Tennis Anyone?Tennis Anyone?


“So, what are your plans this afternoon while I am in my meeting?” you ask as I watch you putting on the tie I gave you.

“Actually, there are some gorgeous tennis courts so I am going to rent a racket and have a lesson.”

You stop, mid “rabbit-around-the-tree” and look over at me with a very amusing look.

“Really, didn’t know you played?”

“I do and you never asked.” I smile. “I played on my junior and senior first doubles team. I was pretty good, too.” I stand and slip between the hotel marble top sink and your body; straightening your tie.

“I bet you were but in my younger days, I would have waxed your ass on the court.” You don’t find my smug little laugh at all entertaining but you know I am teasing you.

My voice a whisper, “You can still wax my ass honey, just not on the court anymore.”

Our gaze meets and there is an instant exchange of flamed heat at my statement. We stare at each other. Teasing. Defiant. Dominant. Daring each other. “Did I ever mention how much I love you in a tie?” my voice teasing.

“No, I don’t think you have.”

“Well then, no reason to start now.” Winking, I brush the tip of my nose to yours.

I slip past you only to get a smack on the ass as I leave the bathroom. I grab my gear to head out the room, “See you for dinner at 7 pm, right?”

“Sharp, don’t be late.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Have a good time!” I leave the room smiling and head to the courts.

It’s around four and I figure I have plenty of time. Your meeting was later than expected so we made reservations for a late dinner. It was supposed to be a short trip for you but when you emailed and asked if I might be able to join you, I jumped at the chance for a little “R hair pulled through the back. At least I looked like I could play and you knew my motto, it’s not how you play the game but how you look while playing it.

It surprised you how young I looked and if you could admit it, that turned you on.

Watching me serve, you are again surprised that I play well but what really grab your attention was how my skirt flew up just enough to offer a tantalizing view of the rounded curves of my heart shaped ass.

Your cock was getting hard, thinking about getting under that skirt and knowing in a few hours, you no doubt would. Hearing me laugh, you are shaken from your little fantasy to look up and see me at the net chatting with the instructor. I turn to see you just then as he points in your direction.

I wave and turn back to shake Alex’s hand, thanking him for the lesson and game. He leaves as I turn to walk towards you. I notice your tie is undone as well as the top button of your cobalt blue shirt. The sleeves rolled up, you can’t begin to know how sexy it makes you look.

When I am close to you, although I can’t see those bursa escort baby blues behind the sunglasses I can feel you looking at my legs. I smile and stop right before you putting my racket behind me and looking down at you.

“How long were you watching?”

“Long enough,” you reach out to flip up my skirt, “what are you wearing under there?”

I playfully smack your hand away. “Naughty boy, someone might see you!” I walk to the locker room entrance, hearing you behind me.

My hands on the door, I turn back saying, “Wouldn’t you like to know.” I see you look around and notice that the place is all but empty. Your hand reaches past me to push the door open. Your other hand goes to my waist.

“I plan on finding out.” And you flash me a devastating smile.

I start to giggle. “You can’t come in here; it’s the girl’s locker room.” I turn to face you, my hand on your chest playfully holding you back.

“Nobody’s here.”

I am walking backwards but looking to find my locker. It’s in a very small secluded area of the richly appointed room. Dark woods and brass fixtures adorn almost ever surface.

When I find my locker, I push you against it. I can smell Grey Flannel and my hesitation vanishes. Before you can think, you feel the slide of my thumb across your bottom lip. Instinctively, your lips part and your tongue licks out, enticing me inside.

You watch me…watching you, suck my thumb. Slowly. Deliberately. Hungrily. I slide out of your mouth and trail wetness across your jaw and down your throat, my hand curling around the back. You toss your sunglasses to the floor.

“You want me, don’t you?” my tone commanding and rhetorical.

Your breathless ‘yes’ is not enough. I wedge your thigh between my legs; straddling you, then press downward grinding my already dripping wet pussy against you. The lace edged boy shorts doing nothing to lessen the physical onslaught of your body against me.

Your free hand pulls my thigh higher up and around you. I gasp not even realizing how quickly you can take me higher. My hand stills at your throat roughly pulling your head to the side exposing inches of silky neck and that spot of creamy skin at the base of your throat that drives me nuts. The caress of my sweet breath mingled with the skillful tip of my tongue almost has you begging.

You know by now, it’s your voice and words that do me in, “Say it. Say you want me.”

“I want you,” my voice a delicious purr.

“Say please.”

Both slightly drunk at the naughty thought of being caught, I grab your belt and pull you towards me as I sit on one of the benches. Looking up at you, I stroke my hand up your hard cock through your trousers.

Quickly undoing your belt, I look up at you with my big brown eyes and whisper, “Pretty bursa escort bayan please?”

