Slaves Ch4Slaves Ch4


Slaves Ch4Chapter 4: Meet the QueenDimillah smiled at the terrified way the boy walked in between her and the other ladies. Naked and, though tall, standing shorter than they did in their high heels. Pulled by the leash around his neck, as slaves did in Mucenia. A lovely sight, with whip marks crisscrossing his smooth, shaved skin. Delicious, youthful complexion.He was right to be terrified, of course! This was a big moment for him.”You should consider yourself honored,” she told him as they walked the long hallway. “The Queen asked for the most beautiful of new boys.”Of course he did not understand a word. She laughed, grabbing his firm ass cheek, giving it a slap.His beauty really was something else. Of course all slaves had to condone to certain standards of attractiveness (who, after all, wanted to **** or torture an ugly boy?) but there was attractive and then there was attractive. And in this boy’s case, he had the sort of sublime beauty gazing upon which immediately lit a glow in your abdomen. Make your hands itch with all the nasty things you wanted to do to him. Adorable pretty face, lean muscular body, and general loveliness about him which defied explanation. A real doll.The Queen would love him!Which, of course, was very bad news for the poor young thing. The Queen just happened to be known as the most sadistic woman in the realm, followed closely by her daughters. It was known, for example, that when r****g a boy, the Queen could not orgasm unless she was hurting him. Dimillah had known many women like that. There were ways to make **** quite painful for him, and the Queen had perfected those over the decades.Dimillah grinned. How she would like to be a fly on the wall watching the old lady playing with him. The other ladies eyed him slouching between them. Likewise grinning. They were probably thinking the same thing.”Are you ready?” Dimillah asked him at the entrance. She laughed.They entered.The large throne room was filled with the Queen’s court ladies, sitting around on divans. Some of the women were exceptionally young, in their thirties, some even as young as in their twenties. This one place in the realm where rules could be bent. They were drinking wine and having snacks. Some had their own slaves with them, serving them. The slaves’ heads buried in between legs, mouths working. Or, in case of one boy further to the side, on his back on the floor with one lady vigorously straddling his face while another one rode his cock.The Queen sat on her luxurious throne, waiting. The lady was well in her seventh decade. With Intimidating splendor in her fabulously expensive ornate clothing, covered in opulent jewelry. Externally she was not at all different from a usual noblewoman: tall, sharp features, olive skin and long black hair (in her case, dyed), extensive jewelry, clothing of silk and leather (albeit even more expensive than normally), heavy makeup, long fingernails painted black. The disposition, though, set her apart from anyone else. Poise, almost divine, oozing unhindered cruelty embedded within profound glee and depraved sexual rapacity.No boy ever gazed upon her without despair in his heart. And for good reasons.This boy was no exemption, practically shrinking as they stopped in front of the throne. The woman eyed him for a moment.”So this is him?” the Queen asked in her voice mixed with ice and amusement.”Yes, Your Grace,” Dimillah replied.The Queen regarded him, giving a small nod. “How is his tongue?”Dimillah smiled. “Limber, Your Grace.”The Queen’s replying smile was cold. “Good. Let us see about that, then. Bring him forth.”They took him over and pushed him on his knees in front of the throne and started to attach his wrists. The Queen hitched up her skirt. Even before the shackles were fully attached she grabbed his thick hair hard with both hands and pressed his pretty face in her cunt. Smiling, she wrapped her long legs around his neck.Immediately he started licking and sucking. Well versed by now in the basic technique, and was actually rather good at it. Dimillah smiled. He was so adorable. Trying so hard to please this intimidating, notoriously cruel and sadistic woman half a century older than him.And from the way she looked at him, you could see that he was doomed: she liked him.As he worked, the Queen pulled his hair. She dug her nails in his skin. She pinched his nipples. A look of sublime pleasure on her face. The hall around her it was silent except for the eating sound, her quiet noises of pleasure and his occasional whimpers when she hurt him.And it wasn’t too long until the Queen had an orgasm. She moaned, pulling his hair, clawing at his back. Wrapping those legs hard around him. The heels of her boots biting into his skin. And she kept him eating.Once she seemed satisfied, the Queen pulled his face up by his hair, tapped his flushed cheek harshly. “He’s good little licker,” bahis