Seven Days of Lust Part 5Seven Days of Lust Part 5


Kay lay in bed the following morning and opened her eyes slowly. Yesterday had been a wonderful experience and a new one in her lifetime. She had finally felt the sensation of having her tight little ass fucked and fucked thoroughly. She was thankful she had prepared today’s surprise for Dan previously or she may have been a bit behind in trying to come up with something new for their week of intimate surprises.So far she had played the part of a sweet and innocent little schoolgirl for Dan and also she had somehow managed to convince a few of her friends into having a wild night of stripping and bi-sexual fun. For today’s plan, she had prepared a nice picnic and she was about to reveal one of her most well-kept secrets to him. She had a little fetish that she hoped he would join in on and not look at her weirdly about.As Kay lay there, she thought about the few fetishes she did have. She was a little cum-slut for her husband and she craved his creamy spunk every time she turned around she found herself wanting more. She also had a penchant for wearing garter belts and stockings that came mid-thigh. Those were normal enough but there were still two that she hadn’t shared yet with her husband.As Dan slipped out of bed he jumped directly into the shower and started washing himself off. His hard-on refused to subside until he had pissed this morning. So, as he felt the spray hitting his body he strained to get the first streams of piss going. It occurred to Kay that now was her chance. She had planned on waiting until later this evening but figured when the opportunity presented itself she should run with it.Stepping quietly into the bathroom Kay pulled off her panties and just as he started to release his golden stream she jumped in joined him in the shower, directly in front of him to be more precise. Dan had his head tilted back and was just letting the piss go when he heard a gasp and looked in front of him and watched amazed as Kay rubbed her clit in furious little strokes as his piss streamed over her clit and pussy.Dan was at a loss for words he didn’t know exactly what to say or how to react. On one level he was horrified by his wife’s actions yet on a deeper level he felt a tremendous sense of arousal and primal, almost caveman-like control over her. It was as if he was pleasing her yet also claiming her with his scent. As Dan watched his wife his stream trickled to a halt and he found himself trying to give her even just a little more.Kay couldn’t believe the rush she had as Dan had stared straight at her fingers working so well over her clit amidst the stream of urine he was providing her. She had always wondered what it felt like and now she knew. The warm fluid from her lover cascading over her fingers and clit, even more, the scent for some reason drove her crazy with lust. She couldn’t wait for the next chance at getting Dan to do this again only next time giving her a full blast instead of only the last half of his golden fluid.Dan started to say something but not before Kay closed the gap between almanbahis them and kissed him full on the lips. Her tongue slithered around his lips before he opened his mouth to massage her tongue with his own. His thoughts centred simply around what had just happened and how hard his cock was throbbing right now.There was no need for words they were both too turned on to speak now. Dan grabbed Kay around the waist and spun her so that her back was to him. As soon as she was facing the other direction her hands went out to the wall and she bent her back thrusting her ass at him and wiggled her hips just enough to let him know she was more than ready.Kay reached behind her and grabbed his thick cock in her hand and stroked it as she pulled him towards her. She knew he wanted to bury that mammoth cock inside her wet pussy and that’s exactly what she wanted right now. Kay felt him press the head against her slippery lower lips and then the head rushed inside, quickly followed by his thick long shaft.Dan thrust in as hard as he could, wanting her to know how turned on he was and then grabbing her hips he started pumping hard into her hot centre. He felt her fingers brush his balls and then the way she kept one hand between her legs and rubbed her clit and moaned was enough there to get him off.He wondered if she knew just how wild she made him feel and how lucky he was all the time. Dan rammed his cock in and out and reached down to spread her pretty little ass cheeks as he watched his cock slide in and out of her wet hole.Kay couldn’t take much more right now her knees were weak and she felt another climax coming on. She tossed her wet hair to the side and looked over her shoulder directly into Dan’s eyes.“Cum inside me, cum on me, cum with me,” all three she said with a husky voice and she knew he wouldn’t deny her.Dan upon hearing Kay’s words could hold back no longer and he slipped a finger past her tight anal ring and fucked her hard against the shower wall as he raced to meet her with his own orgasm. Quick enough his cock was pulsing, and he grabbed a handful of her hair and slammed his hips into her ass burying his rod to the hilt. The first shot went off like a cannon inside her pussy before he could pull out and nudge her down.Kay spun around and dropped to her knees as she did so. The water spraying over her shoulder was a nice touch as she felt Dan’s warm cum shoot onto her cheek and dribble down to her breast before she could even get him near her mouth. She grabbed his cock and slurped it into her mouth and started to swallow the rest of his morning cum before licking him clean.Dan stepped out of the shower and she followed right behind him.“Honey, what brought that on, I never knew you were into the whole golden shower thing?” he asked with a smile.“Well, silly boy, there are still a few fantasies I keep private for days just like today,” she replied.“I certainly can’t wait to find out what some of your other ones are then, my dear,” he whispered.