m not expecting it sounds like a good idea.”

“Or we would could start off with that.” I countered. “We could take a shower together, and I could wash you. That way, you’d know you’re clean, and could relax. Then I could take my time. No matter how we do it, I’m going to be gentle, and let you see if you like it. Not everybody does.”

“I know. There’s no hurry, I just wanted to ask.”

“Don’t Bayraklı Escort talk anymore…unless you want to.” I said, running my hands up and down over her arms. “Let’s just lay here for a while, and enjoy each other. I’m really happy right now, and just want to savor it.”

“Okay, I was actually thinking about going to sleep.” She said, stifling a yawn. She laughed and added, “You can still wake me up fucking me in the morning…but not…you know…”

“I know.” I laughed, snuggling closer. “I might even flip you over before I put it in…”


I woke up the next morning with a delightfully wet sensation on my cock. I just laid there and enjoyed it, and apparently, she did too. She was moaning softly, making purring noises in her throat as she sucked me in and out of her mouth.

“That feels really good, babe.” I said, stretching lazily and arching my hips up at her. “How long have you been down there?”

“Not very long, but I’m having a good time.” She laughed, taking my cock out of her mouth and running her tongue over the underside as she spoke. “You were hard when I when I got up to pee, and I couldn’t resist.”

“Mmmmmmm, this reminds me of that first morning.” I laughed, laying my hand on the back of her head. “You woke me up with a handjob.”

“I couldn’t resist this big dick then either.” She laughed, planting soft kisses up and down over the shaft. “I was almost afraid to touch you that morning. I was so sure that I had really hurt you.”

“I was sore, but waking up next to a goddess, then having her jerk me off…”

“I didn’t jerk you off. I just played with it a little.” She giggled, looking up at me. “Do you want me to make you cum like this? Or would you like me to pleasure you some other way?”

“No, what you’re doing is great.” I sighed, relaxing and letting my body just melt into the bed as she took the head of my cock back in her mouth.

“Goooh.” She mumbled as she started bobbing her head up and down slowly.

“Hey Sarah! Wake up! The alarm is going off at Midtown!” Tracy yelled, banging on the door. “I’m on hold with the cops, you need to call the alarm company and see if they have anything on the cameras.”

“Fuck!” Sarah muttered as she pulled off of me and rolled off the bed. She grabbed her phone and hit a number on her speed dial as she started getting dressed.


It turned out that a drunk driver had knocked over a parking meter, then crashed into a dumpster. A piece of metal had flown up and cracked a small window on the side of the building, which was what set the alarm off. The fucking window was ten feet off the ground, and had a spiderweb of cracks in one corner, that was all.

The girls were relieved that it was something minor. Apparently, the Midtown location had been robbed several times, and the insurance rates there were almost triple what they were paying for Buckhead.

I was pissed because I was missing out on what had been looking like the beginnings of a world-class blowjob.

So we spent over an hour talking to the cops, then Sarah and Tracy spent another hour measuring the window and arguing about the best way to cover it. I got tired of listening to them and went over to Lowe’s, got a piece of plywood big enough to cover the window opening, and had it bolted in and caulked before they even noticed.

When they did notice, Sarah picked me up, laughing as she tossed me in the air, then caught me and spun me around as she held me in her arms.

“Come on, Mr. Handyman.” She grinned down at me. “I’m gonna take you home and fuck your brains out for getting that fixed so quick!”

“Sounds like a plan!” I laughed, putting my arms around her neck as she headed for the door.


“Roll over.” I said, pulling my face away from Sarah’s pussy and grabbing her leg, trying to move her.

“What are you going to do?” She asked as she rolled over onto her tummy.

“You know what I’m going to do.” I said huskily, pulling on her hips and guiding her up onto her knees.

“No…not right now. Let me take a sho…”

“No, you took a shower when we got home, and I want to do it now.” I said, smacking her on the ass. She gasped and looked back over her shoulder at me.

“Seriously, you don’t have to…”

Reaching down, I grabbed her wrist and pulled her arm around behind her. I got her other hand and held them together, crossed at the wrist, and wrapped my t-shirt around them.

“There…” I panted, pulling a couple of pillows down and stuffing them under her. “Now you can’t get away. You’re just going to have to lay there and let me do whatever I want to you. And you know what I’m going to do…”

She had really gotten into the symbolic bondage, letting me pretend to tie her up every couple of days over the last few weeks. She initiated it half the time by putting her hands up over her head, or sprawling out on the bed, arms and legs spread toward the corners, sighing like she was bored. It wasn’t Bornova Escort unusual to find a handful of scarves or neckties laying on the side of the bed when she wanted to play.

