Subject: Ahn Boys 31 I have chosen to do a story about what the future holds for the Ahn Boys. It is appropriately titled “Ahn Into the Future and takes place around 1943. It is essentially a glimpse into Willie’s future story. It was posted on 6.15.19. This chapter is going to divert as I introduce a new character into the Ahn Boys. As always, N-joi. Hugs, Tag_m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please, take the time to help keep free speech alive Please make a monetary contribution to Nifty. Right now, don’t put it fty/donate.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gregory took the bus and half the boys to help Enrique and his boys get moved. I tasked Renaldo to go with them in the event that the landlord wanted to create a problem about termination on such short notice, said landlord living only a few doors down from Enrique. I directed Renaldo to pay off the landlord if that became necessary but to keep it as cheap as possible. That done AJ and I went to the den-slash-library to make a call to Gerald Maines. We typically spoke by phone every few weeks, depending on where we were at, but those were short calls. I tried to do a longer call every 4-6 weeks. AJ was always on a second phone. I could generally tell by Gerald’s tone of voice whether he was having a good or bad day, physically speaking, and this particular time he didn’t sound as good as he had on past days. On the other hand, he didn’t sound as bad either. “Lucian, how are you doing,” Gerald said with enthusiasm, “It’s always good to hear from you.” “And you as well my friend,” I responded. AJ chimed in with, “I’m here as well Gerald.” “Aahhh,” Gerald responded, “and I have Blaine Kirkpatrick here on my end. Say hello Blaine.” “Good afternoon Lucian, AJ. It’s a pleasure to speak with you both and to work for you.” Blaine was a man that Gerald had had in mind to manage the day to day business dealings of the Ahn businesses and take that load off AJ. Lucian could hear in his voice that the man had been born and raised in wealth and privilege, although he’d already known that fact. Blaine Interlude Gerald and Blaine had some common ground, both having had similar experiences in their sexual maturation process. Blaine had lost his virginity when he was 13 years old courtesy of Auntie Ahn’s high class whorehouse. By that time Gerald was in his mid-30’s, had completed law school and had been working with the Chinese madam for 12 years and of course, fucking mostly young girls but sometimes young boys the entire time. Blaine came to Gerald’s attention in the same manner and for the same reasons that Gerald had experienced with auntie Ahn. The girl that Blaine had been seeing a couple times a month came to Gerald stating that the now 14 year old was having difficulty getting hard once he’d cum and even then his steaming stalk seemed to be losing some of its youthful vigor and that wasn’t normal for a boy his age. While the girl understood the boys’ problem it wasn’t within her purview to recommend preteen models, bestiality or other such remedies. That was up to auntie Ahn or Gerald to determine. Thusly, Blaine was introduced to Gerald, who was quite pleased with what he saw. Blaine was a little small statured for his age but staggeringly cute. His medium brown hair was worn just a tad bit long and somewhat tousled, grazing the tops of his ears and barely brushing against his thick dark eyebrows. His face was completely smooth and his complexion perfectly clear, lips full and slightly pink. Blaine was dressed in black slacks, a long sleeved white shirt with small black polka-dots, and a grey tweed vest with half dollar sized black dots on it. A matching colored herringbone bow tie completed the ensemble which, all things considered, gave the boy quite a rakish look. Gerald was quite taken with the boy despite the fact that Blaine’s age group was not a preferred one for the middle aged man. Gerald figured he could make an exception. “So Blaine,” Gerald said after introductions were made, “Lei tells me that you seem to be having boner issues.” The boy nodded his head, a slightly embarrassed expression on his face. “Yes sir,” he replied softly. “It isn’t uncommon, even for teenage boys,” Gerald said then elaborated. “Sometimes outside pressures affect our performance, sometimes it’s anxiety or depression, and sometimes the person we’re with doesn’t excite us or maybe we need to change out positions or experiences. What are your thoughts on that?” The teen didn’t say anything for a moment. His eyes remained downcast when he did speak. “I don’t know sir. I don’t have any problems with school or my family or anything. It kind of seems like I’m not interested, or perhaps indifferent.” “Hmmm,” Gerald mused, “perhaps it is the stimulus; perhaps the stimulus isn’t stimulating.” Blaine looked up, his eyes clearly indicating that he was lost. “I am going to ask you to trust me Blaine; can you do that?” The boy nodded his head. “Wait here for me please,” Gerald said, then left the room, returning 