Storm Warning Pt. 03Storm Warning Pt. 03

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Storm Warning part 3

The previous night we’d had a series of thunder storms which had upset my daughter’s best friend, Kayleigh. Long story short — Kayleigh came and slept in my bed with me, though to be honest we didn’t do a lot of sleeping, not until very late on …

On getting up to make breakfast, naked, I walked into the kitchen and found my daughter had arrived home. Read the previous chapters of Storm Warning and it will explain it.

“You do know the whole house stinks of pussy?” My daughter Becca, said matter-of-factly, as I walked into the kitchen.

Now at this point I was feeling pretty bloody good, I had left my new lover in bed — having successfully helped to calmed her fear of thunderstorms and lightning with a night of sex, that culminated in me apparently taking her anal virginity. Now I’m not sure about whether that last one is right or not, I’ll get back to you on that, but the rest of it was pretty good. I mean when a beautiful young lady asks you to ‘mark’ her and ‘make her yours’ — you have to be doing something right, don’t you?

Anyway, so coming off that, I am feeling content with myself, I’m naked — well, it is my house – and I’m about to make a breakfast to rock Kayleigh’s world and I get greeted with “You do know the whole house stinks of pussy?”

There were lots of things I could have said at that point, like ‘and you would know this, how?’ but just because you can say something, doesn’t mean you should say something, especially when you know your daughter’s secret and you want to keep it, out of respect for her, and the new day is bright and shiny, and you’ve just had a lot of really good sex. So, I went with “Good morning to you, daughter of mine, and what a beautiful morning it is too!”

“Morning dad.”

“I thought you weren’t going to be here ’til later.” I opened the fridge and took bacon, eggs and milk out. “Did you get your business sorted in Leeds?” I asked as I turned to put them on the kitchen table and found Becca’s arm held out in front of me, with a canvas butcher’s apron in her hand.

“Cover it up dad. Please?”

I put the apron on, because, after all, hot bacon grease spattered all over your bits can’t be pleasant. I also opened the kitchen windows to let the beautiful morning in (and the smell of ‘pussy’ out).

“I came straight here from there.” She said totally ignoring the ‘business’.

“Do you want some breakfast?” I asked as I started the coffee brewing.

“Well – I had a Maccy-D’s breakfast, but that was over an hour ago, so if you’re making it – I will, thanks.”

“Second breakfast it is then. Go and tell Kayleigh, that it’ll be ready soon_”

“Is she in your room?”

“She was when I left. Are you okay with that?” I asked.

Becca paused as she got up from her seat and looked at me, giving me her ‘hard look’ – narrowed eyes and converging brows and looking daggers at me, never forget the daggers. “If you hurt her in any way – father or not — BAD THINGS!” she said glaring at me, “Very bad things!”

Putting the bowl with the eggs and milk down, I went over to my daughter and took her in my arms. “I love Kayleigh as much as I love you, there is no way I would ever hurt her, so there’s nothing to worry about there.”

Becca looked at me and nodded seriously, “Just letting you know.” She said.

“Besides,” I said as I shooed her off to wake the sleeping Kayleigh, “It’s probably more likely that I’ll damage myself if we carry on like we did last night.”

“Oh T-M-I!” Becca said appalled, as she went through to the hall and up the stairs.

“And this morning!” I called after her as I put the bacon under the grill to cook. “TWICE!”

As the bacon spat and hissed on the grill, I thought about what had just happened. And I don’t mean the storm-lit sex the night before or the feel of a lithe, pale-haired succubus in my arms, the same succubus that had allowed me to be the first as I took her in her arse this morning. (You can tell I’m kind of chuffed about that can’t you?)

No, I meant my encounter with Becca, that, well that just felt strange. First Becca encourages her best mate to sleep with me, that’s pretty surreal on its own. And then she has this ‘business’ which absolutely had to be dealt with, even though she won’t talk about it. And then there was seeing me au naturelle, so to speak. Not a peep, from her – no sarcasm, no nausea, nothing. Finally, and most unusual for her, was that my daughter seemed subdued, pre-occupied or just down, which is unusual for her.

That egg and milk got a battering as I thought about it, whisking it to within an inch of its life. Becca may not live in my house any more but she is still my daughter. I worry about her, a lot.

Seasoned, I set the eggs to rest, while I placed the cooked bacon onto paper kitchen towel to drain, then started cutting bread ready for toast.

