Stacy Lancaster: Stacy’s First Swing pt1Stacy Lancaster: Stacy’s First Swing pt1


Stacy Lancaster was working on her makeup when she heard her husband’s cell phone ring. She didn’t think anything of it. She was a bit preoccupied.Stacy usually didn’t wear makeup. Even at work where she was an office manager she only wore a little lipstick and skipped that half the time. She had become reasonably proficient with blush and eye-shadow, occasionally using it in moderation for important business events.This evening, she was going for a different effect and had spent the last hour trying to get it right. She didn’t want to look like a hooker… not a cheap one anyway.In an odd way, the last hour of focus interspersed with frustration and occasional amusement at her results had had a calming effect on her. She’d been nervous about this night for the last week. She was about to meet some of her husband’s friends for the first time. Some of the people he had known in his life before they married.Swingers.Stacy usually felt silly using the word.For the past week, the twenty-six year old woman had careened wildly between being nervous to the point of nausea and being uncontrollably horny. The last hour had managed to take her mind off that for a bit. Now though, she was finally satisfied with her face. She thought she had managed to give her plain but clear, slightly round-looking face a bit of structure and maybe a little exotic allure. She pouted at the reflection in the mirror, trying to plump up her usually thin lips.Her husband came into the bathroom. He was already dressed in a dark blue shirt and classic beige slacks. She turned to him. “Well, what do you think?”Jared’s response wasn’t encouraging. “Uh… love the dress. I’ve always liked that dress.” She was wearing her black dress with the deep back and the plunging neckline. It was a little longer and probably cut looser than the classic “little black dress” but it hung from her slightly wide, square frame nicely. The open back displayed her pale, shapely back to excellent effect. She couldn’t wear a bra with it… which was part of its attraction for her husband.”I know you like the dress. That wasn’t what I meant.” She raised an eyebrow at him. Was he squirming?He changed the subject. “That was Frank on the phone.”Oh. Frank and Helen Pollard were the couple they were… meeting tonight. “Is something wrong?”Jared looked a bit uncomfortable. He had wanted the night to go well but a snag had cropped up. “Helen can’t make it. Frank says she’s going to be stuck in surgery all night.” Helen was a forty-five year old heart surgeon. Her husband was three years older and a researcher at the same hospital.”Oh no! So they have to cancel?” Stacy was surprised at just how disappointed she was at the prospect of their plans falling through. After all the anxiety and fantasies and…Jared read the disappointment in his wife. Hopefully, she would be happy with the solution Frank had come up with. “No. Frank said we could still get together.” Stacy scowled. She had really wanted another woman there… they had decided on an older couple because Jared thought it would be less awkward for his wife. Jared continued before Stacy could vent her dissatisfaction. “But it won’t just be the three of us. Frank called another friend… a woman we’ve both known quite a while. She said she’d be happy to join us.”Stacy just sat there, not knowing what to think. She had never met Helen so it wouldn’t really matter to her if the woman was some other person. Would it? “Who is it?””I’m pretty sure I’ve told you about her before. It’s Betty Sutton. Uh, I think she’s thirty-five or six or something…” Jared trailed off waiting for his wife to respond.Stacy was thinking. Her husband had often told her of his adventures in swinging and the people he had been with. It never failed to excite her. But he had also confessed to her that he thought that a lot of swingers were kind of wrong in the head… damaged goods trying to disguise one brand of misery or another with sex. Not all of them, but enough that it had eventually turned Jared off the experience. But Jared had vouched for the Pollards, telling his wife that they were just mature people who were comfortable in their relationship and loved sex.”Isn’t Betty the one you said almanbahis şikayet kind of burned out for a few years?””Right,” her husband replied. “She was kind of messed up in her twenties. She says she started to hate herself. So, she was out of circulation for a number of years. Betty says she was even celibate for a while.” Jared realized his description wasn’t helping matters. “But she’s in a much better place now and, you know, has her act together. She started showing up at parties again once in a while about the time I got started.””And Frank called her? Are they close?”Jared shrugged. “I guess. It’s hard to tell with these things. But I think Betty is a good choice. She really has everything in perspective now. I think you’ll like her.””Of course, you haven’t seen any of these people for four or five years, right?””Well, yeah. But I talked with Frank and Helen for quite a while, we sort of caught up.” He stopped talking. He had run out of words and his wife was looking almost scared now. He had watched her through the highs and lows of the last week and this was a definite low. He knelt by her in front of the mirror and placed his hands on her shoulders. “Honey, you know there’s absolutely no pressure on you. If you want to back out, I won’t say a word. We can wait for another time or just forget the idea completely. But you know I’m going to watch out for you. These are good people and you know what? They are both very good at