Taking FlightTaking Flight


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Taking Flight

Do you not know what it means to spread your wings and fly? To feel the breeze caressing the leathery flaps between the spines of your wings, bones fragile and yet firm enough to allow you to be buoyed up into the great, blue beyond?

Ah, the tale I have to tell you.

I had never thought that I would become a dragon but it was the sort of thing that just kind of happened one day to an adventurer – a boy on the cusp of manhood that could not quite yet call himself a man. That was me, al blonde hair and blue eyes in my little farm house with the uncle that did well enough by me. I didn’t have any family otherwise to speak of though and my parents, well: they were long gone. It didn’t matter all that much to turn my back on everything with a wave and a smile, in all honesty. There wasn’t much left for me back there and so very much ahead in the land of the dragons.

It was by a stream that the transformation took place. I don’t know whether I picked up a rock or something that triggered the change but one moment I was tipping my head up to the canopy of leaves above and the next I was flat on my back, whimpering and struggling to breathe. It was a strange sort of struggling to breathe, however, and one that didn’t actually cause any pain whatsoever. I sort of…floated within the confines of my body, trapped and free at the same time. My body twisted without samsun escort thought or consent, bones bulging and pushing through skin as if I had become something out of a ghost story, a tale of horror told around a fire late at night, but it was nothing so grotesque that was happening to me.

No… It was far, far better than that. There was so very much more for me than the life as a human that I’d known, something that I would only come to learn as I heaved onto all fours, eyes wide and clothes tearing at the seams, as badly stitched as they were already.

My body grew, a horrific sort of rippling half-human monster that was larger than a grown man and still growing. If there’d been anyone there to see me – blessedly, there wasn’t – I’m sure they would have run screaming, speaking of the horror in the woods, but the moment was for me and me alone as I shed the chains of mortal coils in favour of something far more eloquent and sinuous in the twisting wave of her pink tail curling through the skies.

Pink scales. They could have been mistake for skin before the edges raised, each one standing out against the next in stark definition, a shimmering shade that changed depending on just how the light hit it. I couldn’t tell where they begun but they spread like a rash – only far better than that – to cover my whole body from head to toe, although I didn’t really have toes anymore either. Well, not toes as I was used to them, that was. Dragons still had toes, only these were better designed for clawing and gripping onto things, most of all my hapless prey when the time later came, the nails slinking in to formidable claws that hooked down into the earth escort samsun even as I tried to push myself back.

Of course, it was hopeless. Just who did I think I was to stand up to that kind of magic taking over my body? My mind was no better, days as a human slipping away as panted heavily, my tongue twisting into a slender sliver and spilling from my growing maw. Human teeth dropped out, no longer needed, and were swiftly replaced by sharp canines intended to tear and split meat from bone before cracking said bones between rapidly strengthening jaws. My back rounded behind my shoulder blades, neck shooting out, and I groaned in the back of my throat as a tail too rose from my elongating spine, seeming to stretch me out more and more with every passing moment. The tip of that tail swelled into a spade-shape, not really designed for anything more than balancing my body and adjusting my angle, acting like a rudder, wherever needed. It was, admittedly, rather pretty too.

I did not gain the horns, alas, of so many other dragons but my legs did pull more beneath my body, walking on the hinds as if I was perpetually on my toes. It was a strange feeling but one I would get used to as I staggered upright, arms bulging with muscle that had never been there at any point in my lifetime. Of course, they were to become legs too and my fingers twisted into toes that would serve me far better, pressed together a little more than they had been but still suitable as my wings started to grow, sprouting from between my shoulder blades in a perpetual sort of itch that would not be done with until my transformation was complete.

My genitalia, as I know, was not spared samsun escort bayan the transformation but I was not completely with myself then and did not realise that my maleness was not merely tucking itself up into a draconic sheath but that the folds of a feminine sex were swelling under my tail instead, my manhood lost forever. It was not something that I would miss, however, as I spread my rings, jaws hanging open as I salivated, nostrils flaring as they curved into sharp slices in the pinkness of my snout.

My fangs gleamed. My scales squeaked as I grew larger still, breaking the bonds of what would have been possible for a human. But I wasn’t human anymore and my whole body shuddered as I lifted my head, flame tickling the back of my maw as if begging to be let out. The river ripped before me and I stared down at it, only seeing the snout of a pink dragoness as my tail lashed out behind me, cracking into a tree. There was nothing in the past for me, only my life as a dragoness stretching out before me, a fork in the road as yet untaken.

Spreading my rings, I snarled, lips pulling back from my teeth as if I was a feline in the heat of the moment, powering them down in time for the leathery flaps to catch the air and hurl my slender, light body, through the fragile branches of trees that sought to keep me from escape. I should have looked back – anyone else would have looked back – but I could not see behind, only forward, and the dazzling sunshine that struck me as I burst through the canopy was far, far too alluring to turn my back on so easily.

Later, I would come to remember my time as a human – I can think of it now, of course – but it just never seemed all that important to look back on. It’s much nicer now to curl up on a hot bed of rock, heated by the flame rising up from my belly, and relax the day away until I next need to hunt.

Maybe the time will come where I’ll need to seek out a mate but, until then, I am quite content where I am.

Life was never the same after that first flight.

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