7 minutes later. “Come Blaine,” Gerald beckoned. Blaine stood then followed Gerald down the hall then up a smaller set of stairs at the back of the building. On the 3rd floor they went down yet another hallway in a part of the huge building that Blaine had never been then stopped in front of a door. “Remember Blaine, trust,” Gerald reminded the boy, then opened the door and in they stepped. They were in a bedroom, lights dimmed. They approached the large bed and there, lying quietly, were two children, naked children. A boy and a girl, they were Asian and appeared to be 8 or 9 years old. As they stepped next to the bed, Blaine could see that both were as smooth as glass, not a hair to be seen below their eyelashes. Neither were sexually matured, the girl’s labia not yet puffed up and the boys balls a tight sac below his 2 inch soft pecker that pointed to one side. “Do they please you Blaine,” Gerald asked and the boy gulped out a barely audible yes. “I sense some shame in that admission Blaine. I encourage you to get rid of it. There is no shame in wanting to be with children, your tastes and your desires are acceptable here, you are safe here to explore those desires. I was much like you in my younger years and had the same problem. Adult women didn’t stimulate me after a while. I learned that it was children that gave me stimulation. Once I came to accept that, my world became a much happier place.” Blaine sat at the edge of the bed and just stared at children until Gerald told him to go ahead, touch them if he wanted. Blaine looked up at Gerald with a questioning expression on his face. “Go ahead Blaine,” Gerald said softly. “These two are very experienced at being with adults. They expect you to play with them. The teen reached out and tenderly touched the little girl’s pussy prompting her to open her legs further. It didn’t take but a moment before he adjusted his own body so that he could effectively rub her mound. “So soft, and so smooth,” he whispered. He let his fingers explore the various flaps and folds of a little girl, rubbing her small clit, and even slipping a finger into her cunt hole. His other hand had gone to the front of his slacks and was busy prodding and grasping his own genitals. “It gives you a boner doesn’t it Blaine,” Gerald murmured, “it make you very hard again doesn’t it?” He looked up at Gerald, his eyes already closing in lust, and nodded his head. Gerald began to unbutton the vest he was wearing while kicking off his shoes. Blaine stood up quickly and began to disrobe and in moments the two stood facing each other and Blaine was, indeed, hard as a proverbial stone. Gerald admired the boy, a high quality example of a 14 year old boy. Flat and taut of belly, he was, of course, uncut and looked to be easily 7 inches long. His pubic hair was a fairly thick nest of dark brown curls, his balls low hanging and smooth except for the plumage that was creeping down onto the top of his sac. “Very nice Blaine,” Gerald commented and got a lopsided grin. He stepped up to Gerald and grasped onto the man’s equally hard cock and gently stroked it then went to his tip toes to kiss him lightly. “Thank you for this Gerald; I shall forever be in your debt.” When Blaine sat back down his attention went to the boy who was also nail hard, his cocklet standing straight up in the air. Blaine felt the boy up, cupped his marble sized balls and stroked his cock before leaning down and taking the rampant appendage into his mouth and suckling. That is interesting, Gerald thought to himself, that the teen went oral on the boy before tasting the pussy. Gerald began paying attention to the little girl, rubbing her pussy and gently licking at her small nipples. “Oh sir that feels so good you’re sucking my cock,” bursa escort the little boy whose name was Siyu, groaned. “Perhaps I can suck your cock too.” Blaine removed his mouth then moved up to straddle the Siyu’s narrow chest, his cock hanging in the air above the boys’ face. The youngling took hold of the raging, pre-cum seeping flesh, then raised his head and took it into his mouth. “Oh God,” Blaine groaned then leaned forward to place a hand against the wall to provide balance then began to gently fuck the little boys’ face. It didn’t take long before Blaine said that he would be able to cum fairly soon. “Cum in the boy’s mouth,” Gerald suggested and the boy nodded his head as if in agreement. A moment later, “Oohhh Aahhh my god,” the teen groaned and tossed his head back. It took only a moment before his sperm was leaking out of the boys’ mouth and running down his chin. When the orgasm was finally over Blaine pulled back, taking his cock from the boy who then smacked his lips as if he’d just eaten the best thing in the world. “Mmmm yummy sperms sir,” Siyu said with relish, “I could eat more of that.” Blaine leaned forward and straddled the boys’ body and lowered his head to engage the kid in some heavy kissing, the boy responding with enthusiasm. He eventually slid down the boys’ body and began using his tongue