You pull off my hat and my hair falls down around my face. Grabbing a fistful and pulling backwards you force me to look at you, “That’s better baby.”

I slowly drag the zipper down, the grating sound filling the quiet room. Reaching inside I expose your perfect cock. A groan escapes my lips at seeing ‘him’ set free. “Mmmm, I missed you, baby.”

First licking my lips and then immediately take your whole cock in my warm mouth. My hand encircles the base as I pull back to the tip. Popping it from my mouth, I lean back again looking up at you. The site is one you love, not necessarily of me but of a woman, your cock in her hand, her lips open and waiting to blow you.

“What do you want?”

“You know exactly what I want.”

“I do but you know I get off on hearing you saying it.”

“What? That I want you to suck my dick? Is that what you want to hear?”

“MMmm, fuck yes. There’s just something about me getting you to say it that turns me on.”

But if we are going to do this, then I want it to be extra special. Lying back on the bench, I make sure my head is almost hanging over the edge.

“Come here.” I growl. Grabbing the waistband of your trousers and pulling you to stand at the end of the bench near my head.

You move to almost straddle my face. I take your hard cock in my hand. I let my head fall back all the way and you groan when you realize what I am positioning myself to do.

As quickly as you can, you unbutton your shirt and drop your trousers to the floor so nothing is in our way.

“I don’t just want to suck your cock, baby. I want you to fuck my throat. Just like you fucked my cunt last night.” I lick and suck your head.

“Just like you fucked my ass, this morning.”

Then looking straight into your eyes, I kiss the tip making sure to glide the tip of my tongue along the slit in your head begging, “Make me gag on your cock, baby.”

You groan and slide deep into my mouth. You can feel the back of my throat.

“Fuck, open up honey, all the way.”

You feel my throat swallow and relax. And then slowly, inch by inch you slide into my throat.

Leaning in to me, you start a languorous fuck. You brace one hand between my legs on the bench and reach down to hold the back of my neck with the other, not believing you are actually doing this.

When you look down you swear you can see your cock bulging in and out of my throat.

“You are so close to making me cum.” You stand back up to enjoy the full view.

“Show me that pussy. I want to see how wet you are for me.”

Still trying to keep you in my mouth, I lift my ass, reach up under my skirt and slide my panties off, tossing them across the escort bursa room. You grab my ankles and spread my legs wide open.

Wanting a better view you bend my legs back towards you angling my pussy up so you have an excellent view of how wet I am. You watch as I rub my clit, slipping fingers in and out…making my cunt wetter.

“Spank your pussy, baby, make yourself cum for me.”

The wet slapping echoes around us, the sound so erotic. You can tell by my moaning and squirming I am close. Releasing one ankle you plunge two, then three fingers deep inside me as I work my clit.

Your finger fuck rockets me over the edge. You make me cum for you my body arching, writhing before you.

The site of my cream against my dark skin proves your undoing coupled with watching me cum and literally feeling how hot I am.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!”

Your hips drive your cock into my throat and you feel me almost gagging. Then you explode…right down my throat.

Quickly sliding out, you hear my gasps for breath. Squatting down next to me, you whisper in my ear, “I’m so sorry if I hurt you but that was fucking amazing.”

You playfully add, “You slut, where the fuck did you learn to do that.”

Sitting up and gingerly wiping my mouth, you move next to me facing the opposite direction.

“That’s god given talent, honey.” I wink at you. You glance at your watch.

“Now you’ve made us late for dinner.” Your smile, teasing.

“I’m heading to the room to change.” You clear your throat. “I brought my things here so I will shower and meet you at the bar in 15?”

“Deal.” Just then we hear someone enter the far side of the locker room.

“Miss, are you still here?” I giggle again covering my mouth.

“Yes, I’ll be gone in a few minutes.”

We both share a secret smile. You kiss my cheek and head out the way we came in knowing I am checking out your ass as you peek out to make sure the coast is clear. I quickly gather my things and head for the shower and get changed in record time wanting to beat you to the bar.

You head back to the room, freshen up and make some calls. You assume I will be late and arrive 5 minutes later than we agreed. As you walk into the bar to take a seat and wait for me, you notice me already there.

Well, you notice my backless black dress and the three unmistakable signs that it is me you are seeing. You can’t believe I beat you to the bar but when I turn to see you, the thought that you are too old for this shit flashes through your mind. My sexy little black dress and heels leaves no doubt that I am wearing nothing underneath.

I get up and walk straight to you.

“Our table is ready.”

As we turn to walk to the hostess, your hand moves to the small of my back. You lean down and whisper, “You’re trying to kill me aren’t you?”

“I guess that means you like the dress?”

“The dress and what’s not under it.”

“Well, then, don’t worry, I am not trying that hard.” I smile the whole way to the table knowing dinner is just the warm-up.

Match point.

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