Sailing Lessons Pt. 6Sailing Lessons Pt. 6


As I approached the door of Uncle Ed’s cabin, I noticed that all the shades were drawn and the interior was dimly lit. I knocked on the door and Audrey answered it and let me in. I was stunned at the sight. Audrey was dressed in a tiny little French maid’s costume, no doubt something she’d found in the bottom drawer of the dresser. She was stunningly beautiful. She had put her hair up and had applied makeup that transformed her already pretty face into drop-dead gorgeous.The costume fit her perfectly, accentuating her hourglass figure and small waist. The top was cut so low that it showed off the tops of her rounded breasts right down to the very edge of her areolas, and the tiny skirt was a bit too short to cover her completely. The panties, however, were so sheer as to be all but transparent.After Audrey had locked the door, she had dimpled and curtseyed and pirouetted in front of me to give me the full benefit of the sexy little outfit.”You like?” she asked.”You look great!” I answered honestly.”Come in, kind sir,” she said, smiling sweetly and waving me into the living room area. I noticed that she had rearranged the furniture a little bit, placing a tiny little café table and two small chairs in an open area. The room was lit by several candles placed strategically around the room, as well as one tall one in the middle of the little café table. The stereo was playing soft, romantic music in the background.She led me to the little table, giving me a great view of the back of her outfit, swaying seductively as she walked. She offered me a seat and I sat down.”Champagne?” she asked, bending over as if to take my order. She was really giving me a close-up view of her fabulous cleavage.”Champagne would be excellent,” I told her, playing along with the game. She stepped over to a cooler that had been strategically placed by the couch, and bent at the waist to retrieve the bottle, giving me a great view of those tiny sheer panties. Her long legs looked all the longer because of the high heels she was wearing. She undid the wire and uncorked the champagne, and stepped back to the table to fill two wine glasses that had been sitting next to the candle.She then retrieved a small plate of crackers and cheese from the counter and placed it at the table before sitting down. She sat across from me and took her glass and held it up in a toast.”Here’s to us!” she said, looking me directly in the eyes. As I clinked my glass to hers I couldn’t help but stare in fascination at her beautiful face. Her large, dark eyes sparkled in the candlelight and her wide red lips curled into a smile. Her features were so clear, and her skin so smooth. She was looking deep into my eyes as she sipped her champagne.”You look good enough to eat!” I said, sipping my wine and returning her gaze.”I’m glad you approve,” she said with a wink. “You just keep that thought in mind.”The stereo was now playing some sexy, smoky jazz that fit the ambience of the dim candlelight perfectly. Audrey offered me some crackers and cheese and took some herself. We sat across from each other and nibbled on our snacks. Audrey surprised me by reaching into her low-cut top and retrieving a skinny little joint from deep in her cleavage. My face must have registered some surprise. Her raised eyebrow silently asked me if I was interested. My subtle shrug answered, “Why not?”Audrey leaned into the candle and lit the end, took a puff and passed the thing to me. I took a puff and handed it back to her. Audrey placed the joint into a tiny ashtray on the table and had another sip of champagne.”You went to a lot of trouble.” I said, motioning to candles and the table and the champagne.”Oh, it’s no trouble,” she said, “I thought it would be fun. When I found this little outfit, I just couldn’t resist.””It looks beautiful on you.” I said. “You look positively scrumptious.””Thank almanbahis you, kind sir,” she said with a bit of a blush. She picked up another cracker and handed me one. The cheese was very good and went well with the champagne.Audrey picked up the joint and lit it again, took a long drag, and handed it to me. After I took a puff, I put it back into the ashtray. I noticed the wine glasses were almost empty, so I poured more champagne for both of us.”This is very good stuff,” I said. “Is it more of Uncle Ed’s stash?””The champagne or the joint?” Audrey asked with twinkle in her eye.”I guess I never knew Uncle Ed to be a connoisseur of fine marijuana.” I said.”That’s too bad,” Audrey said. “Maybe we should really ransack this place just to be sure. We’ve already found some things we didn’t expect.””True,” I said, “but then, I doubt I’ll need anything stronger than this.”I was starting to feel the buzz, and the crackers and cheese were starting to taste better than they should.”Then we should be thankful that Uncle Ed has such good taste in champagne.””I’ll toast to that!” I said, raising my glass. Audrey smiled and clinked her glass to mine.”Here’s to Uncle Ed,” she said. She noticed that the champagne bottle was dry and stood up. “More champagne, kind sir?” she asked.”Why yes, if you please,” I said.Audrey returned to