Shadowing And Lusting After Ms. RobinsonShadowing And Lusting After Ms. Robinson


I stood looking at her teach in the classroom as I sat at my desk. Her perky lips moved as did her nicely sized boobs as she maneuvered. My panties got wet again as deep breaths were taken in. Admiration had a lot to do with my attraction and getting over my crush wasn’t an option. A few years before, I sat in one those student chairs in her math class. Even as I hated the subject, I always arrived in the classroom as an anxious woman. Two years after I graduated from high school, I came back to my school and asked Ms. Robinson if I could shadow her. There had been many nights where we’d stay late at the school and prepare for the next day. One of those nights, my eyes viewed her on her knees as that beautiful face got drenched by another woman’s pussy as she thought I had left the building. Therefore, it became tattooed in my brain that she liked the ladies too. I had never had sex with a woman before, but she always seemed to take a dip in my sexual juices to get them rushing like an ocean. As my eyes became attracted to her, I found myself starring at her at least half the class. From her curly brown hair, to her skinny legs and her plump butt, I had to have her. As the class wrapped up, the students left and I found myself right in front of her. The blouse worn by her, just wasn’t getting the job done, as it had two buttons left undone. It was a blouse that had eight buttons, from top to bottom and her skirt left much of her legs visible. My head never leaned up, it just stayed right on her beautiful body as I saw her rubbing her tits slowly. “Hello, anyone in there?” Her hands wandered back and forth in front of me. I came back and threw my stuff in my bag as I had to get out of there. Worried I might have sent the wrong signal, my feet sprinted out. I managed to avoid her until the next class and the process started all over again as she went back into teaching mode. My desires were to ask her out sooner or later, but I could never make myself do it. Words were always limited between the two of us, because I always became nervous and couldn’t formulate them too well. I loved her physically and began falling for her emotionally too. My efforts to play it cool weren’t panning out so well as sweat poured down my body as if I was showering in each class. The shadowing program lasted for a single semester and my last class with her was looming. In our second to last class, my eyes remained glued to her perfect body. It also became obvious that one less almanbahis şikayet button was done up than usual. “Could she have been trying to send me a signal?” My eyes were on her boobs. With my eyes on that destination quite often, it could be expected that she caught me. As a smile formed on my face, she turned to me. Her head went down with her eyes on me as all the every other sounds were drowned out. The lights dimmed down, but no words were spoken. Her feet strolled to me as her hands undid her blouse. Her bra entered my line of vision as she made it to my desk. Her blouse dropped to the floor and then she leaned towards me shoving her boobs into my face. I took in a deep breath and took a whiff too. “Oh, Ms. Robinson.” My head rubbed onto her breasts. Her fingers pushed her bra to the side so her left nipple as visible. “Lick it, Abby. Right here in front of everyone.” My eyes saw everyone watching, but my tongue slid out and came to bottom of it. In one single motion, my tongue went up and let her nipple fling. Then her hands landed on my shoulders. “Abby, would like you join me by the black board?” In a split second, the lights lit back up and her clothes were back on too as I saw her walking to the board. “Oh, yes, Ms. Robinson.” I got up and my hand came to my forehead. I wiped the sweat off and rubbed it onto my blouse. As my feet led to her, a naughty and sexy look appeared on her face. Her hand came to my blouse and pulled me to her. Then her mouth came close to my left ear. “Stop undressing me with your eyes, you are here to learn too.” I heard heartbeats pounding in my ears too. Her head backed away with a raised eyebrow as cum made it’s way right down both of my legs. I remained up with her for the rest of the class as she had me write for her. Nerve racked, my hand came to a marker and went to the board. The whole time, her body remained in sniffing distance of me and her naughty smile never faded. Ten minutes into it, as I was busy writing, her hand grazed my butt and her boobs came in contact with my back. “Oh.” I stopped writing for just a second. Her head found a place on my left shoulder. “I thought you’d like that, you horny woman.” Her left hand wandered over onto my left boob for a second. “I can be naughty too.” A few more leaks erupted from my snatch and streamed down my legs, as I began hyper ventilating. “Let me take over.” She took the marker. Relived, my feet moved back to my desk and sat down. As her head faced almanbahis canlı casino the board, I saw her right eye come to me. She shot me a