The Best Job She Ever Had or Will Ever WantThe Best Job She Ever Had or Will Ever Want


My dream cum true… Oops, did I write that out load?

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James was at work one day talking with a female coworker. They were out in the parking lot getting ready to leave work. They were saying their casual goodbyes as usual. Then James started to say, ” I have a job just for you that last indefinitely and you can still keep this job.”

“So, what does the job consist of?” Julie said curiously.

“I have 15 dollars,” he stated in a seductive voice. “It is yours, every time.”

“That’s not much,” Julie exclaimed. “What on earth do you mean?”

He continued to tease her by saying, “Oh, not much and I believe you will love it,” knowing how she was.

Julies curiosity and excitement is shot through the roof by now. She asked excitedly with enthusiasm, “What do I have to do for you?”

Now, Julie is a gorgeous 25 year old with long golden blonde silky hair that hangs about half way down her back. She has 36 CC tits. Her neatly trimmed, pussy is the best looking pussy ever. She’s 5′ 8″ tall with sexy long and toned legs, legs to die for.

I finally answered her by saying, “Giving me blow jobs. So, what do you think?”

Julie thought for a few seconds and said, “Can I start now?” as she was on her way down without waiting for his answer.

She started by unbuttoning his pants and unzipped his zipper. As his pants slid down his legs to the ground, she was already slowly licking down one side of his semi erect penis and back up the other side to the mushroomed head. By the time she had reached the head, his cock was already fully erect and as hard as a fucking rock.

“Damn, you are so fucking huge!” she exclaimed. “You are so Buca Escort girthy. I don’t know if I can fit you all in my mouth, but I’ll sure try.” She’s licked all around his purple head. She licked the precum that seeped out of the pee hole.

He started to moan and said, ” Oh yes! That’s great, just like that!”

She pushed his beautiful cock as far in her mouth as she could, but she was unable to do yet, it was just to damn big. She grabbed his hands and placed them behind her head. She gave his hands a pushing movement to be able to get more cock in her mouth and down her throat. She started to gag a little, but then recovered. When she did that, she was able handle all of his length and girth.

He moaned and grunted in pleasure. He was really face fucking her and she’s enjoyed every minute of it. Her pretty lips slid up and down his long, thick shaft. Sometimes as she went down, she would stick her tongue out to lick and taste his balls. She really loves the taste of his cock and balls.

He grew bigger in her mouth, and said, ” I’m cumming! I’m so fucking cumming!” His balls started to pump his hot seed up his shift and into her welcoming mouth and throat. She looked up at him and smiled. He kept pumping and pumping out his white gooey cum, it just didn’t seem to stop.

Finally he stopped cumming and she cleaned him all up with her mouth. She raised up and licked her lips while smiling and said, “You taste great! Do you want another one?”

“Sure but in a little bit,” he exclaimed. “That was good, now you have 15 dollars. You will get 15 dollars every time you suck me off.”

She smiled and asked, ” Is that all I have to do, as many times a day that I want to?”

“Yes, but please wait a half hour between each one. You can do more things, Çeşme Escort for a little more money”

She started figuring it up in her pretty little head, “Hmm, 15 dollars, I can probably suck his dick 2 times a hour. That makes 240 dollars in 8 hours, Wholly Shit!! Then she asked, ” What else do I do?

“Whatever you what and what I want. You can decline anything I say and still get paid for what you have done. Sound good?”

Trying not to act to excited, she said, “OK, sounds good to me. What time do I work today and what time do you want me back tomorrow?”

“Well, since it’s friday, you can stay till 10 and come back tomorrow morning around 8, if that’s fine with you. Or, you can stay here, I have a spare bedroom.”

“Ummm, let me see, She started teasing. I believe I will stay.”

“Good. There’s something special for waking me up in the morning also,” He said. “Would you like to go to the grocery store with me right now?”


They headed out to the car and got in. The store was about 7 miles away. As they drove along, she bent over and unzipped his pants. She pulled out his dick and proceeded to suck on his head. As they traveled down the road, so did she, all the way down his now solid cock. She bobbed her head up and down his steel shaft as fast as she could, trying to make him cum fast knowing she didn’t have much time. He filled her mouth full of cum as they entered the parking lot.

She blew him again on the way home.

They returned home and went into the house to put the food away.

He Said to her with a smile, “You are really good at that.”

“I aim to please you,” She stated while smiling. “I love the way you taste and I love you big ass FUCKING cock in my mouth. I will get better.”

They finished putting Çiğli Escort away the groceries and she poured a glass of wine for both of them.

As they were drinking, he said, “It’s 9:00, pay time. Every day at 9:00 is pay time. Here is 45 dollars for 3 times today. Anything after 9:00, will go on tomorrows pay.”

She smiled and she said, “Thank you, kind sir.” With that said, she poured another glass on wine for them.

Two glasses of wine later, she pulled off her top. Her boobs were unholstered reveling her big tits and pretty erect nipples. When he saw them, that wasn’t the only thing that was erect. His cock sprung to live putting a serious strain on his shorts.

When Julie saw this, he eyes got really big and she started to drool. She took a drink of her wine. Then she dropped to her knees in front of him and yanked down his shorts, springing forth his cock out of its’ confinement and right in her wide open welcoming mouth. She suck the hell out of him. She rose up off his penis just long enough to say, “I want your big ass fucking dick in my pussy so FUCKING bad right now!”

With that he raised her to her feet, picked her up into her arms and carried her over to the coach. He ripped her skirt off and tried to slam his cock in her tight wet pussy hole. She moaned really loud. She then proceeded to raise her legs up over his shoulders to give him full access to her warm and welcoming cunt. He slammed back into her to the hilt hitting the back of her pussy.

“That’s it! Fuck my tight pussy with that big ass fucking dick of yours! Make me cum hard on your cock.”

He started growing bigger inside of her.

They were both moaning and groaning with so much pleasure each one was causing the other. They were both getting into a nice and hard steady rhythm.

“DAMN! You are so fucking big! I love it.” She told him.

With that being said, it pushed him over the edge. Wish one last slam into her, his cock pulsed and came so fucking hard it sent her over the edge.

“OH! Now that’s what I call, ‘blowing a nut!’ she stated.

To be continued…

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