to work his stiff cocklet and smooth prepubescent sized balls. After a bit of washing those items, Blaine pushed the little boys’ legs back and began rimming the kid. It didn’t take long before Siyu was groaning loudly and shortly after that demanding that Blaine honor him by stuffing his magnificent cock into the boys’ pussy. Gerald stopped what he was doing to watch Blaine fuck his first boy. Gerald couldn’t put his finger on what it was exactly, but there was something about Blaine that intrigued the man, something that attracted him to the teenager. It wasn’t a sexual attraction necessarily although he reasoned that might have been a part of it. Regardless, Gerald discovered that he was developing feelings for a teenage boy, feeling he’d not experienced with a boy before, specifically a sexually mature male. He watched the teen smear his cock with KY jelly, the preferred lube of the time, then moved in close. Siyu held his legs back for his lover, his eyes riveted on the almost 8 inches of hard cock that closed in on his puckered muscle. Generally, of handful of men the young boy been with were about the same size, 5� to 6 inches, none larger than 6� inches. Blaine’s hard flesh intrigued the boy. As his swollen cock touched the wrinkled flesh of Siyu a thought, more like a revelation, struck the teenager. “This is what I was meant to do. This is where I am supposed to be. It is boys that work magic for me, not girls. Not of any age.” Blaine exerted pressure, desperately wanting to get inside the boy, desperately wanting to breed young Siyu. “Push my lord,” Siyu groaned, “push your hard cock into me. Make me your boy.” Gerald could see the extra effort that Blaine put forth reflected on his still smooth young face. It only took a moment before the boy grunted and asked Blaine to stop, which the teen did. While Blaine had not yet had the experience of a cock in his ass he understood Siyu’s position and stopped until the boy told him to go ahead a minute later. Blaine leaned forward and placed his palms on the bed and proceeded to bury his raging boner into Siyu’s tight preteen hole until his balls rested against the boys’ flesh. “You are so big my lord,” Siyu whispered, “now fuck me good and hard like a boy is supposed to be fucked.” Siyu reached down and cupped Blaine’s narrow butt as if to encourage the teen onward, not that Blaine needed any encouragement. Gerald watched as the teen’s butt moved to and fro, driving his hungry young cock in and out of the younger boys’ pussy. Siyu began to grunt each time Blaine thrust into him and it didn’t take long before the grunts turned to whimpers of pleasure. “Oh lord you love your boy so good,” Siyu said. “Your cock was meant to be in my body.” His hands had moved to rest against Blaine’s forearms. Gerald had all but stopped what he was doing with the little girl who didn’t appear to be displeased or feel left out. Gerald finally whispered to her that she could leave, that her services weren’t needed so she got up and left the room, not having had any clothes to take with her. After the girl left he simply watched Blaine fuck Siyu. The lad had a good sense of timing in that, he started out slowly, in no hurry, the only goal being to provide movement in and out of the boy’s pussy, to bring the kid’s heat level up. Naturally, it works as it was supposed to and after a fair amount of moaning and groaning Siyu informed his teen lover that his hole could take more punishment. Blaine began to pound the boys’ ass and soon the sound of their bodies slapping together echoed in the small and almost empty room. “oh yes lord, like that,” Siyu moaned, “Love your boy hard.” They had been at it for a good 10 minutes, thanks to Blaine having cum already, before Blaine said that he was close to cumming. “Shoot your goo into me my beautiful lover,” Siyu crooned, “fill me with your delicious cream.” Blaine stopped and slipped his arms under Siyu’s little legs then leaned forward placing his palms on the bed. The move almost doubled the boy over and gave the teenager a better position from which to drive his love lance down into its target. “Oh god yes fuck me hard my sweet man, fuck me into a cum,” the boy cried out. Blaine began hammering the boys’ asshole hard, slamming into him, crashing his sperm laden balls against Siyu’s tiny butt. “Oh Jesus fucking mother of god,” Blaine bellowed and shoved hard into his boy whore then ground his ass in circles before going back to power fucking him. Gerald could almost see Blaine’s balls constrict as they fired their load of sperm out. Siyu cried out and all but hammered Blaine’s back with his little fists as he thrashed about on the bed, he too experiencing a powerful orgasm. The double backed beast finally slowed down and eventually stopped, both participants panting heavily from the exertion and the power of their orgasms. Siyu’s head lolled to one side, the boy gulping air as if he were a drowning victim. Blaine rested on his forearms which placed their head mere inches apart. Siyu turned his