Robin The NannyRobin The Nanny


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Robin The Nanny

It was possibly the most incredible climax of my life. Cum kept shooting up into her forever. I lost track of how many squirts I had shot into her very talented pussy. I opened my eyes and looked up at her. I was totally mesmerized by her. At first all I could focus on were her big beautiful C-cup breasts. They were a full C-cup and they hung from their massive weight. They were capped with nice light brown areolas with hard nipples that begged for me to suck on them. Above that was her smooth skin, rounded shoulders, and her nice face. Her lips were a natural shade of pink and they parted slightly as she was puffing through her own orgasm. Her eyes were closed, her nostrils were flared, and her head was thrown back. I could feel her pelvis tilting and see her nipples starting to point up.

Then she gasped for air and said, “Was that good enough?”

I replied, “Yes! Thirteen is the charm.”

She took in a deep breath that made her breasts swell even more, she got off my cock, and then slipped down to suck it clean. When she was sure that it was completely clean Robin said, “May I get dressed and check on little Billy?”

I said yes, and then I watched as Robin pulled her panties up to help prevent my cum from leaking out of her saturated pussy.


Now just how had we gotten to this point?

You see, about two and a half weeks ago my bedroom security camera triggered my computer at work. I clicked on it and watched as our son’s nanny opened my wife’s jewelry box, picked out an expensive diamond bracelet, and then tucked it into her bra.

Robin is a pretty woman of thirty with a husband that works for me, in my factory. She lives in San Diego on the other side of town and my two-year-old son just loves her. That gives my wife the freedom to pursue her Country Club activities.

So anyway I went right home, walked in, and found Robin sitting on the couch. She told me that she was just waiting for Billy to wake up. I sat down on her knees facing her then I grabbed the bottom of her sweater and lifted it up just above her head. I had it caught around her elbows essentially handcuffing her in that position. Then I grabbed at the sides of her bra cups, caught the under wire supports, and lifted it above her big breasts. The diamond bracelet fell onto her crotch.

I said, “Look I have enough on you to have you arrested and put away for stealing my wife’s jewelry. I can fire your husband and probably ruin your marriage with the video that I took of you stealing it. However, my wife thinks that you are the best nanny that we have ever had and you just returned the bracelet. Besides all of that I think you might be a great fuck. You are going to be mine from now on.”


Well, she agreed that I had her over a barrel and that she was willing to do whatever I wanted.

That was way too easy.

Well, of course I wanted sex and plenty of it.

Unfortunately I had married for beauty not sex. I was an idiot. However, I do have one of the most beautiful wives in the world. At thirty-eight years old she is perfect. She wears a size one dress, almost fills out a 32-B bra, and weights a hundred and three pounds. Theresa attended all girl schools her entire life from elementary to high school to college where she got her Master’s Degree in Art Appreciation. Her goal in life was to be the wife of the President of the United States, Governor of California, or at the very least a Congressman. I’m still not sure how I won her heart. Maybe she saw that I had a lot of potential. After all I already owned a big company and had a small mansion before we got married.

I must admit that she helped out a lot in doubling my production by rubbing shoulders Okmeydanı Escort with the rich and famous. She even gave birth to a male child to carry on after me.

That was the turning point though, after childbirth she was not the same in bed. In the past two years we had gone from sex three times a week to twice a week to once a week. We then went to three times a month and finally down to twice a month. That was why catching Robin in a compromising position was so wonderful. That slightly heavy woman had great breasts and the best pussy that I had ever been in.

The two women were complete opposites. My wife would just lie there until I finish while Robin would climb on top and do all of the work for me. My wife couldn’t stand the taste of cum and wouldn’t suck my cock, while Robin would suck it, swallow my cum, and then go for more. My wife would douche immediately after sex to clean my cum out of her while Robin just pulled her panties up and keep it all inside of her. While my wife disliked sex, Robin couldn’t seem to get enough. She even seemed to enjoy being blackmailed by me.

After checking on Billy, Robin came back in and asked, “Is there anything else that I can do for you before your wife comes home?”

I said, “Well your husband was told this morning that he got a promotion, a raise in pay, and that starting on Monday he goes on the four to midnight shift. So Monday evening I would like to drop by your house for sex.”

Robin asked, “Why?”

I replied, “We have had sex thirteen times now in my bed where my wife sleeps so it is about time that we do it in your bed where your husband sleeps.”

