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The two then got up and left leaving me a quivering mess wanting, no, needing to cum but having no way to do that yet…

…It took a while before the need to cum forced me to get off the cot and roam the halls searching out more cock. The exhibition with the bears raised my profile and soon the number of suitors that followed me had my mind swimming with an idea.

In the club there was an open area that showed videos, it was a dimly lit but rather comfortable place with futons and overstuffed chairs. I made my way to that area and claimed a futon, which I unfolded from couch to bed. I got down on all fours and made it all too obvious what I was going to do. The shy older trolls that just wanted a blowjob faded into the shadows of the room but three other bears and a couple of well-hung guys walked over to me and lay down. I pulled out my bottle of poppers and took more than was need to make me feel like I was floating.

With the poppers coursing through me I grabbed the biggest cock and swallowed it down to the roots-I have control over my gag reflex so there is no choking. I am only looking at cock; there are no faces involved, just glorious cocks. While this pillar of penis is working my mouth there are a multitude of hands roaming my body. I can feel fingers filling my ass, pulling it apart, grabbing my balls and tugging them until they stretch, twisting and pulling my nipples until I am lifted off the bed. God, I feel like I am in heaven.

The bears seemed to take control of my ass and balls, while the pony cocked lads had my mouth. What a good arrangement for all of us! The large cock in my mouth was responding to my attention and soon flooded my mouth and throat with hot sweet cum. He was replaced with another large member and soon I was giving him the attention he wanted. The boys at the back end had me worked over pretty good Polonezköy Escort and they started to slide fingers into my now not so tight ass. It took a few minutes and a bit of lube to get eight fingers in, but I soon was bucking on those wanting more. The two sets of fingers soon became two hands and I was in a euphoric state slobbering over a cock and the hands splitting me open.

It wasn’t long before one thumb got pushed in and with that came the second, quickly followed by rippling of knuckles and then the fullness of two complete hands up to the wrists. It took a bit of discussion between the two bears as to whom wanted to go first, but soon they unclasped their hands and one formed a tight fist inside of me while the other left his palm open guiding the fist through my insides.

The third bear had a hold of my balls and was pulling them until his hand split them from my body. He put what he could grab of my scrotum into his fist and then took hold of my cock. With careful stroking with his hand he soon had me seeing stars. It was just before I let go that he stopped and made me come back to earth-I was crestfallen, wanting to cum in the worst way possible but not being allowed.

Here I was sucking cock, getting fisted and having my balls played with and the only thing that I was allowed to do was make them cum. So I got down to it and soon had the pony in my mouth filling me with his deposit. It was tasty-sweet and tangy all at once. He pulled out and wiped himself on my cheeks as if he was marking me. I was handed the bottle of poppers and took a few more draughts, just enough to open myself for the second hand. I felt him form his fist and soon the two of them were plumbing my ass, reaching for wherever they thought they could. I was climbing to nirvana at this stage.

I got up off my elbows so that Escort Polonezköy the angle of attack by those fists was changed; the bear that had my cock and balls took advantage of this position and clipped a leash onto my piercing and pulled it tight, he then slid his mouth around the width of my cock and for the first time in over a year I had someone giving me head. It wasn’t like the kind I was giving, but the feeling of lips wrapped around my penis sent me into heaven and I was reaching that state where I was seeing stars again. It was as if he was psychic, and soon stopped, plunging me back to earth. He did this for quite some time and I was soon literally crying, between the feelings of his lips and the hands of his buddies.

I was a sight, writhing in pleasure and covered in a patina of cum from the older men that masturbated on me while I was in my felicitous state. I am not sure how many of them came on me but I was sticky that was for sure. My jaw was sore by this time and I had a fuzzy taste in my mouth, but soon I was sucking on another cock. This one really went to town on my face and was giving me the whole thing in long fast strokes. He had a hold of my ears and didn’t let up for what seemed an eternity.

I am not sure in what order things happened after that as I passed out. When I came to, the leash on my cock was wrapped around my chest, pulling my penis to a slightly less than comfortable length. There was, what seemed cum, drooling out of the slit, and a large leather cuff broadening the distance between balls and my body. This was attached with a small padlock so that removal was impossible without the key. My ass felt as if a train had driven through. I found it very difficult to stand but with help from one of the remaining, or was he a new fellow, I hobbled to the shower.

This kind man Polonezköy Escort Bayan helped me to get under the warm water and soaped my body. Doing this got me more than a little aroused and I was soon kissing him with a passion that fuelled our collective fires. We traded tongues and let our bodies slide over each other for a few more minutes before I started slithering down his body kissing every inch I went by.

I was drinking this man in, he was a gorgeous person wrapped in a totally sexy body. I took his nipple in my mouth and sucked it until it was hard. He took my face in his hand, pulled me back up until we looked each other in the eye. He said that I didn’t need to do anything but I just shook my head and said that I wanted to. I went back to his nipples and slowly worked my way down his hairy firm stomach. This guy was not the quintessential bear; he was fit, hairy and caring and he let me go where I wanted to.

Soon I had his not overly large, uncut penis filling my mouth and did it ever taste great. A mix of sweet and tangy flavours, sort of like candy but not really. I let him linger there and he did nothing to hasten the feeling. I started by slowly moving my tongue from side to side and around the rim of his penis head and this built up to a full-on lip smacking slathering of his entire cock.

I know how good of a cocksucker I am and this guy was getting the real deal, I pulled out all the stops on this blowjob. It did not take long for him to show that what I was doing was working, as he dropped his hands to the sides of my head and held on lightly. I took this as a sign to speed up and soon was moving quicker and quicker taking him all the way down my throat. It was as if on command, he grabbed my ears and pulled me a bit further down the length of his cock and filled me with a creamy, sweet hot treat. I took all he had to offer and let none go to waste. After he finished quaking I lovingly cleaned him off and let him pull me up off my knees. He gave me a deep kiss and finished soaping me. He then rinsed me off and took me out of the shower to towel off, dress, and leave together.

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