head upward and the two kissed deeply, a slow but passionate kiss then they went back to not moving and just panting. Main Story “Blaine, why don’t you bring Lucian and AJ up to speed on how things are going.” “My pleasure sirs. Since have divested more of the smaller businesses and buildings that need to much repair, our monthly income from property rentals has steadied at about 22 thousand dollars a month. The typical outgo for repairs, insurance and the like averages about 5k a month. The actual business that we own are continuing to make an average monthly profit of 6-14%, which of course, fluctuates.” “Work in “the dust bin” has started with any empty buildings being torn down first. People that occupy buildings have been give notice to vacate in 30 days and many have already done so. Needless to say the demolition has created a rat problem. Initial ideas for a general layout have been submitted have been submitted and it has been suggested that plots of land should be � of an acre in size which would allow for about 4 dozen homes if we chose the basic square block square lot model. A better idea might be to allow for more creativeness, curved and meandering streets to create character. In keeping with that any trees have been left standing. ” “Oh, and as a side note, your kitchen remodel is completed and looks smashing. The yards and gardens looked spectacular throughout the summer. Other repairs are being completed as well. It is expected to be completed by the time you return. “The airline is doing well although we should consider purchasing more, say 6 to 10. Right now we have a dozen planes making 67 flights per week to the major cities up and down the east coast and as far west as Chicago and Kansas City and north into Toronto. We’re prepared to add flights to Miami and southwest to Dallas and Houston. The competition is beginning to get fierce. We own land in most of those cities, long term leases in others and other companies are chomping at the bit to lease space from us. “Hold up a second Blaine,” AJ piped in. “Let’s look into hiring young and pretty women as attendants. Let’s look at creating a spiffy uniform using the corporate colors. Also, talk to the liquor companies about obtaining cases of their little bottles of liquor and start offering them on any flight over say, 45 minutes.” “Great idea AJ,” Gerald said then commanded Blaine to go ahead. “Every company bursa escort bayan we have stock in is remaining stable or increasing in value, particularly the aero plane manufacturers, pharmaceuticals and armaments and I believe we should continue to buy more stock when possible and in fact should create a large budget just for that purpose. The automobile industry is starting to regroup as well so we might want to investigate investing there. The tensions in Europe are escalating, especially now that Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany. His solution to unemployment is rearmament of Germany and the outcome of that is fairly predictable.” “In looking to the future I would recommend that expand our purchase of land. I would suggest timberland as a starting point. I would also recommend buying up land just outside of major cities. Looking at the census figures for the past 20 years you can see a steady rise of people choosing to live on the “outskirts of town,” as it were. and that isn’t going to change. Cities will expand, people will always need a place to live. Granted it’s a long term proposition but that’s okay because we have plenty of shorter term investments.” They talked on a little longer then Blaine excused himself to attend to other business. “He’s a good man Lucian, AJ. He’s honest as hell, has good insight and great business acumen. I’m glad we have him on board.” “I agree Gerald,” I answered, and AJ seconded that. Although it wasn’t the first time we’d talked to the young man; Gerald had told us plenty about him. “On another note, which will put a damper on things, my doctor is giving me 3-6 months to live. It could be longer but less is the more likely outcome. I’m starting to take pain medication, which helps but that too will diminish. My will had been completed and as I’ve said before Lucian, it is all going to you, or at least 75% of it. I am leaving Blaine some money and I’d like him to run the business end of the non-profit that I’ve set up, AJ you please handle the legal aspects.” “I’d be happy to do that Gerald,” AJ responded. “Have you decided what you’re going to do with the house?” This had been an ongoing discussion. When he had first informed us of his disease, Gerald had said that he’d wanted the house to be put to use as part of his non-profit to help kids. At that time, neither AJ nor I knew anything about Blaine, Gerald having kept that part of his life close to the vest. Since informing us about Blaine being in his life, Gerald began having second thoughts about the house, although the non-profit itself was still a strong desire of his. “Yes I have AJ. I am going to leave it to Blaine. As you know his