the cooler and bent at the waist again. This time, I noticed her watching me out of the corner of her eye as I ogled her long legs, smooth butt and the tantalizing mound barely hidden by the sheer panties. She opened the second bottle and leaned forward to pour two more glasses of wine.”This is wonderful,” I said.She smiled and curtseyed. “You’re a bit underdressed for an establishment such as this,” She said.”What?” I asked.”I laid out your outfit in the bedroom,” she said. “You should go put it on.”I looked at her stupidly. “In the bedroom?” I asked, pointing to the one on the right.She nodded and grinned.I got up and went into the bedroom and found my costume on the bed. It consisted of a white collar with a built in bow tie, and a tiny thong g-string. It was something a Chippendale dancer would wear. The cup of the thong was made of some sort of interesting stretchy fabric and made to look like a tiny tuxedo. I took off my polo shirt and shorts and briefs and tugged the g-string into place. It was cut so that it looked like it would fit and stretch regardless of my state of arousal.I put the collar on to complete the outfit, and decided to take off my shoes. It was nice and warm in here, and I studied myself in the full length mirror. I was glad I kept up with the workouts. I felt really sexy in the outfit and was halfway hard the way it was.I could hear that Audrey had changed the tunes in the other room, putting on something with a little beat that would be good to dance to. I returned to find Audrey standing by the stereo, moving to the music. She smiled a wide smile when she spotted me.”Wow!” she said, looking me up and down, her eyes coming to rest on the little tuxedo thong. I could feel myself getting more aroused under her gaze. I looked down to watch the fabric stretch. Audrey danced towards me, encouraging me to dance with her. I wasn’t much of a dancer, but I loved watching Audrey move and wanted to encourage her.Audrey seemed to know more sexy dance moves than I remember ever seeing in any strip club. Even though it wasn’t a really fast song I expected Audrey’s boobs to pop out of her outfit at any time, but everything managed to stay in place.After that song ended, a slow number came on, and Audrey came to me and melted into my arms. Our bodies molded together as we moved, and I could feel Audrey press herself against me, grinding her crotch against my now erect manhood. The feel of the stretchy material around my cock rubbing against the sheer panties of almanbahis yeni giriş Audrey’s outfit felt so naughty and exotic I was just amazed. When the song ended, I was almost breathless with excitement.Audrey reached over and switched the TV on and led me back to the table so we could sit down and catch our breaths. The TV was cued up to one of the erotic movies Audrey had found in Uncle Ed’s stash. Audrey poured more champagne into our glasses and looked me up and down hungrily.On the TV, the scene opened in a plush mansion in what looked like the library. A distinguished looking gentleman was sitting in a big leather chair reading a newspaper. A young woman entered the room dressed in a French maid’s costume very much like the one Audrey was wearing! I looked over at Audrey in surprise. She just sipped her champagne and smiled back at me.The maid in the movie began dusting the bookshelves with a feather duster. The guy reading the newspaper glanced over at the maid. She climbed a small stepladder and began dusting the top shelf. You could see her glance over her shoulder to be sure she had the attention of the gentleman in the chair. As she reached up to dust, the maid’s short skirt rode up enough to reveal the cheeks of her ass and the white satin thong she was wearing.The gentleman was definitely paying attention to her at this point. As the maid continued dusting, she stretched this way and that, giving the gentleman a great view up her skirt. You could see that behind the newspaper, he was rubbing the bulge in his pants.When the maid finished dusting the bookshelves, she climbed down and approached the gentleman. She bent at the waist and leaned over, presumably to dust the little end table next to the gentleman’s chair. The gentleman stared down her top.”Shall I fetch you some more tea sir?” the maid asked, noticing that the gentleman’s cup was empty.”Yes, thank you,” he replied.As the maid in the movie disappeared off-screen, Audrey stood up and took the half full bottle of champagne and stood in front of me.”Shall I fetch you more champagne sir?” She asked, grinning and barely able to keep her eyes off the little tuxedo guy in my lap. I played right along.”Why, yes, thank you,” I said. Audrey refilled both of our glasses.At that moment, the maid returned on screen with a teapot, and bent over again to pour the gentleman a cup of tea. As she poured the tea, you could see her studying the prominent bulge in the gentleman’s trousers.”My,” she said, ‘that looks terribly uncomfortable!” She set the teapot aside and knelt in front of the gentleman’s chair.At the same time, Audrey set the champagne bottle aside and knelt in front of me.The maid on the TV began unbuckling the gentleman’s trousers and