“I can tell you this much Dan, you’ll find out at least almanbahis yeni giriş one more before the day is over,” she giggled.Dan’s mind started to wonder as he dressed for the picnic she had told him they were going on while in the shower. It appeared that she had this day all planned out as well as she had the others they had shared lately. Dan decided to go sans boxers for the day, thinking it could add to the excitement at one point or another.Across the room, Kay was dressing for her day as well while also admiring her husband’s muscular ass as she watched him pull his jeans up over his hips. Little tingles ran through her body as she thought about the day’s upcoming events and what she would soon be doing with her husband in a secluded area of the park.She had arranged for a horse-drawn carriage to pick them up in a short while. Finishing up her dressing, she ran downstairs to throw some last-minute ideas in the picnic basket. These were just extras to the items she had listed to the catering service that would be supplying lunch for them.Dan strolled down the stairs as just as the doorbell rang. “Now who is that so early on a Friday morning?” he asked her.She smiled to herself as she picked up the basket and walked into the foyer to join him at the door. As Dan looked down he realized he hadn’t even glanced at his beautiful wife as she had left the bedroom this morning. His jaw fell slack; a wide grin slowly crept over his face.Kay was wearing a little white sundress with cherries all over it and as he knew this was normally only an around the house dress as her ample figure was put fully on display by the too tight plunging bustline. It was a little too short for her normal tastes as it showed her ass with every step and nearly bared her cleft between her thighs for anyone who had wandering eyes. What surprised him most though was that she had on long white thigh high stockings beneath the dress. He also could see the thin little straps that he knew went to her garter belt.She didn’t give him time to speak as she opened the door. There stood an older gentleman probably in his mid-fifties dressed in an elegant tuxedo and white gloves along with a top hat.“Good day Ma’am,” he greeted her, “I hope you are prepared for your day.”Kay smiled as she pulled Dan out the door and closed it behind them. Once outside Dan could see near the curb a great black carriage that was tethered to four enormous Clydesdale horses. He had always loved these great beasts and obviously, his wife had remembered how he always stood in awe of them whenever the horses passed them when they had gone for walks in the park drew a carriage.Dan followed hand in hand with his lover close behind the driver. As they neared the carriage Dan stepped forward and turned around putting his arms around his wife and hugged her whispering a soft thank you into her ear. Kay started to step up into the carriage as Dan stood behind her holding the basket and putting a hand on the back of her leg at the bottom of her cute, little, almanbahis giriş exposed ass as she climbed up.Settling into the seat Kay knew that Dan had gotten quite the eyeful up her dress but didn’t think that he had yet discovered her failure to wear panties today. Dan slid up into the seat beside her and the driver started the horses at once by snapping the reins slightly.As they rode together through the city towards the park Kay rested her head on Dan’s shoulder and her hand on his thigh. Slowly she began to stroke his thigh up and down with gentle little motions not trying to arouse him to a rock-hard status only to stimulate him and wonder what she was up to.They rode in silence, sharing tiny kisses here and there along the way. Finally, the carriage brought them to the outskirts of the park and the driver turned and asked where they were headed exactly. Kay leaned forward in the seat to tell him and as she did Dan slid his hand down the back of her dress and underneath the hemline to her bare ass and started to rub the exposed ass cheeks slowly. The driver motivated the horses and they were off again crossing the paths of the park at a leisurely pace. There was no rush today and the only sense of urgency was the one between Kay’s thighs.Twenty minutes later, they came to rest in a secluded area of the park and the driver helped them both down. He then pulled the carriage off the main path and reclined in the seat as Kay and Dan went off over the little hill down to an even more secure little area with a nice grassy area near a little pond.Baskets in hand, Dan waited as Kay fanned out the blankets and then sat down and patted the area right next to her, “Come sit down with me lover,” she flirted with him batting her eyes up as she spoke.Dan sat down and at once Kay leaned in and started kissing him with deep passionate intensity. Dan responded accordingly as his hands went up to her face and cupped her chin as he tasted her sweet lips like it was the first time he had done so. Kay was ready to eat and even more prepared to get down to what she had really planned for the day.“Let’s eat and then relax a bit honey,” she said with a smile.Kay laid out all the food on one blanket and scooted herself over to the adjoining one next to Dan. They sat there and looked at the feast that had been prepared for them. Small cocktail shrimp, finger sandwiches, skewers with grilled shrimp and small cuts of steak. A bottle of red and white wine was also among the basket’s contents, as well as fruit of all sorts and a can of whipped cream and bottle of chocolate syrup.They ate slowly savouring each tasty morsel pausing to feed each other titbits of shrimp and steak. Dan poured a glass of wine for them each and they sipped it slowly. Dan knew that his wife had something else up her sleeve he simply couldn’t figure out what it was. Soon enough he would find out.Kay finished the last of her lunch and then grabbed one of the strawberries from its container and slipped the tip into her mouth sucking on it as her eyes met Dan’s. She bit off a little piece and then slid over into Dan’s lap as she pressed the moist fruit to his lips. Dan opened his mouth and bit down on the offered fruit only to have Kay pull it away just as quickly as she had placed it there.

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