The door burst open with Becca following Kayleigh — who had obviously showered, she was dressed in my mersin escort Guns ‘n’ Roses singlet again, and from what I could see, nothing else. And they were squabbling, which was nothing unusual, as I have said before — they fight like cat and dog but it’s never anything serious.

“No!” Becca declared loudly, “I will not call you ‘mummy’!”

“But!” Kayleigh replied equally loudly, and I could hear the wind-up in her voice, Becca has always been an easy mark for Kay’s wind-ups, this one was a particularly childish one.

“If I married your dad, then I would become your mum, and you’d have to call me ‘mummy’. That’s the law, and if you didn’t, the police would come and take you away to jail. And you’d be a prison bit_” Kayleigh stopped suddenly, so she that didn’t actually say what she had been about to.

Becca looked horrified.

“And you’d be in prison_” Kayleigh desperately groped for something to say, making it look like she was phrasing the right comment. “And you … you’d have to… call me ‘mummy’ before they’d let you out.” Mental sighs of relief all round.

I made out that I had been busy making the scrambled eggs, so I hadn’t noticed the slip, I guessed it was about the ‘thing’ that neither of them knew that I knew.

“Pack it in!” I told them. These were the magic words that usually ended this sort of thing, and like every other time before, the squabbling stopped. Setting out the meal, I told them, “Just enjoy your breakfasts.”

It was my turn next. Becca looked at me standing at the end of the island picking scrambled eggs up on my fork, “Not that you don’t have a surprisingly nice bum and all, dad, but do you think you could put some clothes on?”

I looked at her, the apron still covering my ‘bits’, “After I finish my breakfast.” I told her.

“So? You two?” Becca went on. “Is it a ‘thing’ now?” I got the feeling it was kind of like a loose tooth, she would keep poking at it.

Kayleigh and I looked at each other. I indicated she should go first.

“Well I don’t really know. Your dad asked me if I was comfortable being just another notch on his bed post, and I was so knocked over by his sexual prowess I just had to say ‘yes’.”

I could see Becca scowl at her friend, Kayleigh was obviously having fun.

“I think it’s way too early to tell.” I said stepping into the fight. “It was just one night_”

“One AWESOME night!” Kay said quickly.

“And we just haven’t decided where it’s going to go yet.” I went on.

“I definitely want it to go on.” Kay chipped in.

“Me too.” I said, “But I don’t think we should rush into anything.”

“But there’s thunder tonight…!”

“That is true.” I said.

“It’s my coping mechanism.” Kay had come around the island and was standing next to me, leaning on my arm, the lower part of which had automatically snaked around her hip, so that my hand was cupping her naked bum. Her hand was groping about under my apron, affecting my dick as it remembered some of the ‘things’ she had done to it last night and earlier this morning.

“It’s true.” I told Becca. “It’s_”

“Look!” Becca stopped the conversation. “I know I encouraged you two to get together_”

“Sort of.” Kayleigh corrected her.

“Okay!” Becca corrected herself, “I know I sort of encouraged you two to get together, but could you stop doing the sex stuff in front of me? It’s weird as it is…” Her voice tailed off.

“Okay honey,” I told her, putting my toast down. “I think I’ll go and change.”

When I got back Kayleigh and Becca were still stood in the same places and the atmosphere was better. I paused for a moment looking at them both. Becca is the taller of the two, she takes after me. She is solid, doesn’t carry much in the way of extra weight, but is nicely rounded. She is, even if I do say so myself, pretty, with very dark brown hair, that she streaks occasionally, that hangs down to her shoulders. She isn’t ‘girly’, but she is feminine and she dresses well. This morning she wore jeans and a t-shirt under a pale zip hoodie.

Kayleigh, on the other hand is petite, with her slim figure and little boobs, her pale blonde hair, and naturally dark skin tone. Where Becca is feminine, Kay is naturally elegant; men’s shirts, or a blouse, pencil skirts or jeans, she just naturally kills them, even my old Guns ‘n’ Roses t-shirt. They both wear clothes very well but in different ways. They are a strangely matched pair.

For most of their childhood they were very similar until puberty when Becca had several growth spurts that left her towering over her friend. I was amazed that both girls adapted to this as well as they did.