family has reacted to his, Uhmm, predilection, unfavorably and his father has all but chopped him off, much like mine did to me. He has been staying with me since the onset of my diagnosis, insisting that be able to take care of me. He’s a good man and I’m grateful to have him in my life.” “Good for you and good for him I say,” AJ responded and I agreed. “It is my sincere desire to be back home prior to your untimely demise Gerald,” I told him. I’d like to be leaving Los Angeles within a week so God willing that’s how the story will go.” As we know, the story didn’t go as planned. We chatted with Gerald a little longer then hung up and AJ and I sat quietly for a moment. “I am looking forward to formally meeting Blaine,” AJ said, breaking our quiet moment and I agreed with him. Another thought occurred to me after hanging up and I voiced it with AJ. “I wonder about Gerald’s plans for his position in the corporation.” AJ got a questioning expression on his handsome face. “What do you mean Lucian?” “Well, I wonder if he plans on having Blaine take over his part of the corporation, that is, Gerald’s share as it were. I wonder if he is planning on including that in what he wills to Blaine. AJ was thoughtful for a moment. “Good question Lucian, now that you mention it. He certainly could but I don’t see Gerald doing that without talking to us about it first.” I nodded my head. “One way or the other doesn’t concern me particularly,” I explained, “Money certainly isn’t an issue but it would be nice to be able to plan for it. Ah well, more will be revealed.” Blaine Interlude Blaine eventually pulled his cock out of Siyu and rolled onto his back, his glistening cock resting on his flat belly, his spent balls hanging between his thighs. Siyu rolled over and lay his head on the teen’s chest and let his arm rest across his belly. “That was most amazing sir,” he whispered then turned his head and kissed Blaine’s belly. Siyu then turned to Gerald. “Are you going to fuck me now Gerald,” he asked. Gerald of course knew all of the workers in the establishment and was on a first name basis with them. He had in fact fucked Siyu a few times, generally when accompanied by a little girl. Only on rare occasions, such as this one, had Gerald participated with a sexually mature male in the fucking of a youngling. It generally wasn’t his cup of tea. However, in this case, he wanted to but because it was Blaine he was partnering with. He would in fact double team younglings with Blaine on many occasions but once the then 14 year old went off to college at age 18 but that was in the future. “How do you feel about me fucking Siyu Blaine,” he asked the teen. “I think it would be great to watch Gerald,” Blaine responded as he idly scratched his balls, “I never done that before, watched I mean.” Gerald remained hard as a rock while Blaine fucked the young boy. He didn’t need to lube up his cock since it was covered in precum and the boys’ asshole was still slippery from lube and sperm. He asked the boy how he wanted it. “From behind me, like a dog at first they maybe on my back,” Siyu said without giving it any thought. He moved onto his hands and knees and pushed his tender little boy butt backwards and Gerald moved into position behind him. The prospect of a new experience, particularly a new sexual experience, brought Blaine out of his post-orgasmic lethargy and the teen got to his knees alongside the soon to be copulating couple, his still fully hardened 14 year old boner at full stand. Gerald couldn’t stay his hand and reached out to gently take hold of the rampant rock hard rod and stroke it a few timed which got a smile from its owner. “That feels nice Gerald. Maybe we could do it more often,” Blaine said with a bit of a leering grin. Gerald held his own cock down and touched it against Siyu’s still slightly loosened fuck hole. He didn’t wait for a comment from the boy but simply slid his entire cock into the kid’s freshly fucked ass and earning an “Aahhh” in the process. “Fuck that looks hot,” Blaine commented. Gerald took hold of Siyu’s hips and began to fuck the kid, pulling almost all the way out before sliding his cock back home in the tight, wet, warm hole. The man didn’t add much speed and power to the action but just kept up a nice steady pace. “Is it fun for you Siyu, being with two guys,” Blaine asked. The youngster nodded his head. “It is but it would be more fun if you were doing something too, like maybe playing with my boner or sucking on me or something.” Blaine looked to me and it seemed like he was asking for confirmation as well as suggestion. “How about if you slide underneath Siyu Blaine and you can suck his cock and he can suck yours too.” “Plus you could watch Gerald’s cock fucking my pussy,” the little boy said. That hadn’t occurred to the teen, although he didn’t tell them that. His sexual experiences were still fairly vanilla in nature. Instead he moved around to the front of the fuckers then got down onto his back. Gerald stopped while his cock was deep into the boys’ ass and Siyu lifted his right arm to give Blaine room to maneuver underneath him. “Oh for fuck’s sake,” he groaned as he watched Gerald’s cock go back to work, loving the young boy above Blaine. Siyu didn’t respond because he already had the teenager’s cock in his mouth, bobbing his head on Blaine’s lap. Blaine eventually pulled Siyu’s boner down and began sucking it. After a moment Gerald could feel Blaine moving about then felt the boys’ hand on his balls, gently feeling Gerald’s eggs as he fucked Siyu. Blaine then moved his hand so he could feel the sides of Gerald’s cock as it slid in and out of the boys’ fuck hole. The m�nage � trois lasted for maybe 5 minutes before Siyu announced his desire to move. “I’m getting close to cumming Gerald,” he’d said, “I need to be fucked good and proper like a boy is s’pose to be fucked.” That said, the multi-bodied beast broke apart and Siyu flopped onto his back, pulling his legs back for Gerald. The older male moved into place and re-inserted his cock into the prepubescent boy hole then leaned forward, Siyu’s escort bursa calves resting against his shoulders. Gerald began to fuck the young boy good and hard. Of course Blaine had to see what that looked like from behind and was, quite typically, amazed at what he could see and commented on it. Neither Siyu or Gerald responded since they’d been down that road plenty of times. “Come lay beside my head and fuck my face Blaine,” Siyu ordered. Having been with the boy on previous occasions, Gerald was aware that he liked multiple stimulation sites to be occupied when the opportunity arose. Gerald had been present when 3 males were busy working on the boy and the end result for Siyu was generally a very powerful orgasm. Gerald power fucked the kid for a good 5 more minutes, taking moments to stop while he was deep inside Siyu, grinding his own ass around a little then going back to fucking him, often changing out the direction of ingress and egress. Alongside them, Blaine was gently fucking his boner into Siyu’s hungry mouth, the boy moaning softly around the stiff flesh. “I’m close Gerald, really close,” Siyu groaned. “Can you squirt your sperm on my face please Blaine?” Since his cock was already out of the boys’ mouth, Blaine grasped onto it and began jacking off. In the past he had shot his sperm onto a little girl’s face, only at her request of course, so knew that it was a heat maker for himself. He could only imagine how hot it would be to spray the little boys’ face with his reproductive essence. For his part Gerald fucked the boy even harder, cramming his cock into the tight receptacle, pounding Siyu’s tight little ass as if it were the last fuck he’d ever have. It only took another moment or 3 before Siyu screamed out like a little girl. His compact body shaked and quaked and his asshole constricted against Gerald’s cock as he cummed, almost violently, which in turn caused Gerald to cum, announcing his orgasm quite vocally. The whole thing caused Blaine to cum and he shot copious globs of his sperm onto Siyu’s face causing the boy to moan even deeper than he already was. As his cock slowed to burps and oozing Blaine wiped it across Siyu’s earning him some “mmm” sounds. Between the 3 of them the orgasm lasted a solid minute before things finally began to quiet down. Blaine was the first to move, rolling away from the other two in order to once again slowly stroke his cock and feel on his balls. Gerald stayed inside of Siyu but did let the boy’s legs down. Not a word was uttered for at least another minute. Gerald finally pulled out of Siyu who immediately offered sperm lipped kisses to both males who accepted them graciously. “A cleaning is in order,” Gerald said and off they tromped to the bathroom and an open shower. Gerald took the time to show Blaine what it was like to be bathed which caused the boy to think even more highly of the man. Afterwards Gerald buzzed downstairs and a platter of snack items along with a pitcher of ice water were brought up to them. It was agreed that Siyu would stay until 10 pm so after their light snack they returned to the bed for another round of fucking in which Siyu was the willing and ready recipient. Both males fucked the shit out of him again and of course Blaine lasted much longer on that go around. As the young boy got dressed to leave Gerald had a bottle of wine brought up along with a plate of cut meats and cheeses. “So Blaine, would you say that your previous issue was due to type of partners you were with?” The boy nodded his head. “Yes Gerald, it was. I think that I have known for some time that I wanted to be with males, especially younger males like Siyu. I was just afraid of that, afraid of what it might mean for me and for my life. Now, I realize that is where my heart lies. I loved being with Siyu and don’t have any desire to be with a woman. I might, however, want to try being with a man, such as yourself.” Gerald was a little surprised at that statement but also a little excited. He knew that Blaine wasn’t referring to