making women like you cum their ass off.”Stacy laughed, sputtering through her lips. Well, she did trust her husband’s judgment. And she was really, really fond of getting fucked. “Okay, Frank and Betty it is then.” She looked him square in the face. “Now, buster, what do you think of my makeup?”Jared pulled away. “Uh… well, we should be leaving pretty soon. Can you wash that stuff off and put your usual office-meeting face on in the next ten minutes?”Stacy opened her mouth at him, her eyes wide in shock. Her husband retreated to the doorway. They were always honest with each other and not prone to playing “does this dress make me look fat?” games but, well, she really thought the makeup had turned out pretty well. She turned back to the mirror. “It’s not that bad, is it?” She thought she looked fine.”No, not bad. I wouldn’t say bad. It’s just… not as good. Really, honey, the dress is great and we do want to look nice for the dinner and all but…” he trailed off again. “I think you need more practice with that stuff. Actually, I think it’s pretty cool that you’re not the kind of woman that covers her face in paint. I want you to be yourself, maybe more so tonight than any other night.” He stopped talking, holding his breath.Stacy grabbed a hairbrush and flung it at him. He fled, but laughed as he did so. The burning in her eyes as she glared at him had held a lot more mirth than anger. “Fuck you, you little shit!” She yelled at him. Her husband continued laughing. “It’s not funny. I think it looks fine. Better than fine!”Realizing that his wife wasn’t really mad, Jared grabbed his cell phone. “No, wait hon’. Hold on a sec. Let me get a picture before you take it off.” He was holding the camera lens up towards her. “Come on babe, smile for the camera.”She snarled at him as she buried her face in a washcloth. “Beat it you nitwit, before I throw something bigger at you.”Jared did as he was bid.****It was less than ten minutes later when Stacy walked into the living room where Jared was pretending to read the paper. “Well, better?”Her husband looked up. He smiled. “Yes. You look like my wife now.” He let his eyes scan her delectable form. “And I am a lucky, lucky man.””And don’t you forget it.” Stacy was not runway material. Her five-foot-eight frame gave a slightly stocky impression. Her shoulders and hips were broad, her waist less so but it was by no means wasp-like. She kept her dull brown hair on the short side and refused to color it. But her creamy white skin was flawless and what her body lacked in blatant curves, it made up for in firm, sleek lines.Jared rose and took her into his arms. He noted that she was wearing her two-inch heals, the highest she owned. This made her slightly taller than he as they were virtually almanbahis canlı casino identical in height. He kissed her on the lips, gently but with feeling. He felt tension in her body.Releasing her, Jared picked up a small overnight bag. “Ready to go?””As ready as I’ll ever be. What’s in the bag?””Nothing important. Just some basic essentials.””Oh…kay. Should I be bringing anything?”Jared shook his head, “Nope, I’ve got it all taken care of. Come on, we don’t want them to have to wait.”Stacy was quiet during the drive. Jared tried to sneak occasional glances at his wife’s breasts. The firm, perfectly-shaped B-cups were a very reliable barometer of her mood. When aroused, her areolae protruded dramatically. And he knew from experience that the dress she was wearing tonight would allow their shape to show through enticingly. But right then, her nubs appeared to be flat. Whatever was going through his wife’s mind had her more anxious than aroused.Well, there would be time for that later.The restaurant was Italian, nice but not extravagant. It was dim but each table was bathed in a pool of warm light. When Jared inquired about the Pollard party, they were told that the other couple had already been seated. They followed a waitress to their table.Jared watched his wife as they approached the table. She was obviously anxious to meet the people she would soon be intimate with and just as obviously trying not to show it. Jared was used to understated confidence from his wife… seeing her nervous and uncertain (and knowing the cause) was kind of exciting in its own right.Betty and Frank were sitting next to each other at a round table for four, heads bent close to each other in quiet conversation. Betty was a classic aging beauty… or aging sex pot if you prefer. Long blond hair extended halfway down her back and was dark at the roots. She was a large woman, nearly six feet tall and built thickly. Her dark blue dress was rather conservative but couldn’t conceal her ample breasts. Her face was made-up no more heavily than Stacy’s though it arguably could have used more help. She had certainly been pretty once and was still attractive but there were signs of wear. Probably more wear than most women her age, former beauties or otherwise. Fortunately, that wear was not evident in the wide, genuine smile that spread across it when she spied Jared approaching. She nudged Frank, “There they are.”Frank was a tall, square man. He looked more like a ranch hand than a medical researcher. His skin was tanned and weathered looking, his full head of black hair was gray at the temples and his face had a rough look to it. The total effect was one of rugged masculinity; mature but virile. He rose to shake Jared’s hand, “Jared, so good to see you. And Stacy. We’ve heard quite a bit about you.”Stacy blushed predictably. Given the circumstances, she knew full well what sort of description Jared had provided… he would have been quite explicit.”Thank you. I’ve heard