One time, I had put her hands up over her head and laid a towel over them, and she struggled and fought like she had heavy metal manacles on her wrists, but her hands never moved till I took the towel away a couple of hours later.

The only time she had resisted was when I tied a knot in a scarf on her wrist. I hadn’t even finished the knot and she was pulling away, trying to get it off. We didn’t talk about it, but I understood. Wrapping was fantasy, knots were reality.

“Please don’t…” She said quietly, shifting slightly as she pulled her knees up and spread them a little wider. “I’m all dirty back there…”

“You look clean enough to me.” I laughed, putting my hands on her asscheeks and spreading them apart. “But I promise, you’ll be alot cleaner when I’m done with you.”

Her asshole was a ruddy pinky, a wrinkled ring that pulsed and flexed as I watched. The insides of her asscheeks were pale and smooth, and she didn’t have that brownish tint alot of people get between their butt cheeks.

Leaning closer, I kissed one cheek lightly, then moved over and kissed the other one.

“I’m going to kiss you again.” I told her, my face right over her ass. I knew she could feel my breath on her skin. “I’m going to kiss you right in the crack.”

“Don’t…” She whimpered, her ass rising up a little toward me. “I don’t want you to. Please don…oh god!”

She gasped, and a shiver swept over her as I kissed the puckered ring of her asshole. She moaned when I swept my tongue around it, tracing it in a slowly circle, then pressed my tongue against it.

I felt her knees spread wider, and her ass pushed back at me. She whimpered as I drew away.

“You liked that…don’t try to deny it.” I said, running my hands over her ass, then down over her hips and thighs. I caressed her gently, planting soft kisses all over her pale white butt. “You were pushing your ass back at me when I licked your asshole.”

“No…” she said in a soft voice. “I…I was just trying to get comfortable.”

“Are you comfortable now?” I asked, moving my face back up over her butt crack. I breathed on her, blowing warm air onto the winking pink ring at the bottom.

“I…I think so…” She said, shifting a little under me.

“Good.” I said, and pressed my mouth to her asshole again.

“Oh god!” She groaned as I lashed my tongue over the puckered little ring. Her ass pushed back at me again, and I spread her cheeks wider as I started sucking and stabbing my tongue at it. She rocked back and forth on the pillows that were supporting her as she pulled her body down, moving her shoulders down the bed to take the weight off of them.

“Mmmmmmmm…” I moaned into her ass, wanting her to know that I was enjoying doing this to her. I moaned again with my lips against her asshole, and I felt it flutter and spasm under them.

I licked and sucked at her, moving my mouth up over the creamy skin on the inside of her butt crease, then lavishing all my attention on her asshole, then moving my mouth down to tease her taint. I wanted to keep her off balance, knowing that she was enjoying what I was doing, but still pretending to resist.

Tracy blew that plan completely off the rails.

“Hey…” She said from the door. “You guys wanna…

“Get out!” Sarah shrieked

“Go away…” I mumbled into Sarah’s ass, moving one hand down to wave her away.

“Okay, I can take a hint.” She laughed.

But she didn’t leave.

A moment later, I felt her breath on my ear as her fingers wrapped around my cock.

“Don’t say anything.” She whispered, her hand moving in slow strokes up and down over my cock. “Keep rimming her, and I’ll just play with your dick a little, okay?”

I nodded and started stabbing my tongue at Sarah’s asshole, easing it in a little, then pulling back. I was drooling all over her, and my spit was running down between her legs and dripping onto her pussy.

“That is so fucking hot.” Tracy moaned in my ear, her hand moving faster on my cock. Her other hand came up between my legs and cupped my balls. “Stick your tongue up her ass, studly. I wanna see you put your tongue in her fucking asshole!”

My tongue darted out and jammed against Sarah’s asshole, and I wormed it up into her.

“Oh god! No…pl…please don’t put it…in me.” She groaned, rocking her ass back at me.

I didn’t pay any attention to her words, I was listening to her body. Stiffening my tongue, I started fucking it in and out, making her whimper and rock back at me. I stuck my tongue as far as it would go up her asshole, then pulled it out and swept it in quick circles around the puckered opening, then snaked it back inside.

“Give her a break…eat her pussy for a few minutes, then go back to her ass.” Tracy said softly, squeezing my cock in her fist. “Lay on your back and pull her cunt down on your face and eat her out now. I’ll suck your dick while you go down on her…”

I didn’t answer for fear Sarah would notice what was going on. I pulled away from her ass and slid under her, pulling her down onto my face. She moaned as I planted my mouth on her pussy and started sucking hungrily.

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