siteleri she said. She gazed between his legs. “How is his cock when erect?””Quite big your grace,” Dimillah said. “And beautiful.”The Queen smiled. “Excellent.” She gestured in front of her. “Have him shackled there and get him hard. Then torture him.” “There” meant a small torture station some five paces in front of the throne, cock stocks and shackles in the ceiling and on the floor.”Very well.”The boy was taken to the station, his legs spread out and ankles shackled, his arms raised straight above him and attached to the double manacle hanging on a chain. Then his hips had to be pushed forward so that his genitals could be fastened securely to the stocks, leaving him in a very vulnerable position. His privates on display for Her Grace, ready to be violated for her pleasure.Dimillah addressed the Queen while sharp-toothed clamps were attached to the crying boy’s nipples. The women doing it laughing sadistically.”Anything particular you want done to him?” Dimillah asked.”Nothing special just now,” the Queen replied. “Just make sure you hurt his cock plenty.”Dimillah smiled. “Of course your grace.”Fulfilling such a request would be nothing but her and the other ladies’ pleasure. First, thought, he needed to be prepared.Dimillah took a vial of Elixir from her pouch, grabbed the boy’s limp cock and poured some on it, started rubbing it in. She grinned at the lovely feeling of his cock hardening in her hands. She particularly loved the look on a boy’s face which inevitably came at this moment: the humiliation and helplessness over having no control of the most intimate aspect of his own body, the profound and unbeckoned “arousal” which took him, and the knowledge that what would follow would be even less pleasurable! Once the cock was fully hard, Dimillah took a second vial of the other type of Elixir, the kind enhancing penile sensitivity, and applied it. Grinning wide with her eyes locked onto him, she then raked his increasingly-sensitive large cockhead with her long nails, relishing his twitches and whimpers.After a while she released him, the ladies preparing to proceed with the orders given.The Queen’s coldly smiling eyes were on the boy’s stiff penis. It was a beautiful thing when rock-hard like this: long and thick and very esthetically shaped. And so vulnerable.Dimillah produced her favored thin-tailed scourge which had extra sting to it, meant specifically for cocks. She got into position, smiling. The big, hard thing sticking up, trapped in the stocks, was a truly wonderful sight! His sexy body heaved as he whimpered quietly in dread anticipation. Everyone in the room was a happy to watch this as Dimillah was, but especially those who, like her, got to be whipping him. Four ladies, all mean grins. Diabelle behind him playing with his clamped nipples.”Shall we gag him?” Dimillah asked the Queen. She was glad to see the woman shake her head.And then the whips started pelting his erect member. Everyone in the room grinned or laughed out loud at his piteous squealing!Dimillah didn’t know, or care, where the boy was from, but she’d had ones speaking his language before. It sounded lovely. While begging was beautiful in any tongue, it was especially so in his! Made you want to make him do so as much as possible.Driven by primitive instinct, the boy kept yanking his hips, trying desperately to pull his cock out of the stocks, but it wasn’t going anywhere. Helpless target, stuck exactly where it was, the sensitive skin becoming raw and striped. Yet he could not help trying to escape. Adorable.Must have hurt his balls yanking like that, Dimillah thought with pleasure, suddenly getting the desire to give his fruits a good beating. Well, this current torture was doing well to satiate her sadistic urges. And his testes were sure to be getting plenty of attention today later still.The Queen waved a hand then and the whipping immediately stopped.”You,” she said, pointing a bony finger at Diabelle. “**** his ass while they continue to whip his cock.”She smiled, “Very well, Your Grace.”Diabelle got out the strap-on metal cock with one end going inside herself and the other left outside. She oiled the cock and the boy’s anus. Then slowly entered it in his anus as he cried.”Cover his mouth with your hand as you’re fucking him,” the Queen ordered. The lady had very specific tastes.The whipping continued, now accompanied with Diabelle’s steady, brutal thrusts as she violated the boy’s anus. The boy’s cries now muffled by her firm hand. The muffling made them no less lovely!They took a break from the whipping to grab candles and douse his cock with hot wax. His high-pitched squalling at the heat was really amusing! They whipped off the wax, then poured more. Repeat. And repeat. Each round was more painful than the last, this was clear from his crying. Oh, those canlı bahis siteleri beautiful tears!Once the whipping was done, they oiled his cock again and took