quite a bit about… well, a lot of things too.” The older couple chuckled. Jared held a chair for his wife and they both sat down.The dinner was quiet and rather uneventful. The restaurant was small and the neighboring tables close; they were all reserved in the topics of their conversation. They talked about careers and recent vacations. And they all spent time studying one another. Stacy found herself blushing several times as she realized how closely all three of her companions were watching her.In due course, the meal was finished. Betty and Jared had had some wine and Frank a cocktail. Stacy stuck with ice-tea as she had never been fond of the taste or effects of alcohol. Regardless, everyone stayed more or less sober. And finally, it was time to leave.As they exited the restaurant together, Betty suggested that she ride with the younger couple and take an opportunity to get to know Stacy. Jared agreed and Stacy nodded nervously. Frank waved goodbye and told them to let him have a head start; he’d get the house opened up and ready for company.At the car, Betty placed a hand on Stacy’s shoulder. “Why don’t we girls ride in back and let stud-muffin here be our chauffeur?” Stacy acquiesced and the two women almanbahis casino settled in next to one another.After the car was underway, Betty took the younger woman’s hand in a clasp of concern. “Are you doing okay, honey?”Stacy nearly stuttered as she tried to respond. “I’m fine. Nervous, I guess.””I can see that. You know, I was thrilled when Frank called and told me what you all had planned for tonight. Jared was always one of my favorite partners.”Stacy smiled, trying to settle her nerves. “I guess he used to cut a pretty wide swath.”Betty smiled back, bouncing their hands on her knee. “He most certainly did. But I wanted to talk to you before things kicked off tonight. Are you really okay? Do you think you’re going to be happy with what happens tonight? That’s what I want for you and I’m sure that’s what Jared is hoping for.” Jared could hear the women clearly but chose to remain silent.”Oh, yes. I mean, it seems like I’ve been thinking about this sort of thing for my entire life. I just don’t know if I really believed it would ever happen…”Betty gently kept the pressure on. “But you’re just nervous, right? Not scared or angry or anything?”Stacy shook her head adamantly. “No. I want this to happen. I mean, I’m nervous now but over the past week or so, I’ve been getting crazy horny about it.””That’s good to hear. What I’ve heard third hand is that crazy horny is a pretty good description for you. I’m glad you and Jared found each other.”Me too.”Jared felt obligated to interject. “Damn straight.”Betty’s concerned features softened and a bit of mischief shaded her expression. “So Stacy, did your husband tell you what we woman used to call him?”Stacy shook her head, “No, I don’t think so.””The L-M-S.”Jared turned his head briefly to look at Betty. “I remember hearing that but never knew what you meant.””Oh, poor dear. Well, it’s probably for the best.” She paused, drawing out her answer. “I’m sure your wife will understand. It meant ‘Last Man Standing.'”Stacy tried to cover a laugh, sputtering through her hands. Then she gave up and laughed out loud. “Yeah, that sounds about right. I mean, I don’t have tons of experience but Jared has never left me hanging like a lot of other guys did.””Exactly girl. Your man is amazing. And I mean, he was almost always literally the last man standing. Well, of course, standing isn’t really the right word. His legs give out before his cock does.” Stacy sputter-laughed again.”You’re making me blush,” Jared said. “And you’re also making me very hard.”Betty shook her head. “Cut the crap, Jared. I saw your hard bulge when you walked into the restaurant. You’ve been hard the entire time.” Jared didn’t deign to respond.The older woman studied Stacy again. “You’re looking better.” Stacy shrugged and nodded.Jared tried to peer at something through the rear-view mirror. “Check out her nipples. When she puffs up like the top of a soufflé, you know she’s in the mood.”Betty giggled and craned her head around to look at the younger woman’s charms. “Oh really? Hmm… why yes, I do believe I see some life.” Without hesitation, she pushed a hand in through the plunging neck of Stacy’s dress and cupped one pert mound. “Oh yes, there’s definitely some swelling there.” Stacy shuddered briefly but didn’t move to pull away. “Oh wow Jared. Too bad you missed that. I felt goose bumps and her nipple throbbed under my hand. She really is hot to trot.””That’s my bride. And here we are. There’s Frank’s house.”Betty released her breast and Stacy tried to control her breathing. In short order, her nervousness had vanished to be replaced by overpowering lust. Stacy had always had a sort of sideways appreciation for the sexuality of other women. She was not attracted to them directly but the sight of beautiful women had always led Stacy to imagine how a man would react to them. In that way, she had sometimes, under the right circumstances, become aroused by the sight of other women. But this was different. The immediate prospect of making love to another woman… or at least making love in the company of another woman… was flooding her senses with a roar of expectation. Amazingly, she felt her mouth water and her pussy throb. Before Stacy had time to fully absorb what was happening and react to it, they had parked and Betty had already gotten out of the car. Otherwise, Stacy would likely have flung herself on top of the other woman in much the same manner as she had her husband so many times before.

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