The Beginning of the Domination of Randi EpilogueThe Beginning of the Domination of Randi Epilogue


Epilogue:Both babies arrive and life goes on.The next nine months came and went quickly for both Randi and Jill and before they knew it both had delivered baby girls. All five of them were very happy and the ladies had no problem listing Mike as the father of their daughters.All the men were in the delivery room with their women and the Dr. was very glad he could make this happen. He didn’t care what the hospital policy was. As he looked at it he was allowing the father in with the mother, even if it meant two fathers in each.Randi decided to name her daughter Joy and Jill named her’s Miata. They all went home in three days and the women did everything with their daughters.Jill was surprised how happy their men were as well and that they took their turns handling diapers, once Bill showed Jack how it was done.Susan moved in with Mike and he proceeded to breed her as well. She retired from flying and did consulting work for the airlines.Mia contacted Jill every day and was so glad to hear about Miata. Six months after they left her, she moved to the US to also live with Mike until she could get herself set up in her own place.Susan gave birth to a healthy boy whom she named Mike Jr, after talking to Randi almanbahis and Jill first. She also listed Mike as the Father.Mike also impregnated Mia and she is due in December.Jack proposed to Jill and they plan to be married in October. Their honeymoon will be in the Bahamas where she stayed with Mike for those two weeks. They bought a house, with Mike’s help, and are very happy together. They plan to go back to school in the fall.However, in August Mike became ill and after extensive testing, they discovered he had Stage Four pancreatic cancer. He was only given a few months to live.The women took him home and Susan was with him twenty-four/seven. Randi, Jill, and Mia all took shifts so Susan could be with her son as well.Mike lasted five weeks and then passed away. They had a private service for him and all wore their collars to his funeral. Bill and Jack were there for support but stayed back to allow the women time with him.After the funeral, they all received a call from Mike’s attorney that it was time to read his will. Susan rode with Bill and Randi and Mia rode with Jill and Jack.When they got to the attorney’s office, they were shown to the conference room. Tea and coffee were available almanbahis yeni giriş and they all sat and waited to hear what was going to be said.Jack’s attorney, John Maguire, walked in with his secretary and started the meeting.“I am sorry we had to meet under these conditions, but Mike made it clear he wanted this done within one week of his death. I want you all to just listen and then I will be glad to answer any questions you might have.”They all looked at each other and nodded. The women were all sitting together and took each other’s hands before Mr. Maguire continued.“Let me just say that I have known Mike for many years and yes, he did change his will when you returned from the Bahamas, but he was very much of sound mind, so I have no doubt this is what he wanted to happen. With that said, let me begin.”“I, Mike Adams, being of sound mind and soul, do hereby submit my final will and testament to provide the following:‘To my beloved Randi, my first submissive since the death of my wife, Mary. I leave for you the paid in full mortgage on your home that you share with your husband Bill. Thank you for trusting me and bringing so much joy to my life.’Randi looked to Bill and smiled as tears almanbahis giriş started in her eyes.To my beloved Jill, my first teen submissive and the daughter I never had. I leave you the paid in full mortgage on the house you share with your fiancé Jack. I know you both are meant to be together and I hope you both live a very prosperous life together.’Jill looked at Jack and also started to cry.“I think you both can tell what you meant to Mike and how much he did love both of you,” Mr. Maguire stated.Everyone started to relax until he continued.“Please allow me to continue. Yes, there is more to this process.”‘Susan, my surprised submissive. You have made me very happy since you moved in with me. I did not realize how empty the house was until you got there. To you, I leave my house with a paid in full mortgage for you do with as you see fit. I hope you will remain living there and raise our son, Mike Jr. there as well.’Susan just burst into tears and squeezed both Randi’s and Jill’s hands very hard. They both kissed her on the cheek and nodded that they understood.“And finally, Mia, my latest submissive. I am sorry we did not have more time together, but you never cease to amaze me. I know you will make something very special of yourself here in America. To you, I leave you a paid in full mortgage on your home. You are going to need a place to raise our child and I hope you can continue your culinary training here as well.’

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