I’ve mentioned before that they are close, so close that they lived together at Uni and only recently have they started living apart. But they are the kind of friends that don’t need to be in each other’s pockets all the time. They’re also the kind of friends that share everything. I was worried that what had happened between Kayleigh and me might somehow come between me and Becca, but as far as I could see everything seemed pretty normal apart from what was bothering Becca.

“So! What’s the plan for today?” I asked.

“Well,” Kayleigh jumped in first, “I was hoping to go back to bed and fu_”

“NO!” Becca cut it off short. “We’re going to _” She looked at Kayleigh carefully, “Are you wearing any underwear?” She asked horrified.

“No.” Kay told her defiantly. “Is that a problem?” She asked sweetly.

Becca’s tone was acid, as she said “Only sluts come to breakfast with no knickers on.”

“That’s okay,” Kayleigh replied with the same sweet tone, “Because I’m your daddy’s slut, so I’m allowed to come to breakfast with no knickers on!”

And there went the atmosphere.

This was going to go pear-shaped really quickly. Kay was just getting into her stride, and Becca was falling for it, so I grabbed the plant mister off the counter, twisted the nozzle and gave both of them a good squirt of tap water.

In the intervening silence I walked around the island and placed an arm around both of them, drawing them towards me.

“If we’re going to get through today without killing each other_” I started.

“But dad!” Becca started.

I stopped her with a look, then went on “Look! Our lives all changed last night, and we are going to sit down and talk it through.”

Both of them pulled a standard bratty face.

“Sit!” I pointed at the stools around the island.

Nothing in a man’s life prepares him for this sort of shit. Going to school and working hard, getting in fights, doing the ‘manly’ thing, having ‘the talk’ with your parents — nothing. A yawning pit opened before me. I mean how do you do it, tell your daughter off while she is going through something herself, or admonish your new lover — in the hope that she is still your lover when you’ve finished?

I took a deep breath. Time to nip it in the bud, and clear the air.

At which point both girls looked at me with beaming butter-wouldn’t-melt smiles and said almost in unison, “Now! What shall we talk about?” Bloody typical.

Okay, bull by the horns, put my foot down with a firm hand, in for a penny and a hundred other old-fashioned sayings.

“Becca what is going on with you? First you encourage Kay to climb into bed with me and then you act like we have done something wrong.”

Becca looked like she was going to cry.

Without even thinking about it, both Kay and I moved in to hug her. It all came out in a rush.

“It’s just that_ Well it’s like when _ It’s that thing – when someone you are deeply involved in, turns around and drops you in it, and then says something cruel and when you ask them about it they say ‘stop being silly’, and treat you like a piece of shit!”

Without even pausing for thought Kay said, “Who is it? They’re dead!”

“Slow down tiger!” I told her. “That’s my job.” I looked at Becca “This is the ‘business’ in Leeds?”

Becca nodded.

“Come on, tell us about it?”

“I’ve been working with someone on a project. I like this person a lot, and I thought they liked me too. They didn’t do something they should have and when our boss asked about the problem this other person said it was my fault and that I hadn’t done something, that she should have_” At this point Becca realised that she’d blown her efforts to keep the other person’s gender a secret. Her face dropped and she looked desperately like she wanted to rewind that sentence.

Me? I just gave one of those ‘dad’ nods. Like it was the most natural thing in the world.

My daughter is no dummy, she knew what that meant.

“How did you know?” She looked at me.

“I’m your dad love, it’s my job to know.”

Becca looked at Kayleigh. “No, Kay never said anything either.” I said. “Though she damned nearly blew it before when she was about to call you a prison bitch.”

Becca looked back at me. “How long have you known?”

“That you prefer girls?” She nodded. “I did wonder. There were a couple of things that happened and then, about a year ago, I was in Manchester, I was on my way to see you at your flat, thought I’d surprise you.

“As I walked up to the building, I saw you in the window with a girl, and it looked like you were serious about each other.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” She asked. I couldn’t tell if Becca was horrified, angry or hurt, or perhaps she was a bit of everything. “You’ve known all this time and never said a thing?”

“I suppose the opposite is true, isn’t it?” I said, Becca looked puzzled. “You’ve never said anything either Becca,” I said, keeping my tone firmly neutral. “I never mentioned it out of respect to you.”

I reached up and stroked her hair. “And because it wasn’t my place to, and I thought you’d tell me when you were ready. You’re a grown woman, you both are – even if you don’t act like it at times. How you live your lives is your choice. If you don’t want to tell your old man something that’s up to you.”