Robin smiled at me and said, “Okay! I’ll be expecting you after four o’clock then.”


So the following Monday when my wife came home, Robin told her all about our son’s day and then she went home, as usual.

I had called my wife earlier and told her that I had an evening meeting with my production staff.

When I knocked on Robin’s door, she let me in. A big bulldog followed her with his tail wagging. She called him Gus and then she patted his head as he jumped up on her to lick her face.

She pushed Gus down but the dog was insistent and his nose came up under her skirt and apparently he was licking the crotch of her panties. She tried harder to push him away but it wasn’t working.

Then Robin said, “Not now Gus.”

Not now Gus? That made me smile so I said, “Strip and let Gus fuck you.”

Robin turned white and snapped at me, “I’ve NEVER let him fuck me…I only let him lick your cum out of my pussy. He loves it.”

I said, “From now on whenever he licks your pussy he gets to fuck you too. Is that clear?”

Robin took in a deep breath and said, “Yes, Sir!”

Then Robin reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down. She opened her stance and allowed Gus to lick her pussy. He must have been doing a very good job because Robin reached out to hold the wall next to her. I imagined her knees were buckling under her. Robin said, “Oh my God! Gus that feels so good! Good boy Gus! Keep it up for a little longer…that’s it…oh…oh yes!” Then Robin slumped to the floor. She was on her knees, her big breasts were flattened slightly by the floor, and the side of her face was looking over at me as Gus started to mount her. His pink cock inched its way out of his fur-covered sheath. The pointed end was moist and sleek. It was zeroing in on her love hole like a laser guided missile. Just as he contacted her, Robin concaved her back tilting her pussy for his entry. Gus had only one thing in mind…his own pleasure. He shoved the whole thing into her causing her eyes to open wide, her mouth to form an oh, and a slight grunt to escape from her throat.

Gus Escort Okmeydanı pounded her like a rabid dog. He was trying to fuck her to death. Or just maybe he was trying to prove to her that he was better than either her husband or myself.

In either case Robin was enjoying it. She moaned, she groaned, and she drooled all over the floor. Every thrust into her moved her another inch along the well-polished hardwood floor. Speaking of hardwood she was sure getting plenty of it from Gus.

Robin said, “No Gus! No! Not your knot! No Gus!”

It was of no use, Gus was not paying any attention to her what so ever. He pushed his knot into her and it must have swollen up causing her some discomfort because tears started to flow down her cheek.

I asked, “Are you okay, Robin?”

Robin closed her eyes, moaned, and said, “That was simply incredible. His knot put pressure on my G-spot like I have never before experienced. His pointed cock must have entered my cervix because the feeling of his cum exploding inside me was intensified ten fold.”

I repeated, “Every time he licks you…he gets to fuck you.”

Robin said, “Every time! Yes Sir!”

Gus and I took turns ravishing Robin all evening. We were all exhausted. Gus curled up in a corner and I went home to my wife.


At dinner the following day I asked, “Theresa, have you ever given any thought to a threesome?”

Theresa looked at me with daggers in her eyes before saying, “I can hardly stand you poking your cock into me, I’m certainly not going to let one of your drunken buddies fuck me too. No! No fucking way in hell!”

Startled I said, “No! Not another man! Another woman.”

Theresa smiled so I asked, “Have you ever been with another woman?”

Theresa giggled and said, “I spent the first twenty-six years of my life in girl’s schools, you got my virginity at twenty-eight, of course I’ve been with women…a lot of women…over a hundred.”

All I could say was “Wow!”

Theresa said, “That’s how I was able to expand our business.”

I just looked at her.

Theresa said, “I’ve had sex with every woman in the country club and more than once too. Old Mrs. Peabody can’t go to the bathroom without taking me in with her. She hasn’t used one square of toilet paper to wipe her pussy since I became a member. I’ve licked up enough drops of her urine to fill a small kiddy pool.”

I managed to say, “Oh wow!”

Then I asked, “If you had a choice, who would you pick for our threesome?”

After a brief moment Theresa said, “Robin, our nanny!”

I was pleasantly surprised and asked, “Why her?”