him specifically but an adult in generally although he also suspected that it was something Blaine was open to. As has been said, Gerald didn’t particularly fancy being with teenage boys although he had on occasion. However, Blaine was special and he found himself somewhat attracted to the boy. Gerald then told Blaine his story, how he had come to discover his love of prepubescent girls and sometimes boys. He related how his father had disowned him, how Auntie Ahn had taken him under her wing and how he had flourished. “Wow Gerald, it seems we are quite similar, although my father hasn’t disowned me but I suspect he would if he found out I preferred little boys.” They talked awhile longer then Blaine yawned. Gerald suggest that they turn in. “Do you mean, sleep together,” Blaine asked, a little surprised. “Yes, that’s what I mean.” “I’d like that Gerald,” the boy said with utmost sincerity then, in a softer voice, “I’d like that a lot.” Main Story I phoned Jay and Kwiana answered the phone. I hadn’t talked with him at all since we parted so took the opportunity to do so, asking the native teen how things were going. “It is amazing Lucian, simply amazing. I cannot believe my good fortune. It seems as though my dreams of becoming someone and something are very possible. I can’t thank you enough. Jay is an incredible teacher and mentor and friend. He pushes me Lucian, but in a good way. He also has me studying textbooks so that I will be eligible for more formal education at some point in time without looking like a fool.” I asked him if he had any idea about what type of road he’d like to travel, professionally speaking. The boy wasn’t sure and I encouraged him to not worry too much about it. At 16 years old he had plenty of time to explore things that he liked before making any kind of decision. I asked how things were going with Jay’s kids although I pretty much knew. “Oh my god Lucian they wear me out sometimes. I swear that Eros is the most sexy boy I’ve ever met and his appetite is almost insatiable. I’ve fucked Ishtar plenty of times too. I had never been with a girl so it has been very interesting.” He finally wound down and put Jay on the phone. There wasn’t much of anything new; some new land purchases and the finalization of another half dozen land leases. He asked if I had any interested in getting into the AG business, meaning agriculture. Specifically he asked about wheat, soybeans, corn and the like. He said he asked because once again, we could own the land and lease it to farmers wanting to expand their production but not necessarily own the land. I told him to run some numbers for me and we could talk more about it later. I informed him that I was hoping to be able to visit him on the way back east and he said that was a great idea. “Besides, Anteros is highly interested in having you fuck him some more.” On that note we hung up. I talked with AJ about Jay’s suggestion regarding agriculture. His thoughts were that the country would continue to grow, people would need food, we probably couldn’t go wrong. He said he’d do some casting around for information and let me know. “Anything from either conversation stand out for you AJ,” I asked my friend, partner, legal counselor. He shook his blonde head. “Nothing. I think that buying more planes is a good idea. I’d like to see us flying farther west as soon as possible. Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, Minneapolis St. Paul are good starters. Honestly, I’d like for us to do daily coast to coast flights so we need to figure a series of cities to re-fuel or even lay over in and in that case, having overnight accommodations for passengers would give us a leg up. In fact, I think we should try to focus on non-stop flights and the Boeing 247 is the perfect plane to do both of those things.” I thought about that and quickly agreed. It was going to happen and would happen soon and I wanted us to be on the ground floor of that endeavor. “Let get some people on that right away then AJ.” He said he’d take care of it. A half an hour later Gregory and Renaldo came into the library and since the door was wide open nobody knocked. “We’re back, it’s done,” Gregory said. “The landlord was quite accommodating Lucian,” Renaldo said. It turns out he had sold the property and was going to give Enrique 30 days’ notice so it didn’t cost us a dime. They didn’t have anything other than their clothes since the house had come fully furnished so they’re settling into the guest house now. I will say that they brought some food but there was precious little of that.” “Good, glad to hear that it was easy. Listen, I would like Enrique and the boys to join us for all of our meals for the next few days until they can get situated, in fact, I’ll go invite them myself.” That said, AJ and I got up to leave. “I have things to attend to Lucian,” Renaldo said, “How about if we meet tomorrow?” I agreed that was fine and we set to meet at 9am. That said, I headed out the door.

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