some time playing with it. He whimpered so cutely as they probed the sore organ. Especially at their nails dancing around the reddened glans. Deelah also made sure to handle his nice big balls, the shaved skin so smooth in her hands. The boy twitched and whimpered as the eager ladies toyed with him. His genitals. His lovely muscular body. All the while Diabelle kept r****g him, one hand over mouth, the other handling his other nipple.After some more manual fun, they brought out the electrical unit. Six electrodes attached. Diabelle stopped fucking him for long enough to wire up the metal cock as well. Then she re-entered it. The shocking did not begin immediately, but the way it was wired it would start once they electrodes were used.They started by shocking him here and there, drawing cute yelps and cries into Diabelle’s hand. He spasmed and twitched as electricity struck all over his body while simultaneously shocking his anus. The current would be milder on the part of the cock inside Diabelle, creating only pleasure.Then they focused on his erogenous zones. The nipples, clamps removed, and the genitals.Oh, the fun they had! The electrodes brushed up down and around the lovely engorged penis. Caressed his balls and his nipples. It soon became obvious that this boy had intense dislike of electrical stimulation. The way he shook, whimpered and cried like a c***d. Diabelle’s hand firmly over his mouth and head pulled back, she nibbled and licked his ear while she kept fucking him with the electrified cock. Shocked within and without, thoroughly stimulated. His body and mind interpreting it as an intense sexual experience, albeit a most disturbing one.They kept turning up the voltage.The Queen and her court watched his distress with a nasty, hungry glow in their eyes. And who could have blamed them. His sweet, helpless agony was really delicious, especially when combined with his supreme beauty. His gorgeous muscle-bound body writhing and twitching. Certainly none disagreed that a struggling beautiful boy was the loveliest sight! Queen’s fingers worked hard in between her thighs, the other hand caressing her nipple.But: he still did not cum! It was actually quite impressive how good he was at resisting it. This Dimillah and the ladies had noticed as they’d been playing with him earlier. He’d resisted cumming so very hard. Which of course had made it even more fun forcing him over the edge: time and time again as he’d whimpered moaned and struggled against his binds! And now they got to torture him for the pleasure of the Queen herself. Oh what a good time they’d had with him today!”Enough!” The Queen bellowed, and the buzzing of electricity stopped. She waited for a while. “Time for him to cum for us.” She gestured. “Give him the salty finish!”Dimillah grinned wide. The salty finish was a delightful way to make a boy cum! Famously favored by the Queen.A sack was brought by her feet, and she opened it. It was filled with coarse sea salt. She was brought a flask of oil, and she took some on her palm and rubbed it in. She dipped her hand in the salt sack and as it came out dozens coarse salt minerals stuck to her palm.Dimillah wrapped her fingers around the boy’s cockhead. He whimpered and struggled at the sensation. How it must have burned! She then started stroking with circular motions, holding the base in the iron grip of her other hand. Evidently this was not fun for him at all!The whole time Diabelle kept fucking him, now without electricity again.”Block his airways until he cums,” shouted then one of the younger women of the court. This drew immediate nods of approval from those around her.The Queen gave the woman a look, then met Dimillah’s searching gaze. She gave a small nod.Diabelle pinched the boy’s nose shut in addition to the hand already over his mouth. How he struggled in vain against her strong hold! Another lady continued playing with his nipples.”Better cum quick!” the young woman yelled, and giggled. She sipped wine with one hand, holding hard the hair of the boy working his tongue between her legs. She actually looked quite young, but was evidently as cruel as the older ones. Surrounded by a whole entourage of younger ladies. None looking too kind.Soon another young lady from the entourage stood up and came over. A very tall and beautiful girl with a delightfully mean smile. He took over the nose from Diabelle, pinching it closed, while also starting to play with one nipple.After the young ladies’ initial snickering subsided, it got real silent. In addition to the crackle of braziers, the only sounds were the squelching of Dimillah’s long-fingered hand vigorously stroking the boy’s delicious cock and his whimpers and struggles echoing canlı bahis in the hall. His crying and writhing were so very arousing! The Queen vigorously fingering herself.The silence was occasionally dappled with giggles and other noises amusement and pleasure