tugged them down and pulled them off along with his boxer shorts.Audrey ran her hands over the little tuxedo thong I was wearing, stroking me to a rock-hard erection through the stretchy material. Although she was paying very close attention to what she was doing, she would glance to her right so she could keep track of the action on the screen. She then tugged at the little g-string I was wearing. I lifted my butt so she could pull it down my legs and off.On the screen, the maid had started to lap at the gentleman’s penis as if it were an ice cream cone. She ran her tongue from the base of his cock all the way to the tip.Audrey looked over at the TV and started to do the same thing to me. It felt wonderful. I didn’t know which erotic image to watch, the one on the TV or the almost identical one right in front of me. Then Audrey’s warm, wet mouth engulfed my member almost completely. I couldn’t possibly ignore that. I was in heaven! Audrey bobbed her head up and down a few times, and then went back to slurping her tongue up my raging hard-on. I looked over, and the maid on the screen almanbahis giriş was doing the same thing.Then the maid on the TV stood up in front of the gentleman, and with a coy smile, started slowly unbuttoning the front of her outfit, starting at the top.Audrey noticed this and stood up in front of my chair and started to unbutton her top. The look in Audrey’s eyes was pure lust. She watched me intently as she finished unbuttoning and opened her top to release her perfect breasts.When I glanced at the TV, I noticed that the gentleman had been overcome with lust and had jumped up to embrace the maid and suckle her breasts. Looking back at Audrey, I saw that she was looking at me expectantly. I grinned at her and stood up so I could do the same to her.Audrey was actually holding her breasts in her hands, displaying and presenting them to me. As I lowered my head and took one of her stiff nipples in her mouth, she ran her fingers through my hair. I slurped first one and then the other into my mouth. I gently hefted and massaged both of her rounded breasts as I did this, enjoying the soft feel and the luscious shape.The gentleman in the movie had kissed his way down his maid’s front, finally kneeling in front of her. He was tugging the waistband of her thong down over her hips to reveal her cleanly shaven pussy. I followed suit and kissed my way down Audrey’s flat stomach until I came to her tiny skirt. I slipped my fingers in the waistband and pulled the skirt over her hips and down so she could step out of it. As I did that, Audrey shrugged off the top and dropped it on the floor, leaving her standing there in those tiny sheer white panties and her high heels.I knelt in front of her and just looked up at her for a moment, just stunned at how gorgeous she was. She glanced at the TV and then back at me. On the screen, the gentleman had his head buried between the legs of the maid and was lapping away at his prize. The maid obviously enjoyed the attention, holding his head in her hands and urging him on.I gently pulled Audrey’s sheer panties down her legs so she could step out of them. She actually stepped closer to me, placing her furry muff right in my face and placing her hands on the back of my head. The aroma of Audrey’s arousal was heady and unmistakable. I nudged my nose into her slit and followed with the tip of my tongue. I was holding onto Audrey’s hips and could feel the almost imperceptible shudder run through her body as my tongue found its target. Audrey moaned when I ran my tongue up and down and wiggled the tip at just the right spots. I realized that I had completely forgotten the action on the TV screen when Audrey gently pulled my head away and stepped over to the couch and bent over the back of the couch so she could present that beautiful heart shaped ass to me.I checked the TV and saw that the gentleman had bent the maid over a table and was slamming his huge prick into her from behind. I stood up and stepped behind Audrey. I caressed her back with one hand as I used the other to guide my raging hard-on to Audrey’s pussy, parting the lips and locating the slippery opening.With just a nudge, the head popped inside of her, and with a couple of slow strokes, I had slid all the way in until I was buried to the hilt. The sensation was indescribably delicious. I pulled back just a bit, and then slid back in all the way.Holding her hips in my hands, I continued with long smooth strokes, pulling out until just the tip of the purple head stayed in her and then sliding slowly back in.On the TV, the gentleman was really pounding away at the maid, causing her to grunt and gasp. She was hanging on to the edge of the table for all she was worth.Audrey and I were moving together smoothly, with Audrey meeting my thrusts in perfect rhythm. The sight of my prick sliding out all slick with juices and sliding back into her was fascinating. I could feel Audrey’s hand, busy between her legs rubbing her pussy and reaching back to fondle my balls every time I plunged back into her. I leaned forward so I could cup her breasts in my hands and…

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