Theresa smiled and said, “For a lot of reasons. I have wanted to sink my tongue into her fat juicy pussy ever since I hired her. All of my friends are too skinny and she has some meat on her bones. I like her brown shoulder length hair, pretty face, and her roundness. But most of all I love her massive tits. She makes me feel flat chested. Plus she works for us. We pay her very well and she wouldn’t tell anyone for fear of loosing her job.”

I said, “I don’t think she douches every day like you do.”

Theresa replied, “I think that I would like that. I rarely get to eat a natural pussy with bodily fluids, sweat, and maybe a little leftover cum from her husband.”

I said, “But you can’t stand my cum…you never suck my cock…and you douche almost immediately after sex.”

Shyly Theresa asked, “Do you suppose that Robin would dominate me? I like aggressive women telling me what to do.”

I asked, “So, which one of us should approach her about this?”

Theresa thought about it for a moment and said, “Why don’t you do it. Offer her extra money for each session…like a whore. I think Okmeydanı Escort Bayan I would like paying her to humiliate me.”

I asked, “Why would she humiliate you?”

Theresa replied, “Because it gets me hot and my orgasms are much more intense. After I lick old Mrs. Peabody’s pussy I can hardly stand for a minute.”

I asked, “Have I ever made you cum?”

Theresa said, “No!” Then she looked at the floor and said, “I’m sorry. I’ve just been with too many women, I guess.”

Even though it was not my night, my wife let me fuck her and cum in her. She even waited a few minutes before hosing it out.

The next day I came home while Billy was sleeping.

I told Robin all about what my wife and I had talked about. Of course Robin was very interested. She especially wanted to be the woman in charge. She thought that it would be great to have my wife eat Gus’ cum out of her pussy. I smiled at that one.

I asked Robin to come back later that night after Billy was in bed.


Theresa was nervous all evening in anticipation. I had never seen her that apprehensive before. Robin had given my wife some orders before she went home that afternoon.

Right after putting Billy to bed Theresa went into our bathroom. She gave herself an enema, a douche, and then she soaked in a hot tub of bubbles waiting for Robin to come in.

I greeted Robin at the door. She looked good in her tight fitting stretch miniskirt and a loose fitting blouse. I kissed her lips, brushed my hand across her hard nipples, and stroked her pussy enjoying the short hairs down there. Robin had not worn a bra or panties.

I had to smile because my wife had been hoping that Robin had hair down there.

I followed Robin into our master bedroom and into our bathroom.

Robin said, “Okay babe, get out of there and let me dry you off.”

Robin did that in a very loving manor. She dried Theresa’s hair, her small breasts, and her tight little ass. Then Robin dried my wife’s freshly shaved pussy.

I watched as Robin fingered my wife’s pussy and then hooked her finger in there and led her out to our bed. She positioned Theresa with her head over the edge and then she undressed and straddled her head. Robin squatted down slightly placing her unwashed pussy onto Theresa mouth.

Robin said, “I let Gus fuck me before I came over. Clean it out while your husband fucks my ass. Then you get to clean that out too.”

I was amazed at Robin’s suggestion. She wanted me to butt fuck her just inches from my wife’s eyes. Robin had some lubricant already in her rectum and I slid in easily. When I heard Robin moan I knew that my wife was doing a good job. I smiled thinking that she was swallowing Gus’ cum. Then I had to laugh knowing that my wife did NOT know who Gus was. I could hardly wait until Robin told her.

I looked around the room to see the four movie cameras that I had just purchased and set up that day for this occasion. I would have it all, every single detail, from all directions.

I slowly stroked myself in and out of Robin’s rectum while my wife sucked the doggy cum out of her pussy. All of that excited the hell out of me. Then I saw Robin pick up my wife’s legs, spread them out, and push her face into my wife’s crotch. In a few minutes we had all had enough and the multiple climaxes occurred, first my climax, then Robin’s orgasm followed closely by my wife’s orgasm.

As we untangled, Robin asked, “Did you like the taste of Gus’ cum?”

Theresa said, “Yes! Your husband’s cum tastes really nice. Thank you for letting me have it.”

Then Robin said, “Gus is my bulldog.”

Theresa coughed and said, “I still liked it.”

Robin looked at me and said, “Fuck her cunt, cum in the bitch, I’m hungry.”

I had to smile knowing that from that day on that I would get to fuck my wife and my girlfriend as often as I wanted too. With my weekly blowjob from my secretary, I was going to be one happy guy.

The End
Robin The Nanny

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