from the young woman or a call of encouragement from one of the others. The Queen did not seem at all bothered by this, and it only made Dimillah smile. Oh the callow cruelty of the youth! It was a shame in a way that young women were by law forbidden to play with slaves. They seemed to have natural talent for it!It was cutting close, as the boy still stalled in cumming. Dimillah was starting to worry he’d not make it.But then, finally, he came to save his life!There was a round of applause as cum came squirting out, his whimpering turning into a panicked groaning wail. His cumming was delightful, a powerful squirt. (Dimillah was quite surprised he had so much left in him, although of course one of the things that the Elixir did was greatly increase sperm production.) His reactions were really precious: shaking and twitching and struggling desperately.The young lady, grinning wickedly with the tip of her tongue in between her pearly teeth, held on a little longer to his nose, relishing his hopeless bucking, while playing with the nipple caught in between the tips of her nails. A pure sadist, without a doubt.Then she finally relented. The boy was still struggling and twitching and now berthing in panicked, whimpering puffs through his nose. He still had a lot going for him. The fucking of his ass. The merciless grinding of Dimillah’s hand around his post-cum sensitive, whipped cockhead, with the coarse salt burning and rubbing, his balls squeezed in her other hand. Diabelle and the girl toying with his nipples.The Queen was cumming, rubbing vigorously and groaning.The young girl then moved to also get a turn in the post-orgasm torture, and Dimillah allowed her to, moving to take the nipple. Teeth bared, the young lady set her slender, long-nailed fingers to work, giggling like a little girl at his whimpering and twitching as she played with his super sensitive cock. She clearly had much experience.Dimillah saw the girl who had ordered his airways to be blocked push with her heeled boot the boy between her legs so he fell on his back. She laughed, then barked an order to some guards who roughly brought him up and started to tow towards the door. She and an entourage of young ladies rose and went after them. And as the girl torturing the boy saw this, she ran after them too. Seems as though that slave was in for a rough evening as well.Dimillah took hold of the boy’s cock again, and they continued for a while longer. Once they were done with the post-orgasm play, they let him slump in his bondage. He was breathing in heaves, weeping.Yet his true sufferings were still ahead.True enough, the Queen rose from her seat, drying her fingers with a cloth. “I am pleased.” She addressed her court. “Taken him down and clean him and heal him. Give him more Elixir. Have him then taken to my chambers and tie him to the bed. And while I’m enjoying him, prepare my personal torture chamber. I will also require some assistants there, about a dozen will do.” She looked the panting boy up and down and gave him a chilling smile. “There shall be no sleeping tonight.”The court ladies were grinning all around, eating him with their eyes. Some of them came with guards and started doing as told. The boy cried, begging piteously in his sexy way. Sensing, no doubt, that his evening of torture was far from over. All the infamous creative cruelty of the Queen’s court still awaiting him.As he was being taken down, some of the ladies took the opportunity to fondle him, groping his cock and balls. They laughed at his cries. He was very sore already! And not only from the torture but from cumming. And not only just now either. Anticipating the evening’s outcome, Dimillah and the other women had been having fun with him all morning and afternoon. And once the Queen was done r****g him, once she and her court were playing with him in the torture chamber, he would be cumming many more times. Not one of those times would be the least bit pleasant for him.Based on her experience, she knew the Queen would want to keep him. He would not last a week! As they dragged the wailing boy away, Dimillah spent some time looking after him. Contemplating his exceptional beauty, feeling some regret. In her care, he might have been good for an entire year.But what the Queen wanted, the Queen got.As they walked out, Dimillah realized that she needed more play. She was ragingly horny!Then she smiled, as she remembered that a new boy was brought today. If she were quick, she and her entourage could reserve him first. And if they did, it would definitely be the dungeons to where they would head.A new boy, freshly a*****ed, and thoroughly tortured first thing: yes she quite loved the idea. Really delicious!She shared her idea to the other ladies. They loved it as much as she did. So they hurried all the way back to the communal palace. They practically ran!

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