Subject: Robbie’s Big Willie This is a fictional story about the singer Rob is Williams. I just saw an old music video of this hit guy and though he needed attention. He was big in the 90’s and was so hot. Sexy and totally uninhibited in his sexuality. And I had totally forgotten about him until now. Now I have never met the man. So thus hit story is pure fiction. To you Robbie. You smoldering sex machine you. Robbie’s Big Willie I had not heard from this sex God in ages it seems. And after the last time with him, how he fucked me silly with his big thick uncut salami I would have assumed we would hook up again soon after. That was over 10 years ago now. So I was more than surprised to get a call from the sexy music star Robbie Williams one day. Yes Robbie Williams. The hot hairy Brit that had some big songs some years back. The sexy guy that was not afraid to flaunt his sexuality. He even had one of those home made porn videos that somehow all stars had done back in the day. But his was pure sex. And I had remembered how horny I had gotten from catching it. Seeing this stud slamming that lucky woman almost viciously. And he was brutal, that i can attest to. This stud new how to fuck. Its like this is what he was born to do. Just fuck. For he knew how to make one beg and scream with delight even as he was destroying them with his big fat sex weapon. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Awee mersin escort fuckk!” I remembered as I cried from that first ass slaughter he had given me. “Biggest fucking cock” “Ohh God. Ohh fuck. Ohh God. Robbie!” Those screams still echo in my memory to this day. So as I was surprised that this hit stud was calling me again after so damned long. I was immediately horny as a jack rabbit for him. Horny as the first day I had seen him those many years before “Fuck” I huffed when i got the call Why was he calling me. Me an ordinary dude that was not in the business, or part of a social hierarchy. I was just me. A guy from the west that had a regular life and a regular job. The daily 9 to 5. So I was no one that ran in his circles. Well let me take you back to when I had first got connected with this stud of all studs. So many years back now. It was the nineties and I was young and loved to go to concerts and listen to music. I myself not musically inclined, but i knew good music when I heard it. And there were many great artists back then. But when I came across Robbie on the video channel. And I saw his first video I thought that he was super hot. I had heard the song on the radio sometime before and thought it was okay. But when I caught the video and I saw the sexy smoldering looking man in it my tune change to one of loving the song rather than just liking. escort mersin “Damn!” I chirped as I saw him the first time “That’s what he looks like?” “Fuck me. He is hot!” That was the declaration. And at the time it was only just that. A declaration if his hotness. No way an indication of what would happen less than a year later with this music stud. But somehow something did happen. And it was rather an unexpected incident at that I met this hot guy. And I was surprised and delighted that it did It had started with something going about the internet about him having a sec video out there. When I heard this I was quickly in searching for it. At first it was near impossible to get it. Searching only lead me to these sites you had to pay to get info. And that was not happening. So after many hours if trying to find the video I just gave up. But what I did find out was that Robbie had. A place here in the states. Out in LA he had a place in the Hollywood hills. “He is here” I said to myself “Or at least has a place” This was nice to know. Now not that I would run into him at any time. I didn’t live in a fancy part of town. But I was near that area sometimes on the weekend. Going up to Hollywood to the bars. There were some gay bars there that I went to on occasion. And it was one of those occasions that it happened. One of those ‘gay’ putting a to just be me that mersin escort bayan I saw Robbie. And he was at one of the gay clubs. I was out with some friends and haying it up. Going to the gay bars and clubs there. Drinking and seeing if maybe I might meet someone. Anyone knew. Not the same tired gays that were always out trying to hook up. It was there while going to ‘the gay club’ in the city. The one that sometimes you saw stars there. Not that they were gay or anything. It was just such a popular club that all.sorts went there. Including the elite in stardom. Movies and music and such. It’s a place I had seen stars like Robert Downey Jr.and such in there. Just a place that was the place to be seen. It did not matter that it was a gay establishment. Just that it was ‘in’ “Place is busy as always” I said to a friend as we waited in line to get in “Maybe we should go elsewhere” “Nah” he chirped back “It’s buzzing today.” “Means someone famous is here” So we waited almost 35 minutes just to get in. And once inside you knew that you were at the ‘in’ place. The club was huge. And old wearhouse converted into the premiere dance and music club in the city. Several different rooms and 3 floors. And almost a dozen separate bars. Music pumping through all the rooms. Pounding that ‘thump, thump, thump’ beat of dance music that burned into your skull. I was on the second floor and headed to one of the bars to get a drink. And that was when I saw Robbie. My eyes licked to him and my jaw dropped in instant lust as I saw him. “Shit!” I shouted at my friend under the music “That’s him. That’s Robbie Williams”… To be continued

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