Reunions Aren’t All Bad Ch. 08Reunions Aren’t All Bad Ch. 08


The next couple of months whizzed by. Alice and I spent every minute we could together, the shop was busier than it had ever been, Marie continued to play her flirty little games with me, the six women continued to visit my shop daily and I hadn’t received any more photos or anything. Life was about as perfect as it could get. But I had a problem, with everything going on I hadn’t prepared, or bought anything, for Alice’s birthday and it was only five days away.

Sitting behind the counter in the shop as customers milled about I started to wrack my brains as to what I could get Alice for her birthday, and as I had spent money on her like it was going out of fashion I was running out of ideas. It would have been easy for me to get her more lingerie, clothes or ornaments but that wouldn’t have been very original. Then it struck me, there were two things that I could buy that would outshine everything I had ever bought for her, and I called Marie over.

“I’m going to be away until Friday.” I told her. “Do you think you’ll be able to manage on your own?”

“Of Course Andy I would love to try.” She answered. “If I get too stuck I can always ring your mobile.”

“That’s true.” I said. “Okay here are the keys, you know all about cashing up and banking anyway and there are three orders due in this week.”

“I hope everything is okay Andy?” She said sounding slightly worried at my need for time away.

“It won’t be if I don’t take these days off.” I said winking at her. “I’ll see you on Friday and explain everything.”

“Okay hope everything works out.”

With that I grabbed my coat and left the shop and headed straight back to mine, phoning Alice on the way and telling her that I was working from home and to come there after work, not the shop.

As soon as I got into home I booted up the computer and loaded in a site I had browsed once before, out of curiosity. The site I had requested loaded and after typing in a few search details, exactly what I was looking for appeared on the screen, and a few phone calls later I had bought the first part of Alice’s present.

I quickly went and changed my clothes and headed back in to the town, to seek out the second part and, after only looking in four shops found beylikdüzü escort what I wanted. That just left the party that I needed to organize and friends to invite, so I dashed home.

I phoned a few pubs, that I knew had massive function rooms, until I found one that could do a party at such short notice. After telling them how many would be coming, how much per head I wanted to spend, I next phoned a friend of mine, who was a DJ and he said he would be happy to do the party and even gave me a special rate.

Eventually I was sure that almost everything for the Saturday night was organized, the last thing I had to do was why I needed to be off work until Friday, but just as I started to load up yet more internet pages Alice walked in to the front room.

“Hi Babe is everything okay?” She asked. “It’s not like you to take time off work, not without me anyway.”

“Everything is better than I could ever have imagined possible.” I answered her. “And now you’re here today just got even better.”

I quickly closed down the pages I had just loaded as Alice walked over to me, dragged me from my chair and passionately kissed me.

“I needed that after the day I have had.” She said when she finally pulled her lips from mine. “Sometimes I don’t know why I continue to teach some of them kids.”

When she said that I knew that her party couldn’t come quickly enough, I had already decided to ask her to stop teaching and come to work at the shop. Well strictly I hadn’t decided it was Marie who thought it would be cool, her words not mine, when I told her all about Alice and how happy she had made me. She still flirted with me but she tried to keep herself a little more restrained, only occasionally going a little further than she should.

Isabelle was a bit harder to convince about what an asset Alice would be, but she too began to like the sound of her, only then did I actually get Alice to come to the shop and meet the girls properly. That turned out to be a bit of a mistake, but in a good way, the three of them got on so well I was virtually ignored for the rest of the day until I closed.

“So what do you fancy doing tonight then Alice?” I asked her, my arms still around her bolu escort waist.

“What about a nice takeaway, a bottle of wine and a movie.” She answered.

“That sounds like a great idea babe.” I said.

“But before you order I need a good soak in the bath.” Alice said.

“Okay you go and get one.”

“What I meant was we need a good soak in the bath.” She repeated smiling at me.

I took her hint and let her lead me into the bathroom. She turned the taps on and we slowly began to undress each other, trying to time our nakedness with the bath being ready. I kissed down her body as her top fell to the floor, quickly followed by her lace bra and undid her skirt. Slowly I eased that over her hips and guided it slowly to the floor, leaving her in just lace panties and hold up stockings. I kissed my way back up her body, letting my lips linger just a little longer on her erect nipples.

“Soon Andy, very soon.” She gasped as soon as my lips touched her and I rose up fully.

Alice followed the way I had undressed her and soon I was just in my boxers and, because I’d sucked her nipples, she gave my cock a gentle massage, stiffening it instantly. She turned to the bath and bent down to check the temperature, giving me the perfect chance to slide her panties down, revealing her beautifully rounded ass and just a glimpse of her pink wetness between her legs.

“I told you to stop it Andy.” She said playfully reaching around, slapping my ass and quickly whipping my boxer shorts down.

We climbed into the bath and sat down, Alice with her back to me and I began to wash her softly.

“Don’t miss any bits Andy. ” She said before turning around to face me.

I filled my hands with soap and started to gently wash her belly before moving up to her tits. I massage the soap in extra well causing, both of her nipples and my cock, to stiffen fully.

“My turn to wash you now.” She said and lathered up her hands before reaching under the water and beginning to wash my cock.

She seemed to be taking her time making sure my cock was clean when she suddenly bent her head to the water. Taking a breath she ducked under and began to try sucking my cock, before giving up and coming back up bursa escort for air.

“Sit on the edge of the bath babe please.” She said still holding my cock.

I did as she asked and, this time, she took my cock all the way to the back of her throat. Slowly she sucked me, all the while playing with my balls, until I was ready to explode.

“I’m going to cum babe.” I gasped tensing my body.

Alice took her mouth away from me, which disappointed me a little, and stroked me until I squirted my milky, white liquid on her face and tits. She continued to stroke me until all I had was one last solitary drop of cum hanging from the end of my cock, and she bent her head and sucked that off.

“Come on get back in.” She said and as I did she swapped places and sat where I had just been.

Knowing exactly what she wanted I used my hands to gently part her pussy before blowing the bubbles off her and beginning to lick her. I spent ages between her legs licking and sucking on her pussy, making her cum numerous times, and even slowly running my finger over her tight little ass a couple of times.

Eventually she slid back into the bath and, this time, we did wash each other properly before climbing out and drying each other softly. Instead of dressing we went to the bedroom and climbed on to the bed. We started running our hands all over each other’s bodies until I slid my hand between Alice’s legs, slowly eased my finger into her pussy and began to rub her clit.

Alice moaned softly as I began to speed my finger up and I slipped another in to her. As I slid my fingers in and out of her Alice reached down the bed and started to massage her own clit, grabbing my cock at the same time and wanking me in time with my finger thrusting.

Alice came twice and stopped wanking me.

“Make love to me babe.” She said gasping.

I rolled on top of her, holding my body at arm’s length, before lowering myself slowly and gently sliding my cock into her juice filled pussy easily. Slowly our bodies moved together, her legs wrapped around my back, and it wasn’t long before I came. My fluid pumped into her quickly and I soon lowered myself into her arms.

She rolled her body so that we were on our sides, my cock still hard inside her, and we drifted off to sleep and didn’t wake until two in the morning. Because it was so late we had missed out on our takeaway so we made love again, this time with Alice on top, then went back to sleep holding each other tightly until morning.

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