“She’s agonised about it for months.” Kayleigh chipped in.

I looked at my daughter, leaning back to examine her with squinted eyes, “And what have I ever done that made you think you couldn’t tell me something like that?”

Becca looked embarrassed. “I was going to tell you.” She said quietly, “But then mum left with that other woman and I thought may be…”

I laughed, which was perhaps cruel, certainly it got me a dirty look from my daughter. She was, after all, only concerned about me. I rested my hand on hers, “Thank you for worrying, but there was no need. You see your mum and me, we are grown-ups and we talk to each other. So, I knew why she did what she did, and it was cool. We’re cool.”

Kayleigh, who through all of this had been uncharacteristically quiet, looked at Becca and nodded.

“You knew?” Becca looked at her accusingly.

“Only what John told me yesterday. But you should know if it had been my daddy, I would have told him…”

“Kay!” I warned her. As I have already mentioned Kay loves winding Becca up, and Becca — bless her — tries to get her back, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, it’s back and to all the time. God help anyone else who tries to get in on the action, they quickly find that they’re actually facing off the pair of them.

“So, you’re not bothered?” Becca asked.

“What? Because you don’t drive stick?”

That got me a collective “Ewwww!” Both of them said it at the same time.

“No, I’m not bothered. At all.” I said, “Like I said it’s your choice. Now getting back to it, is your job okay?”

Becca nodded, gulped and nodded again. “That was why I had to go to the Leeds office to fix it. But I did it, even though it took me all night.”

“And what about the woman?”

“Fucking bitch!” Kayleigh muttered. Both Becca and I looked at her.

“Well she is!” She said, plaintively.

“Don’t worry I’ll sort it out.” Becca said ominously.

“Don’t do anything rash.” I said, which drew a ‘seriously?’ look from Becca. “I told you — I’m your dad, it’s my job to worry about these things.”

“Nothing under-hand, she forgets we work in telecoms and we have digital technology to make our lives easier. I have records of the actions she had taken on and now my name is all over the work that needed to be done, which she didn’t do.”

At that point Becca decided enough was enough, she didn’t want to talk about it anymore and went to get a shower — we were going to the night ‘do’ of my cousin’s son’s wedding. Kayleigh went up with her and I went to listen to the cricket in the sitting room.

A half hour later Kayleigh came in, still just wearing the Guns ‘n’ Roses vest, and made herself comfortable on the sofa next to me. She lay next to me with her head on my thigh. I looked down at her as the commentator was explaining something about a cake they had been sent. (if you don’t listen to Test Match Special on the BBC — trust me, it happens, okay?)

“You okay?” She asked.

“Yep! The air’s clear between me and my daughter. I’m sat with a gorgeous girl next to me…” I let my hand wander, “… and she’s not wearing knickers and I’m listening to England beating Australia at cricket. It just gets better and better. I’m a happy bunny.

“Is Becca okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, she huffed and puffed a bit, but I think she’s glad that you know now. She has been worrying about it for months.”

“So have I.” I said. Kay looked at me, “Thinking you know something, but also worrying whether you’re wrong because what you think you know may not actually be what you think you know, but something else altogether.

“And then wondering – if what you think you know actually is what you think know — then why didn’t Becca tell me? Did she not trust me?”

“I think you think too much at times.” Kayleigh observed from the couch next to me.

“I think you could be right.”

There was a flurry of action from the test match and the last Australian batsman made his way back to the pavilion. England were well placed to wrap this one up quickly.

“This morning…?” I started.


“When we did — er — the thing…”

“Anal?” She said with a giggle.

“That was it.” I paused. “Well first – I think you said – you said that you ‘kind of like it up the bum occasionally”.

Kay had rolled onto her back and was looking up at the ceiling. “I did.”

“And then when we did it, you said I was the first man who had done it to you that way.”

“That’s true as well.” Kayleigh chuckled, a dirty, rich sound.

“Care to elaborate?”

Kayleigh lay there without speaking for a few minutes.

“I suppose as we’re getting stuff sorted out this morning, I might as well…

“When we were younger Becca and I did that whole teenage girl thing, best mates and all, you know?”

“Sadly no. I was never a teenage girl.”

Kay reached up over her head and smacked me for being a smart-arse. “Okay. Becca was the first person I snogged and I was the first person that snogged her.”

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