smile too just before she blew me a kiss. Loving feelings bloomed in my heart, but also had skeptical marks all over it though. “Okay, time to study for your final.” She handed out notes to the class and eyeballed me the whole time. Then she strolled over towards me and stop at a mere two feet away as my feet commenced a tapping rendition. “Hey there, sexy lady.” My eyes looked at her smiling. As all the students had their heads down, she lifted up her skirt. Her hairless cherry entered my vision and my eyes widened. My jaw dropped and then my treat got taken away five seconds later. “That’s for you.” She blew me another kiss. After a long, but pleasurable hour where I got no work done, class ended. My body sat still, as my head tried to comprehend all the events of that hour and then she rambled right in front of my desk. My head had been down, but her hands came to my shoulders. “Look at me, Abby.” As a deep breath went in, my head leaned up. Her eyes looked right at mine as I just had them down. Her lips went to mine and they remained there for twenty seconds as her feet stood on the floor. Then her lips separated from mine and her head backed away about a foot. “You’ve been giving me those ogling eyes for some time now.” Her head moved even closer to mine. “Abby, I like it. Despite the rules, I like you too.” Speechless, a slight grin sprung onto my face. She backed away a little bit and her hands went to her blouse as she posted a smile, but had her eyebrows were down. “Would you like to see more of me, Abby?” Heartbeats were assaulting my eardrums as my head, breasts and back were drenched in sweat. “Are you lost in trance?” Her fingers undid the third button. My mouth opened and my desk got wet. Her eyes remained on me as her hands made the trip to my chin and prevented more papers becoming soiled. “Do you like my big tits, Abby? Would you like to feel them? I love it when horny ladies touch them.” Her hands tilted my head forward and then backward as I felt frozen. Then my hands became captured by hers and she transported them over onto her tits. My entire body began to twitch as my eyes were locked on her breasts. “Oh, so you do like them?” A lot of air was sucked into my lungs as she released my hands. Then she unbuttoned her blouse completely and a green silk bra entered my vision, as almanbahis casino her blouse fell off her arms. She stood there in just her bra with her hands on her hips. My body vibrated and I took full advantage of feeling her up. A minute later, my legs stood up and her hands went to my arms. She guided me around the desk to right in front of her. Her eyes looked to the south of the equator and saw a few drops of lady juice progressing down my right leg. “I guess we’re cum buddies.” Her skirt rose. My eyes went to her wet slit and saw some of her own lady juice flowing down her right leg too.  My viewing was cut short again as she let go of the skirt. “Well, you have got to see me, so would you please put your arms up?” Her palms came to my blouse. She undid it and my smaller boobs entered being covered by my pink cotton bra her line of vision. The blouse gravitated to the floor and her hands floated behind me as she narrowed the gap between us. My bra clasp became undone and it fell to the floor as well. Her eyes glanced at my breasts, but then her knees met the floor. Her fingers met with my button and zipper on my pants. She unbuttoned, and unzipped, her fingers came to my pockets. She yanked my pants down and my wet cotton pink panties had some light shed on them. Her fingers slithered their way to the wet spot on my panties. “Oh, my, Abby.” She rubbed it in. Her eyes came to mine and her eyebrows lifted up. Then her face went to my feet as her hands dropped to them. She yanked off my shoes and pants. As she just had me in my panties, her eyes viewed my body from head to toe. “Oh, you are such a beautiful woman, Abby. I thoroughly enjoy being watched and having fun with the people shadowing me.” Her hands wrapped around the straps of my panties. They motioned down my legs in a slow fashion and my feet stepped out of them. She brought them to her nose and took in a deep inhale. “Oh, yes, Abby. Wet panties, just the way I like them.” “Have you sniffed a lot of panties?” “Yes, I also sniff a nice pair of dirty boxers every now and then too.” My eyes widened again as my panties were discarded from her hand. Her lips traveled over to my stomach and left a string of kiss imprints on it. They were soft and slick with saliva. Our eyes met as she kept kissing me down there with her hands on the floor. “That tickles.” I giggled. Giggles escaped her mouth too as a couple fingers from her right hand entered my snatch. “Oh, Ms. Robinson.” “Abby, we’re naked and my fingers are lodged up in your cherry. So keep calling me Ms. Robinson, it’s so much hotter.” Her fingers began thrusting into my pussy. My head tilted up and my eyelids closed. She poked at my at my g-spot every time that her fingers ventured back up into my twat.

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